Number Theory

The homework exercises and exams will be based on the Course Notes posted below. There is no official textbook for this course. For further reading I recommend John Stillwell's Elements of Number Theory.

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Course Notes
Item Due Date Information
Homework 1
Wed Feb 1 Peano's Axioms
Friendly Definition of Z
Homework 2
Mon Feb 20 Division With Remainder
Greatest Common Divisor
Euclidean Algorithm
Euclid's Lemma
Linear Diophantine Equations
Homework 3
Fri Mar 10 Equivalence Mod n
Modular Arithmetic
Euler's Totient Theorem
Unique Prime Factorization
Chinese Remainder Theorem
Applications to Cryptography
Midterm Exam: Wednesday March 8, in class
Homework 4
Fri Apr 14 Rational vs Integer Solutions
Quadratic Equations are Conic Sections
Hermite Reduction of Quadratic Forms
Diophantus Chord Method
Legendre's Theorem
Primitive Roots and Euler's Criterion
Quadratic Reciprocity
Final Exam: Friday April 28, in class