Intro to Linear Algebra

Textbook: Introduction to Linear Algebra 4th Edition, by Gilbert Strang

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Assignment Due Date Details
Homework 1
Fri, Jan 25 Course Notes
(Des)Cartesian Coordinates
Vector Notation
Lengths and Angles
Dot Product
Homework 2
Fri, Feb 1 Course Notes
Equations = Geometric Objects
Simultaneous Equations = Intersections
Systems of Linear Equations
"Parametrizing" the Solution
Homework 3
Fri, Feb 8 Course Notes
What is a Hyperplane?
Row Picture and Column Picture
The Idea of Elimination
Reduced Row Echelon Form (RREF)
Homework 4
Fri, Feb 15 Course Notes
Matrix Notation is More Than Notation
A Matrix is a Function
Matrix Multiplication = Function Composition
The Algebra of Matrices
Homework 5
Fri, Feb 22 Course Notes
The Cross Product
When is a Matrix/Function Invertible?
How to Compute the Inverse
Exam 1
Fri, Mar 1 Total: 30 points
A = 20-29
B = 13-19
C = 6-11
Homework 6
Some Solutions
Fri, Mar 22 Course Notes
Minimize the Distance from a Point to a Space
Projecting a Point onto a Space
Projection as a Matrix
Projection as a Function
Homework 7
Mon, Apr 1 Course Notes
Least Squares Approximation
Fitting a Line to Data
Fitting Any Kind of Model to Data
Matrices that Satisfy P^2=P and P^T=P
Homework 8
Mon, Apr 8 Course Notes
Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors
The Characteristic Equation of a 2X2 Matrix
Eigen-properties of Geometric Transformations
Homework 9
Mon, Apr 15 Course Notes
Matrices = Dynamical Systems
Phase Portrait of a Dynamical System
Fibonacci Numbers, etc.
Exam 2
Fri, Apr 19 Total: 30 points
A = 26-30
B = 18-25
C = 13-17
D = 7-12
After Exam 2
None Course Notes
Final Exam
Mon, May 6 11:00 -- 1:30