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Mr. Toad is the coolest ride. I can't be at the MK to protest, but I protest right here in front of my computer!
From: J. Peeks <>

It's a travesty. It sucks. Poop on Pooh.
From: Veronica Parker <>

I was just at the Magic Kingdom last week & saw your airplane banner in the sky. I LOVE Mr. Toad & am frankly sick of Pooh! I like Pooh too, but they're going a bit overboard with it.
From: Fred Sheldon <>

We've been to Disney World several times. Each time Mr. Toad was a big hit. We road Mr. Toad at least 12 times during a week long stay. Too many rides are getting geared up for older kids. This ride is for the whole family. Also a great ride for adults who don't like heights. This ride was enjoyed by our preschooler, out teenager and two middle aged adults.

From: Joe <>

I want to do whatever it takes to save Toad.
From: Bruce Metcalf <>

The very earliest memories I have are of my fourth birthday, a day spent at Disneyland. One of the fondest memories I have of that day was my very first time behind the wheel of a car -- a car that I conscientiously steered through Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. I don't think I've had more fun in a car since. (Not in the front seat, anyway.)

Yes, change is a necessary part of the Disney parks. Yes, Mr. Toad uses some of the oldest technology in the parks -- its 1955 blacklight and plywood is younger only than the Disneyland Railroad and the smiles on the cast members. Yes, it is well past time for an upgrade for this venerable stalwart of the Magic Kingdom -- time for 3-D figures and improved animatronics. Yes, a Pooh-themed ride would be popular, especially if it included Tigger. But please, with all the room to grow that the Magic Kingdom is blessed with, can one not find a more appropriate place for the bear?

Please, Mr. Toad is one of the reasons I moved to Florida. Don't make me go back to California!
From: Johnny <>


From: The Mart Family <>

Gutting out millions of peoples' memories in order to save a few bucks is just not right.

Walt Disney told us not to be afraid of change. I mean, change has been good. That's what has led to attractions like Innnoventions & Tower of Terror. But, those were not in Fantasyland. Fantasyland is the most "Walt Disney" area of the park. It hold tons of memories for all kids, young and old. It is not just a place where hopes & dreams are only a step away. This "world" symbolizes the true meaning of what people call "Disney Magic".

What magic, you say? The magic of people stepping into their favorite Walt Disney animated feauture films, sequels and t.v. shows.

Fantasyland is where all these classics come together.

Remember: Walt was one of the most influential men of this century. He made people smile in times of despair, laugh in times of danger and cry in times of hope.

Mickey mouse captained the first cartoon with synchronized sound, Steamboat Willie. Mr. Disney was the first to use technicolor and the multi-plane camera. He made Song of the South, the first cartoon/live-action feature. Snow White was the first full-length animated feature. The line-up of Disney animated classics is a legacy no one should be ashamed of. The Adventures of Mr. Toad is part of that legacy. The Walt Diney theme parks remind us what a magical tradition it is. It would be a shame to take away some of our history.

If Disney wants to do away with this attraction, let them. But not before they consider this: why not make an upgrade, as has been done to the Disneyland version? Maybe they could place the Pooh ride somewhere else? There is more then enough room in WDW.

We have always learned that an original legacy cannot be broken; it can only get better with time. Walt Disney animation is a definative legacy, in the movies and theme parks. Why destroy part of it?
From: Karen Anderson <>

My family is desperate to save it!
From: Scollops <>

Save Toad and his wonderous ride...
From: Nancy Scogin <>

I'd like to join the fight to save Toad!

Thanks for the chance to give voice to this fight!

I have to admit as well that I am going to be very mad if Toad leaves. I can tell you the real reason why Disney is removing it mainly because they figure Winnie the Pooh will be much more popular. As for everybody's questions about 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea having the Winnie the Pooh, it just isn't cost effective for Disney to fill in the ride then probably change a lot of the mechanics in the area and build up a whole thing for just Winnie the Pooh. My guess is that Toad will die unless we get even more Toad Ins and if it is saved it will almost definitely go over a very big make over.
From: K. Ford <>

I love Disney World and go about four times a year. Mr. Toad is one of the must rides and I would hate to see it go. Thank you for your efforts.
From: Greg Whitelock <>

Great job on the website/cause! I've managed to get some support up here in Canada for Toad...unfortunately, *some* odd, odd people are ardent Pooh supporters. (I seem to have accidentally enraged them by putting up the 'Tell Pooh to go to Hell' poster on my school locker...Oh well.)

Good Luck, eh? ;)
From: Spencer Cook <>

I am an ardent fan of Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, a WDW annual passholder, and an occasional RADP poster. I just got through browsing your web site for the first time and I am AMAZED at the outpouring of support from the public. Several people have called MTWR an "American Institution!" Disney HAS to wake up and realize that some things should be left alone.

If MTWR falls to "progress," other classics can't be far behind. That's really what's at stake here.

On behalf of Toad fans and WDW purists everywhere, I thank you. Your efforts have been nothing short of amazing. If you succeed, you'll prove to the world that one person still CAN make a difference!

Save the magic!! Keep up the good work!
From: Joseph Shaffer <>

My daughter enjoys the Mr. Toad Ride so much that it's the first ride we go to when we arrive at Disney. Please don't close the ride. It is a landmark at Disney and would be a cheat to all the little Boy's and Girl's that attend the Park in the Now and Future.
From: Dawna Whittemore <>

I know alot of people who don't want the ride shut down. I didn't even know until I saw this site. Thanks. I really liked the ride.
From: Kane Prestenback <>

I have always loved Mr. Toad. I think the movie is awesome, a whole lot better than Pooh. The ride is always my fave at Fantasyland and I never miss it.
From: Lura Beth Irvine <>

I can not believe that they want to destroy one of the best rides in the whole park for the hundred acre woods.

There is more room in the park for Winnie the Pooh there is no need to get rid of a ride that everyone enjoys going on every time that they go to the park. Save Mr. Toad.
From: James G. Juneman <>

Toad has been my favorite ride all my life! It is realy upseting to see him go!
From: Angie Sheetz <>

I am appalled that Disney World wants to shut down Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. If you could please send some free postcards I would greatly appreciate it. Me and my friends would like to let Disney know how much we love the ride and would hate to see it gone.
From: David Stock <no e-mail address>

Some thoughts for any Disney execs reading this wonderful site:

When I was little, Mr. Toad's Wild Ride was one of my favorite attractions at Walt Disney World. I especially liked the way you crashed into things, had "near misses," and "ran into" the train! Since you claim it is "too scary" for small children, I should stress that as a 4 year old, I scared very easily, yet this attraction did not frighten me - it made me laugh! On the other hand, Alien Encounter would have scared the heck out of me! When I was a teenager, many of my peers who thought they were too "cool" or "sophisticated" for most of the other Fantasyland attractions still got a kick out of Mr. Toad! I am no longer a teenager, and I still love it - as do several others my age and older! Mr. Toad's appeal transcends "demographics"!

I would also like to stress that when I first rode as a 4 year old, I had no idea who Mr. Toad was, or that the ride was based on the 1949 film "The Adventures Of Ichabod and Mr. Toad", but this did not lessen my enjoyment of the ride. In fact, the ride made me want to see the film when I did hear about it! So it is irrelevant that the film is "old" or not as popular as some of the other more recent films. If you did the marketing right and released the full version of the film on video (like other '40's Animated Classics that were recently released, such as "Melody Time" and "Fun And Fancy Free"), you could use the ride to help sell the video! (how's that for "synergy"!). If anything, the fact that MTWR is based on a relatively obscure Disney Classic should be an even greater reason to keep it - at least something from the overlooked and underrated late '40's Animated Classics should be allowed to survive in the parks!

If you remove Mr. Toad and Horizons (different ride, different park, similar situation), it will be painfully obvious to even the casual Disney observer that Profit comes before quality - more now than at any time in the company's history. After all, you can certainly afford to build Winnie-the-Pooh his own ride building or even his own Hundred Acre Wood section without having to remove something already in the park! And you certainly have tons of available space, even in Fantasyland - you could use the Legend of the Lion King building and move the show to Animal Kingdom, where it would certainly fit thematically and give AK a much-needed new attraction. Or, you could expand Fantasyland to the railroad tracks like in Disneyland - there's tons of space back there! I'm sure there are numerous ways to do justice to Pooh without killing poor Mr. Toad!

I would like to point out that I am not against change when it is for the better. The Pooh ride has a definite place in Walt Disney World - anything featuring the Classic Disney characters is welcome in my book! I just don't think we should have to lose one set of Classic characters and a popular Classic attraction to gain another, just because Pooh is the darling of the marketing machine - which has never really tried to make a star out of J. Thaddeus Toad anyway! AND THERE IS SPACE FOR BOTH RIDES!

One of the reasons you give for your plans to remove MTWR is that its technology is "outdated". If this is true, it certainly doesn't take away from the ride's charm and popularity - it's still loads of fun! We're talking about the Magic Kingdom here, not Universal. Having the latest and greatest technology is not what gives the Magic Kingdom and Disneyland attractions their appeal. Their appeal lies in the ingredients Disney has always done better than anyone else - charm, whimsy, and nostalgia. And Mr. Toad excels in these areas! "Low-tech" attractions that are strong in these ingredients belong in your Magic Kingdom parks more than "high-tech" attractions deficient in them! If MTWR's technology isn't as modern as you would like it to be, all you have to do is upgrade it, like you did for Disneyland's version! But the only "land" where I see technology really being a relevant concern is in Tomorrowland - the rest of the park is either themed to the past (where things were pretty low-tech) or to the realm of fantasy (where imagination transcends technology). If technology is suddenly the most important critical yardstick of the Magic Kingdom, the next logical step is to turn the Walt Disney World Railroad into a bullet train, and have modern automobiles replace the Horse-drawn Streetcars on Main Street!

Another excuse you give for planning to remove Toad is that it is supposedly not popular enough. Yet, it is always crowded, which is even more impressive when you consider that it is one of the few attractions that, like Space Mountain, has a second track which doubles its capacity! What does this tell you about its popularity? One of your spokespeople, Mark Jaronski, even acknowledges that MTWR is very popular, but then says "We're constantly looking for ways to freshen up a park that is 25 years old". Well you must not be "looking" hard enough, because as I've stated above, there are numerous ways to include both rides! This is what I really resent the most about these comments, and your approach to the entire situation - the way it is presented to the public as a "one or the other" proposition. As a fan of both Mr. Toad and Winnie-the-Pooh, I'm pulling for Mr. Toad, not against Winnie-the-Pooh. But why can't I, and other fans, be allowed to enjoy both rides? It should not come down to a question of whether Pooh is more popular than Toad. It turned into this question because you make it seem like the only way to "freshen up" the park with the Pooh ride is to remove Toad. But I would love to hear a logical explanation as to why we have to lose an attraction in order to gain one - I didn't know there was a cap or a ceiling, that there was a finite number of possible attractions that could not be exceeded. This is the assumption implicit in your spokesperson's comments, and in your approach to the whole situation.

FOR GOD'S SAKE, JUST BUILD A NEW BUILDING! It seems so obvious, so simple! It's what Walt would have done, and did do - in 1958 at Disneyland, he managed to build the Alice In Wonderland dark ride around and on top of the Toad building due to space limitations, instead of scrapping an existing attraction. This approach, expansion without removal rather than "expansion" through removal, is also what most smaller-sized amusement parks that don't have 1/20 of the capital Disney has would do, as long as they could afford it. AND YOU CERTAINLY CAN! As every amusement and theme park operator knows, you don't remove popular attractions if you can avoid it - it's just good business and good common sense to keep them open! So stop treating the Fantasyland attractions like apartments or office space - where the only way a new "tenant" can move in is if an existing tenant moves out. This isn't the World Trade Center - THIS IS THE MAGIC KINGDOM AT WALT DISNEY WORLD! - where dreams come true, the impossible is possible, and where there's enough land "to hold all the ideas and plans we can possibly imagine", as Walt Disney himself so articulately stated!

While discussing the many fans of Mr. Toad, and public sentiment toward keeping MTWR open, another one of your spokespeople, Craig Dezern, tried to trivialize Toad's support by saying "people get emotionally attached to the park, and that's what you're seeing played out here". What a cynical, glib position for Disney to take! I forgot, emotionalism and sentimentality are "out". In the "disposable" '90's, it isn't "chic" to be too attached to anything. Sorry for offending you. Silly me, I always thought you wanted us to be "emotionally attached" to your parks. I thought these "memories" were what you were "selling". If you admit that an attraction (Mr. Toad) is popular and that people are "emotionally attached" to it, then you should be happy with it! - this means you are doing your job extremely well! So, if you have something that's working well, you know what they say - if it ain't broke, don't "fix" it. This seems to be the biggest problem in the parks these days - "fixing" (i.e. removing) perfectly good, popular, Classic attractions because a few malcontented, "keep up with the Joneses", latest, greatest, bigger, better, "next big thing" types started putting ideas in people's heads that they were "outdated".

But Mr. Toad's Wild Ride is not "outdated". The ride, the film, and Kenneth Grahame's novel on which they are based are all timeless Classics. What your management really means is that Mr. Toad is not a "trend of the moment". Then again, your company can more or less determine the Disney trends by what it chooses (and doesn't choose) to merchandise. And it's getting almost impossible for any of the Classic-era characters to be a "trend of the moment" when the only characters Disney markets aggressively aside from the Pooh and the original "Fab Five" characters (and those from whatever Animated Classic has just been re-released) are those from the Eisner-era films (post-Mermaid). These new Animated Classics are good and up to Disney Animation's standards of excellence, but they are certainly not the beginning of Disney History! If catering to current trends means destroying the rich legacy of the theme parks, just because Disney, one of the wealthiest corporations in the world, has become too stingy and callous to expand properly, then your company is being extremely short-sighted and is making a grave mistake!

The ironic thing about this is that your theme park division is apparently not "in touch" with all the current trends - because Classic-era Disney is experiencing a major resurgence in popularity! "Retro-Disney" is "in" and is getting HUGE! Just look at the popularity of the excellent new "Vault Disney" programming block on the Disney Channel, and the popular new Archive Collection from Walt Disney Records! It is even more ironic that the first character we see every night in Vault Disney's opening sequence is none other than J. Thaddeus Toad! He's more famous, popular, and marketable than you give him credit for! Don't underestimate the Toad! In fact, the entire opening sequence of Vault Disney was inspired by Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, and the latest Vault Disney advertising slogan is "Take a Wild Ride on Disney"! If the Disney Channel can treat Mr. Toad and other Classic-era characters and films with the respect they deserve, why can't your theme park division? The divisions of your company appear to be severely out of sync with one another - the Disney Channel is treating Mr. Toad and the other Classics like the treasures they are, while your theme park division is taking these same treasures for granted and callously trying to banish them.

So let me try to make some sense of what's going on in the big picture at WDW. Walt Disney World has room for Planet Hollywood, Virgin Megastore, ESPN, Cirque du Soleil, Mc Donald's, AMC Multiplex, etc. - all ventures from outside the Disney "family", not created by Disney - most of which can be experienced in any major city in America. Yet, there is suddenly no room in Walt Disney World for true Walt Disney Classics like Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea, The Walt Disney Story, and the Classic Main Street attractions and shops. Disney execs, I implore you to put yourselves in the shoes of lifelong Disney affectionados, people who make the expensive trip to WDW for its Disney content, and ask yourselves: "Isn't something seriously wrong with this picture?" I am not against these new developments in the rest of the "World". My point is that if there is room for them, there certainly should always be room for the Magic Kingdom Classics that are the heart and soul of WDW, and that paved the way for all this new development in the first place! Are you sure the Steinberg takeover attempt of the '80's wasn't successful? When the takeover looked like it would happen, Disney fans were fearful of the precise things that are currently happening in the Magic Kingdom and in Disneyland! Little did we know that one day, instead of being threatened by outsiders, Walt's Theme Park legacy would be threatened from within the company! I thought the whole point of preventing the takeover was to protect the Disney legacy, not to destroy it.

I'm getting sick and tired of this "Walt-who?" attitude in the Magic Kingdom and in Disneyland. If things do not improve, and if your theme park management continues to treat MTWR and other Classic "Walt-era" attractions with such an obvious lack of respect, I will express my dissatisfaction as a consumer by no longer consuming! The choice is yours. And if you remove MTWR, it will serve as a final proof that you no longer care about Walt Disney's Theme Park legacy, no longer care about your customers, and that you no longer care about much of anything except maintaining ridiculously high profit margin requirements! And it will prove that your once-great company is rapidly heading "merrily on its way downhill (in particular)!" After all, we all know that only weasels would try to take over Toad Hall! So you should not take this decision lightly. Ask yourselves if you really want to be responsible for two grave mistakes - the destruction of a Walt Disney masterpiece, and the loss of lifelong customers in the process - just to save a little short term $$$. Because the shattered bonds of your best and most loyal customers' trust are not easily mended, even for a company as large as yours. You can't expect us to blindly follow you like sheep when you betray us like this, and we can't "remember the magic" when you keep taking it away from us. SO WAKE UP, DISNEY! DO THE RIGHT AND LOGICAL THING - SAVE MR. TOAD'S WILD RIDE! KEEP THE CLASSICS IN THE MAGIC KINGDOM AND IN DISNEYLAND! AND KEEP THE WALT DISNEY IN WALT DISNEY WORLD!
From: Tom Wiggins <>

Keep up the good work. This was always one of my fav rides at DL here in CA.
From: Kyle Raser <>

My family is against the ending of Mr. Toad, and so are a bunch of my friends. My friend and I were at the Magic Kingdom today, but we had to leave before 4...we were there in spirit!
From: William Wangerien <>

Keep up the good work!!

Save the Toad!
From: <name withheld by request>

Found your web-site and love it. Mr. Toad is not my favorite ride, but I do want to see it saved since it is a good ride. I've been to WDW five times and never really realized there were two sides to the ride. I sure hope it's still there next time I go (probably not till 1999). I am going to Disneyland in June though-- will treasure my ride on Mr. Toad there.
From: James M. Braudt <>

I am in FULL support of Mr. Toad!!
From: Elizabeth Ocon <>

Some of my fondest memories as a kid was going on Mr. Toad's Wild Ride -- it was scary and riveting and exciting!! I go back to Disney every few years (I'm 31), and I never miss going on Mr. Toad's. PLEASE, DISNEY, KEEP IT!!

My wife is a BIG fan of the toad.
From: Todd <>

I love the ride. Good luck.
From: Clay Duncan <>

I am very concerned about closing Mr. Toad, as it is the only ride I actually remember riding when I was four years old.

Everyone I have spoken to about this problem is mad at Dis. Execs. I will send them to your site.
From: Brian Curran <>

Keep up the good work.
From: Jake McDonald <>

Save the Toad ride for Americans.
From: Nancy Leininger <>

I am in my 50s and have loved the story of the Toad. Please don't take him away. Let the children of today get to know him and his ride. Thank you.
From: Jack Truscott <>

The Toad is not high tech or new but that doesn't mean it's not worthwhile. There is room for Pooh, just don't make it at the expense of The Toad!
From: Eric Martin <>

Disney is a victim (and perpetrator) of our politically correct age as much as anyone. Witness the changes made to Snow White, the Pirates, and any aspect of the park that might offend any sensibility.

Clearly, the reasoning behind the proposed dismantling of Mr. Toad is not financial, but cultural. An attraction that features stereotyped gypsies, casual criminality, destruction of property, mockery of police, raunchy saloon signs with nude women, and a vision of Hell cannot fit into the current corporate vision of a park where people are not to be offended in any way whatsoever.

This same cultural pandering has resulted in the dilution of the shopping experience as well (try buying a toy gun or a horrific mask anymore).

While I fear that Toad may indeed be doomed for now, we have one hope; that the next generation will look back and regard these efforts to ignore our diversity as the foolish pursuits they are, and restore the park to Walt's original vision.
From: Mr. Ponyboy <>


Nothing deserves to take the place of Mr. Toad! Especially Winnie the Pooh! There's plenty of other places to put the Pooh-meister. But not on the grave of Mr. Toad!!

From: Megan Bulloch <>

Thanks tonnes for doing this. Frogs everywhere will appreciate your stepping in to save their idol.
From: Sandy Kunz <>

Excellent Toad preserving cause you have, keep up the good work, thanks for the cards. It's the Only thing!
From: Laura <>

I am thirteen years old . My next to fav ride (Dream Flight) was closed, now they are gonna close Horizons and Mr. Toad. Are they on drugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mr. Toad was one of the original rides in Disney. They can't close it. I'd protest if I could , but I live too far away. (sarcasm) Hey if they do close Mr. Toad we get Pooh's Enchanted ride... Oh yea.

I will write letters and get my friends to write letters. We won't let Disney do this!!!!! Just Keep trying you know you have my support, totally.
From: Flia. Fenochietto <>

Hola soy Ana, fui muchas veces a Disney y creo que no tendrian que sacar el juego, tendrian que MODIFICARLO y RENOVARLO, ya que mucha gente es fanatica de ciertos juegos en especial. Vivo en Argentina, Buenos Aires. Espero que consideren mi peticion. Muchas G
From: Wes Lagattolla <>

I'll gladly support any Save Mr. Toad idea! Hell, rip out Indy Jones, but save Toad!!
From: The Pasko Family <>

My favorite memory of our families trip to Disney as a child was when we rode Toad probably 4 to 5 times straight! There weren't a lot of people there at the time but my mom liked it and even though it wasn't high tech, it was FUN! I remember me and my brother having a great time. I took my daughter back to the park recently and she loved it too! We rode it twice even though we had to wait longer the second time! It really made me feel nostalgic and happy to ride on it again after so long. Please save Mr. Toad.
From: Alyson G. Fort <>

I would hate to see such a wonderful and classic ride demolished. I don't think that tearing down a ride is reflective of the spirit of Disney. My children would be saddened if we went to Disney only to find a favorite no longer there. Please reconsider and find a more suitable place for Pooh. Pooh definitely belongs in Disney. I'm a Pooh-girl through and through. Remember the children. Afterall, that's why Disney is there, RIGHT????
From: Steven Duane Braudt <>

Mr. Toad's Wild Ride should not be axed because it has become one Disney's trademarks. I will not be able to sleep at night knowing that children all over the world will be deprived of the joy of Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. When I first came to Disney World I had a severe ear infection which kept me from going on all of the water rides. Mr. Toad's Wild Ride was probably my favorite ride. My mother is cast member and she bought a save toad button for me.

