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From: Michael J. Launay <>

I don't know if you are still accepting comments about Mr. Toad's Wild Ride in Disney World. I see by your site that it has been closed for almost two years. I was absolutely shocked to see it was gone! Although I have been going down to Disney World since 1982, it was only when I brought my son at age 5 in 1992 that I first went on the ride for him. We both loved it and I will never forget the way he laughed from the beginning to the end. It was not till the next day that we accidently discovered that the two sides provided different rides. We went back three years later, and although I thought he might feel he was too old for Mr. Toad, he couldn't wait. Again he laughed from start to finish and we repeated the trip four times in the next few days. I wish I had known of its imminent closing and your crusade to save it, though it probably would have made very little difference. You fought the good fight; too bad the b@$%*#&s won!
From: Steve Tuorto <>

Suggestion why not re-energize your campaign for mr toad by altering it to BRING BACK Mr. Toad.

As you know this is a pattern for the disney Company after Walt's death. Not to say that attractions didn't close in the past, however I don't think they were "loved" as the ones that followed under Eisner's reign. I do remember there was a BIG deal made out of the shutting down of the 3D film that played in Journey (Magic Journeys) and disney backed down and put it on main street in the magic kindgom. (I loved that film). Of course it's now gone. For the same reason that they have sent loved attractions over seas to meet contract commitments they do ever thing to maximize profit potential. Why build a new building or build a new attraction when we can ship this one somewhere else and use the space. Surprised Mr Toad hasn't shown up at a six flags or sold piece by piece to collectors. They only way they will change is if they see it in the bottom line...this is the only ONLY thing the Michael Eisner's of the world respect. Keep the pressure up...if not for this situation it may make them think twice in the future.

Just returned from WDW. The Pooh ride stinks. It even bored my 4 year old granddaughter. Toad rules. Toad needs to be reinstated. Disney has lost its imagination. Wish I'd found your website sooner. I'd have voted for Toad 100%.
From: Don W. <>

How could anyone possibly think the winnie the pooh ride comes close to being near as good as Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. If I were them, I'd take out something dumb, like the hall of presidents, or Tom Sawyer's island. Disney takes out way too many classics such as the Enchanted Tiki room, Dream Flight, and Spectromagic.
From: The ENAK <>

A year ago, I was at Disney World... the first week that Winnie the Pooh's ride opened. And I went to it.. and for a full 45 minutes in line, I WAS Mr. Toad. This 6'4" guy was hunched over doing Mr. Toad the entire time, interacting with children in line, adults in line... It was great. I have a background in theatre, so it was very natural, and very convincing. I talked as if I was Mr. Toad and how sad I was to be kicked out of my home AGAIN.

I could go on and on about what I did, but just use your imagination. You name it, I did it in that line... I was afraid i was going to get thrown out of the park... but everybody took it in good humor.
From: Rebecca L. VanPatten <>

Just got back from Disney...

I walked with my head hung low by what was formerly known as Toad Hall. I coudn't even bring myself to ride the Pooh ride that so sadly replaced such an important part of my childhood. If they really needed to replace something, why not the Hall of Presidents (does anyone actually sit through that thing anyway?)

What's next? Replacing Space Mountain? Pirates? Haunted Mansion?

Let's destroy all the classics... isn't that what dear old Walt would have wanted?

I dont know what to say. Mr Toads Wild Ride was my favorite. I cried when i heard about toad. Pooh is great do not blame him. I used to think Disney was perfect but when i heard about your final chapter i realized Disney was not as magic as it claimed.

I think it would be absolutely horrible for Walt Disney World to destroy Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. I can't even begin to comprehend it. The only theme park that Disney will have left to visit to gain the true Disney experience will be Disneyland. I think that they should leave the classics alone and add the Pooh ride somewhere else--like they don't have enough room.
From: CSE <>

I loved your website...and so too lament the passing of JTT...

I have an old Land Rover...toad green...license "WYLDRYD"...
From: Andra Chumas <>

I just returned from Disney World tonight. I had not been there since the closing of dear Toad. I debated about going on The Many Adventures Of Winnie The Pooh for quite some time as I am a big Pooh fan. I decided to give the ride a chance. The ride is good but in my opinion, Mr. Toads Wild Ride was better. I guess I would encourage those of you who want to give the ride a try to do so. The bad side of the ride is the dump at the end into the gift shop. If you are going to ride Pooh, don't give in to buying merchandise from the Pooh Shop. For big Pooh fans: There is an all Pooh Shop at Downtown Disney called Poohs Thoughtful Spot, try there instead.
From: Chris Haskins <>

I'm glad I found some people that feel the same way about the Mr. Toads Wild Ride. I've been going too Disney World since the age of 5 that was in 1975 I recently went Thanksgiving weekend 1999 and what a s--t experience it sure did suck !! No Mr. Toad what the f--k!! What about the New Tomorrowland look's f--king silly ....... el crap-o......dodo. I even think Mr. Walt Disney would think the same. I heard they where turning the Haunted Mansion into a karaoke bar.

