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Sharking Max Stats

The statistics of a monster are determined by four things:

  1. The monster's species
  2. The monster's Stat Experience
  3. The monster's "genes"
  4. The monster's Level

Of course, using the GameShark, it is possible to directly modify the attributes of a monster (setting Special to 999, for example). However, such statistic changes are erased when you store the monster in Bill's PC. This is because the statistic scores themselves are not actually saved when you store the monster. When it is removed from the PC, its statistics are recalculated, based on the four factors listed above.

As Stadium doesn't take kindly to directly modified monsters, and intelligent opponents should demand you box and unbox before a fight, you'll want to use the following codes to create permanent modifications. These codes can be used to permanently modify a monster's Stat Exp, genes, and Level.

All these codes do is save you time. Technically, you could capture several copies of each monster (the odds of getting a monster with "perfect genes" are 1/65536) until you had the ideal one, then level it up, thereby manually filling it with regular Experience and Stat Exp. This method saves you that work.

Sharking the Perfect Beast
Step 1: Get Started

Insert the cartridge into the GameShark, and powerup the system.

Step 2: Perfect Genes and Max Stat Experience

Select "Enter Codes", and enter:

Red/Blue Yellow
01FE7CD1 01FE7BD1
01017DD1 01017CD1
01FE7ED1 01FE7DD1
01017FD1 01017ED1
01FE80D1 01FE7FD1
010181D1 010180D1
01FE82D1 01FE81D1
010183D1 010182D1
01FE84D1 01FE83D1
010185D1 010184D1
01FF86D1 01FF85D1
01FF87D1 01FF86D1

The first ten codes will give your monster the maximum Stat Exp achievable through normal play, and the last two will ensure that your monster has the highest "genes".

Step 3: L100

If you want your monster to have a certain Level, you need to enter an appropriate amount of Experience if it isn't already that Level. If you were to merely modify the Level of the monster, it would be lost when they are next boxed, since the Level is recalculated from the number of Experience points in the same way that statististics are recalculated based on the values mentioned above.

The amount of Experience necessary depends on the monster's Experience scale and the desired Level. In all cases, if too much Experience is assigned, the monster will revert to the correct Level (and amount of Experience) after one fight.

For this reason only one example will currently be given. If your monster is above L100 because of this, simply have it gain some Experience in a fight. (If you want a lower Level monster, you will have to select the appropriate Experience value, instead of 1312D0h.)

Enter, after the Step 2 codes:

Red/Blue Yellow
011379D1 011378D1
01127AD1 011279D1
01D07BD1 01D07AD1
Step 4: Be Careful!

Check over every single code. Make sure you didn't miss one, incorrectly enter one, or forget a 1 somewhere. A minor mistake could have disastrous effects, including the loss of your saved game!

Step 5: The Hard Part Is Over

Press "Start" to return to the GameShark menu.

Step 6: Don't Risk Memory Corruption!

Turn the GameShark switch off.

Step 7: Start Up Normally

Select "Start Game" and boot the game, then select "CONTINUE" and continue your game.

Step 8: Choose Your Subject

Put the Pokémon that will receive maximum stats at the top of your party.

Step 9: Ready, Set, Cheat!

Turn the GameShark switch on.

Step 10: Don't Risk Memory Corruption!

Turn the GameShark switch off.

Step 11: Cram It In

Go to Bill's PC and put the top monster into a box.

Step 12: Whip It Out

Withdraw the monster from the box.

Step 13: Fix Possible Level Error

If the monster's Level is above 100, have it participate in any fight.

Step 14: Check Your Work

Check the Pokémon's statistics. They should now be the maximum for its Level and species. You can verify this by using our Pokédex the Skill/StatFinder.

Step 15: Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

If desired, select a new Pokémon to max out and return to Step 9.

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