Intro to Linear Algebra

Textbook: There is no textbook. I will post all lecture notes on this webpage. For supplementary reading I recommend Gilbert Strang's Introduction to Linear Algebra (any edition).

Lecture: 12:30-1:45 TuTh on Zoom
Office Hours: 1:45-2:30 after the lectures, and by appointment

Here is the course syllabus.

Here is an article by Alan Tucker (1993) on The Growing Importance of Linear Algebra in Undergraduate Mathematics. Quote:
This author is personally a bit frustrated that calculus gets all of the first year and half of the second year of the lower-divison core mathematics sequence. Hopefully early in the next century, there will be a 'redistricting' of the lower- division mathematics sequence and linear algebra will get equal time with calculus.
Item Date Lecture Notes
Homework 1
Thurs, Sept 3 Points vs. Vectors
Lengths and Angles
Three Vector Operations
Handout: Rules of Vector Arithmetic
HW1 Hints, Rules of Vector Arithmetic, Examples
Lines in the Plane
HW1 Discussion
Quiz1 Examples
Tues, Sept 8 20 minutes at the beginning of class
Homework 2
Thurs, Sept 17 Planes in Space
Two Lines in the Plane, Two Planes in Space
Three Planes in Space
HW2 Discussion, Small Determinants
Quiz2 Solutions
Tues, Sept 22 20 minutes at the beginning of class
Homework 3
Thurs, Oct 1 Dimension Principle, 2 Equations in 4 Unknowns
Introduction to RREF
Gaussian Elimination for Computers
HW2 Discussion, Orthogonal Subspaces
Quiz3 Solutions
Tues, Oct 6 20 minutes at the beginning of class
Homework 4
Thurs, Oct 22 Matrix X Column
Linear Functions, Matrix X Matrix
Matrix Multiplication, Inverse Matrices
Rules of Matrix Arithmetic, Computing Inverses
HW4 Discussion
Handout: Rules of Matrix Arithmetic
Quiz4 Solutions
Tues, Oct 27 20 minutes at the beginning of class
Homework 5
Thurs, Nov 5 Introduction to Least Squares
Projection onto a Subspace
HW5 Discussion, Review
HW5 Discussion, Four Fundamental Subspaces
Tues, Nov 10 20 minutes at the beginning of class
Homework 6
Thurs, Nov 19 Introduction to Diagonalization
Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors
More Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors
HW6 Discussion, Grand Finale
Final Project Tues, Dec 1 Details to come