Linear Algebra II

There is no official textbook. All lecture notes will be posted here. Homework is based on lectures. Exams are based on lectures and homework solutions. For extra reading I recommend any book written by Gilbert Strang.

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Here is the syllabus.
Item Date Lecture Notes
Homework 1
Fri Sept 9 Introduction, Euclidean Space
Euclidean Space, Inner Product Space
Concept of a Basis
More About Bases
Fourier Series
Complex Fourier Series
Fourier Transform
Typed Notes for HW1
Homework 2
Fri Sept 23 Matrices, Linear Functions
Matrix Arithmetic, Matrix Norms
Matrix Inverses
Rotation, Reflection, Projection
HW2 Discussion
Review for Exam 1
Typed Notes for HW2
Exam 1: Fri, Sept 30
Homework 3
Mon, Oct 17 Fundamental Theorem, Part I
Fundamental Theorem, Part II
Existence of Inverse Matrices
Systems of Linear Equations
Big Example
Least Squares Approximation
HW3 Help Session
HW3 Discussion
Typed Notes for HW3
Homework 4
Mon, Oct 31 Linear and Bilinear Forms
Multivariable Taylor Expansion
Multilinear Forms
Alternating Forms, Determinants
Determinants, Volume
Volume, Application to Calculus
Review for Exam 2
Typed Notes for HW4
Exam 2: Fri, Nov 4
Homework 5
Solutions in the typed notes
Mon, Nov 21 Intro to Eigenvalues/vectors
Characteristic Polynomial, Diagonalization
Eigenvalues of Special Matrices
Schur's Theorem, Spectral Theorem
Gram-Schmidt, QR Factorization
Typed Notes for HW5 and HW6
Homework 6
Tues, Dec 13 Principal Axes Theorem, Pos Def Matrices
HW5 Discussion, Complex Eigenvalues of Real Matrices
Dynamical Systems, Jordan Form
Dynamical Systems, Markov Chains
Companion Matrices, Markov Chains
Page Rank, Total Least Squares
SVD, Image Compression