God Save the Toad!!!!!!!
From: Daryle Ciejka <>

Mr. Toad's Wild Ride has always been one of my favorite rides and I would like to do as much as possible to save the ride so that I would be able to continue to enjoy it.
From: Rich Friedman <>

Thanks for your hard work.
From: Nancy Wolff <>

Save that Wild Ride. I remember when my kids and I road this ride for the first time together. They loved it and so did I. Being only 10 and 8 they thought it was the coolest thing ever and we road it 8 times in a row.
From: Hannah <>

I am 24 years old and love that ride!!! My sister and I ride it each time we go to Disney World. It is one of our favorite things to do. It is exciting and a lot of laughs. We love the part where it looks like the train is coming at you and always end up giggling like little kids when we come out of it. We are behind you guys all the way. SAVE MR TOAD'S WILD RIDE!!!!!!!!!!!
From: Mike Hampen <>

From: Celeste Coston <>

I know how you feel, I hated it when they moved the Carousel of Progress to WDW and drive my husband nuts when we go there. Because I go there over and over. He says haven't you seen it enough.........NO.......... When Walt said it would always be changing I don't think he relized how attached we would become to each and every ride.
From: Carolyn Wiesner <>

If I'm ever in D-World on a Sunday I'll be protesting with an X over my Pooh shirt! Never liked the stupid piece o' fluff anyhue. But it's not as bad as if D-land were to close it. That would be a catastrophe beyond belief.

People don't realize how important Toad is! You have no idea how POed It makes me to hear someone mumbling along with you the lyrics to "Nowhere in Particular" or asking what friggin' movie Mr. Toad's Wild Ride is based on (hello! Do they *have* a Blockbuster?). Oh! And how my nostrils did flair when I thought they'd done away with Toad Hall in the D-land Storybookland ride to put razza fraggin' Agrabah up! Man, I hate Aladdin. Thank you!
From: Susan Cliett <>

Thank you for fighting to save Mr. Toad.

I am interested in a shirt after I saw someone in Disney wearing it last week.

I too LOVE Mr. Toad and am and always have been a Pooh hater. He's such a p*@#$%.
From: Pam <>

Have fond memories of the 20,000 Leagues ride and were sorry when we heard it was gone. Don't want to see the same happen to Toad.
From: Colleen Sayre <>

My mother is actually the Toad fanatic. For her 50th birthday she asked me to take her to Disneyland so she could ride Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. I've informed her of the "Save the Toad" campaign, and she's quite concerned.

Long Live The Toad!
From: The Shanafelt Family <>

Thanks for a good cause.

Everyone at work seems to love Mr. Toad too... We're in California but like to goto Walt Disney World for trips.
From: Lisa Messaglia <>

Please let me know any information. We love Toad--particularly the flying chickens on the right side of the ride.

Please don't take my Toady away!

There have been far too many changes at WDW for my taste. 20,000 Leagues is gone, the Carousel of Progress redone - I really miss the song "Now is the Time," the World of Motion made over into a thrill ride, the Wedway People Mover, Snow White, and I have heard that the TiKi Birds underwent a huge overhaul! I don't know how much more I can take of this. Please please please stop the destruction of one of the most wonderful places on earth!

Mr. Toad is my daughters' favorite rides. We actually have to go on it twice in a row to see both halves of the ride! My children will be heartbroken if something happens to it.

Why can't Pooh and his friends go to ToonTown? We find this part of the park to be a complete waste, even if it does give the kids a chance to run around and stretch their legs. There are better play areas at most of the hotels, and my children would rather go on the rides than waste their time on ToonTown.

Please, Pooh. Go to ToonTown. We'll visit you there, I promise.
From: Ryan M. Schiffbauer <>

I was absolutely enraged to learn of the horrific plan to abolish Toad's Wild Ride. I was raised on "The Wind in the Willows" and some of my earliest memories (as in being three) are of riding Toad's Wild Ride. Please send me as many as 50 postcards and I will see that 50 people sign them! Good luck. Also, I might order a t-shirt. Could you send a along some info on how to order them? I might also have some pals who would like to join the fight and buy a shirt. Thanks so much.
From: Amy Jenkins <>

I love Mr. Toad! This decision to replace it is just another step in the blandification of Disney...look at what they did to Snow White! When I was seven, that ride scared the crap out of me. Now, the witch doesn't pop out as much as stagger out, and Snow Whitebread has even replaced her in certain parts. Mr. Toad and Space Mountain were my two favorite rides when I was twelve.


Don't let them destroy the ride!
From: Harriet Bretschneider <>

I fully support your save Mr. Toad's Wild Ride campaign. I applaud your initiative.
From: Janice Smith <>

I'm one of the fortunate ones who lives near Disneyland (with it's upgraded Toad), but I *do* plan to visit WDW this summer. Mr. Toad should not vanish, not even for Pooh... heck, not even if they wanted to devote the new ride to my beloved Darkwing Duck! (Let's get dangerous!)
From: Martha Morong <>

I will do my part--that is definitely my favorite ride at Disney World, and as a stockholder and loyal patron, I would be royally irritated if they changed it!! Good luck!

I just came back from Disney World and thought that ride is so cool. I agree that Winnie the Pooh will do just as well at another location.

Liked it, hope to see it saved!

I remember Mr. Toad's wild ride, and how strange for that ride to be the only one that I clearly remeber going on in Disney World! None of the rides should be taken down!!!
From: Susan Dickens <>

I have been a Florida resident for over 22 years and frequent the Magic Kingdom even today. I am STRONGLY AGAINST closing Mr. Toad's ride! It is a classic and in fact it was the #1 thing I went to Disney to ride when I was a child! SAVE MR. TOAD!!!
From: Jesse O <>

I'm 31 years old, and my two all-time favorite attractions at the Magic Kingdom are Mr. Toad's Wild Ride (both sides, of course). I always felt that California only has half a Toad. I shudder to think what would happen should the doors finally close on this great ride.

Please don't make Pooh destroy Toad! He would never do a thing like that! He's way too nice to even think of doing this! He probably doesn't know how to dismantle a theme park attraction anyway! You're trying to make Pooh go bad! This is terrible! I think that Pooh and his pals might lose their popularity if their new ride replaces Mr. Toad! I wouldn't do that if I were you, ya' Disney Imagineers! Pooh's ride should be put in a vacant area of the Magic Kingdom! Find some space for it! MR. TOAD'S WILD RIDE SHOULD STAYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
From: Lizzie Mingay <>

I've been visiting WDW since I was 5 years old (I'm now 21) and Mr Toad's Wild Ride was one of the first rides I went on and has always been a favourite of mine. I go on it everytime I am there. It's appalling to hear that Disney are considering replacing this superb ride. Let's hope that they listen to our comments because one day I would love to take my children to WDW and let them experience Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, just as I did as a child.
From: Michael Schioppo <>

My first time to WDW was in 1976, I was 6 years old, and I remember the magic of this great place. I love WDW even more now, but it is hard to recapture a childhood feeling today. Maybe if I go into the Haunted Mansion, It's A Small World or Mr. Toad's Wild Ride I can feel those feelings. These rides, as they seem to me, have not changed and don't need to change. I am getting a little sick of Winnie The Pooh. I love Pooh, but in these last 2 years, Pooh has been pushed on everybody because that's all there is in these Disney Stores. Find another place.
From: Scott <>

Save Mr. Toad's Wild Ride!!!!!
From: Beth Jackson <>

From: L. Ramos and Family <>

My family has saved for over 3 years for our upcoming vacation to Disney World. We really wanted to "live it up" and stay at one of the resort hotels, try out the restaurants, and check out everything Disney World has to offer.

In doing research for our upcoming trip I stumbled across the plight of Mr. Toad. It seems to me more an issue of greed than anything else. Is that what Disney/Orlando is all about? We visit Disneyland at least once or twice a year, more when we lived nearby, and have never had a bad experience. Now I am beginning to wonder if I should cancel my reservations, take the kids to Disneyland, and with the rest of the money travel to Europe. The original choices for our vacation were Europe or Disney World. Disney World was chosen. Now I am beginning to wonder where I really want to spend my money.

And as for Mr. Toad, The Wind in the Willows is a Classic and the ride has the capacity to educate Parents and Children towards reading the classics, as well as putting a smile on the faces of those of us who are familiar with Mr. Toad and his friends. Doesn't Disney have 100 acres of woods somewhere out there to add a classic without eliminating another? I thought the whole point of Disney World was to be able to expand where Disneyland couldn't. Please save Mr. Toad.
From: Franklin and Drake <>

Both Franklin and I see it as a potentially scarring situation to young children around the world. I remember it was the only ride I wanted to ride when I was little. There must be hundreds of children out there who feel the same way. Imagine they're disappointment if they were to show up one summer and their favorite ride was gone!!! SAVE THE TOAD!!!

Mr. Toad is my favorite Disney ride, and I was shocked when I stumbled upon this website informing me that it might shut down! Please keep me updated if at all possible. Thanks a bunch!
From: Amy Shanafelt <>

I don't want them to rip out Mr. Toad's Wild Ride!!
From: Gabrielle Esposito <>

I would like to get some free toad postcards to help save Mr. Toad!!!! It means alot to me to help save the Ride!!!! Thanks sooo much!!!
From: Karen Kelley <>

This has always been my favorite ride. Please let me know how to get the shirt.
From: Wayne Rogers <>

I am writing from Venezuela, my current lilly pad. I honestly am not much of a Disney fan, but that's just because I grew up almost inside the park in Anaheim, California. (in my "teens" my friends and I were routinely 86'd, but got to see many of the cool TUNNELS!) I do however, find it very disturbing that THEE BIG GUYS at D-Word, want to do away with one of my all time favorite rides! Almost a month ago, I was able to view the "Wind and the Willows" (Monty Python style), a most remarkable rendition. Anyway, blah blah blah, my life story and stuff. I NEED SOME SHIRTS!!!
From: Kyle Hart <>

I love Mr. Toad's Wild Ride.

All my friends love Disney and I think they would love to help save Mr. Toad's Wild Ride.

That's pretty cool that you would do this. Thanks.
From: Mike Drozdomi <>

Having experienced this wonderful ride several times over the years, I regret to hear of its impending doom. I have many friends and family members who feel the same.

Thank you very much, and good luck!
From: Faith Hampshire <>

My 84 year-old Yorkshireman father is the original *Mr. Toad* and has had the license plate to prove it (since 1975). An who would my mother be??? *Ms. Toad* of course! (although some confusion when they switched cars). It has caused much amusement amongst the denizens of Maine... Good luck with the cause!
From: Kimberly Faas <>

I recently wore my "Save Toad" shirt to school. You wouldn't believe how many people loved the shirt. Many people asked me about what was going on, and everyone said that they love Mr. Toad much more than that Pooh character!!!! I never knew there were so many Toad lovers out there. I'll continue to wear my shirt in pride!
From: Barbara Young <>

I totally agree with you. I, too, believe that Mr. Toad's Wild Ride is one of the greatest. I promise I will write some of the people on your list.

From: Melody Kramer <>

GO TOAD~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!
From: Jane Toney <>

I can't believe it. I love that ride.

I think you're doing a great job. I love reading about the Toad-ins. Wish I could be there....I live in Nebraska, but I'm from Florida.

GO TOAD......
From: Sarah Kaufman <>

Mr. Toad has always been one of my favorite rides (I've been on it at least 25 times, from age 8 to 30). They've already destroyed 20,000 Leagues, when will the madness end???

(And by the way, why don't they just plop Pooh where Leagues used to be???)

Mr. Toad is da bomb! Mr. Toad will live forever! I think, and it's my humble opinion, that Mr. Toad doesn't get enough credit. One more thing- They better not take it down, it's my favroite ride. So there. Pooh must die!
From: Richard Hart <>

My wife and I always enjoy a drive through Toad Hall, especially the slightly non-Disney eternal punishment awaiting Mr. Toad. For both of us though, it's not the ride but Steve Birnbaum's phrase "Wild in name only" that will live with us forever. Guess it comes from years (1983 to present) of reading (Steve) Birnbaum's Guide to Walt Disney World. I'll hate to see the first edition missing that 'to the point' description. Good luck with your crusade.
From: Robin Funkhouser <>

I've been on your listserv since around December and I am very impressed with the work you have been putting into this. Let me just begin with, I am a MAJOR Winnie-the Pooh fan, I have all the paraphernalia. At the same time, I have been to Disney World 5 times, all of them in elementary school, (I'm now in college). The one ride that stands out in my memory in Mr. Toad. I'm sorry, but that ride kicked ass. Me and my little brother would wait im line to ride it at least 5 times a day every time we were even near the vicinity. And I mean, he was little too, and it was not too scary for him, or else he wouldn't have thrown tantrums so he could ride it again. What I'm trying to say is that, as much as I love Winnie the Pooh, I still think Mr. Toad is a classic and should not be destroyed.
From: Bill Matson <>

Keep up the Toad Work.

I remember being terrified to ride Mr. Toad as a child. I think that may be part of the reason I like it so much now. I just think back to how good I felt the first time I got up the guts to go for it.
From: John A. Moran <>

SEMPER BUFO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
From: Christina Alligood <>

I am a diehard Disney fan (originally from St. Augustine) who will not sit idly by and let the toad be demolished.
From: Gary Bulen <>

Mr. Toad is an American institution.

Mr. Toad for President!
From: Dave Wisbon <>

I love that ride!!!!
From: Gloria Martinez <>

I love that ride, too!

It's the only one my mother will still ride!

Our family has a rich tradition of enjoyment of this fantastic ride. It was a special experience between me and my kids.
From: Nick Johnson <>

As a child I had 4 family vacations to Walt Disney World in Orlando. During each of these trips, all of the parks were visited, and many fantastic memories were produced. Last year, when attending Disney's Grad Night, I looked upon the park and many memories were produced. One of these that brought back fond memories was that of Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. Although not in any movies, or any characters around the parks, I still enjoyed the ride fully. I would like to receive some postcards if I could. I can easily find many concerned friends and family who want to stop the insane move on the part of Disney.
From: Chris Grigg <>

Thanks for your activism!!

All Hail Toad!

I grew up going to Disney World every other summer, and to take Mr. Toad away from the theme park is a disgrace.
From: Daniel Cunningham <>

Please don't kill Mr. Toad's Wild Ride for some Pooh ride. You can afford to build it in another place. You have the $$$$$$!

From: Mark P. Zundel-Waterson <>

Having just returned from Disneyland and learning of the news to possibly can one of Disney's truly classic rides, I found your site. Yours is a cause that is not only worthy, but valiant as well. Keep up the good work!


I'm all for you. Keep up the good work. HAIL TOAD!
From: Niko <>

What is this about Mr. Toad's Wild Ride???????

That ride kicks ass!!!!!!!!!!!
From: Talon <>

There is a place for a Winnie the Pooh ride. It should be in Frontierland near Country Bear Jamboree. They could create a Hundred Acre Forest complete with the homes of all the Pooh characters like a Tigger Bounce House. A family oriented ride in this area would help console the broken hearts of the little guys that cannot ride on nearby Splash Mountain. I can remember sitting with my grandparents while my folks to rode Splash Mountain. It was not a magical Disney moment.

It would cost money, but if Pooh is as popular as they say (and from what I have witnessed, he is) they would more than make back their investment for a Hundred Acre Woods area. It would preserve Toad Hall and give them a new mecca for the popular Pooh and friends. Mr. Toad's Wild Ride is a Disney Classic from Golden era of Walt himself, they CANNOT remove it from Disney World. There is plenty of room in Florida for Mr. Toad and Winnie the Pooh.

By the way, I'm the kid that thinks Pooh is planning a hostile take over of the Disney Company.
From: MarcAnthony Lujan <>

I know at least fifteen adults that love Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. We went about a month ago and that was one of the first rides that we went on. That ride brings to many memories and I would hate to discontinue a tradition. Yes, a tradition. When I was a kid myself my cousins took me on there and kind of scared me but at the same time made it fun and memorable. It's not like it's going to scare a kid or anything. And the truth of the matter you cannot please everyone a hundred percent.

My family and I go at least once a year and then I go once a year with my friends. And that ride is always on my list. My nieces love it also - because of things I have told them and explained to them. Please don't take away one of the reasons I go to Disneyland.

You will be hearing from other friends and co-workers. We have postcards at our company. And we work for a big time internet company. We are getting the word out.
From: Shawn Darby <>

From: Becky Dixon <>

It was almost 30 years ago that I first rode Mr. Toad's Wild Ride with my family. My youngest brother especially enjoyed it, and I can't remember how many times we returned, but it was definitely the highlight of our trip. Now we have come back with our own children, my brother and I, and I can't imagine a trip to Disney without sending those chickens flying!!!!!

Please save the toad!!! There has to be some room somewhere else for Pooh--I promise we'll visit the Hundred Acre Wood as well, but if there's no Mr. Toad....maybe we'll just go to Sea World, or Universal Studios, or Dollywood, or.........

Don't ruin the experience!!!
From: Meghan Tamayo <>

Please don't destroy Mr. Toad's Wild Ride!
From: Greg <>

Thanks for all your hard work!
From: Howard and Krista Munsell <>

Thanks for all your work. This is the only protest we have heard of for Mr. Toad's ride. I love the ride and will be very disappointed if the protest fails.
From: George Gaskin <>

I love that ride and I will help to save it.
From: Mark Wollenweber <>

I learned of the movement a couple of weeks ago when visiting Disney World where we go every year. It was very disturbing to hear that they plan to replace Mr. Toad. It is my favorite attraction at the Magic Kingdom.

Thanks for taking the time to keep this cause alive.
From: Brian Elwell <>

Mr. Toad is one of my favorites! They should get rid of the arcade near Space Mountain instead!
From: Steven Acevedo <>

Mr. Toad must be saved.

As much as I like the idea of a Winnie The Pooh attraction I definitely do not want to see replace Mister Toad's Wild Ride. I like it because it's one of the few attractions that I actively like to participate in.

I imagine I'm The Irresponsible Mr. Toad going on a joy ride. It's just plain silly and fun. Some people might think the ride is lame but I can think of a thousand things that are even lamer.

I've seen lots of institutions go down the tube in the name of "progress" and one more will make my heart break.
From: Andy Kessler <>

I can't believe they are closing Mr. Toad. It is in my opinion on of the best, if not THE best ride in Fantasy Land.

I will support this movement as much as I can.
From: Jennifer Williams <>

I go to Disney about 6 times a year and twice a year for a week. I love the Boardwalk and EVERYTHING About Disney. I plan trips for people for Disney and am not even a travel agent. Although Winnie the Pooh is my favorite character Toad should not have to suffer. You have a great homepage!

I want to save Mr. Toad's Wild Ride!
From: Mark A. Scott <>

Toad RULES!!!

I just found out about this travesty. Please keep me informed on the developments of this. I have loved the Wild Ride ever since I was a little boy. I still look forward to going on it whenever I am at The Magic Kingdom. This truly sucks the big one.

Mr. Toad's Wild Ride is positively one of the most enjoyable rides at Walt Disney World. I understand the demand for a Pooh attraction (as much as I hate the idea), but to take out one of the most beloved rides of all time is truely a crime. One of my favorite parts of going to WDW is waiting on that line and singing "Merrily on Our Way to Nowhere". To take that joy away from me and many others is just plain wrong.
From: Peggy Kesner <>

This cannot be true! My father and son ride that ride together everytime we visit either Disneyland or WDW!!

My son thinks that Winnie the Pooh is actually trying a hostile takeover attempt of the Disney Company -- THIS PROVES IT!

Please send me the postcards, I just hope I am not too late!!!!!
From: Alan J. Vorel <>

Save our fearless leader JTT!

I've been an avid fan of the little rascal eversince I first saw Ichabod & Mr. Toad eons ago! Unfortunately, JT has been low Toad on the Toadempole! You might say he's the Rodney Dangefield of Toadom -- no respect from the Disney bunch!!!
From: Stanley J. Kochan <>

I was just in the Magic Kingdom and I loved that ride. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DON'T GET RID OF THE RIDE!
From: Josh Edwards <>

Thanks for the excellent web pages! I love Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, and totally despise Pooh, so I'll be glad to link your page up on mine, and tell all of my friends and family members to visit the page and help save Toad!

Keep up the fight!
From: John <>

Ode to Mr. Toad

Dear, beloved Mr. Toad,
You carry such a heavy load,
Round many a corner and winding road,
Though you take us to Hell,
We all think you're swell,
And if from us you go,
We thinks it would smell.

Lovingly written by the father of a Mr. Toad's Wild Ride obsessed 4 year old.
From: Becky Peters <>

Of course I would love to save Mr. Toad. That has been my favorite ride ever since I first went to Disney World over 15 years ago!!!
From: Richard Riffle <>

What a noble cause!!!

My friends and neighbors want to help the cause. It would be a crime for my children and grandchildren not to see Toad Hall.
From: Sherry Rauseo <>

I am completely p!%#*d off about the plan to close Toad Hall so that the Disney people can shove Winnie the Pooh down our throats a little farther. I have visited the Magic Kingdom over 20 times and have ridden Mr. Toad's Wild Ride every time. It has always been one of my favorite rides, in fact my whole family loves it, even my Dad who says he's anti-Disney but is a true fanatic at heart (after all, he's been 20 times). I think the Toad-Ins you've been doing are totally right-on, and I love reading the reports and seeing how the Disney people are handling you vigilantes.
From: Bond Benton <>

Disney World represents the closest conception of heaven that mortals have attained on earth. That being said, "Da Mouse's" current trend of selling out the classics for the flavor-of-the-week is nothing less than revolting. A number of visionary rides have axed (i.e. 20K Leagues, Tiki Room) and more have been put on the chopping block (i.e. Journey into Imagination, Country Bear Jamboree). When I read that the wild Mr. Toad could be demolished in favor of a sanitized and homogenized Pooh ride, I was appalled. What's next? Can a 75' drop and loop on It's a Small World be that far away?
From: Caroline Keller <>

Save Mr. Toad!

That ride is on the same par as Dumbo and It's a Small World as Disneyland classics.
From: Andreas Beer <>

Thanks for your work for Mr. Toad!
From: Mike Durler <>

Even though I'm on the West Coast, there are several Disneyphiles here which feel the same way as you guys do on your side of the country.
From: Gena D. Bowlby <>

I am a huge fan of Disneyland and a huger fan of Mr Toad!!

Long live the Toad!!
From: Jen <>

My own little quest is to keep Pooh from taking over the Disney Company. He and Mickey are gonna have to have a show-down.
From: Thomas and Kimberly Friend <>

I think they should keep all their attractions.

Save Mr. Toad.

