Calculus II.


Syllabus (post Irma)

The textbook for this course is Stewart's Essential Calculus (2nd edition). To work on homework please login to our WeBWorK server. All other course material (including dates for exams) will be posted here. Office hours are Wednesday 3am-6pm on the first floor of the library, or in my office by appointment.
Calculus in 20 minutes 8/19/2017 Who knew that a 144p video could ever be so educational?
Syllabus 8/20/2017 Because sometimes you might wonder what you're actually being graded on.
Apex Calculus Book 8/21/2017 This is a free and open source alternative textbook for the course.
UM's Academic Calendar 8/20/2017 If the University doesn't have classes, we don't have classes.
A worksheet 10/05/2017 Some review problems for exam I.
Trig cheat sheet 110/09/2017I will give you this on the exam.
Trig cheat sheet 210/09/2017This one two (you need to figure out the restricted domains though!)
Post Irma Syllabus 10/10/2017 The huricane shook up our schedule a bit. See what changed.
Solutions for Exam I10/16/2017Confused about a problem from exam one? See how I solved them here.
A worksheet 11/13/2017 Some review problems for exam II.
Solutions for Exam II11/27/2017Confused about a problem from exam two? See how I solved them here.

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