Number Theory

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Here is the course syllabus.
Item Date Information
Homework 1
Thurs, Jan 30 GCD
Bezout's Identity
Euclid's Lemma
Linear Diophantine Equations
Smith Normal Form
Homework 2
Thurs, Feb 20 Modular Arithmetic
Euler's Totient Function
Unique Prime Factorization
Chinese Remainder Theorem
RSA Cryptography
Homework 3
Thurs, Mar 5 Same topics as HW2
Coronavirus Happened Here
Homework 4
Thurs, Apr 16 Review, Definition of Primitive Roots
Totient Lemma, Descartes' Factor Theorem
Order of a Power, Proof of PRT
Euler's Criterion, Wilson's Theorem, Supplements to QR
Rousseau's Proof of QR
Zolotarev's Proof of QR, Preview
Homework 5
Tues, May 5 HW4 Discussion, Definition of "Prime"
The Ring Z[sqrt(d)]
Integers of the Form |x^2-dy^2|
Existence of Pell Solutions
Computation of Pell Solutions
Finale: Number Theory is Hard
Cheat Sheet for a Fictional Exam: Due Wed, May 6