From: Anne Strauss-Wieder <>

Mr. Toad's Wild Ride is perhaps the one ride that my kids' associate with WDW. More than Pirates of the Carribean or spinning cups or even Alien Encounter, Mr. Toad's ride is the one they remember most and cherish. Going back to WDW is also about reliving great childhood memories -- Don't take this one away from my kids.
From: Casey <>

I want to help save Mr. T.
From: Jacques Haba <>

NOOOO!!!! This can't be true! The Toad Ride is a classic. Disney would be making a big mistake in getting rid of such an enjoyable ride. I have memories of when I was a kid of riding straight for a train and then abuptly turning to end up in surrounded by demon like little weasles. Oh man, it was so exciting!

Replacing Mr. Toad's Wild Ride would be devastating. Many people share the same memories as I. It would be unfair to those millions of people who plan to return to one of the many Disney theme parks only to find that Mr. Toad's Wild Ride has been replaced!

Please DON'T proceed with any changes! Mr. Toad's Wild Ride is a classic, exciting, funfilled ride that Disney can't afford to lose!
From: Kim Farrar <>

I can not bear to observe this amphibian/mammal battle. Disney has brought together peoples and their language, customs and culture. There should be room for both creatures of the earth. Why not bears and toads? Why not "Through the Hundred Acre Wood with Mr. Toad at the Wheel?" or... "Mr. Toad Wheels Through the Woods" or... Guess how many trees Mr. Toad will leave standing in Pooh's Woods..."

I know you will think of something to solve this problem with creativity and sensitivity.

I don't want to have to say, "Hey Mister! I toad you so! Pooh on you!"
From: Lynn Wolf <>

Save Mr. Toad's Wild Ride!

Save my favorite ride.........Yes I'm 50 years old.
From: Kami Turrou <>

There is something to be said for the simple things in life. True, the attraction my not use the most up to date technology but that shouldn't lessen its value. Being simple is not a justified reason for elimination. I love the toad.
From: Kathy MowgliKat Gioja <>

My boyfriend and I happen to be big fans of Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, (Even though neither of us has seen the movie that it is from) and were distressed to think that they would remove Hell and the Train and the Weasels for POOH! (That's a bunch of Pooh if I ever heard it.)

I first rode Mr Toad's Wild Ride back in 1971. I have been back 5 times since then and have always made it a point to ride this ride!!!! This ride is a part of my childhood and now my kids ride it. Keep it happening!!!
From: John Benham <>

Mr. Toad's Wild Ride has given so many families and individuals vivid memories of how much fun Disney can really be. Not only does it help people remember the charming story of Mr. Toad and The Wind in the Willows, but it helps introduce kids into the thrills of Disney's more emotional and physical rides. In addition, Mr. Toad's Wild Ride is a very rare form of dark ride and can really be worthy of dignified recognition in the future. To sum it up...ARE THEY CRAZY? DON'T THEY ENJOY CAREENING INTO "NOWHERE IN PARTICULAR?"...


After sending previous comments, I browsed through the entirety of everyone else's and knew I had more to say:

Mr. Toad is the epitome of what people are looking for in stress-relief. Going to Hell has never been more fun or so widely accepted. The last time I heard somebody got hit by a train in reality, they died. This is the imaginary, magical world with which everybody wants to collide.

And giving half of the existing space to Pooh, just won't do. Will we now enter the Town Square and be forced to wave at people in Hunny pots?

The songs, awe-inspiring visions, and emotional thrills are what Disney is all about, and that should never change.

What are you thinking, Mr. Eisner? Eisney's on it's way out if you continue to build Animal Kingdoms instead of saving the one an only Magic one. $500 a night hotels aren't going to help much either. (And, believe me, I'm sure we could all go on for hours about that...)

Screw new rides and remake old ones. Give Horizons and Spaceship Earth a new track with new vehicles or something. Believe me, you'll never lose your billion dollar audience if you maintain your classic rides. (I rode Horizons 8 times the last time I was visiting in the Spring of '97 because I knew I'd never get to see the Omnishere again, and never again get to choose my own ending.)

Hey, everybody, we better do something fast, if the removal of Mr. Toad's Wild Ride is getting this many people upset, imagine what will happen when Space Mountain gets redone in two years. Yup. Just a rumor I've heard, that's all...
From: MB <>

I think it is very wrong to take out Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. I have enjoyed the ride ever since I was a child, and now being a parent enjoy riding it with my boys. I think Disney should consider putting their new "Pooh" idea where the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea used to be. The Co. said they were refurbishing but I found out that they have no plans of that. That space is being used for character autograph signing and they could utilize that for the future ride.
From: Cindy A. Walker <>

My favorite memory of Toad Hall is when my 3 yr old niece and brother in law got trapped in "Hell" for 20 minutes. My crew and I were the last car to make it out. The poor child was totally traumatized, but Disney gave our whole group a "head of the line pass", so we totally took advantage of it...right to Dumbo!! We laugh about it now, but poor Nora still can't stand to go near Mr. Toad. Maybe it wouldnt be so bad if they turned off the music.. "We're merily, merrily, merrily on our way to nowhere in particular! A great ride.
From: JMT <>

An American institution is in danger!

Long live the Toad!
From: Jonathan Rivera <>

Save Toad's ride.

I first went to Disney World in 1972 when it was just opened. I will never forget that trip when I discovered Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. I was only three then, but have returned to Disney World at least a dozen times. Every time I go to Disney World, I head not for Space Mountain or The Pirates of The Carribean, but directly to Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. I don't think that Disney World would be the same without this great ride! I don't think that it would be fair to deny anyone who has not been to Disney World the joy of this great ride.
From: Sean Rivard <>

"Mr. Toad's Wild Ride" is a great ride. I have two children 6 and 7, they both said "The Snow White Ride" was much scarier than Mr. Toad. In fact, my daughter, 6 yrs. would not even ride the Snow White ride! SAVE MR. TOAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!
From: Matthew Vander Plow <>

Fellow Followers of the Toad,

I too am appalled at the thought of the closing of "Mr. Toad's Wild Ride". Here is my memory of that ride:

Our family was a military family stationed in Orlando from 1979-Late 1980. We lived near the Magic Kingdom (Less than 6 or 7 miles away), but only visited it once in October 1979. My sister wanted to go on the Dumbo ride so badly, but had to go to the bathroom (she was 4, I was 6), my father offered to take her and away they went. Mom dragged me to the Dumbo ride and we got on. She kept her hand on the lever to keep Dumbo from flying up, so there we were flying low as the other kids were flying high and having a good time. Anyhoo, when we got off the ride, my sister ran up and told me that my father, the man I share my name with, took her on Mr. Toad and let her drive! I was so angry, but my father promised he would take me on it also. We went through the entire park in one day and never went back. The memories of the Magic Kingdom and of Dumbo and Mr. Toad, still haunts me.

Well the ending of the story will commence on October 3, 1998. Until I found the website and read of the fate waiting for Mr. Toad. Finally, after almost 20 years, I thought the promise would finally come to pass and I would be among the ranks who have experienced Mr. Toad. It may seem like a little "kiddie" ride, but to me it will be a pinnacle of my vacation, so I can say, "I have ridden Mr. Toad, have you?"

There are a lot of "Toad" supporters here that would not like to see Mr. Toad go away!

Save the Toad!!!
From: Linette Young <>

He's the coolest ride in d-land!

Save Mr. Toad!
From: Mike Cullinan <>

I love MTWR and would be happy to send WDW exec's my message!

Thank you & keep up the great work!
From: The Marc Davis Collectors Society <>

The Marc Davis Collector's Society supports your effort! We would love to become involved with the movement, and THANK YOU for all that you are doing to SAVE MR. TOAD!
From: Sara Payne <>

Thank you for all the hard work you are doing to save this classic Disney attraction. It is amazing how far a grass roots project can go when people believe.

Long live Toad!
Janet King <>

I grew up in south Florida and visited Disney World at least once a year from the time the park opened (I was 2 years old) until I moved to Texas a few years ago. The Mr. Toad experience is one of my earliest memories. I thought it was the scariest and most exciting ride in Fantasyland - I always had to cover my eyes when that train came down the tracks! Last year I visted the Magic Kingdom with my husband. It was his first trip to Disney World and Mr. Toad was one of the first rides we visited. I was so happy I could share that part of my childhood with him. Please don't diminish the Magic Kingdom by removing Mr. Toad! I'm sure there is plenty of room for both Mr. Toad and a Winnie the Pooh ride.
From: Kelly Cates <>

This was the only ride I was not afraid of as a child.
From: Todd Jacob <>

Keep the lights on in Toad Hall.
From: Laurie M. Chin <>

I want to save the Toad. Thanks for the post cards and the site.
From: Cathy Bauer <>

In Walt's own words, "we have enough space here for all of our ideas", therefore it would seem to me there is space for both Mr. Toad and Winnie the Pooh and whomever else you would like to commemorate with an attraction.

Please keep the Toad.
From: Denise Travers <>


I can't believe that they are even considering getting rid of Mr. Toad. I am sorry that I didn't join the fight sooner.
From: Thomas McKenna <>

We're big fans of the toad and won't let them shut him down without a fight.
From: Nicole Dehaven <>

I was just there this summer for the fourth time in my life. Mr. Toad's Wild Ride I insisted we had to ride. It brought back childhood memories.

Save the ride.
From: Amy Dobek <>

Disney World is simply my favorite place on earth, and I love being there more than anywhere else (if I could move into the Castle I would!!) but something disturbing has come to light through my internet travels. I have heard that Disney World is planning to eliminate Mr. Toad's Wild Ride (both sides) to make way for a new attraction. I came to know this lovably maniacal little creature through Graham's novel and would be very sad to see the ride go. I think it's wonderful that you are planning more park attractions, but please don't rip out existing ones to do it. Toadie, Rat, Mole, and their friends are a delightful part of Disney and should not be brushed aside for new and innovative rides. They can exist quite nicely together.

Toad Hall Forever!
From: Ed Jepson <>

Save the Toad!
From: Hal Leonard <>

I was shocked and dismayed when I heard Mr.Toad's Wild Ride was facing extinction at the hands of that no good pooh bear who only gets stuck in rabbit holes and honeypots anyways. Come on, EVERYONE wants Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. And Pooh, dear friend, find a rabbit hole to overtake instead of Toad Hall. It doesn't fit you, anyways.

I'm clear from the other side of the country and I'm not at all happy. I don't get there very often, but when I do, I expect, no DEMAND that MTWR be there. It is so important to keep something that has become a staple of WDW and presents itself in popular culture (ie. Mallrats). To get rid of such a popular ride would be a travesty, not to mention a huge PR problem.
From: Sid Farcy <>

I would hate to lose J. Thaddeus - although my kids are now 14 and 18, we still make a bee line for Fantasyland whenever we hit WDW or Disneyland. There are great memories in those rides, dated though they may be. One of the great benefits of a ride like MT'sWR is that it is "pretend scary." That is, it is a great introduction to scary rides for young children because while it has scary elements, it's cheesiness makes it plain that it isn't real. We all still whoop in mock terror when the train comes at us. On the other hand, I am not one who wants to go to war with Pooh. The silly old bear has his own endearing charm and there is ample room for both rides at WDW. I see no reason why Pooh couldn't find a home elsewhere in the MK.

Keep up the great work.
From: Casper ;) <>

I love Mr. Toad's.
From: Trisha Morgan <>

I teach second grade in Gridley, CA and would love to share Mr. Toad with my twenty students. We will be attending a play of "The Wind in the Willows" next week. This will be most of my students' first theatrical experience; some have never left the town of Gridley.
From: Madeline Spenillo <>

I LOVE THIS RIDE!!!! I WILL NOT LET THEM TAKE THIS RIDE. When I go to Disney, I must ride through both sides of the ride.

I'm a 18 year old Disney fanatic. I have seen all Disney movies and my very favorite of all is The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad. Specially the Mr. Toad section of the movie is fun and crazy. Therefore, my favorite attraction in the Magic Kingdom is MTWR. It captures all the fun and crazyness of the movie. I'm a true Mr. Toad fan. So please Disney, save Toad Hall, SAVE MR. TOAD!!!!
From: Tabitha <>

Poor little green guy never did nothing to no one....

I am in full support of your cause!!
From: M.B. Godfrey <>

We firmly believe this would be a large mistake.

Save Toad.
From: David & Anita Forster <>

Don't squash Mr. Toad!!

That was one of the first rides I experienced during my first visit in 1973.

I have always gone back to that ride over and over on all my visits. It is too classic to remove. Hey they did the same thing to the Mickey Mouse Review! Where else could you see all the Disney characters come to life in one place....oops I'm getting off the subject.

Anyway Disney has more than enough money and space to leave that attraction alone and build a new ride for Winnie...I never did get into the bear. Sorry.

LEAVE IT ALONE and see it Stoned!
From: Carlin <>

Save the toad!

This is really important to me!!
From: Nancy Miller <>


From: Angie Robertson <>

I am so glad that you are working towards this cause. Mr. Toad's Wild Ride is my favorite part of Disney World and I would hate to see it go.
From: Joe Olenik <>

Mr. Toad's Wild Ride is one of the most imaginative rides in Disney World. Not only that, but it's certainly a classic, since it's enjoyable for a lot of people who are otherwise unfamiliar with the Mr. Toad character.

I agree with the earlier comment that if space is at a premium, let them recycle some of the Epcot commercials/"attractions."

Long live Mr. Toad and his Wild Ride!
From: Jeremy Bridges <>

I love this cause. We must all band together to help save our natural resources as well as beloved Disney rides.
From: Dennis Preston <>

A bunch of us here in Anaheim, CA are with you all the way. I hope they dont have the same idea for our Toad.
From: Ross and Matt <>

From: Michael Kelleher <>

I think there is plenty of room to add a Pooh and Little Mermaid ride. No need to take anything out. However Toad could use enhancements I think, it does seem kind of old by today's standard, even though it is the only ride I like in Fantasyland. Notice no one cares about Take Flight being replaced! Wonder if anyone has any fond memories of that?
From: Anonymous <address withheld by request>

Even though I'm a teenager and don't really go for Peter Pan like rides anymore ... save Mr. Toad's Wild Ride!!!!!!!
From: Art Smith <>

Please save Mr. Toad's Wild Ride.
From: Daniel F. Keaveny III <>

I have only experienced the west coast incarnation of Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, but I think the WDW ride should be saved. I was really shocked when I first heard about this. I thought it was the ride my children and I (and one grandchild) have enjoyed so much. I was very relieved when it turned out to be the "east coast" version, but that's not fair to the people who rely on the proximity of that site. I am now a little alarmed at the thought of ever-growing throngs of frantic fans descending on our "hometown" Mr. Toad.
From: Elizabeth Knapp <>

Save Mr. Toad's Wild Ride.

I'm a Disney fan. 38 with three children and I still haven't made it to Disney World. My children and I don't want to miss this ride.
From: Paul <>

Count me in to try to help in the Saving of Toad Hall. Mr. Toad's Wild Ride is a classic, and I feel tearing it down is a big mistake. It ranks right up there with catering to the nonsense regarding the Pirates of the Caribbean being "politically incorrect."

I agree that there is plenty of room in Fantasy Land for another ride. If they want to tear something down, they can start with some of the EPCOT attractions (talk about out dated, have you been to the Journey Into the Imagination? That ride screams 1982)
From: Heather Highman <>


From: Joseph Castonguay <>

Save Mr. Toad's Wild Ride.

I love that ride.
From: Angelo Marzella <>

Long live Mr. Toad!!!!
From: Ange <>

Mr. Toad's Wild Ride has always been my favorite and I want to be able to see it there for my children.
From: Susan Fannick <>

I believe this Disney World landmark must be saved -- and I know several of my friends and family members will feel the same way when I let them know of this impending crisis.

Thanks, and keep up this most important work. Mr. Toad must be saved!

I would be all for saving Mr. Toad ONLY if Disney were willing to upgrade the ride at least to the standard of the one at Disneyland. The ride in its present form at WDW is in bad need of refurbishment. But then-ALL of Fantasyland at WDW could use a facelift.

I think that your observations about "moving product" with Pooh ride are probably correct.
From: Staci Dyer <>

I love this ride and I'd hate to see it be forgotten.
From: Maggie Duff <>

My vacation in August will just not be the same if there is not Mr. Toad!

Long live the Toad!
From: Kelly Nagle <>

I was heartbroken when I heard that it might close. I'd be willing to write letters to those in charge at Disney if you would be kind enough to send me the addresses.

Keep up the good work!
From: Jason Anderson <>

I just want to say I think what you're doing is right on!! I'm in CA and I'll tell you that there is no greater joy than weekend adventures in the mouse house of Anaheim!!!!! I too am tired of this mindless expansion of what used to be Disney Paradise (I mean hell we don't even have our Skyway anymore), not to mention our late friend Mr. Electric Parade. I have never been to WDW, but when I do make it there some day I will ride Mr. Toad's Wild Ride and have you to thank.
From: Reniel Domingo <>

In my recent trip to Disney I also noted that the Submarine ride was also being closed. I still remember when I was a kid going on that ride. I just wish that I would had the opportunity to share that ride with my kids. But I guess I won't. Just like Mr. Toad.

I am reasonably sure that Disney does not pay attention to what the paying customers want-I have been every year for the past twelve years, and they haven't asked my opinion yet!!! Nevertheless, I am compelled to add my tiny voice to the growing hue and cry-KEEP TOAD ALIVE! He is an American tradition, a man's man, and my kids' all-time favorite attraction. Just like the Grand Prix Raceway, it is an attraction where they feel like they are in command, and that really appeals to the little ones. So, deep six the foreign intruder, relegate the Poohbear to another of your 26000 remaining acres, and quit messing with my kids' childhood.

Long live Toad Hall!!
From: Tammy Skinner <>

Save Toad's Wild Ride!!
From: Don Ciccone <>

Like most of you I have nothing against a Pooh dark ride but certainly not at the expense of "Mr. Toad's Wild Ride" which is my favorite ride in Fantasyland. Why not leave Toad alone (or better yet renovate the front and make it look like Toad Hall at Disneyland) and just build an entirely new land for Pooh and all his friends: The 100 Acre Wood. This could possibly be built beyond the berm behind Fantasyland just like Toontown. Think of all the room they'd have for other Pooh attractions like "Tigger's Bounce House" which could be patterned after Goofy's Bounce House in Toontown. And there would be room for a few Pooh shops too so that the potential for making money would be much better. And of course you could have the characters exclusive to the Pooh stories roam around the land or have a "meet Pooh" attraction like they do in Mickey's Starland or whatever that ridiculous area is called these days. I'm sure Pooh and Piglet and Rabbit and Roo would all much rather have their own big space than have to evict poor Toad -- a fellow Brit as a matter of fact!!
From: Chris Plasencia <>

This is a worthy cause, and we must get Disney to come to its senses about this American institution.
From: Ryan O'Donnell <>

My name is Ryan O'Donnell and I am 18 years old, and from Illinois. I have been to Walt Disney World four times in my life. Each time I go I love to ride Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. I am with you in protesting the new Winnie the Pooh idea. I hope something can be done so maybe my kids will also get the chance to ride Mr. Toad's Wild Ride like I was so fortunate to do. Save the toad!
From: Neil Hendelman <>

I'd like to give those knuckleheads at Disney a piece of my mind. They ought to be ashamed of themselves. They might as well get rid of the Haunted House while they're at it.
From: Tim McKenny <>

"Team Toad" has been a lively topic for debate and discussion here in our shop, and we have enjoyed surfing your website.

Many of my friends are "Winnie-The-Pooh" fans, and cannot understand why I'm opposing the destruction of MT'sWR for a "Pooh" ride. I have tried to explain that I do not oppose a Pooh ride; I simply do not support the removal of MT'sWR. It's a classic "dark ride", and frankly, we need more of them.
From: Joshua Present <>

I ran upon your website and was very disturbed with the fact Mr. Toad's Wild Ride could be closed and turned into a stupid pooh bear ride!!! I am 15yrs old and I live in Orlando, FL and am in the ninth grade at Dr Phillips High, there are about 5000 students in attendence there and I am sure they would all be very outraged if they found out about Disney's evil plot!

I wanna help in any way I can! Just thought I would let you know Mr. Toad's Wild Ride was the ride I first went on according to my parents when they took me there when I was 1 and a half years old! I have lived in Orlando all my 15yrs and have a premium annual pass and am a member of the TDC club for the newsgroup rec.arts.disney.parks newsgroup where I read about your fight for this very good cause!!
From: Summer Burton <>

Hey thanks for a great web site for an important cause!
From: Suzanne Lanoue <>

I found your site in the March Issue of Yahoo! Internet Life that just came in the mail.

I don't live in California anymore but we visit periodically and Mr. Toad is my husband's favorite ride!
From: John Brand <>

We were dismayed to hear they may close Mr. Toad!
From: Joseph D. Mazzafro <>

I have been to the Magic Kingdom in Florida every year for the last 24 years and Mr. Toad is always a ride I loved. The line is longer than Space Mountain so somebody must still enjoy it besides me. To close it would be like destroying a piece of Disney history.
From: Steven Wilkerson <>

I want to save Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. I ride this ride several times every visit to Disneyworld. As I near fifty, I can still recall the joy as a child that I had watching the cartoon story of Mr. Toad and his automobile. Save Mr. Toad's Wild Ride.
From: Todd Sokolove <>

GREAT site! I was a cast member in Spring of 1993, but I live in New York City now, so I'll have to be at the Toad-In in spirit. I fully support your cause and would like to buy a shirt.

From: Kim <>

I had no idea that this was happening! I was just reading up on some DisneyLand news letters and I saw something that said "SAVE MR.TOAD" so I clicked on this. I am SHOCKED! I would absolutely LOVE to meet with you guys at WDW on March 1st. But I have no money and since I live in Southern California, my parents would never take me there. (I am only 14-turning 15 in June.) As soon as I have the $ I am going to but a t-shirt- I think the logo on the back "ASK ME WHY MICKEY IS KILLING MR.TOAD" is the BEST!

Love Always A Mr. TOAD fan from the BEGINING!
From: Dana Marshall <>

Best of luck. Weasels forever.
From: Maria <>

I would like you to know that I was completely devastated when I opened the Disney website only to find (to my horror) that Mr. Toad's Wild Ride might be replaced. Although I cannot be present at the next meeting of Team Toad physically, I want you to know that I will be there spiritually and you have my full support!! Keep me posted, and if you can and will, put me on the list as a member of Team Toad!! Winnie the Pooh can find another acre of woods to steal!! Save the Toads and keep up the good work!!
From: Kristin Butler <>

It would be a travesty if they closed M.T. Wild Ride, it is a Disney landmark!!!
From: S. Brazinsky <>

We have to save. Mr Toad and friends!