When was the last time Eisner rode one of the rides in the park? C'mon Mikey... Give the customers their do, keep the Toad and dump the Pooh!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think Mr. toads ride is the best or close to the best ride in Disney World, even though i only rode it once! why can't they just tear do a restrauant or put it where 20000 leagues under the sea was, or they could put it in an empty space duh?! Like they don't already have enough of that!,The toads memory will last let's hope it' will not just be a memory-

From: Aaron Bodtcher <>

Thanks so much for your efforts and site. I sent the following letter to Ms. Disney Miller and thought I would pass it along to you. Basically, I think if Disney wants to replace all the old rides, I think they should. IF they will create a NEW place to put the old stuff. A museum park for Toad, Horizons, Submarines, Tiki Room and any thing else that is discarded by the parks.

I would like to send this to the attention of Diane Disney Miller: I am sitting here at work hoping no one comes by my desk, because tears are streaming dowm my cheeks. I just read through Walt's story on my lunch break and once again am filled with feeling toward your father. I feel about him as if he were a part of my family. For some time now I have been wondering about a way to keep alive some of the childhood memories many of us have about your father and his creations, and a search led me to the Family Museum site. Having already lost such things as Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, I have been wondering if there isn't a way, or possibly a place, that these things could be preserved. A museum park, Disney Island if you will, could be a wonderful way to preserve rides, props, and memorabelia that the Parks deem no longer usable. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a place where trains, the submarine ride, Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, the Tom Sawyer Rafts, the Tiki Room and others could have a home? A place where so very many of us who want so desperately to hang on the memory of what Walter Disney did and dreamed could experience these memories with our children? Rather than scrap these wonderful old rides and memories, isn't there a way for us to preserve them? If you could tell me who I might talk to about this, please let me know.

Thank you so much.

Aaron Bodtcher

From: Richard Tingle <>

It's not easy being green and I'm fairly upset I was never able to get one last ride of Toad - which was my favorite ride.
From: Jeremy Fassler <>

I have been viewing your site alot lately. I'm here listening to the song on my computer as I write you this letter. I wish Toad was still there! If it was, I would go a million times. I also love the video you made with the parts of the ride like the Ice guy, and the Chicken coop. The site is excellent.
From: Alex <

I returned from the Walt Disney World Resort. I have been a toad supporter from the begining. When I went for the millenium I knew I would have to face pooh because my sister likes him. While my parents and her went on I waited to the side. The lady there was like why don't you want to go on. I go I'm a toad supporter and she was like Oh. Then a guy working there asked me the same question and I replied the same. He was like good for you. So anyway we were walking down main street and we went into this building and there were two toad cars there. I have pics. of it. It was a great sight.
From: Donna <>

I am quite sure no one ever thanks you enough for fighting the fight and continuing to update us on Toad memorabelia and events. So, in light of this oversight, I would like to thank you. Even though we lost the ride, I still enjoy knowing there are others out there who miss the experience.

From: Marie Stevens <>

Thank you very much for the effort you have put into your webpage about Mr. Toad. I managed to get a video copy of "The Wind in the Willows", but it took me two weeks only to locate a company that sells the video. I think it is really a shame because the film is absolutely wonderful and could become a big success if only...

I think you have done a wonderful job and I really, really hope that you will get somewhere with it.

How could you??? Everone I know loves Mr. Toad, AND his wild ride! I even named my son THADDEUS! Just a coincidence you say? Well... how many other kids have been named that? Come on guys, bring the ride back... Pooh and Mr. Toad can live together, why not let them!
From: Derek Spain <>

It's been some time since I've reviewed your site, but my recent trip reminded me of the loss.

Thank you for taking a stand and making one hell of an effort (yeah I know - just words...).
From: William Moorhouse <>

i'm devastated that it's gone.

thanks for trying.
From: Anonymous <address withheld by request>

I've consistently enjoyed Disneyland over DW's Magic Kingdom primarily because of the classic rides. There is something about history, about seeing the spots that Walt Disney used to stand in front of on his old TV show, seeing Wally Boag at the Golden Horseshoe with the steamboat horn going off in the distance. I remember the Haunted Mansion sitting closed for years and years during the sixties (it truly seemed haunted!)gPrior to it actually becoming a ride it was first a breakfast house sponsored by the local egg association and then a pancake house. When the pancake house moved across the street it sat closed with an announcement that it would open as the Haunted Mansion. It sat unopened during the sixties and we as kids used to sneak in the fence and try to peak in the windows without an employee finding us. We never saw anything inside but had fun trying. One time a Disney employee had hid behind a tree and began moaning and we thought we had actually discovered ghosts. The employee scared us by jumping out and we ran like the dickens. We couldn't find our way out and our hearts were pumping faster than ever in our lives. Today parents would look at that as an opportunity to sue. For us it was a memory to cherish. The employee turned out to actually be the employer ...Walt Disney himself. Looking back, he seemed to relish in the moment. History like that cannot be duplicated at EuroDisney.

It's A Small World has a magnificent structure with gold trim that rises at the end of a long avenue behind Fantasyland that was built to resemble the tower that stood in front of the ride when it debuted at the New York World's Fair. Remember the scene on TV where Walt Disney stood amongst a delegation of "children from around the world" pouring water into the "river?" There really is only one It's A Small World and it has to do with the building, the magical clock, the topiary, the history, and the people who have ridden it, not just the ride itself.

Some new attractions at least tried to update the old. Big Thunder replaced horse back riding (probably not appropriate today) and the mine train (based on the series of Disney nature short subjects it rambled through the Living Desert, Bear Country, Beaver Valley, and Olympic Elk). Big Thunder is faster, wilder, shorter, and less of an experience. Imagine replacing Pirates of the Caribbean with a Pirates Wet and Wild Water Slide and you'll get the idea. Big Thunder actually kept the old west town backdrop. If you look closely into the windows of the town buildings you might spot real live cats, descendants of cats brought to Disneyland Park in the fifties to keep the mice population down (don't tell Mickey!). Big Thunder was able to save some of the history.

