James McKeown

I graduated in 2018... what are you doing here?!

Fall 2017 I taught MATH162 (Calculus II).

Fall 2016 I taught MATH161 (Calculus I).

Spring 2016 I taught MATH107 (Pre-Calculus).

Here are some slides from some talks I gave and some papers I worked on.

Here is an old CV.

I wrote a research statement and teaching statement.

I haven't put my thesis on arXiv yet, but it is in an acceptable form.

One summer my brothers Michael and Jack and I got together with Dalibor Froncek and worked on a graph labeling problem.

Play around with Meinrenken Tilings for affine Weyl groups: $\tilde{A_2}$, $\tilde{B_2}$, $\tilde{C_2}$, $\tilde{G_2}$, $\tilde{A_3}$, $\tilde{B_3}$ or , $\tilde{C_3}$!

James McKeown
Department of Mathematics 528B
University of Miami
Coral Gables, FL 33124
+1 (305)284-1956