The last pagan ard righ, or "high king" of Ireland was Niall of the Nine Hostages. This man, during a raid into Britain, captured and enslaved a Roman Britain named "Succat", whom he brought back to Ulster to oversee his swine. This young slave escaped Ireland, made his way to Rome where he was ordained into the Catholic clergy and returned to Ireland as "St. Patrick". Niall had several children. Not least among them were two of his sons, Conal and Eoghain. "Eoghain" was the old Irish name for "John". These Ulster men settled in areas which bore their names thus: Tir Connail (land of Conal),and Tir Eoghain (land of Eoghain). Since these clans were on friendly terms, many of the Mac Eoghains ( sons of Eoghain) and O' Connells ( those of the clan of Conal) lived in each others' territories. The area known as Tir Connail is now called Dun an Gal or Donegal. Tir Eoghain has the same name, though it has been Anglicized to read as "Tyrone". The sir name "Mac Eoghain" is found in several variant spellings. Very commonly indeed it is rendered as "McKeown". So there's your history lesson for the day. Mai La feile Padraic.