Disneyland's original name was Disneyland Park, a peaceful place where families could have fun together. There were exciting attractions ("E" ticket rides) as well as educational exhibits (Moments with Mr. Lincoln, science exhibits, astronauts blasting off with jet packs) and peaceful attractions (motorboats, the steamboat, dixieland bands). Did you ever ride the Keelboats? It is such a charming, intimate ride complete with conversation with the "captain" as you cruise around the river, that you forget it is a ride and just enjoy the experience. Maybe kids don't connect that way anymore. Too bad. Who didn't enjoying playing "Indian" while paddling a canoe and looking out for ol' Davy Crocket on Mickey Mouse Club Island (later Tom Sawyer's Island). Ride? Virtual reality? It was reality! I don't think you could convince me that kids don't have fun doing that today.

Original Tomorrowland turned out TO BE tomorrow. It was the first place we saw monorails and people movers. It was the first place we saw the picture phone. Carousal of Progress was the first place we saw a VCR, refrigerator with water and ice in the door, and dimmer lights. It introduced us to Super Sonic air travel. What at New Tomorrowland do we expect to see applied to real life thirty years from now? Nothing. Because Walt hired real scientists, engineers, and futurists and Eisner hires amusement park and video game manufacturers. Have you been to Epcot? Walt Disney's "Community of Tomorrow" was suppose to be an actual living-working community not an amusement park. It's all video games now. George Lucas does not develop robots for practical use...he is a movie maker who markets cute robots for T-shirts. Walt Disney was a futurist who sought to educate as well as entertain. Michael Eisner is an entertainment mogul.

Tear down Mr. Toad's Wild Ride? Why not tear down all of Fantasyland? It's just a version of midway rides that used to populate the eastern seaboard the first quarter of the 1900's. Isn't that a merry-go-round in the center? Tsk. Tsk. So old-fashioned. But wait! Look at the kids. They're smiling, they're laughing, they're having a good time! And the rides don't even cost that much to make or operate. I wonder if kids from a hundred years ago could possibly have as much fun as kids today. They didn't have millions of dollars of entertainment. But those kids on the Carousel are. Do you think perhaps Master Pooh is replacing Mr. Toad because Master Pooh is more fun or do you think because Master Pooh is one of the biggest marketing tools today?

It's not about fun. It's about cross marketing. Disneyland Park had sponsors who showed up "World's Fair style" showing us what they invented. Disneyland Amusement Park has sponsors who show up "mall style" showing us what they have for sale.

I'm not buying. I'm content with my memories. I'm going to Knott's Berry Farm. What? They've been sold to an amusement park company too? Here we go again, I remember Knott's Berry Farm in the sixties...
From: Molly <address withheld by request>

I almost cried when I heard that they were going to replace my beloved toad with some dorky little Pooh ride. Nothings the matter with Pooh, I'm just a little upset with him for taking the place of the best kiddie ride ever created. You know what I mean? I'm not totally against Pooh, but I've decided to boycott the ride. Not all Pooh products, just the ride. I hope that maybe someday we will get our beloved Toad Hall back.
From: Bryan J. Bindman <>

Lately, every time I heard about Toad, I've been feeling a little down. I remember back in August of 1998, currently unaware that two of my fave rides would be closing forever. I looked for Mr. Toad, but for some reason, my instincts failed me. I went past him. I saw the teacups, I saw the lagoon, I saw the nearby stand, but I couldn't find the entrance with Toad's statue out in front. The annoying fact was that I had a feeling the whole time that they would probably close it down. I had a feeling, but I ignored it. I can't believe that an huge purple building in a very distinctive part of Fantasyland with a huge line out front was just disappeared. I don't remember much, but seeing the Teacups, and seeing a wall. And no, it could not have been a wall from Pooh, because this was a month before, and Mr. Toad was still in the guide (you'd think that they would at least put in "LAST MONTH OF OPERATION" or some sort of bull to warn all of us out there who didn't know). Now I have a damn pamplet from the last month of Toad's operations, wrecked from my riding BTM (what, are they going close that one down too? Huh? go ahead! try us!) and Splash Mountain. Then, when I arrived home and checked my computer in Sept, Mr. Toad and Journey into Imagination had closed. So when I went down to WDW this year, I said to myself "I'm going on all the Fantasyland rides ASAP. I stood in line for Snow White and Peter Pan, and the reopened Skyway (it wasn't opened in 98 for some reason when I went) which I knew were classic rides but could be closed at any moment. Then I went on Pooh. The ride was good, but I wish I could relive my very young years, especially the one moment I went on Mr. Toad. I remember doors flying open in the dark room, the antique cars roaming around, and of course the train light which I remember pretty good. These two images fly through my head, but they are not too vivid. Meanwhile, the only photo evidence is a pic of me when I was 6 at the wheel, and the a memory of the Wind in the Willows Mural. I know that if I could go back in time, I would go back to August 1998 and get on Toad and Journey before they closed forever. Now, I come to a close to ask this question: What Disney attraction is next? Snow White? Peter Pan? They destroyed Mr. Toad, Mr. Nemo (my fave too) and Mr. Dreamfinder (a personal fave for me which I also missed on the August 98. I was down in 99 and nobody could tell me anything about it.). I miss Toad by the day.. Thanks Figment for the memories, and thank you Mr. Nemo for all the memories...


