Intro to Abstract Math

What is Mathematics?

Textbook: An Introduction to Mathematical Thinking, by Gilbert and Vanstone.

Office Hours: Mondays 2--3pm and Wednesdays 3--4pm
Assignment Due Date Details
Homework 1
Fri, Sept 13 Course Notes
Pythagorean Theorem
Thales' Theorem
Euclid Handout
Euclid Online
Abraham Lincoln
Homework 2
Fri, Sept 27 Course Notes
Square Root of 2
Boolean Logic
Truth Tables
What is a "Number"?
The Definition of Z
The Division Algorithm
Exam 1
Fri, Oct 4 Total: 20 points
A = 13--19.5  (9 students)
B = 9.5--12    (8 students)
C = 6--8.5      (8 students)
Homework 3
Wed, Oct 23 Course Notes
Greatest Common Divisor
The Euclidean Algorithm
Extended Euclidean Algorithm
Bézout's Identity
Euclid's Lemma
Unique Prime Factorization
Homework 4
Wed, Nov 6 Course Notes
The Axiom of Induction
Equivalence Relations
Rational Numbers
Modular Arithmetic
Exam 2
Fri, Nov 8 Total: 20 points
A = 16--19    (7 students)
B = 13--15    (11 students)
C = 9--12      (5 students)
Homework 5
Wed, Nov 6 Course Notes
Euclid's Proof of Infinite Primes
More Induction
The Binomial Theorem
Homework 6
Fri, Dec 6 Course Notes
More Binomial Theorem
The Freshman's Dream
Fermat's little Theorem
The RSA Cryptosystem
Exam 3
Mon, Dec 9 In Class