Elements of Abstract and Linear Algebra
Edwin H. Connell

This is a foundational textbook on abstract algebra with emphasis on linear algebra. You may download parts of the book or the entire textbook. It is provided free online in PDF, DVI, postscript, and gzipped postscript.

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[March 20, 2004]

pdf dvi ps ps.gz The entire book
pdf dvi ps ps.gz Title page and copyright
pdf dvi ps ps.gz Introduction
pdf dvi ps ps.gz Outline
PDF PDF PS PS.GZ Chapter 1: Background and Fundamentals of Mathematics
pdf dvi ps ps.gz Chapter 2: Groups
pdf dvi ps ps.gz Chapter 3: Rings
pdf dvi ps ps.gz Chapter 4: Matrices and Matrix Rings
pdf dvi ps ps.gz Chapter 5: Linear Algebra
pdf dvi ps ps.gz Chapter 6: Appendix
pdf dvi ps ps.gz Index

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