2015 New Math Department Faculty
Hamed Amini
Bruno Benedetti
Morgan Brown
Morgan Brown  

Morgan Brown

I received my PhD from UC Berkeley in 2012, working under David Eisenbud. My graduate work in birational geometry was awarded the Ken Ribet and Lisa Goldberg thesis award in algebra, and produced publications in Compositio and the Journal de Mathématiques Pures et Appliquées.

After graduating from Berkeley, I went to the University of Michigan for a three year RTG postdoc under the supervision of Rob Lazarsfeld and Mircea Mustaţă. My more recent work explores applying techniques from birational geometry to study other areas of algebraic geometry. I am active in the broader mathematical community and have given talks at MFO in Oberwolfach, Germany and at BICMR in Beijing. This year I was awarded an AMS-Simons travel grant. I enjoy theater and have performed in several community theater productions during my time at Michigan.

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