These days I have a strong passion to re-create a Mr. Toad like experience. With the ride gone, I have picked up any Toad merchandise left at Disney. I even bought the video The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad and I enjoy watching it, seeing all the elements of the ride live in action and enjoy singing the "Nowhere in Particular" song in public. I have even taken the Motormania is NOT a Crime flyer and taped it to my car.

My next step: Painting my room to look like cheap blacklight hell from the last room on Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. I am planning on becoming a ride designer for Disney and hope to one day re-create a Toad-like experience featuring cheap tools yet having updated effects mixed in. I hope to create the ultimate dark ride experience but without the overload visual layout of Spider man at IOA, but include the charming and lovable characteristics of Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. While there is no substitute for the ride itself, I hope to revoke some memories.
From: Amy Schneider <>

I'll do anything possible to save Mr. Toad's Wild Ride! It was the best ride ever, and I hope with all my heart it comes back.
From: Chris Julian <>

Thanks for all you have done to preserve Walt's legacy!
From: Ricky <>

i was at disney world in august and rode mr toad's wild ride with the mindset that i would be able to ride it again next time i went... obviously i was wrong... i just went to your web page and found out about the terrible news... i am deeply saddened by it... mr toad's wild ride was one of the few ounces of pure excitement in disney world... i wish i had attended the toad-in... i would have stuck by you guys til the end... that's awful that winnie the pooh would replace such a classic ride...
From: John Bow <>

If I rode Mr. Toad for the last time and knew that I'd never see Toad Hall again, I would definitely cry too. Maybe when they take down the construction wall, they'll surprise us and have a whole new re-furbished Toad instead of Pooh! Maybe the whole thing was just a farce! That would be nice.

"We're merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily on our way to nowhere in particular..."

I read the final days of Mr. Toad and I was touched, it was one of the first rides me and my daughter went on alone (her mom was pissed, but oh well) any way if you could keep in informed I would appreciate it
From: Patricia McClain <>

I live in Surrey, B.C., Canada and I share your views on Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. I too feel that they should have left it alone and put the Winnie the Pooh ride elsewhere. The ride was such a fun, wacky ride and it made me laugh in all of the 4 times I've been to Disneyland. It makes me so angry what the head people at Disney have been doing to Disneyland. First they got rid of America Sings, then the Submarine Voyage, and now Mr. Toad's Wild Ride! If the head folks at Disney keep this up, the Disneyland we all know will be completely destroyed.I had hoped to be able to show my future kids (when I have them) the Disneyland I know and love, but at this rate I will have to tell them the Disneyland I knew doesn't exist anymore. And I agree with you that there are more important things than the almighty dollar. Walt Disney made Disneyland to be "The Happiest Place on Earth" not a temple dedicated to money. I think Walt would be rolling over in his grave if he knew what was being done to his Disneyland. I even sent an e-mail to Michael Eisner protesting what he has been doing to Disneyland, but I don't think he really read it because in his reply he made no comment on my protests and he even called my complaints about his having done away with the before-mentioned rides and my comments on the plans for the Haunted Mansion "suggestions". I really wish Michael Eisner and the other head folks at Disney would stop being so concerned with money and stop destroying Disneyland.
From: Matt <>

Your flyers of Tell Pooh to Go To Hell now adorn the door to my room. I believe this is the rightful home of Pooh, for I have never enjoyed Pooh or his 100 Acre wood friends.

Long Live Mr. Toad.
From: Chris Griggs <>

I am so glad to see what you have done to save Mr. Toad. It was my favorite ride. To this day.. just thinking about the experience brings a smile to my face. Today I found out that it was gone. A great injustice has been done, but I applaud you for all your efforts! I only wish that I knew of your campaign earlier. At least I can say that I was a passenger in his car and I was one of the fortunate people to experience his wild ride. Thanks for trying to save him.

Toad on!
From: A Disney Employee <address withheld by request>

I worked as a tour guide in the animation studios at MGM... in our break room there was a drawing someone made of a maniacal looking Pooh driving a steam roller, chasing Mr. Toad. There was lots of support from Cast Members for Mr. Toad.
From: Michael P. Kuzma <>

I was at the end of the left side. I was sure you were going to be there but I couldn't seem to identify exactly who you were. I truly thought that they would have had some ceremony similar to the Disney land one you mentioned. Oh well.

Your communication of that rainy afternoon was extremely accurate you seemed to capture the feelings that were in the air in your words. I chuckled also at the security people in the ride.

Very nice, professional, respectable effort you put forward!
From: Rob <>

well i couldnt make it for the Toad In, but i went down to the kingdom last saturday, and rode Pooh. For starters, they closed the ride for about a hour, while we were waiting on line, and some kid vomited while he was standing around. The entire atmosphere prob. made him sick... Anyways, all Pooh seems to be is a warm up for another merchandising ploy by disney. Get you into that Fat bear, and then force you to drag your kids through the shop before you exit. How SAD.

Long Live The Toad.
From: Stacy <>

We recently heard about Disney World ending Mr. Toad's Wild Ride and were very disappointed. My family and I loved it are sad to see how a wonderful ride can just be replaced by something new.

