Discrete Math

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Here is the course syllabus.
Item Date Information
Homework 1
Solutions in the Notes
Mon, July 8 Course Notes
Introduction: Steiner's Problem
Induction and Recurrence
Sums of Powers
Pascal's Triangle
Quiz 1 Solutions Tues, July 9
Homework 2
Solutions in the Notes
Fri, July 12 Course Notes
Set Theory
Binary Arithmertic
Boolean Algebra
Quiz 2 Solutions Mon, July 15
Homework 3
Solutions in the Notes
Fri, July 19 Properties of Arithmetic
Division with Remainder
Base b Arithmetic
GCD and the Euclidean Algorithm
Quiz 3 Solutions Mon, July 22
Homework 4
Solutions in the Notes
Fri, July 26 Choosing k Things from n Things
Counting Arguments
The Multinomial Theorem
Newton's Binomial Theorem
Quiz 4 Solutions Mon, July 29
Homework 5
Solutions in the Notes
Fri, Aug 2 Graphs
Degree Sum and Handshaking
Paths and Connected Components
Euler's Theorem
Trees and Forests
Prufer Codes
Quiz 5 Solutions Mon, Aug 5
Final Exam Review Practice Fri, Aug 9