My nieces and I would be happy to join in. There are four of us.
From: Lindsey R. Clarke <>

...maybe we'll save Mr. Toad and his wild ride and poo on Pooh. Good luck in the campaign.
From: Andy Hill <>

With the loss of Toad, life will never be the same. This is the ride that makes the Walt Disney World that special place. I am very saddened by such a great loss.

I just got back from a trip to WDW Jan 19-23. It was my family's first trip. Funny, before I went I couldn't understand what all the "Save Mr. Toad" hoopla was about. Although I loved the book Wind in the Willows, I never cared for the Disney movie that much.

But now I'm converted! Mr. Toad is a fantastic, hilarious ride! My three-year-old loved it, though he has not seen the movie. We rode Mr. Toad four times.

We loved the way the cars seem to crash into each other, Mr. Toad's library, and the cute little hell-demons at the end of the ride.

Save Mr. Toad! Save Mr. Toad! Save Mr. Toad!

That cartoon is the whole reason that I love toads and frogs. From the very first day that I saw it I fell in love with toads. I even went to England to visit Kenneth Graham's grave. I also have 4 toads! Please let me know how I can get a shirt.
From: The Kelemens <>

I am visiting WDW in one week (unfortunately my visit does not correspond with your next Toad-In). I must admit, I considered checking out Mr. Toad again before I cast my vote since it's been 10 years since I visited WDW. However, when I saw the suggestion that MTWR could be saved if WDW sacrificed 20,000 Leagues, I was hooked. That has to be the most lame ride ever; I vividly remember being able to see the lines that held the fish in place, etc. Were we supposed to believe we were actually submerged? After standing in line, watching the submarines putz around that pond on their clearly visible tracks? Come on. I have taken my own unscientific poll among friends and coworkers, and they agree that 20,000 Leagues bites. And it's probably expensive to run, with all that water.

Plus, that Mr. Toad is so sassy and dapper in his little suit.

I plan to ask every Disney staffer I can (picture me with a concerned tone and furrowed brow) about the plan to close Mr. Toad. Then I will gesture towards 20, 000 Leagues and say, "but couldn't you just close 20,000 Leagues instead?"

Keep the faith.
From: CeeCe <>

I've visited DW since I was 3, and EVERY SINGLE YEAR I've been on that ride. I hoped one day maybe my kids would get to ride it too, but thanks to Disney screwing it up, by some Pooh "Craze", I think they're ruining a classic.
From: Greg Bevier <>

At the age of 6 I made my first trip to Disney. One of my few memories from that day is heading down a dark tunnel in Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, hearing a train whistle and being scared out of my mind as single white light passed over my head. AND I LOVED IT!

Since Disney scrapped another of my favorite rides, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and took the charm out of Tomorrowland by giving it a facelift I am outraged to learn that they now feel they must remove one of the clear favorites among Disney visitors. SAVE MR. TOAD'S WILD RIDE!!! What's next? The Haunted Mansion replaced by a Duck Tales ride?
From: Mary Reibrich <>

"Mr. Toad's Wild Ride" is the only ride in Disney World that I will never forget. Once again I will refer back to my Aunt Beverley that was screaming about the train to my mother. If you close this ride you will not only be closing a piece of history, but you will also be closing a piece of my heart.
From: J. Stoeber <>

We took the kids three times and they loved the ride. They are older now and would want to take their kids when they get bigger.
From: Jennifer Gilbert <>

That is one of the best rides there---let them get rid of Snow White's Adventures if they need a Pooh ride so badly!! :)
From: Marlene Hancock <>

My first time at Disneyland was a 40th birthday present from my husband. Mr. Toad's Wild Ride was my first ride in Disneyland. In my subsequent four visits, it is ALWAYS my first ride.

This is a classic story, such as the Pooh series. I agree with the comments concerning commercialization of the Wind in the Willows characters. I searched all the stores in the Magic Kingdom for books or characters and found none.

Please do not destroy this classic ride. If you want to get to discontinue something, get rid of those stupid, out of date, moronic birds in the Tiki Hut!
From: Richard Reibrich <rreibric@wvu.edua>

Maybe they should thaw out old Walt and see what he thinks. I think he would be none to happy.
From: Pamela Darrah <>

My husband and I ride Toad every trip to WDW - sometimes 2 or 3 times per trip! In the last year this was 4 visits (which since we live in Illinois is quite a few!!). On the last visit in December we heard about the "plan" to replace Mr. Toad with Pooh and were very disappointed. As we were walking thought the park, we stopped to look at the former 20000 Leagues lagoon and wondered why they couldn't put a Pooh ride there. It could even be a water ride- maybe based on the Blustery Day story. There could be floating honey pots to ride in and they could add islands with all the various characters' homes. Pooh is supposed to be for very young children, happy, non-threatening, etc. - so it might be enough to just have the homes with the characters there (maybe audioanimatronic or not) and a happy song as riders float through. (Sort of a la Storybook garden in Disneyland - not much action but people still like it.)
From: A. Braddoh <>

I just returned from WDW last Saturday and I wanted to let you know that the Toad was one of my kids (8 and 5) favorite rides. They must have ridden it at least six times. I lost count. The last day we were there I let them each pick one ride we would make sure not to miss and one of them chose Mr. Toad. After the last time we rode it I told them that some people had the idea that a Pooh ride should take the place of Mr. Toad. They were heartbroken! They just didn't understand it.

Keep up the fight!

Long live Toad!!!
From: Cecelia <>

I love Disney World. I've only been there twice but both times I rode Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. Why? Not just because it is a cool ride, but because my father read the story of Mr. Toad to me when I was young. Mr. Toad is part of my history. He's a pretty cool toad, please keep him at Disney World.
From: Mark Henkel <>

My wife is so fearful that she will never see Mr. Toad again that I am taking her to Disney World this summer just to ride MTWR--both sides. If those heartless execs. close it down before she gets there, I don't think any amount of therapy will make her normal again. She will be the one weeping outside the new Pooh ride.

I am going to go broke if I have to take her to Florida every time Eisner threatens to close down one of her childhood memories. Please spare Mr. Toad.
From: Kelly A. Hunt <>

My brother, Pat Hunt, relayed our family's story. We all have fond memories of Mr. Toad's Wild Ride which stem back to my Aunt Bev's antics. The poor woman REALLY believed a train was coming at her. My mother, standing outside of the ride (too frightened to ride it herself) could hear good ole' Aunt Bev screaming, "Dottie! Dottie! How did that train get in here?!? AAAAIEEEEEE!" Of course, this is the same woman who was holding on for dear life in the airport shuttle on the way over to Disney World. Anyway, me and my seven cousins and six aunts and uncles would be absolutely devastated if Disney shut down Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. STOP THE MADNESS!
From: Suzanne F. Reibrich <>

Please save this ride. I have some very fond memories that just wouldn't be the same if Disney closed this ride.
From: Dan Barron <>

I have visited Dworld over 14 times since 1976--and I don't live that close--but each time--Mr. Toad is a must ride--Please don't take it away.
From: Pat Hunt <>

I will never forget the time my entire family went on 'The Ride,' and my Aunt Bev was screaming to my Aunt Dottie. She was so scared and confused as to how the train got into the ride. She thought they took a wrong turn, and wound up in a train tunnel. It was so funny, and you could hear her screaming outside. This happened in 1983, and we still talk about it at family get togethers.
From: Anita P. Davis <>

My relationship with Mr. Toad goes way back!! I remember going to the theatre to see the original Disney version as a double-feature with Ichabod!! Then I remember the Sunday night Wonderful World of Disney reruns.

I visited the New York World's Fair and saw the exhibit in the 1960's!

When my son came along in the early 1970's we visited Disney World together.

It was the first ride he ever rode by himself. We remember seeing him turning the wheel in the car behind us and trying to avoid the train.

Now he is an attorney and loves to laugh about the ride--the wildest one he remembers from those days!

You are not taking down a ride--you are removing history!

I purchased the video of Mr. Toad and have it in my collection.

Winnie is not in the same category! HAVE BOTH RIDES!! SAVE MR. TOAD!!

Mr. Toad's Wild Ride was one of the first rides my son and I enjoyed on our trip to Disney World the year it opened. On our eight trips back we rode again for remembrance.

Please, SAVE this historic landmark!

Mr. Toad's Wild Ride is fun for kids of all ages. Please save it!
From: Racer X <>

I have such fond memories of Mr. Toad's Wild Ride from my youth. Keep up the hard work.
From: Stephen Bristow <>

I am a cast member working in the Magic Kingdom. I have a very simple solution to all our worries.

Put the Pooh ride where 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea now sits, empty and abandoned. 20,000 hasn't been in operation for at least 3 years, if not more.

Put Pooh there and spare Mr. Toad!
From: Mike <>

I can't believe that Disney would do something stupid like removing Mr. Toad. Where else would I go for my daily dose of going to hell? Though I live in California, and have an annual pass to Disneyland, if the people at Disney can remove the Toad in Florida, they can do it in California. Not that I hate PoohBear or anything, but something as priceless as Mr. Toad, and a moralistic story (if you look past the he-got-what-he-deserved undertones) is way more important than a damn search for "hunny"!! Do the head honchos think that those of us with adult mentalities (and are adults) can cope with trite dark rides like their proposal? There are plenty other dark rides, parades, and what-not for the tykes to enjoy. Why take out a ride that appeals to both children and parent/adult? Hopefully, Mr. Toad won't go the way of "Adventure Thru Inner Space" and "America Sings" (out here) or "Horizons" and "Take Flight".
From: Roger Katzenberg <>

MTWR is the best ride in Fantasyland. It has always been a favorite of mine, and has been a big hit with my 4 year old in his three trips there. Of all of the rides he has been on, it is the one that he thinks of first and talks about the most. Save the Toad!
From: Larissa <>

I love Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. As far as I am concerned it should be far superior to Winnie the Pooh. I have read so much about how Disney hasn't even used up half of their land yet. So what is up with this??? Hmm.....haven't used up half of their land...umm....anyone making the connection here???....PUT IT SOMEWHERE ELSE DISNEY!!! Not to shout or anything but with all this land they have, are they sure they can't find anywhere else for one little Pooh ride?? If Mr. Toad's Wild Ride is gone the next time I go there, I will be really angry. I mean they took 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea away before I even got to go there, 3 years ago, and think of the disappointment that brought. Even though I heard it wasn't very good, I still wanted to go on it. I think this is really sad and will upset many people, they look at it as just a ride, we look at it as a part of our childhood, our imagination.
From: Kimberly Dowd-Turberville <>

I've loved the Toad ride (both sides!) since I was a child (I'm 25 now). I don't think it's scary in the least bit. If they want to build a Pooh ride, let them physically build one elsewhere. It's bad enough that Pooh now occupies 3/4 of my local Disney store, but him taking Toad's place is insane!

First weasels and now corporate exec's how much more does that poor Toad have to put up with, not to mention the mole, pesky rat, and that bore of a badger all out to spoil Toad's fun.

I am not a huge fan of the ride but I do wish Disney would stop removing the rides people come to WDW to see, First they remove 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and now this.

I think Disney should do both, I have a five year old son who loves Winnie the Pooh and I wouldn't mind seeing that as a ride, but not at the expense of another ride. Disney should invest some money to add a few audio-animatronic characters to the ride, then I feel there would be a lot more people riding and loving it.

And why just a ride based off of Pooh? There are alot of really excellent Classics to base movies off of why not have a ride for each, after all, all Disney Classics earned the right to be in the spot light.
From: Ron Hendershot II <>

All I can say is who is next Peter Pan?

The Wild Ride was a first stop for many that I know.
From: S. Guttag <>

SAVE THE TOAD (tiz still one of my favorite rides...25 years after seeing it the first time).
From: Rory Aronsky <>

Hi, my name is Rory Aronsky and I have joined the crusade to put a stop to this villainy in many ways. All Toad Hall needs is a little more sprucing up with more exciting things and that would be it. But what is the point of a ride with Pooh and his friends? That ride would take many years to build, and in that time we could have rode Mr. Toad's Wild Ride more than 100 times. I don't see any point in closing it down. We should leave MK in its original way. I don't see them saying that Peter Pan should be closed which I think it actually should. I mean come on. Don't close up Mr. Toad's Wild Ride just to build a Pooh ride. Close up the Peter Pan ride, expand its width and build the ride there. Don't play predator on a ride that has been with WDW many years.
From: Lisa Crawford <>

I would love to have a Winnie the Pooh Ride for obvious reasons (look at my handle), but not at the expense of MR. TOAD. One of the big problems is Disney has promoted WTP so much and has forgotten Wind in the Willows. Even worse, kids don't ever read the originals of either book.
From: V. Anton Spraul & Mary Beth Newbill <>

Just saw the site for the first time, and I'm glad to see there are others out there who realize that these older rides, though not without a cheese factor, still hold a lot of memories. I remember riding Toad as a kid and screaming when that train was coming...and even now when I go, we always make a game of guessing which car we'll end up in (I always vote for MacBadger).

I say that they keep Mr. Toad's Wild Ride going. At Disney World it is one of my favorite rides and always has been.

Keep Toad open. Pooh stinks and Disney knows it. Toad is the best ride there after Splash Mountain and Alien Encounter. They should replace It's A Small World with Winnie the Poop.

Toad is the king. If they put in Winnie the Poop instead I will take a revolver into the ride and get a honey bear dinner.

Long Live Toad and short live Pooh the poop.

I love Toad. Pooh stinks.

Keep Toad open or I am going to get extremely mad and come over there and put Winnie the Pooh on Alien Encounter and see if aliens like to eat little bears.

In other words, Keep Mr. Toad open.

I hate Winnie and love Toad. If they close Toad for winnie I will feed Winnie to the alien at Alien Encounter. Nice lunch of honey bear.

The Toad won't die but Winnie will.
From: Scott Mills <>

One of the nice things about the three WDW dark rides (Toad, Snow White and Peter Pan) is that they have elements that appeal to adults as well as children. For Snow White, it's the witch, for Peter Pan, it's the flight over London, and for Mr. Toad, it's the entire ride. It doesn't seem that a ride featuring Winnie the Pooh would have any features that would appeal to adults (perhaps parents with children, but that's about it). Although Pooh has been very popular recently, it doesn't seem that a ride based on him has much "must see" potential.

One more thing--IMHO Fantasyland is way overdue for a facelift (ala Disneyland).
From: Ronnie <>

This is a great site. Very funny writing and good photos. Keep up the good fight!

Save Mr. Toad.
From: Emil Modier <>

We salute our hero...


For years we have been coming to WDW, and have enjoyed Mr. Toad's ride immensely (both right and left tracks!!!)! In fact, it is our favorite ride in Fantasyland!! If Pooh must have his own attraction it could be put in one of the following locations:
1) Mickey's Toontown Fair
2) Tom Sawyers Island
3) Animal Kingdom Park
4) Wooded area along MK Railroad between Frontiertown and Mickey's Toontown Fair

From: Chuck <>

Save Mr. Toad. I got my first kiss on Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, at Disneyland, in Ca. It would be a damn shame if it were closed!

I've been on Toad ever since I was 2 and I loved it!!!! Scary my @$$ Toad has been my favorite Disney character since I learned to talk and even though I didn't know what this meant when I was small I would always say this famous quote "come, I'll show you the world, travel, change, excitement ha ha ha ha" I love this ride and hope it will be around for my kids to enjoy as well though I'm 15 and I doubt it will happen if they demolish it. Plus Pooh is a homosexual and everyone I know agrees!!! If Disney is willing to do an experiment by starting to sell Toad merch I bet he'll beat Pooh cuz lets face it Toad kicks @$$!!!!!
From: Kelly & Walter Szczotka <>

Don't close the ride because, It is a very good ride for kids, teens, and adults! Senior Citizens too. We have went on it about 20 and we aren't tired of it yet! For kids who didn't ride it yet they will miss out on the chance to ride one of the best Disney World rides.

Don't get rid of Mr. Toad's Wild Ride that ride is so cool..I love it....make space for Pooh somewhere else like in place of the Teapots.
From: Fergi °o° <>


I hope you're listening. I went once on the ride, I adore Pooh, and I still would like to open Pooh in another location. With all the people crowding into the one small area now, surely WDW could open the Pooh ride in another location to help thin the crowds?!

Save Toad!!!
From: Frank Wierenga and Family <>

What, Disney has to be kidding. Do away with Toad Hall.

I first visted Disneyland in 1959 and except for the Jungle Cruise, Toad Hall is one of my all time favorite attractions.

Disney visitors would be much served by making a totally new Pooh attraction and keeping one of the historic attractions in the Kingdom, Toad's Hall.

What's next, kill off Peter Pan?
From: Tim Hinton <>

We all love Walt Disney World for its exceptional commitment to excellence and continuous push for improvement and greater guest experiences. However, even the "Hope Diamond" of theme parks needs some nonsensical, ridiculous, pointless fun. Mr. Toad is the perfect antidote for such extravaganzas as Splash Mountain or Alien Encounter. Disney MUST keep Mr. Toad to keep that wonderful balance between the state of the art and the sublimely stupid. Just as they would never remove a classic like Small World, in spite of its faults, the Disney cast must realize that Mr. Toad is needed as a place to "cleanse the pallet" and laugh oneself silly. Just standing in line and listening to the same 4 bars of music over and over can give one seizures, but I NEVER MISS IT!!! So it's outdated, stupid, and not a major character?? All I can say is "BRING IT ON!!"
From: Doug Hartman <>

The Toad was one of the reasons I went to see the Mouse!

You fought a noble cause.... I went on that ride with my stepbrothers and my dad when I was 12. It was one of my favorite vacations. While Disney killed the ride, they can't kill the memory.
From: Todd McCabe <>

I wanna help save Mr. Toad. He rules and his ride rules!!!

Pooh sucksss.
From: Robert Hedin <>

Found your web page from a link from NEWS.COM. My girlfriend works at the WDW Central Reservation Office here in Tampa, and I was VERY upset when she told me about Mr. Toad's predicament-- it almost came to blows since she is a very big Pooh fan.

Save Mr Toad!
From: Debbie Scuderi <>

We rode Toad twice. They loved being able to sit together up front and drive their parents around. I really hope Disney keeps this ride.
From: Daniel Cox <>

I am surprised at all of the changes Disney is making, or trying to make, I saw on another web page that they took out the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea ride, is this true, if so, I want one of those subs! Anyways I don't think they should touch Toad Hall, first they make the Pirates of the Caribbean politically correct and now this, is there nothing sacred?
From: Teresa <>

I had an idea for saving Mr. Toad! I think Disney should replace the Lion King Show with the Pooh ride and move the LK to Animal Kingdom. That way we can all get what we want! What do you think?
From: Ken Walker <>

Very sorry to hear that Disney is even CONTEMPLATING removing Toad Hall at WDW. If Walt were alive he'd surely quash that idea (even though the history of DisneyLAND is filled with "old faithful" rides being dismantled for the next big thing. The Gondola cars are one recent example.) Hopefully, Disney's "Expendable Toad" thinking won't extend to Disneyland out here in CA. Toad represents all that is great about the Disney parks.

Long live Toad!
From: Paul Prescod <>

I am always happy to see consumers banding together to take control of the multinational corporations that have increasing control over our societies. Individuals can still make a difference!

Save the Toad.
From: Howard Lo <>

I am a big fan of Disneyworld and Mr. Toad's Wild Ride.

Save Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. . .
From: John Simpson <>

We're for the cause!

We appreciate what you are doing. I think our first encounter was in Calif. in 1965. Please keep hopping - Great shirts!


SAVE THE TOAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
From: Gayle Copeland <>

My life has been a cheap imitation of Mr Toad's Adventures, and I resent the suggestion that Disney would even think of removing MTWR.

What is the world coming to?

What sanity will be left?

I'm sure Mr. Toad could be convinced to "tone-it down" a little if he is causing a disturbance in the Park...........but, to ban him forever is despicable.

This is CRAZY!!!

I can't believe they would close the ride!!! Because it's old? Because it's a money thing? Well with that logic they should get rid of Mickey, he's old, when is the last time you saw a new Mickey cartoon??
From: Rory V. Sanchez <>

I was just recently up in Orlando.

My friend that works for Disney management says that the decision to can Toad seems to still be "unsigned", so it is not official even though it was in the plans. Believe it or not, she has never been on Mr. Toad's.

We've been talking about going for over a year, but it's never worked out. Just recently, however, she was in the park (behind the scenes) and she heard a noisy "crazy sounding" ride with people screaming and having lots of fun, and so she asked one of the maintenance people what ride that was... I probably don't have to tell you that it was Mr. Toad.

Long Live Toad!
From: Paula A. Johnson <>

Toad rules! Michael Eisner has systematically destroyed everything that made Disney Studios great. He's a twisted knuckle-dragger who can't relate to anything decent. Don't let him trash Toad Hall. Good luck with your campaign.
From: Karen Harland <>

I really hope Disney does not close MTWR. I have only recently found out how much fun it is, and I can't wait to share it with my children. I attended the very first Toad In, and while I laughed at the amount of security, and how nervous management seemed to be, I was quite pleased that we were being taken seriously by them.

The market is saturated with Pooh; I really would like to see different aspects of Disney marketed so aggressively.

Build a Pooh ride *somewhere else*, but don't take away our Toad!

From: Sean Daly <>

My name is Sean Daly: I write for both Rolling Stone Online and the Washington (D.C.) City Paper. I was cruising around the Web today, and came across this potentially disastrous news. Kill Mr. Toad? Why don't you just murder my childhood? Unthinkable.

Good Luck in Your (Our) Fight.
From: Lynne Atkinson <>

Please add my name to the list of people that want to keep Mr. Toad's ride at Disney World.

I have been on it many times and thoroughly enjoyed it. My favourite book as a child was Wind in the Willows and it brought back so many good memories.

I say to Disney don't get rid of this ride. Try It's a Small World maybe instead. You really get tired of that and I have been on that many times too!
From: Bob Jacobson <>

I grew up in Southern California, with the newly-opened Disneyland my Mecca. Forty years later, Mr. Toad's Wild Ride remains one of my favorite rides despite the advent of non-rail attractions. Even today, you can hear me scream as I barrel through traffic on Highway 101, "This is a genuine Mr. Toad's Ride!" Replace Toad with Pooh? Only a very small mind could conceive of such a switch. Save Toad!
From: Mark Bittmann <>

Say it ain't so Toad!!!

