Calculus I



The textbook for this course is Stewart's Essential Calculus (2nd edition). Homework will be available on webassign, but I will post other course material here. Office hours are Wednesday 11am-3pm on the first floor of the library, or in my office by appointment.
Calculus in 20 minutes 8/19/2016 This video is a great overview of what I hope you learn this semester.
Syllabus 8/20/2016 Because sometimes you might wonder what you're actually being graded on.
Tentative Lecture Schedule 8/20/2016 In case you have to miss class, you'll know approximately where we are.
Sin(x)/x as x goes to zero 8/26/2016 Now that we've learned the squeeze theorem, let's use it to prove that mysteous limit as x goes to zero of sin(x)/x
Lab problems from class with solutions 9/16/2016 Here are some solutions in case you didn't finish or got some wrong.
Related Rates Worksheet9/22/16 One of these might be a good question for an exam (cough cough...)
2-8 Bonus points for a Calculus Video!11/10/16 Make a video explaining a concept from the course. Up to three people can receive credit for the same video if you work in groups. Have fun with it, and try to apply calculus to an everyday problem! (If you want to have larger groups, just make two videos!)

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