Discrete Mathematics

Textbook: None. All lecture notes will be posted right here.
Item Date Information
Homework 1
Mon, July 7 Course Notes
Steiner's lines in the plane
The sum of the first n numbers
The sum of the first n squares
Why did Fermat care?
Quiz 1
Mon, July 7 Average: 8/10
St Deviation: 1.6
Homework 2
Fri, July 11 Course Notes
The language of sets
The language of statements
The language of functions
Boolean Algebras
Venn diagrams = truth tables
Quiz 2
Mon, July 14 Average: 8.3/10
St Deviation: 2.9
Homework 3
Fri, July 18 Course Notes
Subsets = binary strings
"n choose k"
The Binomial Theorem
Four ways to count
Kolmogorov's axioms for probability
Coin flipping
Urn problems
Quiz 3
Mon, July 21 Average: 6.8/10
St Deviation: 3.0
Homework 4
Fri, July 25 Course Notes
How logic is used in mathematics
Definition of =>
Properties of =>
Was sind die Zahlen?
Axiom of Well-Ordering
Axiom of Induction
Quiz 4
Mon, July 28 Secret
Homework 5
Fri, Aug 1 Course Notes
Getting serious with induction
Fibonacci numbers
Axiom of Strong Induction
Computing sqrt(2)
Newton's Method
Euclidean Algorithm
Quiz 5
Mon, Aug 4 Secret
HW5 Try Again
Wed, Aug 6 Course Notes
Template for Induction
A bit of fun:
Collecting coupons
de Moivre's "Central Limit Theorem"