Close Mr. Toad?!?

It's just Wrong!!!!!!!!
From: Michael A. Crawford <>

Kudos for the job you're doing. I've been to WDW a zillion times since I first went in 1982 (I was 5). Anyway, now I'm a part time cast member (thanks to College Program I can drive Friendship Launches). Too bad I can't be down there all the time to join the protests. Hopefully you'll have one in March when I'm down for a visit. :)
From: AK & Teresa <>

What do I need to do? To help save this icon of ours?

"Love the Toad"......Keep filling me in on the latest Toad info. Going to Disney in March....can't wait to enter Toad Hall!
From: Pam & Jim Foley <>

Please add our sincere wishes that Disney not remove this wonderful little ride! My husband & I have been going to WDW for many years - even before we were married! - & one of the neatest little things we do is ride the Toad! One day, we went on three times in a row because we got there early. It may not be high tech & many youngsters may not even know where the Big Guy comes from, but he's still got lots of charm for big and little kids.
From: Julie Williams <>

I am definitely not one to stand in the way of progress. In the past year I have stood by and idly watched Nashville lose Opryland, a country music icon, in favor of a shopping mall. I have watched Jerry Seinfeld say that he is leaving the TV business, and I have watched Disney close wonderful rides like Take Flight and Horizons, but I cannot just sit by and watch Disney close Mr. Toad's Wild Ride.

My first trip to Disney World was thirteen years ago, when I was five. My older cousin had just gotten back from her trip and was telling us which rides she thought we should see. Unfortunately, she said that we should not go on Mr. Toad's Wild Ride because it was "stupid." So when we got there and I saw the outside of the building, I immediately wanted to ride it, in spite of the fact that my cousin had said she didn't like it. For three days, I bugged my parents to let me ride Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. Every time we would pass it, I would implore that my parents let me ride it, but my requests were always met with the same response: "Kim said it was stupid."

And so it went.

Thirteen years later, my parents decided to take my back to Disney World as a graduation present. Remembering how my parents had never let me ride it as a child, I became determined that I was going to ride Mr. Toad's Wild Ride this time. For months before the trip, I read everything I could find about it and continued to bring it to my parents attention every time we talked about that they had never let me ride it as a child. Finally, a few days before we left for the trip, after the third or fourth time I had brought it up that day, my mom said, "If you only ride one ride the entire trip, it's going to be Mr. Toad's Wild Ride!"

Once I got to the park, Mr. Toad was almost the first stop on the list, preceded only by Dumbo and Snow White's Adventures (my favorite when I was five). We chose the right side of the ride to begin with. I knew I was in for a great ride the minute I saw that my car was named Cyril. Well needless to say, I absolutely loved the ride. The only scary part was when the suit of armor almost fell on me. And the trip to hell was surely the highlight of the voyage. Then we promptly rode the other side (which turned out to be my favorite). After thirteen years of anticipation the ride was just as great as I'd made it out to be in my mind. Well, I hated to see that Disney was thinking of closing such an awesome ride. I think a Pooh ride would be great too. Like I said, I'm not one to stand in the way of progress. But I don't believe that swinging the wrecking ball at a classic ride like Mr. Toad constitutes progress. Any time I've ridden it in my subsequent visits, I've never had a wait shorter than fifteen minutes. On the other hand, there have been lots of times when I have walked on to Pirates of the Carribean, It's a Small World, Spaceship Earth, Space Mountain and Body Wars. At one point this December, the line was longer for Mr. Toad than it was for Space Mountain. What does that say? I think it says that if it's not broken, it doesn't need fixing. Losing Mr. Toad's Wild Ride in favor of a Pooh ride would be like losing Opryland in favor of a shopping mall.

The Magic Kingdom is greater than the sum of its parts. With even one part missing, the whole park suffers. Long live Mr. J. Thaddeus Toad!
From: Wendy Palmquist <>

I grew up near Disneyland, loved the ride as a kid, now as an old lady of 49 am horrified they are thinking of pulling it! Where else can you go to Hell as a kid, and take great delight in it?
From: K Meyers <>

I love your web site.....hope it works I am a Disney Fan all the way and I think they could find a place for Pooh's woods too....

Good Luck.
From: Master Gracey <>

I read about your cause and web site in the January/February edition of New Horizon's Newsletter. I am deeply concerned about Disney discontinuing this attraction and will do all I can to help.

Save Mr. Toad!
From: Corinne Colgan <>

I want to help the cause! I grew up in California and went to Disneyland twice a year for 20 years. I was shocked and horrified when I heard that "The Mouse" is considering closing the ride. We must stop it!
From: Paula Van Houten <>

We love Mr. Toad! We go on it all the time in Disneyland, and we loved the one in Disney World too. At first, my little brother was too scared to go on it, and he said it gave him nightmares, so it was, for a time, nicknamed the "Satan's Bloody Claw" ride, because of the end scene. But now he loves it, as we do. Especially in the DW one, that you can take two different tracks in the same ride. Please, Mr. Eisner, do not take away Mr Toad!
From: Stacey Ivits <>

Hi, my name is Stacey I live in Ontario Canada and have visited Walt Disney World twice in my twelve year life and am planning to go again this year. Mr. Toad's Wild Ride is one of my favourite rides and is one of the only rides I can remember vividly riding when I was three years old. If it is replaced for a new ride I will be totally and completely disappointed as will many of my friends who have visited Walt Disney World.

I love Mr. Toad. It has always been my most favorite ride at the Magic Kingdom. Please so not destroy the history of the original Magic Kingdom. The Mickey Mouse Review was destroyed to become a theater there where they now do the Lion King show. Mr. Toad must Live On!!!!!!
From: Gail Mazza <>

I would like to do my part in saving Mr. Toad's ride.

I live in Ca. and would be very concerned if they tried to pull the same thing at Disneyland!! I grew up with Disneyland and Mr. Toad! I am also a former Disney Store cast member and have seen the "infiltration" of Pooh in the last couple of years and in my opinion, he's stepping over his bounds. Ok, he has a place in Critter Country at Dland and even though I wasn't too happy about it, at least they gave him a place. Sort of along the lines of, every thing/character has its place!

Disney needs to give the "almighty dollar" theory a rest! Or they will end up being no different than any other theme park owner.
From: Chad <>


From: Charles Wells <>

I want to save Mr. Toad...I think it's incredibly sad/short-sighted of Disney to destroy what history/traditions is/are in the park. Yes, the park has to be entertaining and continue to upgrade and improve, BUT.... part of the charm of the park for me has been enjoying some of the 70's campy-ness/innocence of certain "evergreen" attractions year after year.

Virtual reality and computerized effects may gain new devotees, but time and technology cannot replace the simple joys of a wild ride with Mr. Toad....
From: Eric & Judi Princz <>


We love that ride. It's bad enough they got rid of 20,000 Leagues but now they're going too far!
From: Cheryl Wilson <>

Please let Mr. Toad's Wild Ride live on.
From: Mike Lee <>

I hate to admit this, but when 20K first closed I thought it was nice that I had taken a lot of pictures of and worked at a ride that was going to be "gone forever." Three years later, the god-awful things they've done to the attraction's peripheral areas make me so sick that I feel very guilty for those initial feelings of quiet "approval." And that wasn't even one of my favorite rides. I really shudder to think of an east Fantasyland without Toad. It would make that entire part of the park seem miserable beyond repair.
From: Rachel E. Baumunk <>

First of all I would like to tell you that Disneyland/Disney World have been a favorite destination of mine, my family, and my friends. I believe that it makes people happy and very full of life when they are at a Disney theme park.

Being that I am a 13 year old female you would probably expect that I would only like the fast exciting rides and that's it: but I don't. I favor towards liking the older more "mature kiddy" rides. When I am on any older rides whether it is Dumbo or Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, I feel as though I am becoming a part of history. Maybe, it's because all the rides that are being built now are all based on dinosaurs and aliens, when years ago that was all new news that no one really looked into. Being that as it may, I feel as if you were to take out Mr. Toad's Wild Ride it would be ripping a part if history out and throwing it in the trash.
From: Philip Pascale <>

Mr. Toad is such a classic dark ride, it could go in any theme park in the world and be a hit! I can't see why Disney would want to be rid of it. I do like Pooh, and I believe a Pooh ride would be good, but for God sake leave the Toad alone! I honestly don't remember what the Mr. Toad movie was about, but I do remember going on the ride for the first time and having it scare the crap out of me. Now that I've grown up, I can appreciate the finer points of it's simplicity.

From: Evan Hammerman <>

How ironic! After Rat and Mole and Badger and Toad take Toad Hall back from the weasels and stoats, Mr. Eisner wants to kick them out again!

Although I barely remembered the animated movie, and had never read the book The Wind in the Willows before I took the Wild Ride, I still thoroughly enjoyed this ride with its sarcastic wit and unsavory weasels. In fact, the ride got me interested in the book, which I finished last night.

What other attractions get people to read ninety year old books? Mr. Eisner should realize that you can only squeeze that margin so much. There is enough Pooh in the world and not enough Toad.
From: Carol Kirby <>

Both my sixteen year old son and I are very distressed to discover that Mr. Toad's Wild Ride is in danger of being removed and replaced with a Pooh ride (not that we don't like Pooh), but why can't we have both???

From: Ron Murdza <>

It's vintage Disney, something that reminds us of how it use to be and how Walt wanted it when he first had the idea to create Disneyland and then take it to the next step and create Walt Disney World.

From: Steve deRochemont <>

My first memories of Toad are as a young boy riding with my Dad and having the bejesus scared out of me by the oncoming train. Now that's father/son bonding!

There is just nothing like it in Fantasyland. Pooh might turn out to be a good ride (and help sell another 100,000 friggin Pooh plush toys!), but nothing will provide the lifelong impression like Toad.
From: Justin Worsley <>

My parent's house, was named "Toad Hall" after the story, and partly of the ride too. So this sucks that Disney is considering this.... They must be stopped :-)
From: Coranna Witts <>

Hi I like to be called Mrs. Hayley Toad.

And Mr. Toad is my favorite character in The Wind in The Willows.

And I went on the ride once and I like it. It's entertaining for children and olders and mostly Mr. Toad's cool.

I made a webring for Mr. Toad and I hope I can get members to join in so they can see how many pages and people like Mr.Toad.

That's a little of my help I can do. I also put the banner in the webring too.

The page to my webring is
From: Tark McClusky <>

This site is great!! I'm gonna miss Mister Toad if they do get rid of it, rode it 4 times in a row with my son and daughter last August.
From: Eirik Erstad <>

I live in Norway and have only had the chance to go to WDW once. That was four years ago, and fortunately I went on Mr. Toad's Wild Ride... and guess what... MTWR is my best memory from that visit to WDW. I am going back to WDW in April and if Mr. Toad is closed and gone then I will get so depressed. Disney, please don't kick him out of the Magic Kingdom... he belongs there just as much as the rumloving pirates and the grim grinning ghosts... Mr. Toad forever!

Eirik Erstad -- Sundvollen, Norway
From: The Weekie Family <>

We are the Weekie family our site is which goes through Weekie World of Disney and Pooh Bear and Laura and Matt's Disney World Page :o)

Being great fans Of Walt Disney World and being both Laura and Matt's favorite ride is Mr. Toad, we would like to buy 3 of your T-shirts...

Save the Toad!
From: David Dowd <>

I think one of the things about Toad at WDW is the two tracks which at DL is one track. Another thing I don't understand is at WDW they have so much room to expand why do they axe rides (unless they are really bad) instead of expanding? I can understand why shows come and go but I believe a show and ride to be a completely different thing plus a ride like Mr. Toad's which has so much significance in my early childhood years at the Disney Parks. When I was little I was afraid of the "scary" rides and would go on the tamer rides. And to me Mr. Toad was the scariest ride I braved to ride on. Maybe if Disney believes Toad is now obsolete or not a crowd drawer they should do something to spice it up...because I believe some Fantasyland rides are on a scale compared to carnival Fun Houses using black light effects, loud noises, etc... Standards change and technology is always changing but Fantasyland at DL has not changed much since 1983. Its like what Walt said "Disneyland will never be completed as long as their is imagination" and another thing he said was "whenever I ride a ride I am always thinking of ways to improve upon it."
From: Janice Linden-Reed <>

It was bad enough when Sleeping Beauty's Castle was changed to the Hunchback's Castle. Disney needs to remember that it built its fame on its classic characters.

Mr. Toad is my favorite ride! I tell all my friends to be sure to check it out first thing when they go to the park. We like to wait for just the right character car and then scream with laughter throughout the ride. Disney is saying that children are frightened by the imagery, but every kid I've ever seen on that ride has been having a blast! I know this change is being contemplated for Orlando, but it's only a matter of time before it would reach Disneyland. Please save this ride!
From: Jody Tonn <>

Toad Hall -- Always loved it!!!! Ccccan't believe they want to get rid of it for that lame Pooh..Total support from a 44 year old Vacation Club member.
From: Corby Kennard <>

Thank you for bringing this to our attention! Mr. Toad is the BEST! I always make sure I go on that ride FIRST!
From: Michael Thompson <>

I live in Orlando and get out there about once every 2 weeks or so. Always ride the Toad. Always get on the right.
From: Judith V. Wood <>

Please don't take away the best fun ride! We stand in line, guess which car we'll get, lean into the turns, scream in terror at the train light and the devil, and just generally have a grand old time, merrily on our way to nowhere in particular. Thanks to JT for mounting the campaign to save the ride!
From: Scott E. Myers <>

One of the special things about Mr. Toad is that he is not one of the better known characters of Disney. That makes him so much more popular. I did not like the idea of closing down 20000 Leagues either and hope that a newer version will eventually come back. What a unique adventure for a child to go on a ride in a submarine.

Here's an idea, convert the existing Toontown in to Pooh's forest. Disney could still incorporate many of the ideas of Toontown but also add another one of their beloved characters.

From: Tamara D. Alairys <>

MTWR is the best ride at Disney - why don't they take down the stupid Small World ride??

Please let me know what I can do to protest this outrageous act!!!
From: Nadeem Haider <>

Mr. Toad's Wild Ride is one of my all time favorite rides at Disney. Toad kicks ass! I hope the suits come to their senses before it's too late.
From: Jim Strickland <>

Mr. Toad's Wild Ride is my favorite Disney ride. I remember it well from childhood, and I have wanted to get back to see it for a few years. I heard this news on television and I was shocked. Disney advertises magic. This is magic. And they are going to tear it down? This upsets me profoundly.
From: James McNally <>

My kids love the Mr. Toad ride even if they aren't as familiar with the movie. I hope our friends at WDW can find a way to add new attractions without necessarily eliminating the old. Last time I checked, there was still a line for Mr. Toad, even if it wasn't incredibly long like Dumbo. A short wait can actually make an attraction more fun.

James McNally, frequent WDW visitor from Detroit


Usually, I'm against preservationist attitudes. You know, "don't change this, don't change that." The main reason is without progress we would be visiting two very boring orange groves. One in California and one in Florida.

In this case, Mr. Toad's Wild ride has some very loyal fans. It is unique (some might say weird) and I just can't stop thinking about the commercial on one of my Disney Video's where the older kid, about 7 years old, is talking to his younger brother and says, "What ever you do, don't go on Mr. Toad's Wild Ride right after lunch." It cracks me up everytime. Some battles are not winnable, this one is. So, LONG LIVE Mr. Toad's Wild Ride.
From: Matt Soerens <>

My first memory of Disneyland in California was being scared to death of Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. I think that's why I love it so much now! I get a sense of pride knowing I rode Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. :)
From: Emily Ziegenhine <>

Mr. Toad is cool.

I'll admit that I'm a huge fan of my favorite cartoon character (Pooh Bear), and that I would love to see a Pooh ride in Disney World but they shouldn't take out any other attractions to do this. It seems to me that Disney has enough land, and money, to build a new ride without taking out a classic like the toad.

In my short 18 years on this earth I have only been able to visit Disney World once but i greatly enjoyed Mr. Toad's Wild Ride and would be greatly upset if I was denied the opportunity to visit it in the future.

Although I'm a great fan of disney (especially classic Disney) they need to stop sacrificing the great and classic in order to make a quick buck now. Peole are getting fed up with this crap and sooner or later those folks at Disney are going to have to get that through their thick skulls.
From: Danielle <>

I (Ack! Oh!) haven't went on Mr. Toad yet, but it sounds like a fun ride that should stay in the MK. Toad all the way! :-)
From: Kelly Eurillo <>

Thanks for organizing the Save Mr Toad effort. It has been my favorite since I was 7!!

You are doing the right thing here...this ride is a classic for all of us and a rite of passage for some of us. For some of us (including myself) Mr. Toad opened the gates... to other dimensions... :)
From: Carlyn <>

Hey I heard you on the Loop that is why I responded! It is the first ride we always have gone on, and now I am 67 years old and before I hit Space Mt. I do Toad first.

The ride all of us remember young and old when we first visit Disney sites. It is not only fun but also has a great feeling of the ridiculous...and that we need today!
From: Michael Lavelli <>

Say it ain't so!

I heard about your cause during Buzz Killman's radio show on WLUP in Chicago this morning.

Maybe the aging rides should be updated (as they have done to other rides) or maybe it (and other older rides) should be moved lock, stock & barrel to a nearby site so the rides can be enjoyed as they were and a 'new ride' can take the old apparently valuable space. New Disney vs. Classic Disney.
From: Family Lindqvist <>

Hi, I am soo happy SOMEONE is stepping in to fight this, I found this out too before I ran into this website... and I got this website's address from a BIG article on Jeff Moskot (the leader of this thing) in the Palm Beach Post's Accent Section ON THE FRONT COVER! You guys are doing a GOOD job of getting this thing spread!

DISNEY: I hope you understand that you will lose alot of business with a closing of Toad Hall.

Sure Pooh's nice, but does he have to kill Toad? Why not have him kill Cinderella or something?

Closing Mr. Toad's Wild Ride is just as bad as closing those old Tea Cups, the old Dumbo ride, or even the old It's A Small World ride! And I use the term "old" to use the same terminology as you... for one of your reasons is that Toad is old. BUT SO IS ALL THE OTHER GOOD STUFF!

And in a closing statement, THIS WILL BE A BLOODY BATTLE TILL THE END!
From: Rachel Berlin <>

Hi I am a student at University of Michigan, who has rode Mr. Toad's Wild Ride 500 times or more. If they do away with Mr. Toad, they change the character of Fantasyland.
From: Connor Hagan <>

Mr. Toad's Wild Ride is one of my favorite rides at Disneyland. I'll be very sad if it's not there when I go to Disneyland the next time!
From: Joe Savino <>

I have been to Disney World MANY times since my parents moved to South Florida when I was a year old. Mr. Toad is one of only a handful of rides (including also, Dumbo and the Magic Teacups) that I go on each and every time I visit. I think that if Disney takes away Mr. Toad (or the People Mover), I will boycott Disney for the rest of my natural life. It's just a great ride, nothing else to be said.
From: Celine Asch <>

Please add my name to the "Save Mr. Toad" mailing list. I have fond memories of taking my children on it ..they are now 38 & 41 years old respectively.
From: Erin Kohler <>

Mr. Toad's Wild Ride has been my favorite ride at Disney since, well, forever. It totally kicks ass and I would hate to see Mr. Toad go the way of the Ghostbuster's cartoon, the Wuzzle's, and the Muppet Show. If they are going to kick anything to capitalize on the current marketability of Pooh, then they should pave over The Hall of Presidents. What's next, the Swiss Family Treehouse?
From: Nancy Fahey <>

Hi! I too am a big fan of Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, although I am a WHOLE lot older than you! I always liked the ride when I took my children there when they were small. Then, when I remarried 2 1/2 years ago, my new husband and I went to Disney World on our Honeymoon. I kept telling him about the ride, and of course he thought I had gone daft! But, then, when we went on the ride, he liked it too!

Thank you so much for your efforts.
From: Dan Smith <>

I totally agree on the 'Save Toad' mission. Being 12, almost 13, I know the excitement and thrill of Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. Today in The Palm Beach Post (Sat. Dec. 13) I read of your fight and would like to help. Since I am but a child, though, I can't do much, I can, however, aid by buying a t-shirt. I need to know the specifications of buying one.

From: Barbara Prudente <>

Mr. Toad is favorite ride of our family. We do not want to see it removed from the park.
From: Courtney L. Logan <>

My name is Courtney Logan, and I am a seventeen year old female from Jupiter, Florida. Ever since my family has moved down to Florida from Ohio ten years ago we attend the Walt Disney World theme parks at least once a year, and sometimes more.

Recently, I just read an article in the Palm Beach Post about Jeff Moskot who was protesting to save Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. I would just like to say I am in full support of that effort!!

Since I was a child my favorite ride at Disney World has been Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. My family and I ride it at least five times every time we go to the Magic Kingdom. It has been a source of bonding between my Dad and I who always ride it together. My brother and I fight to ride it with him. He pretends to let us drive, and goes crazy when we bump into things, or when we crash into the train---bringing much joy and laughter to our faces everytime. Even the ride's instructions are engraved in our memory. "Step out to your left please, when the car stops step out to your left." My brother and I repeat them with the female announcer everytime we ride that ride; it still makes us laugh-even as teenagers.

Even though I am now almost grown up and about to graduate from high school, this tradition is repeated in my family even now. I cannot begin to describe the joy that this ride brings to me. Taking it away would be like removing a part of my childhood. I am almost an adult, I cannot wait for the day I can take my children on Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, and repeat the acting out my Dad did for my brother and I. It will be a way to remember him, and a way to remember my youth. Please I beg of you do not take this ride away!!!

Although this ride may not be the most popular of the movies it still is very meaningful to many of the park's visitors, and replacing it with Winnie-the-Pooh would be a slap in the face (he is not my favorite character). If you take this ride away it would be like removing Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea for my mom; and taking away Peter Pan or Pirates of the Carribean for my brother. Those are their favorite rides, and this is mine. The park would not be the same without them.

Thank you for your time and patience.

We all have our personal reasons for wanting to save Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. I can say it's been one of the more memorable rides at Disney for me. Peter Pan? Snow White? As a child they seemed silly and I now remember very little about them even though I've been on them more than a dozen times, but that Mr. Toad has always had something special going for him. Maybe it's the cars that appear they will crash into one another or the train tunnel or the weasels that are always up to no good. I can't really say. It's a great alternative to the more cutsey rides Disney offers. With all the land and money Disney has there is no reason to ax this ride or any ride. It defies rationality. Keep the ride and find Pooh a real hundred acre woods to enshrine the characters, but leave Mr. Toad alone! Disney should be expanding and not replacing.
From: Chris Harper <>


I've been going to the MK at WDW since 1975 and I've ridden Mr. Toad every chance that I've gotten. I was mad when they took out 20K Leagues but it is understandable because the ride was threatening to flood the utilidors because of the weight of the submarines.