Thank you for all the time and effort you put into trying to save one of our favorites!
From: Robert M. Dowhan <>

Just came across your website and have to tell you that I really enjoyed reading the Toad Ins. I will miss Toad and we can only hope that there are no plans to close it at Disneyland. I am just sorry that I was not able to add my two cents prior to the closing but I am glad there was someone like you to protest.

Great site. I had no idea that happened and I feel the world has lost a great experience. How could they do that? Heaven forbid they should take out "It's a Small World," the ride of annoying music and toxic water but, oh no, let's take out a classic that's been here for almost three decades. Geez, I hate Disney for that.

All hope is not lost however, I went to Disneyland in L.A. in April of 1999 and the Wild Ride was in perfect working order. I rode it, completely ignorant of the fact that there was now one less of these rides in the world.

I empathise completley with you and your fellow supporters of the almighty Toad.
From: Kevin G. Welch <>

You've got a great website, and fought a wonderful cause.

I was wondering if you ever thought of trying to get a new Mr. Toad's Wild Ride built.
From: Kirk Boemmel <>

I would like to say that I've been to WDW only 3 times...twice in the past 2 years.

I only rode Toad once...I remember missing it in 1988...when I was only 12...and riding it 2 years was so fun! My girlfriend has never been to WDW so we were planning a trip for January of 2000 (it's been pushed back from September of 1999). I hyped her about Toad and she couldn't wait to ride it, or Figment for that matter too. They're GONE!!! Now she is a huge Pooh fan, but at the expense of Toad...NO WAY!!!

My son is very upset, that was his favorite ride. I didn't know Imagination was gone too. That stinks; he liked that too.
From: Lynn Lonergan <>

I miss Toad!! It was my daughter's favorite (left side) and she is 32 and still rode it whenever she went. I much prefer Milne's Pooh to Disney's; but that's another story!!

I saw some pics of the pooh ride and i think it sucks!

I think toad's wild ride was the best!
From: Christopher <>

Mr. Toad's Wild Ride is the first ride I ever remember going on. This site brought back these memories that have faded in the last year or so. When I was 4 I visited WDW twice and one of those times rode MTWR. Ever since then, even after the specific memories of the ride left me, I remembered a fantastic adventure with hairpin turns, rampaging through walls and into a TNT shed, and slamming head first into an oncoming train. I started to wonder if this was a dream I had come up with in my head, but after revisiting WDW several years ago I realized that Toad's was the ride I had dreamed of. I will sorely miss this fantastic journey.
From: Gregory Wright <>

I enjoyed reading your final toad-in report. It was very moving. Even though I have never been all that fond of the Toad ride, your diligence and dedication has given me a tremendous appreciation for this classic. I'm sad that I won't get to take another ride in it this holiday season.

At least the Toad building isn't meeting the pathetic fate of the subs. That big empty lagoon ticks me off everytime I see it. I got to ride the subs at Disneyland this summer, and now they're closed. Anyway, you have my undying respect for your efforts, and gratitude for sharing your exploits.
From: David Lee Goss <>

I want to thank you for all your efforts, successful or not. I wish I could have been there that last day to see The Ride, then you wouldn't have been the only one with tears in your eyes. At least from your efforts, many people got to see the ride and hopefully document it so we can relive the memories forever. I know that in a few years when we return to Disney World, I will not be in line for Pooh. If only somehow we could get GM to sponsor the new Pooh ride - that would be the kiss of death!! I can see the headlines now: "Pooh ride delayed again - citing safety concerns of honey pots hitting each other" or "Pooh still having problems - only 3 pots can run at once" or "Pooh ride - coming soon!" (whatever that means, a la Test Track)

Anyway, thanks for fighting the good fight, I hope you don't regret 1 minute of time spent fighting for The Ride. In my opinion, and surely many others, it was well worth it.
From: Sarah Szymankiewicz <>

I just got back from dworld today. I rode the winnie the poop ride on Friday. It really was pretty bad. The loading time was horrendously slow and when we finally got up to the front we had to ride hunny pots that we couldn't even steer. The bouncing that was supposed to be the best part just made me sea sick and the very beginning of the ride is really hot which stinks after being in line for so long. It was such a waste to remove toad for this. There is no suspense like the train or anything.
From: Jessica Roop <>

I used to live in Florida and I went to Disneyworld quite frequently and I'll have to say, Mr. Toad's Wild Ride was one of my favorites. It's a horrible shame that it was closed! I hope that somehow it will be revived. Who knows, maybe with all of the efforts, we'll get a new, better, Mr. Toads Wild Ride. :)
From: Johanne Kelly <>

I grew-up on Mr. Toad's Wild Ride and even had the chance to take my two boys on it. The were very upset about what happened to the ride. My mother was hurt also.
From: Fabrice Tombini <>

I do really want to save him : he's my favourite character in Disney World.

Thank U

You have my entire support
From: Jason Zeller <>

My mom and dad had their honeymoon at Walt Disney World back in the 70's and growing up I always heard that their favorite ride was Mr. Toad's Wild Ride,, well my family was kind enough to send me to Disney World for a week as a belated graduation present this fall,, and going down there I was looking forward to going on the tower of terror and all the other stuff,, but the one thing I was really looking forward to was Mr. Toad's Wild Ride,, all I had heard of it was stories my parents had told me,, needless to say when I finally got there and learned that there was no more Mr. Toad's... I was a little pissed!
From: Steve Meyer <>

I'd just like to say that this is a great thing that you're doing here. Keep up the good work :]
From: Brian Carlson <>

I was sad to hear on NPR that Mr. Toad's Wild Ride is indeed closing, TONIGHT. I thought Disney had changed its mind since I had heard nothing in some time.

