Calculus III

All lecture notes will be posted here. I will refer to the free OpenStax textbook: Calculus Volume 3.

Office Hours: After each lecture.

Here is the syllabus.
Item Date Information
Homework 1
Fri May 20 Parametrized Curves, Arc Length
Intro to Vectors
Dot Product, Equations of Lines
Cross Product, Equations of Planes
Homework 1 Discussion
Quiz 1: Mon May 23
Homework 2
Fri May 27 Lines in Space
Parametrized Planes, Motion in Space
Motion in Space, Newton's 2nd Law
Summary of Vector Properties
Homework 2 Discussion
Quiz 2: Tues May 31
Homework 3
Fri June 3 Definition of Scalar Fields
Definition of Gradient Vectors
Multivariable Chain Rule
Optimization, Linear Approximation
Linear Approximation, Optimization
Homework 3 Discussion
Quiz 3: Mon June 6
Homework 4
Fri June 10 Double Integrals, Polar Coordinates
Double Integrals, General Coordinates
Center of Mass, Triple Integrals
Triple Integrals, Spherical Coordinates
Homework 4 Discussion
Quiz 4: Mon June 13
Homework 5
Tues June 21 Integration Over Curves and Surfaces
Projection, Work Done by a Force Field
Fundamental Theorem of Line Integrals
Conservative Vector Fields
Curl, Green, Stokes
Homework 5 Discussion
Bonus Lecture: Divergence, Gauss
Quiz 5: Wed June 22