However, there is no threat to ANYTHING at the MK from Mr. Toad's Wild Ride....Except Mr. Eisner's ego. It seems that anything that was Walt's idea has been getting the backseat treatment lately (with the exception of Carousel of Progress). Eisner's theme park (Disney-MGM Studios) has been gotten the only major thrill ride of late (Tower of Terror) and it always gets the most press of the three parks (even though it is the smallest.) We haven't seen anything major appearing at the MK since Splash Mountain five years ago. The new Tommorowland is a joke. They added a mediocre replacement "attraction" (Alien Encounter) for an older mediocre ride (Mission to Mars) and then copied an attraction from Disneyland Paris (Timekeeper-which is good, at least). Then, they gave everything a facelift (which was mediocre at best, I might add).

What's next Mr. Eisner? Now you want to rip out Mr Toad and replace him with your prime product of the moment. This corporate thinking has got to stop. Why are they taking out attractions to add new ones? Because it's too expensive to keep the old ones and expand the park? I doubt it. Envision WDW in 20 years. All five of the parks are surrounded by hotels, shops, and water parks--all of which Disney gets a cut of if they don't own the actual franchises. It's going to happen if Eisner has his way. Why expand the park if it's taking up valuable real estate. That's what the guy is thinking, I'm sure. Stop the travesty now. Save Mr. Toad! Keep up the good work guys!
From: Beth <>

I heard the news from a friend and I am shocked and mad! I grew up on Disney, and love the parks. I worked in the Magic Kingdom for a semester, and my family goes to Walt Disney World almost every year. If they keep taking away the classics, like Mr. Toad, the Magic Kingdom will eventually look nothing like the place I grew up in and love so dearly. People love this ride, and just beacase Pooh is trendy right now does not mean that Mr. Toad is out!!! I hope these messages get to someone who can help. Where will it end? What's next, turning Cinderella's castle into a giant tacky cake? (hahaha). Thanks for listening.
From: Tom & Cindy Williams <>

Don't want to see Disney close the ride. Mainly to keep the Pooh from spreading. That fat bear is everywhere and he's not even American.
From: Dan and Maggie Kaplan <>

We rode the Toad when he was just this side of a mere tadpole (late fifties) and we want our grandchildren to do the same.
From: Sid Chomsky <>

Here's my vote for Disney Park to retain the "Mr. Toad's Wild Ride".
From: Jonathan Claydon <>

As a Disney lover who is in Boston, I regret not being there in Orlando, but I would love to own a shirt... I'm also really p!%#*d about the remaking of the Tiki Birds with Iago and Zazu, it was one of my favorite rides. Thanks a lot, the fight to keep the Magic Kingdom pure is worth it.

I would like to begin by saying anybody who wants to do away with Mr. Toad needs to have their head examined. I first road the ride when I was 3 1/2 years old, and I still remember how much fun my brother, sister and I had on the ride. I am now 21 years old and it saddens me to think that I will not to be able to enjoy the Toad ride in Walt Disney World when I have a chance to go back again. I am also saddened my children will not be able to enjoy the Toad ride as well. So I say save the Toad ride, so that all those who enjoy it will be able to ride it time and time again! If Winnie the Pooh needs a ride, put him somewhere else. It is not like the Company doesn't have enough money to find more land to put the ride on. Thank you, and may the Toad be saved!
From: Amy Henkel <>

My favorite Toad memory is of a ride with my sister when we were kids and the first door after you get on the ride malfunctioned. We got closer and closer and closer--then BAMM we burst right through it. We giggled during the whole ride and got back on hoping it happened again, but it never did.

One of the main reasons for going to WDW is to ride BOTH sides of the Wild Ride. It would be a tragedy to replace it. Put Pooh Bear somewhere else!
From: Oliver Clark <>

When I lived in Orlando, I used to go to MTWR all the time. Hell was my favorite part. I was always so sure that I had been hit by a train! I personaly feel that the WDW version is much better than the Disneyland version. I'm for keeping MTWR open!!!
From: aaaaa <>

I have always defended Disney. No matter how brutal their business tactics, their product has forever fascinated me. Even though 15 minutes of commercials appear in every Disney video, even though they cannot make a live action film without someone getting hit in the crotch, even though they destroyed 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (the attraction), I still supported them. But this, this is the LAST straw. Mr. Toad's Wild Ride is not just an attraction, it's a memory. A memory of when rides were not measured by speed or special effects but by fun. It symbolizes a time of innocence, of family trips to the carnival or the state fair. When will the executives and Imagineers realize that they cannot tamper with something so special and unique? 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea was out-dated, true. Does that warrant its destruction, of course not. I compare 20,000 Leagues and Mr. Toad because both are based on classic incredible Disney films, are (were) located in Fantasyland, and unfortunately have not been marketed whatsoever by Disney. Ask half the people over the age of 30 what was one of their favorite films growing up: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Ask critics about Wind in the Willows: a geniune masterpiece. Unfortunately, Disney would rather spend millions promoting a basketball playing dog or a poorly made remake of Flubber. Do they actually think that the American public would rather see flubber shooting out of a grown man's backside than rehashing memories of James Mason, Kirk Douglas, and Mr. Toad. Our society has become so increasingly commercial that respect, integrity, and honest-to-goodness happiness is bordering on extinction. This is just another attempt at destroying genuine memories in sake of the almighty dollar. Only after they sacrifice Toad and erect the "Pooh" attraction and realize that there are only so many sorority girls in the world, will they truly understand thier mistake. This is truly "Eisner's folly".

Well, I have heard of some hare-brained ideas in my time but removing our beloved Toad to make way for Pooh takes the cake. It would be one thing if Disney World were pressed for space but I think if they look really hard they might find some room to accomodate both rides. Mr. Eisner, you would do well to look to Mr. Disney for some inspiration and a perspective on what it means to value tradition and loyalty above the latest fad. Pooh is certainly worthy of his own ride but not at Toad's expense. Normally I avoid the "early open" park like the plague because of the crowds but many is the time we have dragged our tired bodies out of bed early because we could get a crack at Fantasyland before the thundering hordes descended upon it. And on such days Mr. Toad is the first place we stop. If the attraction is not of value to you then please explain why it always has such a long line? As a stockholder (okay, it's only one share but I do own stock) I am concerned over such short-sighted thinking. It is obvious from the outpouring of love and affection for this ride that it is still a valuable asset to Disney. I urge you to reconsider your ill-advised decision to trash a valued part of Disney history and a beloved family tradition. Thanx for listening! Long live the Toad!
From: Thomas Graddy <>

As a West-Coaster, I'm more frequently found at Disneyland, but I make the periodic pilgrimage to Orlando, and I never miss a chance at Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. I pride myself on a two-day "every ride" policy, and the removal of a ride with such personal value (I equate it among the other primary rides that equal the Disney experience) diminishes the image of Disney for me.

If they can so callously remove a ride that so many of us "grew up on", will they do the same for Storybook Land? For the Teacups? For the Matterhorn?

They've already killed off a lot of what used to be TomorrowLand while I was growing up, replacing it with amazing attractions with incredible impact, such as "Captain Eo". Don't let them do the same to FantasyLand.
From: Elias Makrides <>

If they try to kill off the trippiest thing in that park...I'm voicing my opinion by way of your shirt.
From: Kami Lynn Walker <>

After 25 years of enjoying Mr. Toad, now it's too scary? I have waited in long lines just for that attraction, and my children now (who are still very young) ask for that ride too. I have yet to hear them say that they don't want to see it because they are scared. At least come up with a better excuse. Winnie the Pooh is also a favorite of our family. Why couldn't they replace something like the Hall of Presidents? I can remember napping there. That's really not fair though. Disney is building all of the time. I think they could probably build again. Please count our family's vote to let the Toad stay!!!!!

Remember the Magic? It's all were going to be able to do.
From: How Bowers <>

Go ahead, you b@$%*#&s, tear it down! Just like you did the Mickey Mouse Review, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, the Walt Disney Story, and other pieces of our childhood. Deface others -- add junky, politically correct, gags-that-make-you-gag to Pirates of the Caribbean. Dress up Cinderella's castle like a tart.

Spend less money on maintenance.

Tell us to "Remember the Magic."

We have to. You took it all away.
From: Diane Banks <>

I still haven't gotten over the fact that they messed with Snow White's Scary Adventure a couple years ago, and now we lose Toady too? I don't think so! I've written Eisner & crew... hope you have too!
From: Douglas Moore <>

Mr. Toad is a Disney institution, a mainstay that is as much representative of American life as baseball, hot dogs, and apple pie.

From: Ryan M. McGinness <>

Save Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. He deserves to stay in Disney World. Pooh also should be there, but if you're going to get rid of anything, get rid of a lame ride, like Snow White. I can't believe that even kids would like that ride, it's so boring. But, Mr. Toad is a great ride for kids of all ages, and isn't that what Disney is all about?
From: The O'Blenis Family <>

My family has been going to WDW since 1973 and have enjoyed Mr. Toad all of that time. Although we all like Winnie the Pooh it would be a loss to see M. Toad gone. We The O'Blenis Family want to see Mr. Toad stay. That's 12 votes to stay.
From: George A. Booras <>

I'm definitely interested in saving Mr. Toad - it's a classic ride that I still enjoy, 18 years later.

...everytime I visit Disney (I live in Melbourne, FL with a AP) - the Save the Toad shirt will be on.

Save the Toad!

I have always wanted to go on the Mr. Toad's Wild Ride but we've never gotten the chance. I am 13 and my mom always talks about the ride; she wants to take and I wanna go too. DON'T TAKE HIM AWAY!!!!!!!
From: Marcel Rust <>

I love that ride

Hugs and Kisses from all of us

From: Erin Miller <>

Even though I am only 12, I still want to get involved with you "Save Mr. Toad's Wild Ride!" protest. I have been on that ride several times and I love it!

From: Allie <>

Mr. Toad is the best ride, you can not get rid of it, or you will lose many Disney customers! Ever since I was two my stepfather and I have bonded over that ride! If you let it go you will discourage me forever!

Mr. Toad rules!!!!!!!!
From: Danelle Kremer <>

I don't want to lose this great ride!!!!!!

Save the Toad's Wild Ride!
From: Blake Fox <>

Taking down Toad for Pooh would be a travesty! My FONDEST memory is riding Toad with my grandmother at age 7. It was her favorite. She always spoke of the great times at Disney on the Toad ride. I always was a bit intimated by my grandmother, but after riding the Toad and going through the tunnel with the train light headed right for us - I will never forget my grandmas smile and laughter after that! I'm 32 years old now and I ALWAYS ride the toad when I go to Disney. If Toad is gone, Disney's taken away the opportunity for others to enjoy such great memories.

To Whom It May Concern:

(and that includes you, Eisner and Ovitz)

Listen, us nostalgic Gen-X types don't ask for a lot in life. Sure, we may not have good jobs or nice cars, but give us an episode of the Brady Bunch and some Pop Rocks, and we don't complain.

I read in the Miami Herald today that you weasels are going to close down Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, possibly the greatest amusement park attraction of all time.

Well, let me tell you guys something. Probably a good 20% of the people who shell out the 32 clams it costs to get into the Disney parks are kids on acid. And let me tell you something else: THESE PEOPLE LOVE MR. TOAD'S WILD RIDE. So close this attraction, and this part of your audience will be forced to go across town to Universal Studios and ride "Back To The Future" or "Jurassic Park" to get their hallucinogenic kicks.

We tolerate your lame cartoons with Elton John songs, we live with the fact that Walt's body is frozen on ice in Cinderella's castle, and we tolerate hour-long lines in 120 degree heat, all for the simple pleasure of getting to ride Mr. Toad for a rapturous 20 seconds. So let us have our fun.

A Concerned Mr. Toad Junkie

I like Mr. Toad's Wild Ride since my first time at Disney World. Now I am nine and I still like it. And I read the news paper and I was in shock. And I would really like it if Disney will not take it down.
From: Kacie and Quinn <>

Please keep Mr. Toads' Wild Ride for a few more years. It is one of my favorite rides. Thank you very much for reading my letter.
From: Howie Berlin <>

Taking away Mr. Toad, is like taking away a piece of me. I would sincerely miss that part of myself, and prefer to stay intact. Plus, that would hurt like a bitch.
From: James Blom <>

I just read the article in today's Herald about the possible closing of MTWR, and have to say that I am appalled by the very thought that Disney Would even consider this! I didn't think that they could top the disgusting PC changes to my other favorite ride, Pirates, but this might top it.

I'm 23 and have gone to Disney once a year for as long as I can remember, beginning as a child with my parents, and later with friends hell bent on wacky fun and excitment. MTWR has been the main attraction on those visits, not just for me, but for my brothers, parents, and all my friends. Come to think of it, just about every conversation in memory concerning WDW has always turned to the wonders of Mr Toad. It is a classic that can never be replaced (even by the wonderful Pooh!)

I agree! Save the Toad

My brother and I have a good memory from Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. When we were little we got stuck in the noisy chicken room. The ride just stopped. We were scared s#@*less. But we still laugh about it today. When ever we mention Disney World we always think back to the crazy Toad ride with a smile.

You must not take that away from other kids! Keep the classics!


Hey..I'm only 14..15 in march...but, I LOVE MR. TOAD'S WILD RIDE!! We used to have the annual pass, the ride would always have a line of at least a 35 min. wait...tell those idiots at disney to keep the ride running, all they care about is money, not little children's dreams of a wonderful, fantasy filled, magical place.

P.S. -I'm telling this to all of my friends!!!
From: Brian, Derek and Jimmy <>

We are 3 children that highly enjoy "Mr. Toad's Wild Ride". We want to express our disappointment and sadness to Disney's plan to replace our FAVORITE ride from Magic Kingdom.

Please let us know what else can we do to prevent this from happening.

Brian - 12, Derek - 10, Jimmy - 7
From: Jack Freelander <>

I wish to express my utter disappointment in Disney's announcement. It saddens me that the variety of entertainment at Disney World is being compromised in such a way, even worse at the expense of poor Toad. I would like to see Disney keep Toad's Wild Ride open while also offering new and interesting rides like Pooh.

Ever since I was 8 years old my family has gone to Disney World on a yearly basis. We use the opportunity as a family outing and bonding experience. My father and I have spent countless hours enjoying Mr. Toad's rides. Some of my fondest childhood memories are of the journey through Toad Hall. I can't beleive that Disney is going to destroy my happy memories and replace them by some daft yellow bear.

Surely there is enough room at Disney World to accomodate the Pooh fanatics without sacrificing such a well-loved, favorite ride like Toad. Walt Disney's dream is being destroyed by money-hungry bureaucrats who have no respect for the children, adults and families who have come to cherish such rides. Save Mr. Toad's Wild Ride!!!!
From: Jonathan Claydon <>

As an 18 year old who has grown up on Disney, I feel that it is a travesty to destroy Mr. Toad.
From: Michelle Walker <>

Just wanted to add my sentiments about Mr. Toad! My daughter is 2 1/2 years old, and wouldn't know about Mr. Toad but for the ride at Disneyland, and the Wind in the Willows video. She LOVES "Toadie"!! Mr. Toad's Wild Ride is honestly about the only ride that I remember from my childhood with VIVID memories! And all of those memories are fond ones! I'm happy that WDW is the only place that wants to "Ditch the Toad for the Pooh-pooh"! I'm not too much into Winnie-the-Pooh....but for those that are....let them have their ride---just NOT at the expense of others! I don't tell them that they can't have their Pooh, do I? Nope...sure don't! Just have your Pooh somewhere else!! (Please don't Pooh on my Mr. Toad......he doesn't want to clean it up!) Thanks.......for saving our past!!

It All Started With a Mouse~~ (not a Pooh bear)
From: Karen Buhler <>

This is a terrible idea. Pooh may be A Very Popular Bear Right Now (and I yield to none in my appreciation of Milne), but Toad is forever.

Or should be, anyway.

Thanks for doing something and providing this outlet.
From: Lynn G. <>

The first time I met Mr. Toad was the year the Magic Kingdom opened. I was five years old back then! Every year following my parents brought me to Disney World for our spring vacation and Mr. Toad's Wild Ride was always one of my favorites! Eventually I moved to Florida and freelanced at Walt Disney World for five years. Whenever I went on a sight survey of the Magic Kingdom I would sneak onto the ride! It is a classic and should not be eliminated from the park! If the imagineers want to add a Pooh ride, let them extend the park, just like they did for Toon Town and all of the millions of acres of expansion still happening on Disney property! Please save Mr. Toad!
From: Craig Dowsett <>

When I originally wrote this, I had no idea that already a movement had been started to save Mr. Toad, blame it on ego. The power of Mr. Toad is unmeasurable. Recently it has come to my attention that Disney's "Mr. Toad's Wild Ride" is scheduled to be replaced soon by a new "Winnie the Pooh" ride. Those b@$%*#&s! "Mr. Toad's Wild Ride" (or MTWR for short) is possibly the best amusement park ride ever. For those of you unfamiliar with MTWR, it is a fun filled ride with two possible routes that end with Mr. Toad burning in a hallucinogenic afterlife. In my efforts to save the ride, I have compiled a list of possible solutions that would at least make the tragedy more bearable. Please feel free to forward the message so the right people can save this ride.

10. Get the people who made the movie "KISS-Phantom of the Park" to start designing for Disney.

9. If one ride is getting replaced, I say get rid of all of them. Ride upon ride replaced by HELL LAND! Of course the original ride of Mr. Toad will now be a Winnie the Pooh ride, but that's a small price to pay.

8. Destroy Disneyland: this at least will make me feel better.

7. Put more fraternizing and pillaging into the "Pirates of the Carribean"- Disney's other good ride.

6. Since Mr. Toad's Wild Ride has two routes, simply replace one route with the Winnie the Pooh ride. That way riders have both a chance to giggle and laugh at Pooh, and also go straight to f#@*ing HELL!

5. As long as were redoing the Wild Ride to make way for Pooh, I say we strip it down to it's essential part: the 10 second trip thru Hell. Then we could expand the trip thru Hell to, say, 15 minutes to really get it going. That would be the best! I mean I don't need a story about Mr. Toad, I just want us all to go to HELL.

4. Make churros FREE! (for those of you who haven't eaten a Disney Churro, it's like a big yummy donut)

3. Go ahead and put the Winnie the Pooh ride in, but make him go to f#@*ing HELL in the end too. This might make an even better ride.

2. Replace "Carousel of Progress" with "Carousel of You and Mr. Toad in F#@*ing HELL!".

1. My final solution is this: If nothing can be done to save Mr. Toad at Disney we leave them and go out on our own. We get some cardboard, paint, a couple shopping carts, and a s#@*load of alcohol and make our own "Mr. Toad's Wild Ride". We set up in my friends backyard in Florida and ride it all day long - problem solved.

Well, that's the list. Please feel free to forward this message and add/edit to it as you see fit. You can even remove the swear words, though I don't know how it will read then. Still the more people see this, the better chance we can avoid this terrible tragedy. Save Mr. Toad!
From: Patt B. Sheahan <>

"You're dead if you aim only for kids. Adults are only kids grown up, anyway."
- Walter Elias Disney

Hear that whirring sound? It's Mr. Disney spinning in his grave.

I am aghast to learn that you are considering doing away with Mr. Toad's Wild Ride in Fantasyland. This ride has been a favorite of ours since our first visit to Walt Disney World in 1976. We have probably visited you over 30 times since then and Mr. Toad's is always ridden, while other rides are skipped over at times.

Another quote of Mr. Disney's (I believe when WDW was first introduced to the public) was that there was enough land to build on as far as imagination could take us. Current policy betrays Mr. Disney's trust.

Why do away with a classic ride when there is definitely room to build? One suggestion I have: Mr. Toad's is a dual ride--two loading lines, two separate attraction areas. If you must bring in Pooh, why not just put Pooh on one side and leave us Mr. Toad.

We may be adults, but as so aptly stated by your founder, we're still children inside. Don't take away Mr. Toad's!
From: Deb & Donny Jones <>

My name is Deb Quidgeon Jones and my youngest son Donny is autistic and mentally retarded. We have been to Walt Disney World several times over the years. HE LOVES Mr. Toad's ride. I would hate to see it go anywhere!!! Please hear our voice! Keep Toad Hall ride in Walt Disney World!
From: Jeffrey Furchner <>

The last time I was there "M.T.W.R." had about an hour long wait, "It's A Small World" had about a two min. wait.... Hmmm... which one would I get rid of?

From: Brain K <>

I just wanted to show my support for Mr. Toads Wild Ride. I have not been to WDW. But the one at Disneyland has always been a favorite of mine. Pooh is wonderful, a favorite or mine, but as a ride it offers nothing. Disney has always been strong with creating experiences. And an experience needs more then characters telling a charming, yet slow moving story. What villans are there for pooh to face? What darkness must we journey through before we emerge into the light? Toad has it all, make the ride a REAL WILD RIDE.

Make it a ride the teens will have to go on. Make it one that every one gets a fab thrill from. Use the power of computers to make each journey a different one. Make it like when we emerge like from a movie, humming a tune and feeling great. Lets make sure Fantasyland does not become a world for little kids only how about big kids, really big kids.

So much work went into the original ride at Disneyland and WDW, it would be a shame to make a ride based on a film just for popularity reasons. And then why not created a 101 Dalmations attraction. Kids love doggys and Cruella is really scary. Pooh would work more in a natural setting outside where characters wave along the road and we traverse gentle streams and lush hills of real grass (more like a true life adventure). Toad needs the confines to theatrically take us along. For more info on Toad check out 'The E ticket' magazine's Toad article. It will make you enjoy it more.

Idea #1: Move the ride to the 20K spot or some other. Make it so that the guest journeys outside Toad Hall. That is really outside for a bit. Have it where the guests can see the cars careening so close. Have it then crash back into the house and onto the English countryside. Use an effect like the bolder in Temple of the Forbidden Eye to give us a closer call with the train. Give us some hills and a ride that will tease people to venture "Nowhere in particular".