I hope you enjoy your final ride. R.I.P. Mr. Toad!
From: A Disney Employee <address withheld by request>

I too miss the ride!

Since I've been working at Disney for the last eight years, lots of things have changed, and many of those changes are for the worst.
From: Brad Peach <>

Thanks so much for all your efforts. We are now anti-Pooh!
From: Josh Vetter <>

your page is great, its too bad they had to stop such a great ride.
From: Jonathan <>

I love and miss the toad! :-(
From: Janice <>

Why can't they just open a Pooh ride someplace else in the park? Build a new building. How about over in Mickey's Starland/Birthdayland/whatever it is now. They've got plenty of room. Tell me all those buildings are even needed over there.
From: Sam Irvin <>

I discovered your site only today. I wish I could have helped earlier!
From: Mary <>

Thanks, JT, for all your work. You are still right, it's Disney who's wrong.
From: Debra <>

I loved that ride so much. My brother and I got stuck on it once and we were talking. We got stuck on the part where you get run over by the train. My brother used to talk about it all the time, how much he loved the ride. He told me about the "final letter." It touched my heart when you described your experience. I admire you for still trying to the very end. Never change.
From: Timothy Houston <>

I am saddened to hear that they did decide to close the ride.

In our own way, we keep Toad alive!
From: Michelle Ousley <>

Hi. This is Michelle- my friends Sarah and Dikla, and I are on your web page-remember the "exuberant teenage girls" on May 17 on the bridge near Splash Mountain? Anyways, thanks for putting the picture up, and I'm very sorry and upset the ride closed. It was my favorite ride at Disney.

I never really thought they would actually take it down, and I was extremely upset when I checked your page and found out they had.
From: Shanda Campos <>

About a month ago my sister-in-law got engaged at Disneyland. Her fiancÚ wanted the moment to be memorable and chose to propose to her on Mr. Toad's Wild Ride.
From: Lea Montgomery <>

Thanks for fighting the good fight.....

Save Mr. Toad!
From: Claude Jaillet <>

i like that ride!
From: A Disney Employee <address withheld by request>

I think you did an awesome job with the whole "Save Toad" thing. I was working the Toad rotation during two of the toad-in's, and we really got a kick out of all of the protesters! Even the CM's that were glad to see Toad go thought it was really cool how devoted you guys were!

Great job and thanks again!
From: Eric Rzeszut <>

Love your site, growing up in Orlando, Mr. Toad was always one of my favorites.

Thanks for all your hard work.
From: Don R. <>

I too have become concerned at Disney's recent culture shift from family entertainment to political correctness and penny-pinching.

MTWR is certainly an adventure for the family. I didn't really get upset when I first read about the plan to close the attraction, but my feelings changed as I thought about the fun my family had in WDW, and especially the way the kids and my wife "carried-on" during the MTWR!

I truly hope the Disney suits find that they were in fact born with spines, and can embrace traditional entertainment (MTWR) without caving in to the potentially incremental dollars that a Pooh ride could bring in its place. Build Pooh in another spot in the park. There's room, just look around! They could even create a section of WDW themed after the "hundred acre woods" with several Pooh attractions. I'd really like to see that before the MTWR is touched.

Well, that venting felt good; so I won't even get into the politically correct caving-in Disney did on the Pirates ride!

Long live MTWR!!!
From: Thomas Cummins <>

Thank you for all your hard work. I just missed Toad's closing by 5 days (we planned the vacation a year before and could not change it). While riding in the sky ride over Mr. Toad, we could see roll-away dumpsters filled with the Toad decorations, mostly just the painted walls.

I have been to the MK many times and my wife thought I was a nut when I insisted on riding Mr. Toad on both sides on our last visit (1996). Little did I know that it would be my last time. By the way, Journey into the Imagination was my wife's favorite ride, so she will be in mouring also. Thank you again for your hard work and good luck.
From: James K. Smith <>

I just found out about the fate of J. Thaddeus from your website. I feel as though a close family friend has turned up in the obituaries. I first rode the toad in Anaheim in 1965. I grew up about 1 mile from the Harbor Blvd. gate and was quite the frequent visitor to the park in those days. Matterhorn schmatterhorn. Nothing could compare to the Toad. Even when the Pirates docked in '67, motormania was king. My family loves to recall when I recreated MTWR in our darkened garage for all the neighborhood kids. They were lined up to the end of the drive. If I had only sold C tickets.

I am saddened by the loss of this piece of magic at WDW. I guess I'll have to take my little girls to the coast to experience one of the great rides in Disney lore.

I commend your efforts to save this attraction.

Pooh doesn't even drive!
From: Christina Meagher <>

thanks for the effort
From: Bear Wolfpack <>

I live in the Puget Sound region and heard it announced on the radio Tuesday afternoon. I think the station was KIXI. Then didn't mention any one by name, but there was mention of Toad Ins, And even a mention about a plane with a banner. I haven't been paying attention to the TV lately, so am not sure if it's been on our local new yet.

