2016 New Math Department Research Assistant Professors
and Postdoctoral Fellows
Andrew Harder
Manuel Rivera
José Samper
Manuel Rivera  

Manuel Rivera

My research interests revolve around understanding the algebraic topology of manifolds. In particular, I am interested in string topology, which is the study of intersection type operations in spaces of loops and paths on a manifold. The algebraic structures that arise from the geometric constructions in string topology have led me to think about homotopy theory in more general algebraic and categorical contexts.

I obtained my PhD from CUNY-Graduate Center on 2015 under the supervision of Prof. Dennis Sullivan. Then I spent a year in Paris 6 as a CNRS postdoctoral researcher. I will be a joint Research Assistant Professor between University of Miami (where I will spend my fall semesters working with Prof. Katzarkov) and CINVESTAV in Mexico City (where I will spend my spring semesters working with Prof. Lupercio).

I am originally from the beautiful island of Puerto Rico.

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