Idea #2: Just update the whole ride with AudioAnimatronics (What AudioAnimatronics??). Alice in Wonderland actually has at least one character with a mouth moving in synch with the soundtrack. Imagine J T Toad greeting us. Encouraging bad driving habits. And cheering us on. Imagine a hallway where weasels pop out at you randomly. Where the pond on the side of your car is actually contains water that sprays you when your drive by. It could be on two levels. You would go under a bridge and other cars would race above. Hell could even be hotter and they could add effects like air guns that blast you with air and roads that feel textured the whole way. Make the experience one adults would tell there friends about.

In closing. Keep the faith. Many attractions at Disneyland have been saved due to the people working for Disney speaking up and say, "hey we like it too". When I talked to park employees about a certain parade at Disneyland I was not happy with, they all told me to go to City Hall and fill out a comment form. And they actually wrote back to me a letter, acknowledging my comments about Light a parade. If you are at the park, fill out a comment sheet at City Hall. At least at Disneyland it was a legal document (you can't remove it from City Hall), so most likely they will read it. I was surprised.
From: Jamie Broussard Mayeaux <>

Don't touch the Toad. Its our favorite ride! Don't you know toad's are in? Just ask Budweiser.

Merci beaucoup.
From: Jeffrey Huggett <>

My name is Jeff Huggett, I am a physician in Detroit, MI. Last visit to Toad was in May of '97. My wife, brother, sister-in-law, and sister are all distraught at the announcement to close Mr. Toad's Wild Ride and would love to show our support by purchasing and proudly wearing our Save the Toad shirts.
From: Rob Sanville <>

As someone who grew up a mile from Disneyland in the sixties and though has had a love/hate relationship with Disney would hate to see his favorite ride go 'way.

I'm just imagining Toad reading this and puffing out his chest 'til he explodes all over his 14 inch monitor. Hey, hey.... I love the Toad as much as any of you but he can't handle TOO MUCH PRAISE! So.... save Toad from Disney's destroyers but don't let him know or it'll be Toad singing songs about Toad all along the riverbank all summer!

All for Mole! All for Ratty! All for Badger!
From: Bartender Sam <>

Everything is alright as long as WDW doesn't deep six your favorite attraction. It used to be that I couldn't care less if Horizons closed today but now I know how others feel. I would advise all people who hold a special attraction near and dear to their hearts to help save Mr. Toad's Wild Ride because the next attraction on the chopping block may be your own...
From: Colleen Gregg <>

Mr. Toad must be saved!

I never miss a spin in Toad Hall when I visit Disney World!

All for Toad and Toad for all!

SAVE THE TOAD! (one of my 17-year old's favorites.)
From: Monique Dewar <>

I have been going to Disney every couple of years since I was 5. I went on this ride everytime I was there. This is like getting rid of the it's a small world ride. It is not the hipness of the ride that matters it the enduring spirit it insues.

We like Mr. Toad.

Toad ride is good!
From: Melanie Emmons <>

I'm not against change; change can be a good thing. What I'm against is the unnecessary destruction of a fun, popular attraction to make way for something that is more familiar. And the reason that Pooh is more familiar than the characters from The Wind in the Willows is largely Disney's fault: they could have created Mr. Toad merchandise to accompany the attraction, they could have re-released (with great fanfare) The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad...but they chose to ignore Toady.

Every time the history of WDW has been presented in the media, the clip of Walt discussing "the blessing of size" is always played. If size is not an issue, then, why not build a NEW attraction featuring our friends from the 100 Akre Wood and leave J. Thaddeus alone? Put Pooh in England over in Epcot! SAVE MR. TOAD'S WILD RIDE!!!!

Save Mister Toad please.

I like the ride.

Save the Toad you fascist b@$%*#&s!!!!!!!!!!!
From: Joseph Franke Kolacinski <>

Right now, Tom Cruise is more popular than Jimmy Stewart, but he'll never be a better actor.

One thing that has always disgusted me with life in Florida is a fascination with the new and the trendy at the expense of history. Growing up I watched glorious old buildings torn down, one after another, only to be replaced by soulless concrete cubes. Today, twenty years later, these "new" buildings are far more of a blight on their neighborhoods than the older houses ever could have been. A short term benefit has become a long term problem.

It seems to me that it is the same kind of shortsightedness that is behind the plans to remove Mr. Toad's Wild Ride from the Magic Kingdom. Do I oppose a Pooh ride? Certainly not. But there are plenty of suitable locations in the park for such a ride. It is certainly not worth squandering the history, the nostalgia and the wonder of Mr. Toad's Wild Ride for something new and schmaltzy. Why detract from the wonder of the Magic Kingdom when you can merely enhance it? It just doesn't make sense.

It especially does not make sense when you consider what A. A. Milne's characters represent to many of us. "Winnie the Pooh" and "The House at Pooh Corner" represent a much simpler time when families were closer together. It was a time when parents did things with their children and made up stories to entertain them. It was a time when children made up adventures to have with their stuffed animals. It was a time of imagination, before we all started drinking from the brackish pond that is television. Most of all it was a time of family. Many of us went on Mr. Toad's Wild Ride with our parents. Many of us want to go on the very same ride with our own children. To destroy Toad Hall for the Hundred Acre Wood would be the sickest kind of irony.

To put it another way, I'm glad that movies such as "Jerry Maguire" and "Rainman" exist, but if we had to give up "Harvey" and "It's a Wonderful Life" to get them, the cost would be far too high. Please don't give us a Pooh ride with so great a price tag.
From: DJ Rianna <>

I'm sick of seeing things I love being torn down or taken away, with no fight, I'm fed up with it... I don't want to be like the other idiots my age, who just give up!!

Disney has much money, why don't they just add Pooh somewhere else, rather than removing something old to add something new? It would suck royally if they killed Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. It is a part of people's memories, their past, an icon of happiness; thus is should remain exactly where it is for our children, and our children's children to see, enjoy, and have as part of their memories to share with generations to come.
From: Alyson Michelle Dion <>

Mr. Toad has been my favorite ride since I was a toddler! I would be devastated if they took the ride out!!!
From: Robert Viscont <>

Disney's appeal is based on a single concept;


By removing Toad, Disney will remove a piece of the World's collective childhood. It will be taking MY memories and make them history. It will be turning my childhood that I can re-live and turn it into the past. I turn to Disney to keep that childhood wonder alive.

I understand that Disney is a business, not a museum, but I probably will forever go to Tomorrowland from Fantasyland via Cinderella's Castle. I will NEVER ride ANY attraction in that location.

Mr. Toad is one of my favorites. I always ride both sides. It greatly saddens me to consider it being replaced. I will probably cry when I see anything else there. I won't visit Fantasyland for years. It sounds extreme, I am simply stating my opinion. Toad is that important to me!


I know I already contributed, BUT... I visited this site again.

I posted that I would probably cry at seeing anything else at MTWR. That wasn't true. I am not very emotional, and seldom cry, BUT, I shed a tear just reading the posts.

I will have a hard time visiting a MK without Toad. My favorites are; The Haunted Mansion, Splash Mountain, and Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. It isn't my decision and I understand that The Disney Corp. knows what it is doing. It still hurts.

If the reasoning is that it is outdated, please remove The Contemporary Resort, The Riverboat, and the themed costumes.

If it is too scary, please remove The Tower of Terror, Alien Encounter, and all Villain character encounters.

If it is because children don't relate, please remove Pleasure Island, Dixie Landings and The World Showcase.

If it is because it is corny, please remove The Jungle Cruise, The Polynesian Resort, and ALL character appearances.


There is room on a 35,000 acre property for them all!

I know that I WILL cry when MTWR is removed. Once Disney hurts me like that it will NEVER be the same for me. Recently, Disney has messed with the Tiki Birds and The Pirates! Those are excusable because the attractions still exist. Disney can't afford to alienate the die-hard fans.

I may never get to ride Mr. Toad again. I recently returned from a Halloween vacation to WDW. If I knew that Mr. Toad's days were numbered, I would have had more than the four wild rides that I had. (now I wish I took pictures!)

I long to hear the loop of music played during the wait.
From: Chuck Thacker <>

My vote is SAVE TOAD. That's why I make sure to ride it as much as possible.
From: Charley Ficken <>

Mr. Toad's Wild Ride is the greatest!!!!!
Let's Save it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(or DIE trying)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
From: Anna Maria Leon <>

Let me tell you that I worked in the Summer of '89 in MK and was stationed at TOAD COMPLEX (4 attractions that centered around MTWR; Dumbo; Tea Cups, Snow White) and I wouldn't have had it any other way. I was brought by my parents to WDW on October 2, 1971, and have been visiting on the average 2 to 3 times per year ever since! So it was a special thrill to return this past year (3 times I might add, going on a 4th in December...) and visit City Hall and get my special "25th" button and tell the Hostess that the year of my first visit was 1971!!! I was -- and remain --- so proud of that fact!

Another interesting (and hauntingly spiritual to some) fact is that MTWR was my late father's favorite ride, and he like most Disney Dads, told me that I was actually driving the car and to be careful where I was going! And lo' and behold, every time we got to that train tunnel, I tried to avoid crashing but could never do it! And what fun we had laughing when we ended up in "HELL in Disney!" My Dad loved that concept!!! This, incidentally, was one of the very few rides he had the patience to stand in long lines to ride!

So, years later, in the last year of his life on this earth, I got a job with Disney and on the first day of Traditions (May 31, 1989) I "saw" my father's spirit visit me in a flash of bright light in the middle of a classroom waiting to be dismissed for lunch. It was 12:15pm. Later that evening, when I returned back to my apartment, I received a phone call from my sister in Miami telling me that Dad had passed away that afternoon.....When I asked her at what time, I nearly fainted when she told me "12:15pm." Since my father was a practical sort, he had already made arrangements for his service and cremation, so there was no immediate need for me to rush down to Miami, and it was decided I would finish my second and last day of Traditions.

Day Two of Traditions was difficult for me, to say the least, but I kept my Father in my thoughts and felt he was proud of me for following my dreams and continuing on. We were given our assignments that afternoon, and of the 15 or so people in my group, my book with my attraction assignment was the only one that read "Toad Complex" on the cover. I asked around and no one else got the same, and that's when I looked up and quietly thanked my Dad for helping me get that ride, his absolute favorite! That was the BEST SUMMER of my life!

So, as you can tell, MTWR has an especially sentimental value to me and my family and I would be torn if the powers that be were to dismantle it and replace it with anything! Yes, Pooh has a place in the MK, but there are plenty of vacant areas, and I know this from the experience of actually working there!

Thanx for listening to my story!
From: Wendi Dunlap-Simpson <>

If today's little kids aren't interested in Toad, then how come the Toad ride always has such a huge line?
From: Dr. Stephen J. Murrell <>

Keep Mr. Toad. Disney's Pooh cartoons are rubbish, even the nieces won't watch them and they'll watch anything. Why does Christopher Robin sound like Huckleberry Finn? Why does Eeyore sound like the appallingly nice old coots with white beards and stubborn donkeys, who always used to find their ways into the peculiar adventure films about families that somehow got stranded in a log cabin in Montana or wherever? They mix up stories and bastardise the characters. Never mind about Walt must be rolling in his ice cube, A. A. must be spinning in his grave. Furthermore, Small World is too frightening.
From: Jennifer Fleming <>

Save Mr. Toad!

I can't believe the Toad may go!!
From: could you change Toad Hall to anything else? I love that cute building! If anything, maybe they could update Mr Toad a bit, I mean as much as I love the ride, you have to admit it's not exactly up to date. I would like a Pooh ride but anyway I don't think Fantasyland is really an appropriate place... Add not subtract!
From: Stanislaus P. Noga <>

I was born in 1976 and have been going to Disney World every year for a week since I was 8 months old. Every time I go I ride MTWR not just once, but several times, because I enjoy it. I am 21 and do not want to imagine a MK w/out the Toad. My dad and mom have been going since the park opened, and when my dad saw that 20K was closed for good he was upset. I do not want to see one of my favorites closed.

Disney believes that word of mouth and positive guest experience is the building block of their empire. Well I hope they are tapped into this site because the people that want to keep Toad alive are a lot stronger and numerous than the Southern Baptists. I am not suggesting that we would boycott, not by any stretch of the imagination would I want to do that. I am just saying that I think we are a large group of " guests" who want Disney to do something to make our visits magical! It is simple, keep us happy and keep the Toad in the MK.
From: Amy V. <>

I think WDW needs to keep Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. It's not one of the most elaborate rides in the park, but it's always fun, nevertheless. I last visited the Magic Kingdom about a year ago (also visited EPCOT this past spring). It happened to rain that day & I was quite anxious to go on Mr. Toad later that night. In my rush to get into the car, I slipped on the wet step & whacked my knee...ended up with a nice bruise the following day. Nevertheless, I had fun as always on that zany ride...and I always ride both sides of it.

As much as I love the Pooh Bear characters (especially Tigger), I would sorely miss Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. I think maybe a ride through the 100 Acre Wood would be cute (as I mentioned, I *love* Tigger), but WDW shouldn't have to get rid of a classic. Maybe they could use some of the area by Mickey's Toontown (or whatever it's called now)? Like Walt said many years ago (has it really been that long?)...the land in Florida is so big that it should be able to hold ALL of WDW's visions.
From: Capt. Speed <>

Why not put the Pooh ride in the Peter Pan ride? That one is rather silly. Toad deserves to live! Wonder what Walt's decision would be? Probably rather than kill another attraction, why not build another land? There seems to be some space behind the Haunted Mansion and Skyride.
From: R and E Sanford <>

KEEP MR. TOAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

{{{{{{{{{{{MR. TOAD'S RIDE RULES}}}}}}}}}}}
From: Daniel Hayes <>

I have always loved Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. Ever since I was five every year we went to Walt Disney World and we could not leave without going on that ride a least once, It's a tradition. Last year I took my brother on for the first time and he loved it. (Of course I told him he was really driving). This ride is fantastic and a Winnie the Pooh ride could never take its place.
From: Brad <>

"Here in Florida, we have something special we never enjoyed at Disneyland...the blessing of size. There's enough land here to hold ALL the ideas and plans we can possibly imagine" -Walt Disney.

Put Pooh somewhere else, keep Mr Toad, Please.
From: Kenny Stewart <>

As one of the opening day cast at WDW, I say without reservation that MTWR is a true classic in every sense. As a former child I say that when my father took us to Disneyland CA that no visit was complete without a visit to MTWR.

MTWR is not a horror story. It is a morality play that even small children understand - scary? Yes, a bit. But hey... I made it past those little rubber devils and back to the real world every time - and the real world is a much scarier place than MTWR these days.
From: Erin Prosser <>

My earliest memory of WDW is going on MTWR with my dad...not only would the removal be a tragedy to those who have never been able to experience this ride of rides, but would considerably alter and damage my view of WDW forever. Destroying MTWR would take away part of my childhood. Preserve Mr. Toad's Wild Ride!
From: Jim Graham <>

Although I cannot remember my first trip to Disney mother explains that I was frightened by the bright light in the tunnel simulating the train in the Mr. Toad's Wild Ride....although at the time (which I can't remember) I probably hated the is a part of me and no trip to the Magic Kingdom is complete without a ride with Mr. Toad......Removing Mr. Toad is the equivalent of removing part of Walt Disney.

From: Keith Borgen <>

You know it's funny. I don't even like Mr Toad that much (although my mom--even pushing 60--LOVES it), BUT I suppose it's more of a principle thing. The majority of the people writing here have elevated Mr Toad to icon status, sort of a symbol, something they think of when they think of Walt Disney World.

Now me, I don't think of that ride at all, really. But I do have my icons (Haunted Mansion and the Main Street Electrical Parade). I've already lost one of those, and losing the other would KILL me. I suspect most of you feel the same way about MTWR as I do about HM. I'd feel the same way if they discussed tearing down HM (and I'm sure someday they will) and that's why I'm opposed to the change.

Because MTWR, and more accurately, what it represents to those writing the scores of letters, are what Disney is all about. It's that *magic* that captures the essence of our childhoods or whatever that makes Disney special. Universal can't hold a candle to that.

I'm sure there's a better place for Pooh. Let's keep trying. Disney'll find a better way. They always do.

As long as they don't tear down Haunted Mansion to do it.
From: The Ross Family of New Jersey <>

From: Sarani Gaines <>

Please do not remove Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. It is a classic Disney feature and the park just would not be the same with out it.

I am very disappointed that you keep removing the classics. You have already taken away the electrical parade. Although the replacement was cute, it didn't measure up to it's predecessor. Please do not do the same with Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. I feel like you are disrupting all of my childhood memories by removing so many features we all love and have grown up with.

Warts and all Toad's still the man.
From: Andrew Bruce <>

Despite the massive corporate success of the Disney Corporation in recent years, there are still things about WDW that make it special and keep it from being "just another" huge theme park, that give it, dare I say, a certain "magic," a certain sense of history, that make people want to bring their kids there from all over the country (and the world) decades after first going there themselves. People don't have such a sense of loyalty, for instance, to Six Flags parks.

Going to Disney World is more than just another vacation for most people. I can just imagine how someone would feel after bringing their family thousands of miles to find that one of the intended highlights of their trip, imbued with fond personal memories, had been destroyed in the name of "progress." It would be like tearing out a piece of their soul. It would be like going to Philadelphia and finding that the Liberty Bell had been permanently removed, like making the pilgrimage to Mecca and finding that the sacred black rock in the Kaaba wasn't there any longer.

Certainly Disney has every right to operate as a profit-seeking corporation and to expect Disney World to be as profitable as possible. But it does seem to me that by removing those things that make WDW unique and special, they are diluting rather than enhancing the value of that asset, and of the Disney name in general.

Any theme park in the world can build a Pooh ride (or something comparable) that is just as good and just as attractive as Disney's, but no one can build the equivalent of Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, because its value is more than that of merely the physical structure itself. It has value not only because it is a great ride, but because it is "*that ride* that I went on at Disney World when I was a kid." And a new ride, even a new ride "just as good," doesn't have that sort of cachet, that kind of goodwill associated with it, and can't have it, at least not for decades.

We live in a world where so much changes so fast that it makes most of us dizzy. In such a world, things that give us a sense of stability, of continuity, of tradition, of history become valuable. Mr. Toad's Wild Ride is such a thing and I don't think it Machiavellian to suggest that it may ultimately be in the best interests of Disney's bottom line to preserve such assets and thereby serve the values they represent.

Mr. Toad's ride is more than a mere theme park ride. It is a cultural artifact, of a sort that many corporations would give their eyeteeth to possess. For Disney to squander an asset such as this would be both foolish and shortsighted. Disney did not get where it is today by being either of these things and I hope is not about to start now.

It was a damn good thing that Disney was never allowed to build the "American Experience Park" in Virginia. I'm afraid that much of our history is old and outdated. Compared to the Civil War, Mr. Toad's Wild Ride is practically brand new!

Mr. Toad's Wild Ride has become an American icon. More so than any of the rides at Disney. How many times has a person referred to a particular driving experience as "Mr. Toad's Wild Ride", or the driver refered to as Mr. Toad. When was the last time you ever heard the Lion King quoted?

For years Disney has given its visitors what we wanted, why stop now? We want both Mr. Toad and Winnie the Pooh!

Mr. Toad's Wild Ride has been one of my favorite rides at WDW since I first went there when I was a kid in 1985. It has remained a favorite among my family and we would hate to see it go down to something like, Pooh.
From: Guy Conklin <>


I completely support Toad. It has been one of my favs since I first went to WDW. Always wished I could jump out of the car and just mess around inside Toad Hall for a little while.

There is plenty of room for the stupid Pooh thing somewhere else... Grand Prix and Toontown Fair come to mind... as well as "Snow White's Not As Scary As It Used To Be Adventures". Wouldn't cry if Small World went down either... well maybe I would cry out of happiness.

Long Live the Naked Chick in Winky's Bar!!!!
From: Doug Cooper <>

Thanks for having this site. And if we don't win we sure put up a heck of a fight.

!!!!!!!!!!!LONG LIVE TOAD!!!!!!!!!!LONG LIVE TOAD!!!!!!!!LONG LIVE TOAD!
From: Rich Smith III <>

Walt Disney's most sincere promise when dreaming and pursuing a place where Children and Parents can learn and have fun together, was that the magic place would never be finished, but rather a continuous work of progress (not his exact words, but my interpretation). I stand by the Walt Disney team in this concept, however, I also know that the first time I go to WDW and Mr. Toad is closed permanently, I know part of my childhood, adulthood fun, will pass with the loss of that great ride. I welcome the idea of a Winnie the Pooh attraction, however perhaps the space where the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea may be used for that attraction, and perhaps a couple others, space provided. Granted, I loved that attraction too, and it is too bad that it closed, however it did not have the tremendous appeal that I found in the whimsical Mr. Toad attraction. With more competition in Orlando, and Technology advancing, maybe the Imagineers should consider perhaps a technological superior Mr. Toad, as opposed to abandoning the theme entirely.

These are a few of my thoughts, hope they may be of some influence.
From: Jack Maguire <>

Save Mr. Toad!!!! Winnie-the-Pooh can can find somewhere else to stash his honey pot!

Save our Toad, please!
From: Linda J. Tomsho <>

If I see one more Pooh thing at WDW I will puke. The only thing worse is Dalmatians.

It's not that I really really hate Pooh, although I do resent a bit the cute-i-fication of the original characters. It's just that Pooh is becoming revoltingly ubiquitous at WDW, and I hate to see more "classic" stuff like 20K and Toad bulldozed to add attractions that are designed to take advantage of a current marketing campaign. I do hate the Dalmatians, though. Despite being a dog lover, I was extremely annoyed (as I often am) at the way everything at the parks was covered with spots last winter. Perhaps next they should knock down Walt's statue at the end of Main Street and replace it with one of Robin Williams in "Flubber."
From: Nick Morgan <>

Pooh is both a popular character now, and a classic. I would love to see a Pooh attraction. Having said that though, I would hate to lose Mr. Toad to accomplish that goal.

I can appriciate Disney's desire to construct a Pooh adventure, as he is very popular, and a ride based on his antics would be a HUGE hit w/children, and something parents would like to take their kids on. BUT! please don't sacrifice my favorite toad for Pooh!!! Riding "Toad" is one of my oldest childhood memories of Disneyland, from one of my first trips, around 1965. It scared the #@*! out of me then, and I still get a huge kick out of it. Only this year did I finally see Disney's Wind In The Willows which it was based on.
From: Claire <>

Save Mr. Toad!
From: Jacqui Miller <>

Please save this ride which is the first ride I ever rode at Disney World! I hope to make this my children's first ride too! Thanks!

A mother who lives out her childhood at Disney World!

Save Mr. Toad's Wild Ride!

