Discrete Mathematics

Textbook: None. All lecture notes will be posted right here. For extra reading I recommend An Introduction to Discrete Mathematics by Roman and Concrete Mathematics by Graham-Knuth-Patashnik.
Item Date Information
Homework 1
Wed, Sept 10 Course Notes
Steiner's Problem
Introduction to Recurrence
Introduction to Induction
Sums of p-th powers
Homework 2
Mon, Sept 22 Course Notes
Language of Sets
Language of Logical Statements
Language of Functions
Exam 1
Wed, Sept 24 Total: 30
Average: 26.7
Quartiles: 25, 28, 29
St. Deviation: 3.6
Homework 3
Wed, Oct 8 Course Notes
Cartesian Product and Graphs
Boolean Functions
Disjunctive Normal Form
Boolean Algebras
Homework 4
Mon, Oct 27 Course Notes
Subsets = Binary Strings
"n choose k"
The Binomial Theorem
Pascal's Triangle
Exam 2
Wed, Oct 29 Total: 40
Average: 32.3
Quartiles: 27, 35, 38
St. Deviation: 7
Homework 5
Wed, Nov 19 Course Notes
Coin Flipping
Dice Rolling
Kolmogorov's Axioms for Probability
Urn Problems
Expected Value of a Random Variable
Homework 6
Wed, Dec 3 Course Notes
Linearity of Expectation
Variance of a Random Variable
Bernoulli and Binomial Random Variables
De Moivre - Laplace Theorem
The Normal Distribution