My friends and I will miss Toady and his pals. We were hoping to be able to attend a Toad In during our up coming trip to WDW, but that's not til October. So we will have to wish Toady a fond farewell without having another ride. We would like to thank you for all your hard work and time in trying to save Toady.
From: Rachel <>

i wonder, will the same fate happen to the ride at disneyland? if so, i am on your band wagon! and why the heck cant we get t-shirts anymore? i would die for one. thanks!

it will be sad when i return to disney world for the first time since 92 and the toad isnt there - that was me & my best friends favorite ride and the first and the last we went on while there :-( thanks again
From: Kate Eddon <>

Can't believe Toad's Wild Ride is over. I've been frequenting it since 1977.

Wish I knew in time to petition.
From: Rose Ricciuto <>

Currently, Disney is only family friendly with the family's wallet. Bottom line is their prime concern which should be evident from the attitude of their employees. In 1982, I would have been happy to be hired as a post parade horse pooper scooper, but over the years I've decided not to even apply there cause things just ain't the same! If you get too big, too fast you forget where you came from. Don't know if Walt would've expanded so quickly and with such variety, but I often think he's rolling over in his cryogenic capsule. Although it's nice to leave reality behind from time to time, I often leave the MK with a feeling of sadness for how things used to be. That feeling extends to the touring public as well. Maybe the changes we feel are as much a result of the loss of common courtesy rampant in the world as in the greed of Mr. Eisner.

Damn me for not doing it earlier.. I have come to the conclusion that Disney could close any ride at anytime. I missed out on riding Mr. Toad at Disney in 98..back in August.. just a couple of weeks before it closed!!! The strange thing was.. I could not find it... I hate myself... I knew exactly where it was, and I could not find it!! Then it closed, and I hate myself. I haven't rode that ride in years.. All I have is a picture of me on it when I was six, in the car in the queue area, and I feel bad I missed my chance. Had I only looked harder..but anyway, I went back in 99. Pooh is great, but I miss Mr. Toad. So I went on Snow White and Peter Pan...Just in case any plans to replace them pop up...and seeing my fave lagoon sitting there too (you know the one) without a ride in it disappoints me.. I loved that ride too, and I hated going there in 95, finding it was closed and a damn character festival took its queue area... So I made sure this time I hit all the attractions just in case they decide to plow something else over...
From: Scott Machado <>

I'm a fellow Toad-man myself, and am "Shocked and Changrined" over this fiasco. I don't know how Pooh all of a sudden got SOOOOOOOO popular. Poof- Pooh everywhere!

Anyway, I firmly support your cause and, even though it's really too late.

Thanks for your time, and may Cyril Proudbottom gallop happily through our memories...
From: Christopher McGuirk <>

I think you did a great job in getting the word out about the dilemma with Disney and Mr. Toad. It's a shame to see such a great experience just let go to the curb like trash after so many fun filled years. It was my favorite ride also at Disney. I last experienced the ride on Sept. 6th. '98. I took lot's of picks of the ride and videotaped it also. I recently went to Disneyland in California, which still has Mr. Toad's Wild Ride,and a couple of employees said their's wasn't going to last too long either.I took lots of pictures of that ride also for my Mr. Toad Collection.
From: Paris CDA <>

The wild ride is the greatest dark ride ever.

I think you have done a good job trying to spare Mr. Toads life. I went to Disney over the weekend and it is just not the same without the Toad.

I think it's absurd to close this ride. With all the space Disney has they should build it somewhere else. I love Winnie the Pooh but I grew up with Mr. Toad!
From: Melissa Penkert <>

Thank you for sharing the Toad "Cause" with me. I have been to Disneyworld twice. I loved Toad. Be grateful you got to ride the last ride. I can't believe they are damning Figment too. My dear brother loved Figment.
From: John Cooper <>

I'd just like to say that I'll really miss that ride, it was the first I'd ever ridden at WDW
From: Eric Paddon <>

I first rode Mr. Toad's Wild Ride in 1975 when I was six. The thing that always frightened me the most wasn't Hell, but the train light rushing towards you just before. I used to get nightmares for years afterwards about being run over by trains, and for years afterwards I always shut my eyes at that part even when I was 21! Only by my last ride on Mr. Toad in 1993 did I finally conquer the old phobia.

Shame on Disney for severing another link to my childhood memories of trips down I-95 from New Jersey to Disney World in the 70s and cramped flights on defunct People's Express Airlines in the 80s and the joy of going to all my old favorites upon arrival. "If You Had Wings"--long gone. The Hall Of Presidents now defaced by the Clinton robot's speech. And now Mr. Toad. RIP old friend.

From: Robert Amar <>

They came for the Gypsies and I said nothing. They came for the Jews and I said nothing. The Catholics were next and nothing was said. Tiennamen Square came and went with no word. Mr. Toad was taken from WDW and voices came up. Please let even more voices sound out if Disneyland's Wild Ride is threatened !!! :-)

This Christmas, I visited the "Magic Kingdom." Upon arrival, I thought of all of the things I had done when I was four. One, that I most remember was the ride with the frogs, known as Mr. Toad. The day I went, I made it a priority to go on that ride first thing and sadly enough I arrived to find a Painted Fence saying "Soon to Come" Winnie the Pooh. It made me mad and I hope Disney will reconsider its destruction.
From: Terri Lyon <>

I'm so sad about Mr. Toad's Wild Ride.