The fact that Disney would even dream of taking this ride out of the park is absolutely unfathomable. It is one of the best rides in the whole godforsaken place (next to the Haunted Mansion, of course!) I first rode "Mr. Toad's" at the age of four and was completely beside myself!!! There is so much to look at!!! We always wanted to be in the cars that went to the left, for when you are just about to exit "the longer gallery room," you can catch a glimpse of your brother or sister in the car behind you as they enter the room. I surely will be sending as many snail mails to the top brass as possible. Kicking Mr. Toad's butt out would be a grave mistake.
From: glitter kitten <>

I think you should send suggestions to Walt Disney World to use the empty space at 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea for the new Pooh ride. This area, I noticed on my last visit to the Magic Kingdom, is empty, except for a hastily constructed character greeting area which seems more like the prized cow stalls from a state fair. The Pooh ride would do much better, and have more room at this location, rather than where the Mr. Toad's Wild Ride is. Also, I think the story of Wind in the Willows would be a great Saturday morning cartoon. I think this would create more interest in the story of Mr. Toad. The ride was always my favorite, since I was 4 years old.

From: Family Gascon/Caracas - Venezuela <>

We want to save Mr. Toad.
From: Amy (& Eeyore) <>

I am clearly a woman who loves all things Winnie the Pooh and I can't think of anything I'd like to see added to the Magic Kingdom than a Winnie the Pooh (& Eeyore) ride or attraction. But not at the expense of Mr. Toad's Wild Ride! It's one of my favorites. I rode it at least six times on my last trip, and I am well past 40 with no kids. It clearly has a broad appeal and should be saved.
From: Frank J. Penk, Jr. <>

Well, here goes "the Michael" again. First he took away my 20,000 Leagues, then battered and pillaged my wonderful Empress Lilly, bulldozed my lovely little Village and turned it into the Mall of the Americas, and now, Hey Mr. Toad you're outta here!

Draw the line. Save the Toad!!!

BTW, read an article today (11/9) about Universal Studios expanding, might need an alternative, and it's a couple of exits closer on I-4. It's tough to remember the magic when it keeps slipping away.
From: Melissa Hickson <>

I appreciate and support any efforts to save MTWR. What a great ride and one I remember from my childhood as I am now 35y/o. I agree that a WTP ride would be okay but not at the expense of Mr. Toad. If they think the ride is too scary for children then they should put an age restriction/recommendation on the ride. Don't ruin a legend; Mr. Toad deserves to live on to be enjoyed by others.
From: Marion Raiser <>

This ride has always been my son Christopher's favorite and I concur - SAVE MR. TOAD!!! I agree that Disney lately is favoring those who like thrill rides. Our family likes the story rides a great deal. No wild rollercoasters or Tower of Terror for me!

They need to expand the Magic Kingdom and Winnie the Pooh can be on the top of the list on new space.
From: Sharon Lucia <>

Thank you for your Save Mr. Toad's Wild Ride site! I proudly put your banner on my page today:

The Unofficial Walt Disney World Trivia Challenge.

My family loves MTWR!!
From: Art Collier <>

Let's see, close down 20K Under the Sea, rip out Toad . . . what else can be done to destroy Fantasyland? Oh, I have it! When they pull the "cake" off the castle why not level it and put in a new ride featuring one of Disney's most loved movies. They can blast the castle and leave a big crater. Perfect theme for "The Black Hole".

Alas, poor Rapunzel . . . you are for naught!
From: Jennifer A. Mandelion <>

"But Eeyore," said Pooh in distress, "what can we... I mean, how shall we... do you think if we?" "Yes," said Eeyore. "One of those would be just the thing. Thank you, Pooh."

Truthfully, this was taken from "The House At Pooh Corner" and is referring to the horrible dilemma Pooh was facing... how to get Eeyore out of the river. But I think Pooh would feel the same distress over this situation. That silly old bear would never tear down Toad Hall for his own benefit.

The 100 Acre Wood surely deserves a home in the Kingdom, but not at the expense of MTWR, The Grand Prix, 20,000 Leagues or any other WDW classic ride. Update your butt off if you want... but don't rip out such a wonderful wild ride!
From: Dan Reese <>

I was so intrigued by the talk of the (rumored?) demise of Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, I had to try it out for the first time last Monday, 11/3. After a 20 minute wait in line, we got in our little jalopy, not knowing what to expect. What we got was good, old fashioned fun (with a slight story line) that was over too quick! Now I know why everyone got off that ride with a big grin on their face.

I loved the Toad!
From: Ken & Sarah <>

...we've come to WDW several times over the years and the Toad ride is one of the fun and silly things to do. We don't have kids, but sometimes you just need to do silly things and this ride was one of them.

We've ridden Mr. Toad's Wild Ride several times this past week and have noticed something. EVERYBODY that comes off that ride is grinning or laughing. Isn't that what Walt Disney wanted his parks and rides to do - cause people to smile as a family? It would be a shame to dismantle this fun-filled ride. Part of the laughing and good times at Walt Disney World would also stop if the ride is eliminated.
From: Joe Black <>

I believe that Mr. Toad's Wild Ride is one of the last great bastions of the original Walt Disney World. This ride should remain as a historic piece for future generations to experience. Let's get real, if this ride goes, what's next, "Its A Small World". 20,000 Leagues is already lost, we cannot afford to lose yet another memorable ride, it would be like removing the Mona Lisa from her museum.

Mr. Toad is a great ride. Please don't give it up to someone with a name like Pooh!
From: Todd Puccio <>

Mr. Toad's Wild ride brings me smiles every time I come to Disney World.

There are only 2 rides that I insist on seeing each time I visit WDW. Haunted Mansion & Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. When I'm with friends they roll their eyes while we are in line, because I insist we go.

Then they come out laughing.

Mr. Toad's is a cartoonish alternative to all the serious, semi realistic rides. There are no animatronics to make you say, "How real." No singing animals, holograms, or boring narrator. It's just plain fun.

I love Winnie the Pooh & Tigger Too - a ride for them would be great. Just not a replacement for Mr. Toad.

I have _never_ seen "The Wind in the Willows". I just love the ride.
From: Ross Plesset <>

I'm glad your doing something about Mr. Toad. I thought most people were apathetic about it but I was wrong. I've already e-mailed a letter to WDW concerning this. With the prices Disney's charging they could certainly afford a new building for Winnie the Pooh. I could be very wrong but I think there is still space where Mickey Mouse Revue used to be which could house the Pooh attraction. Best of luck with your effort!
From: John Mauritz <>

I can't believe they feel they can just bulldoze memories. As for it not being up to date, what about Roger Rabbit's ride in Disneyland? Certainly if Mr. Toad was out dated, they should have never built Roger's ride! Why not just refurbish Mr. Toad, just like Disney has done with numerous other rides?

Don't take Mr. Toad's Wild Ride out of Fantasyland and make it just a fantasy!

I would like to add the voices of the 6 Gostigian family members who have visited WDW 35X over the past several years and ride Mr. Toad each time. It's time Disney listens to its guests and not ruin another ride. Keep Mr. Toad as is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
From: Dave Quiles <>

I agree that Mr. Toad should be saved...

I think that instead of totally demolishing it and putting in a Pooh ride (which it truly is...poo...) that Mr. Toad should get updated...convert the cut-outs into 3-D animatronics...make it a bit more crazy... perhaps even use the Roger Rabbit Ride technology in it...but not make a stupid Winnie the Pooh ride...that's a bunch of crap...that's what I think...
From: Sarah Kennedy <>

Mr. Toad is more than a great ride, it is a piece of Disney History. My father often tells stories from a trip to Anaheim he took with his folks and how he went to Disneyland before its official opening. Not many rides were complete or operational but the greatest ride in history was and I know I would be as disappointed as my father if it was put out to pasture.
From: Christopher Mattson <>

Thanks for creating this great page. It is definitely needed. The chance of losing such a fun ride is bad enough, but it is more than that. Mr. Toad is a piece of Disney history and it would be too bad to see it leave. One of the best things about WDW, from Walt himself, was the blessing of size. I'm sure that there must be a way to do the Pooh ride (which is a great idea) in a different place without killing such a great ride.
From: Bob Herbst <>

From: Dan Steinberg <>

You *know* it's bad when you go into your local Barnes & Noble and find - in the "Business Management" section - several different "Management According to Pooh" books. Enough already!
From: Jonathan L. Rolfe <>

It's bad enough they stopped the 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea ride, and put Captain Nemo in the unemployment line. At least they had a three-letter environmental agency to blame that on. But Mister Toad's Wild Ride requires a miniscule amount of real estate and maintenance. It's an old ride, but then, we have been going there for decades, and so are we. And now, with Retro being in, it's even more enjoyable to see a rather hokey little ride without the Hi-Tech multimedia extravaganza. We can get all of that we want everywhere else. Mister Toad's Wild Ride is a goof, and perfectly in keeping with the Magic. Like most huge organizations, Disney must learn to stop fixing things that are not broken, and stop tampering with their own success.

The bottom line is there are _LINES_ in front of this ride, and if it is necessary for us to have to explain what this means to their MBA's, then we shall.
From: Martin T. Pierro <>

As a child my Grandmother (passed away 4 years ago) and Grandfather (passed away this year) would take me to Disney World we would ride the Haunted Mansion and make believe that ghosts were real and that we would have one with us after the ride, but it was all in fun. Now when I wanted a thrill they would take me on Mr. Toad's Wild Ride (I was far too young for Space Mountain - Big Thunder and Splash were not open yet), they would tell me that I would be driving the car and to look out for where I was going, it was quite a rush for a little boy. As I got older I started to find the ride lame and yes I had started to wish they would update or replace ther ride, until last year. Last year I took my son on Mr. Toad and did the same as my grandfather and grandmother did, I told him he was in control of the car to >LOOK OUT!!< it was great, he loved it and it brought me full circle and this is why I feel that some things at Disney should be left alone. I think that a Pooh ride would be great but don't take out one of the only thrill rides for small kids. Why not put Pooh over in the old 20,000 Leagues building, I think it's still vacant.

I loved Mr. Toad's Wild Ride when I first visited Disney World in fifth grade. I had read and loved The Wind in the Willows and had especially looked forward to that ride. When returning to Disney World two years ago at age 26, my fiance and I rode Mr. Toad's Wild ride three times. The cars are cool and the ride brought us both back to our childhoods. I agree that Winnie the Pooh also belongs in the park, but not in place of Mr. Toad!!
From: Jonathan "Lone^Wolf" Campbell <>

Winnie the Pooh is no role model for kids, as I have said in the past he is a selfish bear, who when invited to a best friend luncheon at Piglet's house, brought honey as a gift but forgot to let Piglet even have any. He acts overly nice and I feel that if a kid is caught in the clutches of him it will turn to things possibly worse (Tickle Me Elmo/Barney). Toad on the other hand is a great role model for kids, he is adventuresome. Sure he brings his friends into the troubles that he gets into, but he doesn't do it for selfish reasons, only to bring adventure to their lives. And besides his [Thad's] supporting cast doesn't include a crazy tiger that can do everything as "his best". It's my impression that Thad is a true symbol of the American dream, he lives the way most of us (in our subconscious minds) would like to live, footloose and care free. If Toad's Wild Ride is taken away, a piece of all of us is taken away and replaced with a kinder, gentler, foolish thing that will cause the warm fuzzies in your tummy to manifest itself into projectile vomit. Just remember that, and save Mr. Toad's Wild Ride!

Viva La Toad.
From: Chris Caines <>

Gotta keep the toad. It was bad enough when the ride was rehabbed for a 4 seat car and the tunnel bumps were removed.... but to COMPLETELY remove Toad is absolutely insane.

If you want to remove a useless and dangerous attraction that is not enviromentally friendly, get rid of the stupid Grand Prix Raceway. That is nothing but a waste of space. If kids want to pretend they are driving..let them ride TOAD!! Much more exciting than puttering around. You crash through buildings, haystacks, fireplaces, walls, jails, EVERYTHING on TOAD! The only exciting thing on grand prix is the "Please do not bump the car ahead" in multiple languages. Toad is a classic. It could be updated with newer effects and be fine... but dont take it out for a trendy POOH ride... BLEAH.

Besides... on TOAD you are only in Hell for a few seconds. On It's a Small World, you are in hell for hours (or so it seems).
From: Anne Prybot <>

Even the fairly young (3 or 4) can appreciate much of Wind in the Willows. My son (when he was 7) and I read the book to each other and thoroughly enjoyed it --- of course he loved the parts where Toad's adventures in motor cars were mentioned since he had been on the attraction in WDW.

It seems to me that Disney is missing a wonderful opportunity here. The characters in the Wind in the Willows are among the most endearing in all of classic children's literature -- they are fully developed characters of individual personalities -- characters both children and adults can identify with and love.

Beyond the wonderful characters is the adventure. I certainly hope a "live action" version of the book is in the works. Mr. Toad's experiences with motor cars is but one of many themes from the book which today's audiences would find exciting. The reclaiming of Toad Hall from the weasels would have us all cheering for the good guys.

If there were Wind in the Willows merchandise available, I'd be very eager to buy it. While I do like Winnie the Pooh and his pals from the Hundred Acre Wood, I truly prefer Mole, Ratty, Badger and the wonderfully pompous Mr. Toad!
From: Sharon Zanfardino <>

Long live Mr. Toad!
From: Gail R <>

Save Mr. Toad!

No trip to WDW is complete without a few trips to "Nowhere in Particular." The Pooh ride sounds like younger kids - belongs in Toontown - it needs help!
From: Renee <>

Mr. Toad's Wild Ride is my favorite, and one of my few memorable experiences from when I was a child! I first went on it at age 5, when I went with my grandparents to DL at age 5. We just took my son for his 5th bday, and passed on the memory!!

Long Live Mr. Toad!!!
From: Ronn Roxburgh <>

My girlfriend and I travel from Vancouver, BC, CANADA to Disneyland and or Disneyworld every year (most years twice!). Our favorite 'lands' are FRONTIERLAND & TOMORROWLAND. We only venture into FANTASYLAND for "Peter Pan" & "Mr. Toad"... And "Mr. Toad's Wild Ride" is one of our favorite rides in the park, being a "never miss" ride for us!

Neither one of us is a BIG fan of Winnie the Pooh, although it might be fun to have a trip through the 100 Acre Woods. BUT NOT if it means removing a classic ride like Mr. Toad!

I think its a shame that DISNEY has started to remove anyting (20000 Legues Under the Sea / People Mover / and now possibly Mr. Toad) just because they are not part of the BIG money making machine that is popular right NOW. If they make a ride just because the character is popular today (ie Winnie the Pooh), there is nothing to say anyone will care about it tomorrow!

Stick with something that is a proven crowd pleaser. Keep "Mr. Toads Wild Ride".
From: Richard Silverman <>

Disney has always been a company that has stressed living up to it's historic legacy; however, it is not too good in fulfilling its own promises to do so. Mr. Toad should be spared. There is plenty of room on the property to do a Hundred Acre Wood attraction elsewhere. Mr. Toad is a Disney standard, a classic. What's next? Replacing the Jungle Cruise with a Jungle 2 Jungle ride because that movie is popular? It's ludicrous. Disney must be better at keeping a level eye on the future as well as the past or people will turn away from it.
From: John Lefante <>

I don't know what the heck Disney thinks they're doing to the theme parks, but I don't like it. Why would they get rid of a Fantasyland staple to put in a Winnie the Pooh ride?

Don't get me wrong, I think something with Winnie the Pooh would be great, and it would go along with my feelings that Disney needs to put more DISNEY related attractions in the park. But not by sacrificing attractions that are already there.

Mr. Toad is one of my favorite rides in Fantasyland (right after Peter Pan). I think those of you who agree with me need to make sure Disney knows that we don't like the direction the park is taking. I would LOVE to see a Winnie the Pooh attraction in Fantasyland. He is one of Disney's most loved characters and deserves a place in the park. But WDI needs to find a better place to put it then destroying a park asset like Mr. Toad's Wild Ride.
From: Rastus O'Ginga <>

Come on, WDW already removed Snow White's Scary Adventure. Sure, there is still a ride there called that, but it is no where close to what it used to be. They should get rid of that ride and keep Toad. Disney obviously does not care about keeping the old rides.

I just don't get why Disney feels like it needs to close MTWR. I don't know how it is for you guys, but when I got there's always at least a 20 minute wait. Plenty of time to get "Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily to know where in particular" in my head for the rest of the day. If the wait isn't longer than 45 minutes, does that mean the ride isn't popular enough? Of course, the last time I was there was June '97, so it was a peak time for crowds. Still I think it's popular enough to keep it around for a while.

We also LOVE Mr Toad. A short but so fun ride! PLEASE don't replace it. With all the room these WDW people have you would think they can leave up some attractions that people really love (like Horizons) & still add a new ride, like the Space whatever...and the Pooh whatever. Both these new attractions sound like they can be enjoyable but we want the old rides to remain...

As someone who has been going to Mr. Toad since its birth I do not want to see it die such a young death.

Pooh would be a very nice, attractive ride, I'm sure. But why does it have to replace Mr. Toad? Let's have both. Walt made sure there was plenty of land just for problems like this. Save Mr. Toad, build Pooh.!~!~!~!~!

From: Juan F. Lara <>

I haven't been to the Magic Kingdom since 1987. But back then I thought "Mr. Toad's Wild Ride" was a ride I particularly liked. Where else in the Kingdom could you get killed and go to Hell? :-)
From: Ed <>

...this ride is a classic. What should be done is refresh the ride as was done with the "Snow White" ride. The other option is to add another ride or change the Dreamflight ride. I hope Disney has the sense not to take away a classic ride but to add other ones.
From: Robert Hargrove <>

I can't recall ever having seen Mr. Toad at the park. It's appalling! He could be available for autographs as the people stand in line. ... We could also tie Pooh to the railroad tracks inside too, but that might be a last resort... ;>
From: Charlie Scheer <>

Seriously, save Mr. Toad, my youngest's favorite ride.

+ Could we possibly combine Test Track with MTWR? (A marriage made in heaven, in my muddled mind!)

+ Or, how about a compromise? One half the attraction is Toad, the other half is Pooh?
From: Guy Mockelman <>

My kids like it and so do the adults in our family. ... Our kids liked the video as well.
From: Kenneth Smith <>

Toad Rules! All Hail Toad!

My question is why the heck do they have to yank Mr. Toad. They could bulldoze that horrible ToonTown Fair, and put in a whole 100 Aker Wood!! You could have all the characters houses, and a ride!
From: Al Lutz <>

With all the other rides they could replace or redo they chose Toad. Why not get rid of that Lion King Theater? Or update the area where 20,000 Leagues doesn't run anymore. That would be IMPROVING the Fantasyland area. Instead they want to take a favorite out, [the ridership is VERY high for this attraction] because of a current fad, and because it is a cheap way to go.

That ain't improvement.

No one is upset at change, the parks would die without it. But it's the QUALITY of that change that is the question here. Plus they are blowing off what a huge audience already enjoys.

Since Toad is so much larger in WDW, they COULD halve the attraction, make a single track's worth of stuff and STILL put in Pooh, maybe even over two stories as was done with Alice and Toad here in Anaheim. [Alice is for a good part of the ride built over the Toad attraction.]

But then that would cost money - and heavens forbid they would want to make an investment in something that could stay up say oh... 40 years. WDW should be a place where everyone can enjoy something, not just a few.

If they need a Pooh attraction, so most probably they can put in a shop btw, then fine, why not remodel Fantasyland there in WDW which needs it so badly and fit it in along with everything else. A LOT of folks ride and like Toad, they shouldn't be blown off.
From: Nick Morgan <>

Jeez, I hope DL has not targeted Mr. Toad. It is one of our favs.

The last two times we were at Disneyland my youngest was 6 and 7, respectively, and both years he didn't want much to do with Snow White and Pinocchio, not because they're scarier than the others, I think, just that he prefers the other "dark" rides and thinks that the three of them are enough. "Now let's do Pirates!" seems to be his attitude after he disembarks from Pan/Toad/and Alice. ... At WDW last spring, by the way, Pan and Toad seemed to be more than enough for my youngest boy as well as my two young nieces.
From: Chris <>

Is this Disney's new way to save money? Shut down the rides that work (Toad) and build new rides that will never open (Test Track)? Savings in electricity, employment pay, building cost, maintenance, etc.)

Currently am working on an ed. for the Orlando Sentinel to save Mr. Toad.
From: Kyle Neal <>

Just who do these f#@*ers think they are? They didn't invent Toad, they only used the story to make people happy. If this made children and adults so happy, for so many years, what the hell do they think is going to happen when they get rid of Toad?

Walt must be rolling in his grave. If only his brother would have had more b#@*s, the evil one M.E. may never have gained control and plundered Disney for hundreds of millions of dollars. This is one time I want to believe in a higher being, such that he can be made to suffer in the hereafter, f#@*er.

My daughter was a preemie and in the hospital for quite a while after birth. I read "Wind in the Willows" to her...
From: Michelle Saito <>

I like Pooh just as much as the next person, but enough is enough. And besides - the new series and movies bite.

This would be terrible. Don't mind a Pooh ride, but we MUST save Mr. Toad, the high point of a Disney visit.

I hate Winnie the Pooh (putting on asbestos undies) and think allotting *any* space to a ride based on that character is a waste of space.

Remember the old saying: Opinions are like ....
From: Chris Magner <>

As a huge WDW fan, over my last 7 trips I have been on MTWR at least 50 times. It is the ride I frequent the most. Why? Because it is FUN!

Don't get me wrong. I am a huge Pooh fan. Always have been, even before this Pooh revival took place. I don't like Tigger because he's today's hip Disney character. I always have. So, would I like to see a Pooh ride. Sure! BUT NOT ON TOP OF MR. TOAD!!!!!!!!!

Believe me, I've got my letter started.
From: Steve Denham <>

There is plenty of dead weight that could be changed, but Mr. Toad's Wild Ride does not fit that category, IN MY OPINION. Very few attractions in Fantasyland at MK actually cause me to laugh out loud every time I have ridden them, but MTWR fits that bill. Every time. The absurdity of the amphibian who becomes infatuated with every passing fancy and becomes obsessed with one (hmm, might there be a lesson in there someplace? OK, I'll spell out the analogy--Mr. Toad=The Disney Co., and motorcar=Pooh). The hilarious consequences of this obsession. Plus there are Weasels.

Go back to MTWR, and observe what happens on more than just the surface level. And when you hear the middle-aged guy in the car named Badger laughing, you'll know I was there, as well.
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