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Ice Pokémon
Name T1 T2 HP Att Def Spd Spc Avg Avl
Articuno ICE FLY 383 268 298 268 348 313 U U U
Cloyster WAT ICE 303 288 458 238 268 311 E E E
Dewgong WAT ICE 383 238 258 238 288 281 W W W
Jynx ICE PSY 333 198 168 288 288 255 U U X
Lapras WAT ICE 463 268 258 218 288 299 U U U

Analysis & Advice

Ice's weaknesses are negligible, for the most part, because you won't see much of the three types of Pokémon whose attacks are strong against them: Fighting, Fire, and Rock. Of those that are used, your Ice Pokémon should have little difficulty dealing with them.

Fighting Pokémon are weak to Psychic, one of the strongest types in the game and the most often used type of Pokémon. Fire and Rock are weak to the most prolific element, Water, which three of the five Ice types carry as a subtype.

Also, the majority of Rock Sliders are part Ground and therefore weak to Ice. Two of the most commonly used Fire types: Charizard and Moltres, are weak to Ice attacks because they are half Flying.

Ice Pokémon are resistant only to Ice attacks.


Suggested attacks: Ice Beam, Double Team, Rest, Fly/Substitute/Blizzard/Bubblebeam.

The most impervious of the Ice Pokémon, Articuno has a massive Special, HP and a good Defense level. Nothing's going to be hurting it any time soon. Ice and Flying carry a lot of weaknesses separately, but due to the cruddiness of Fire and Rock Pokémon (even with the quad-damage multiplier of Rock Slide), Electric attacks are the only viable way to get rid of an Articuno without having to resort to PP-wasting. Articuno is one of the few Pokémon able to effectively utilise Double Team + Rest + Substitute, turning it into an impenetrable wall. His Speed is somewhat below average, but more than enough to outrun the heavier Pokémon, especially Rhydon who might otherwise pose a significant threat.

Ultra-defense is the only real way to go for Articuno. He isn't nearly as versatile as his cousin Zapdos, having to settle for Fly rather than the mighty Drill Peck. The fourth move on Articuno is somewhat variable: Blizzard for extra power, Substitute for defense, Fly for a secondary attack and Bubblebeam for the PP.


Suggested attacks: Ice Beam, Clamp, Explosion, Surf/Toxic.
Alternate: Ice Beam, Supersonic, Double Team, Rest.

He could have been good. Highest Defense in the game does seem attractive, and his Attack isn't too bad either. Clamp's a strong unique move, and Ice Beam is just plain powerful. Sadly, Cloyster's Special and HP more than write him off. His HP is worse than Jynx, equalling Magneton. It stops his defense from being as good as it could have been, and why would anyone bother with Physical attacks against him, considering that he can down all the Physical-based types save for Normal, and he's much easier to kill with Special attacks? Despite being a personal favourite of mine, I'm afraid Cloyster gets the thumbs-down for battle usage.

An alternate moveset for Cloyster has been suggested that might make Cloyster a viable contestant. The tactics involved are somewhat unorthodox by my standards, but appear to have merit, if you're lucky with Supersonic.


Suggested attacks: Ice Beam, Blizzard, Double Team, Rest.

Dewgong can DT/Rest relatively well, but just don't do it, okay? Dewgong has nothing on Lapras save for 20 points of Speed, but he's still slow. The only purpose I can see for Dewgong in a proper lineup is to serve as a second Lapras due to tournament limitations regarding more than one Pokémon of the same species.

The moveset suggested is meant as a freezing platform. Surf or a Physical attack over Blizzard might also prove useful for PP reasons.


Suggested attacks: Psychic, Blizzard, Lovely Kiss, Double Team/Reflect.
Suggestive attacks: Thrash, Lick, Lovely Kiss, Body Slam.

Oh, hell yeah. Fastest Pokémon with a 75% accurate Sleep attack. Part Psychic, and therefore resistant to the two strongest elements in the game. One of two Pokémon to learn Blizzard naturally. Need I say more?

Of course, Jynx can't exactly take damage, with a Defense level that even Dugtrio laughs at. Assuming your opponent is going to use Physical moves, Double Team and Reflect can provide some protection. Watch out for Physical-based Normal types, but all of the other Physical-based types are easy prey to Jynx's attacks.

Also, Fire types are very popular amongst the children, so be on your guard incase someone uses them for the one thing they're good for. In order to work around Jynx's poor staying power, pin down opponents with Lovely Kiss and DT up while they sleep. You'll find that due to Jynx's Speed, opponents are often reluctant to switch for fear of having another Pokémon asleep. The Sleep Clause somewhat lessens Jynx's powers, but she's still a juggernaut.

Jynx learns some very "suggestive" physical abilities, such as Thrash, Lick and Body Slam (oo-er). These are purely for comic value and should be ditched as soon as possible.

Despite being thought of as a joke Pokémon, Jynx is one of the best.


Attack Lapras: Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, Confuse Ray, Rest.
Defense Lapras: Ice Beam, Double Team, Confuse Ray, Rest.

One of the few Pokémon that can work in any Level bracket, being a popular choice for Pika and Poké Cup teams as well as Prime Cup.

Masses of offensive capability, with Special attacks of all types for all occasions. Thunderbolt and Ice Beam are the most popular choices, but some have found Solarbeam over Thunderbolt to be useful, or even Psychic over the somewhat risky Rest.

However, when choosing attacks, don't leave it with Surf or Hydro Pump, as there are so many better moves available. Unless you really need the PP (which might come in handy if going with a single attack) or something to get rid of Fire types, I wouldn't recommend it.

Masses of staying power, with a giant HP level. Lapras can Rest effectively with Confuse Ray as its only protection. If Confusion doesn't seem enough, Double Team is always available.

Lapras' main weakness is its Speed, though 218 is not as slow as some. 218 is enough to outrun Exeggutor, and it is here that those last few points of Box-Tricked Speed can make all the difference.

If you can work around his Speed, Lapras is lethal. Worthy of a place on any lineup.

Complete Type Listing
Pure Ice Type Pokémon Total: 0
Half Ice Type Pokémon Total: 5





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