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Electric Pokémon
Name T1 T2 HP Att Def Spd Spc Avg Avl
Electabuzz ELE - 333 264 212 308 268 277 W X X
Electrode ELE - 323 198 238 378 258 279 W W W
Jolteon ELE - 333 228 218 358 318 291 K K K
Magneton ELE - 303 218 288 238 338 277 W W W
Raichu ELE - 323 278 208 298 278 277 W W X
Zapdos ELE FLY 383 278 268 298 348 315 U U U

Analysis & Advice

Electric isn't too bad a type defensively, only weak to Ground attacks.

Resistant to Flying, which hardly means much considering that Flying attacks are weak for the most part and rare in any case. Being resistant to itself doesn't mean a whole lot either, considering that none of the Electric types can learn attacks strong against themselves. The Electric type is essentially neutral, with Ground as the only real weakness.

It's hard to pick out one single "best" Electric type, or classify them as a group. Magneton's a tank, Electrode is fast, Zapdos is a good all-rounder and Jolteon's got Pin Missile. While not as individually unique as the Fire types, there's a great deal of specialisation in the Electrics. Choose the one that works best for your team.


Suggested attacks: Thunderbolt, Seismic Toss, Light Screen, Double Team.

Every type has its Magikarp.

Its stats are pretty close to Raichu (a bit more HP, Defense and Speed), and it learns Light Screen in both Red and Blue. Play him like you would Raichu.

It's not that bad, but Raichu surpasses it completely and the mouse is in every version (though Raichu's Light Screen and natural DT/Thunderbolt is only in Yellow). Just because Electabuzz is rare doesn't make it any better. It's TM listing is somewhat better than Raichu's with the ability to learn Psychic, but you're better off giving Psychic to something that can damage other Pokémon with it. Some see Psychic as Electabuzz' sole selling point, though his stats are too weak to hurt things with it and the versatility gained is hardly anything notable.


Main Battle Electrode: Thunder Wave, Light Screen, Double Team, Thunderbolt.
Support Electrode: Thunder Wave, Flash, Screech, Explosion.

Fastest Pokémon in the game, need I say more?

Not too good in terms of offensive stats, but can hold its own against most opponents. Electrode's main attraction is his Speed. If he could learn Spore somehow, he'd be cheaper than Mewtwo.

Thunder Wave is his greatest asset, open with him and start firing. Electrode's Thunder Wave is particularly useful in Stadium, where a Substitute protects the user from paralysis. Since Electrode is faster than Mewtwo, he can nail it with Thunder Wave before Mewtwo puts up a sub.

The Support Electrode uses Flash and Screech to prompt an opponent to switch, thereby adding more paralyzed Pokémon to Electrode's tally before Exploding.

Can set up quite well with Double Team and Light Screen, but like almost all the other Electric types, his Defense isn't too hot. If there's even the slightest chance your opponent has Earthquake, withdraw Electrode, though the Support Electrode's Flash/Screech/Explosion may deter even a Rhydon should you get lucky.

Doesn't learn any Electric moves naturally, so Support Electrode is all you're going to get should you have used both your Electric TMs. A balance between the Support and Main Battle Electrodes may suit your playing style better than either of the two extremes.


Suggested attacks: Pin Missile, Thunder Wave, Thunderbolt, Double Team.

Second-fastest Pokémon in the game, equal to Aerodactyl and Mewtwo. Add that to masses of Special, and you're looking at one of the best Electric types, if not one of the strongest Pokémon in the game.

Covers its weaknesses to a certain extent naturally, by learning Pin Missile for Grass types. Double Kick is nigh on worthless on Jolteon, some take it for its multiplier on Rock types, but their massively high Defense and Jolteon's below average Attack somewhat cancels it out. Pin Missile's x4 multiplier on Grass/Poison (or Grass/Psychic) is lethal, and the multiplier gained against the weak-defense psykers make it a good choice.

Sand-Attack and Double Team, coupled with Jolteon's speed, make it an incredibly hard target. However, I find that Jolteon doesn't have the survivability needed for such a tactic. Swift is somewhat of a threat, like Raichu, Jolteon hasn't got the Defense to last against a dedicated Swift Pokémon. Try to take out the Swifting opponent rather than sacrifice all your defensive moves, but don't hesitate to switch if things are looking more than slightly in the other guy's favour.


Suggested attacks: Double Team, Thunder Wave, Thunderbolt, Rest.

Tenth highest Special, equal to Tentacruel. High Defense. HP and Attack are pretty terrible, equalling Cloyster and Porygon respectively. Its relatively poor HP is somewhat offset by its other, tank defensive stats.

Doesn't learn any Electric moves bar Thundershock, a couple of TMs are in order. If TMs are out, take Raichu. There seem to be three favoured setups for Magneton. One is Screech/Swift, one is Thunder Wave/Supersonic, and one is neither of the two.

In my humble opinion, the first two "combos" are worthless. Magneton's Attack is terrible, Screech can only do so much to help it. Swords Dance/Swift is weak enough on a Mew, a Pokémon with an Attack level above 250. Supersonic is as accurate as Sing. Flash/Double Team is probably a more reliable setup than Supersonic/Thunder Wave. Supersonic/Thunder Wave does deal quite a lot of damage when it works, but then again, so does Horn Drill.

If you can get Screech/Swift or Supersonic/Thunder Wave to work, then by all means go for it. Hell, put them both together if you don't have any TMs left. Each to his own, I guess.


Suggested attacks: Thunderbolt, Submission, Body Slam, Double Team.
Suggested Yellow attacks: Thunderbolt, Light Screen, Double Team, attack of your choice.

Equal highest Attack out of the Electric types. Horrible Defense, almost as bad as Dugtrio (10 points off, to be exact). HP's not too hot either. Swift is somewhat of a threat against Raichu, DT offers no protection and Raichu hasn't got the Defense to last a slugging match.

Raichu is best used as the all-rounder in a lineup, as his offensive stats are quite well balanced. Personally, I don't find him all that useful, as there are a lot of other Pokémon with better stats for linebacking duties.

You begin to appreciate Yellow Raichu when the TMs are all used up. Double Team (one of two Pokémon to pick up this show-stopper naturally), Thunderbolt and Light Screen are part of its move listings making it a good choice for TMless lineups. Suffers from having a relatively good Attack but needing TMs to take advantage of it, the only decent Physical attack being Swift.


Suggested attacks: Thunderbolt, Light Screen, Thunder Wave/Drill Peck, Double Team.

Highest Special and HP of the Electrics, equal highest Attack, second in Defense. Not quite as fast as the majority of Electric types, though still speedy.

Part-Flying completely negates its weakness to Ground, but adds Ice and Rock to the list. Doesn't really matter, as Zapdos is tank enough to take the hits. Grass types are normally a viable solution to Electric types, but Zapdos' Drill Peck sorts that out. Not as weak to Rock as the other two Birds.

A great moves list. Drill Peck is incredibly handy, as none of the other Electric types learn any decent Physical attacks of their own accord, with the possible exception of Jolteon's Pin Missile. The Thunder Wave TM's also a decent choice. Paralysis is always good to have around.

This guy's got staying power, having one of the highest Specials in the game, great HP and Light Screen on his side. Rock is still a threat, but the only thing with Rock Slide that could threaten a balanced lineup would be Mew or the increasingly popular Rhydon.

Most people don't use him for the out-of-character element and his weakness to Ice (however negated by his Special and Light Screen), which is a fair enough reason. After all, how often do you see a Mewtwo without Blizzard these days?

Complete Type Listing
Pure Electric Type Pokémon Total: 8








Half Electric Type Pokémon Total: 1

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