Intro to Linear Algebra

There is no course textbook. Notes and homework assignments will be posted here. For further reading I recommend Gilbert Strang's Introduction to Linear Algebra. Professor Strang also has video lectures available on the web.

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Item Date Information
Homework 1
Fri, May 26 Week 1 Notes
Two Ways to Think of Vectors
Vector Arithmetic
The Dot Product
Lengths and Angles
Quiz 1
Tues, May 30
Homework 2
Fri, June 2 Week 2 Notes
One Equation = A Shape in Space
Simultaneous Equations = Intersection of Shapes
Lines and Planes in 2D and 3D
One Linear Equation = A Hyperplane
Quiz 2
Mon, June 5
Homework 3
Fri, June 9 Week 3 Notes
Old HW3 & Solutions
Systems of Linear Equations
Row Picture = Intersection of Hyperplanes
Column Picture = Linear Combination of Vectors
Gaussian Elimination & RREF
Quiz 3
Mon, June 12
Homework 4
Fri, June 16 Week 4 Notes
The Matrix Notation Ax=b
Matrices are Functions
Matrix Multiplication = Function Composition
Rules of Matrix Arithmetic
Existence/Computation of Inverse Matrices
Quiz 4
Mon, June 19
Homework 5
Fri, June 16 Week 5 Notes
Fitting a Line to Data Points
Projections in Data Space
Projection Matrices
Least Squares Regression
Quiz 5
Mon, June 26
Homework 6
Wed, June 28 Week 6 Notes
Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors
The Characteristic Equation
Phase Portrait of a 2X2 Matrix
Fun Examples
Final Exam Fri, June 30