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Write a supplement to this book and put it online.

I encourage people to write mathematical and cultural supplements to this book and to make them available on their websites. I do not wish to put any more topics into the book itself. If this book is to be useful as a base for other topics, it must remain brief and freely available. In this book there are no choices or options (except for what to add to it). You go straight ahead and you do everything. The path from the beginning of the book to the end of Chapter 5 is pretty much god-given. This is the core of algebra. However Chapter 5 (or maybe Chapter 6 for some) is as far as that holds true. After that, there is no god-given well-defined path forward. There are in fact, many good options, and people have to make decisions on which direction to take. Or you could be like Paul Revere, who got on his horse and rode off in all directions. Here are some possible topics.

I hope this book will be useful, not only as a beginning textbook, but as a base of foundational abstract algebra on which other topics may be developed. We do not need to keep rewriting the core every year. The definition of group is not going to change, but the way mathematics is disseminated is going to change. It would be nice to develop a worldwide network of algebra texts.      Ed C.

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