Bruno Benedetti

Assistant Professor

Education: TU Berlin, 2010
Research Area: Geometric Combinatorics
Office: Ungar 533
Tel: 305.284.8652

Currently teaching

   Optimization methods for Mathematical Finance
MATH 645 S, Fall 2018 - Syllabus - simplex method
Optimization means figuring out the best possible solution under given constraint. As you can imagine, this theory is applied over and over in mathematical finance - from Portfolio Managing to Mean Variance Optimization, from Short Term Financing to Capital Allocation Models. This course will teach you the mathematical model behind. If you wish to warm up, review Lagrange multipliers from Calculus, and expectation and covariance from Probability.

MATH 785 Q, Fall 2018 - Syllabus - Exercises: 1 -

Discrete objects like cubes, pyramids, prisms... exist in nature, in architecture, in engineering. They've been studied since the early days of math, yet they're been revived by the advent of computers. Polytopes have connections both to pure mathematics (e.g. Stanley-Reisner rings, triangulations of manifolds, combinatorics) and to applications (e.g. Voronoi diagrams, linear optimization, CGI).
Come by for a crash course!, stay for the pictures. Accessible also to talented seniors, upon request.
If you wish to warm up, a summer reading I recommend is the phylosophy book by Lakatos, Proofs and Refutations; here is a free copy of chapter 1 that you should be able to read before the course.

Basic courses I taught

   Survey of Modern Algebra
MATH 461 G, Spring 2018 - Syllabus
MATH 461 D, Spring 2017 - Syllabus
MATH 461 D, Spring 2016 - Syllabus - a note on a non-UFD ring.

   Discrete Mathematics
MATH 309D, Spring 2018 - Syllabus

   Topology I
MATH 531O and 631O, Spring 2016 - Syllabus

   Linear Algebra
MATH 210 O, Fall 2015 - Syllabus - Weekly assignments

   Introduction to Ordinary Differential Equations
MATH 311 P, Fall 2015 - Syllabus - Weekly assignments

   Calculus II
MATH 162 G7, Spring 2017 - Syllabus
MATH 1342, Fall 2014 (at Northeastern University, Boston)

Summer schools and advanced courses

MATH 786, Fall 2016 -- Syllabus

   for Institut Mittag-Leffler
   Applied Topology Schools
   Seminaire Lotharingien de Combinatoire
  • Lecture series on Some recents results on polytopes, Bertinoro, Seminaire Lotharingien de Combinatoire, September 6-9, 2015.
   for the Italian Ministry of Education