Intro to Linear Algebra

Textbook: Here are the Online Course Notes. For supplementary reading I recommend Gilert Strang's Introduction to Linear Algebra (any edition).

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Here is the course syllabus.

Here is an article by Alan Tucker (1993) on The Growing Importance of Linear Algebra in Undergraduate Mathematics. Quote:
This author is personally a bit frustrated that calculus gets all of the first year and half of the second year of the lower-divison core mathematics sequence. Hopefully early in the next century, there will be a 'redistricting' of the lower- division mathematics sequence and linear algebra will get equal time with calculus.
Item Date Information
Homework 1
Solutions in online notes
Thurs, Aug 29 Cartesian Coordinates
Points vs. Directed Line Segments
The Pythagorean Theorem
The Dot Product
Concept of Euclidean Space
Vector Arithmetic
Homework 2
Old Solutions
Animation of 3.2
Animation of 3.3
Thurs, Sept 12 Old Handwritten Notes
Systems of Equations
Dimension of the Solution
Systems of Linear Equations
Lines and Hyperplanes
Homework 3
Old Solutions
Thurs, Sept 26 Old Handwritten Notes
Row and Column Pictures of a Linear System
The Idea of Elimination
Elementary Row Operations
Exam 1
Practice Exam
Thurs, Oct 3
Homework 4
Tues, Oct 15 Old Handwritten Notes
Matrix Multiplication
Matrices as Functions
Matrix Inversion
The Fundamental Theorem
Homework 5
Thurs, Oct 31 Old Handwritten Notes
Fitting a Line to Data
Projection Matrices
Linear Regression
Homework 6
Thurs, Nov 14 Old Handwritten Notes
Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors
The Characteristic Equation
Dynamical Systems
Phase Portraits
Exam 2
Review Notes
Practice Exam
Thurs, Nov 21
Final Exam: Thurs Dec 5, 2:00-4:30pm
Practice Exams (and Solutions)
Summary of Topics