Multivariable Calculus

Textbook: We will cover the material from Stewart's Essential Calculus, chapters 9-13. Here is a free textbook covering the same material: OpenStax Calculus 3

Office Hours: via Zoom, times TBA

Here is the syllabus.

Here is a Summary of the Course Content
Assignment Due Date Topics
Homework 1
Fri, Sept 1 Old Lecture Notes
Parametrized Paths
Introduction to Vectors
Dot Product
Equations of Lines and Planes
Homework 2
Fri, Sept 15 Old Lecture Notes
Cross Product
Lines and Planes in 3D
Rules for Vectors
Motion in Space, Newton's 2nd Law
Homework 3
Fri, Sept 29 Old Lecture Notes
Scalar Fields
Gradient Vectors
Multivariable Chain Rule
Linear Approximation
Exam 1: Wed, Oct 4
Homework 4
Fri, Oct 20 Old Lecture Notes
Double Integrals, Polar Coords
Mass and Density
Triple Integrals
Cylindridal and Spherical Coords
General Change of Coords
Homework 5
TBA Old Lecture Notes
Integrating over Curves
Integrating over Surfaces
Surface Area
Fundamental Theorem of Line Integrals
Conservative Vector Fields
Homework 6
Mon, Nov 28 Old Lecture Notes
Conservation of Energy
Curl and Divergence in 2D and 3D
Flux Integrals
Green, Stokes, Gauss
Bonus Notes on Physics
Exam 2: Fri, Dec 1
Final Exam: Wed, Dec 13