Intro to Abstract Math

There is no required textbook. All lecture notes will be posted here. For further reading I recommend An Introduction to Mathematical Thinking by Gilbert and Vanstone.

Office Hours: Mon 3-4pm and Wed 2-3pm in Ungar 437

Here is the syllabus.
Item Date Information
Homework 1
Thurs Jan 31 Course Notes
What is a Theorem/Proof/Axiom ?
Euclid's Elements
The Pythagorean Theorem
Principle of the Contrapositive
Pythagoras Today = The Dot Product
Homework 2
Thurs Feb 14 Course Notes
Proof by Contradiction
Square Roots of 2 and 3
Logic for Mathematicians
De Morgan's Laws
First Look at Induction
Thurs Feb 21 Total: 24 points
Approximate grade ranges:
A = 20 and above
B = 15-20
C = 11-14
Homework 3
Thurs Mar 7 Course Notes
Definition of Z
Well Ordering Principle
Principle of Induction
Division With Remainder
Homework 4
Thurs Mar 28 Course Notes
Greatest Common Divisor
Euclidean Algorithm
Linear Diophantine Equations
Unique Prime Factorization
Thurs Apr 4 Total: 24 points
Approximate grade ranges:
A = 19 and above
B = 15-18
C = 11-15
Homework 5
Thurs Apr 18 Course Notes
Rational Numbers
Modular Arithmetic
Linear Congruence Theorem
Fermat's Little Theorem
Exam3 Thurs Apr 25 In Class