Intro to Prob and Stats

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Here is the course syllabus.
Item Date Information
Homework 1
Fri, May 24 Motivation: Coin Flipping
Interactive Binomial
The Definition of Probability
The Basics of Probability
Quiz 1 Solution Tues, May 28
Homework 2
Fri, May 31 Binomial Theorem
Multinomial Theorem
Principles of Counting
Hypergeometric Probability
Quiz 2 Solution Mon, June 3
Homework 3
Fri, June 7 Conditional Probability
Bayes' Theorem
Discrete Random Variables
Expected Value
Quiz 3 Solution Mon, June 10
Homework 4
Fri, June 14 Variance and Standard Deviation
Continuous Random Variables
de Moivre-Laplace Theorem
Normal Random Variables
Quiz 4 Solution Mon, June 17
Homework 5
Fri, June 21 IID Samples
Central Limit Theorem
Hypothesis Testing
Confidence Intervals
Quiz 5 Solution Mon, June 24
Final Exam Review Fri, June 28