Linear Algebra II

There is no official textbook. All lecture notes will be posted here. Homework is based on lectures. Exams are based on lectures and homework solutions. For extra reading I recommend any book written by Gilbert Strang.

Office Hours: TBA

Here is the syllabus.
Item Date Lecture Notes
Homework 1
Fri Sept 9 Introduction, Euclidean Space
Euclidean Space, Inner Product Space
Concept of a Basis
More About Bases
Fourier Series
Complex Fourier Series
Fourier Transform
Typed Notes for HW1
Homework 2
Fri Sept 23 Matrices, Linear Functions
Matrix Arithmetic, Matrix Norms
Matrix Inverses
Rotation, Reflection, Projection
Typed Notes for HW2
Exam 1: Fri, Sept 30
HW3: TBA TBA Fundamental Theorem, Part I