2015 New Math Department Faculty
Hamed Amini
Bruno Benedetti
Morgan Brown
Bruno Benedetti  

Bruno Benedetti

I was born in Rome, Italy, but I grew up in Genoa, on the Mediterranean sea. After graduating in game theory and in commutative algebra from the University of Genoa, I went to pursue a PhD at the University of Technology in Berlin, Germany. My advisor was Gunter Ziegler; the results of the thesis later appeared in Acta Mathematica, with him as coauthor. Since then I have been a postdoc at the Free University in Berlin (both in the math and the CS department) and at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden, where I had a Goran Gustaffson grant and later a personal grant from the Swedish Research Council.

I am interested in geometric combinatorics, and in particular in simplicial complexes, convexity, triangulations of manifolds, and computational topology. By formation I am a pure mathematician, though I like applications as well, and have done some work in Operations Research and in Experimental Mathematics. I am particularly committed to encouraging young students into research. In 2012, with Alex Engstroem (Aalto University) I organized the first summer program of Institut Mittag-Leffler, in Sweden, with 27 young students from all over the world. I like diverse and multicultural environments, international students, and ethnic food; and for this reason, Miami is for me a fantastic place to live.

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