My husband and I think Mr. Toad is the best ride at DisneyWorld and DisneyLand.
From: Jenna McFeely <>

From: Gil G. Silberman <>

My first Toad experience was about ten years ago, and it's left a big impression on me. Once, riding in the passenger seat of my then-girlfriend's giant old Buick, I told her she drove like Mr. Toad, and it sort of stuck. From then on, it wasn't as scary to let her drive as it had been before, because at least I had a way to think about it...

My wife and I went to Disney World not long after we got married. Having come across your web page, I knew that the ride was closing, so we made a point of going on it... at the very last minute, the last ride of the day, after the fireworks.

It would be nice to have a tee shirt so we can remember.

From: Cat Clark <>

You may have noticed that this login name is "ToadMom." It's my mother's acount. My father's is "ToadAbode." We are, you have probably guessed, loyal fans of James Thaddeus. I have another pal from college nicknamed "Toad" after the same character (he's also a Disney superfan). We are all very upset about the destruction of Wild Ride.
From: Mark Horn <>

I had no idea, living in PA. I'm going down there and I am extremely disappointed Mr. Toad is closed.

Ever since my first visit to Disney, I can remember Mr. Toad as being a "Must-Ride" Attraction for me. I would always promise myself to never leave the park until I rode it at least twice. I practically knew everything in the ride right up to what every street sign said, I loved that ride. But now the ********* (<-- hint: it rhymes with "gasholes") at Disney have only thought of money a-g-a-i-n and closed it. I am hereby boycotting Disney entirely (movies, parks, even the Disney Store) until they see the error of their ways!
From: Chuck Mitchell <>

I just wanted to say thank you for fighting the good fight.
From: Kevin G. Welch <>

I never realized how much the ride really meant to me until I just read your report of the Final Toad-In. It was great. As I read, I felt like I was about to cry the whole time, now that I look back on all the happy memories I have of such a great ride, I almost puked.

I just want to know if you have officially "thrown in the towel," because I know that there is not a Disney fan out there that will not support you if you ask for it. I think you ought to work even harder this time to get the ride back, or something to let Disney know that they did not win. I'll do just about anything in my power to help, and will now go write a letter to Eisner telling how I hope he suffers in the same hell depicted at the end of Mr. T's. I think you ought to contact webmasters of other WDW fan sites and ask for them to get their visitors to assist you in anyway you can. I know that Walt would support us.
From: Doug Smidebush <>

"I know it's over
Still I cling...
I don't know where else I can go..."
   -The Smiths

I just wanted to thank you for all the work you did on behalf of Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. It was one of the best rides in the park, as I'm sure you're all to well aware. I only found your web site today, as I was looking up Disney World info in expectation of my trip there next week. Too late! I have a vision of myself falling to my knees before the construction and crying out "You bastards!" a la Charlton Heston in Planet of the Apes.

I was just at Disneyland three months ago, and got to ride Mr. Toad there. I know it's not the same as having it just a few hours from your home, but try to take some solace in the fact that Mr. Toad lives on in California (for now, at least).

"Be fair. EVERYONE wants Mr. Toad's Wild Ride!"
   -Brodie from "Mallrats"

From: Jon Auten <>

You should try getting a statue or something put up as a memory. It would at least be something. Loved how you wrote the final chapter, very very moving.
From: John Konrad <>

Why are they getting rid of my favorite ride? It is so fun. I'm really mad at Disney. What are they going to put in place of it?
From: Chris Murray <>

I just recently spotted your site and saw all the work that went in to it and the fight to retain a classic ride. I've been going the the Orig disneyland out here in CA since I was a wee tot. Twice a year, (Xmas and Summer) I'm 34 now and have been goin on passes since they started offering them.

We see changes, some good some sad. This park has had more recent "Dissappearing Acts" then they can print on a nationwide milk carton circulation. My favorites The skyway & people mover, which offered the most beautiful slow view of the park EVER, and the Keel Boats all falling victim to the modern demands. Skyway can't handle the handicapped, and couldn't meet newer saftey requirements. Keel boats just plain vanished, the random excuses were "seasonal close down" sometimes never to return and the rocket rods are now speeding on the same peoplemover track.

At least some of them did get attention, Circle vision ran the original 60's movie for a month or so, that was cool. But we ran into Tony Baxter (Disney Head) while The new tomorrowland was being gussied up and I asked back then if there were any plans for the Subs to be included, to make 'em like the Leagues and he said they had some plans but nothing was definite no hint of total closure.

I asked about the fact that so many people get upset about the "updates", He said that he tries the strike a balance, by having something to replace it while somthing goes out. He likes the old stuff just as much, and his big projects were the addition of big thunder and the rebuild of fantasyland, both which incorporate old and new!

He also led a crusade to stick as many old items into the new tomorrowland and did. The old monorail, skyway, people mover and drawings of the rocket jets, atomobiles and other former T-land transportation is Museumized in the revamp, old cars are in the stores.

Meanwhile, in that time short frame the closing of the subs was bearly publicly notified until it was axe time. Yes, they had a going away party, but look at how many others just vanished with a poof in under a half a decade.

I applaud all your team effort and offer you the insight that there are some that work behind the scenes that try to keep the faith. I don't work for disney, I'm just a fan of the original park that pushed the envelope, and hope that the future "closedowns" will be thought out and treated with a little more reverance.

After all, when they announced the "last season" of the electrical parade, they made more money by taking away a treasure, than they did when they opened the techinical wonder/problem of Indiana Jones and I believe the same for the new "rocket rods" and tomorrowland.

I have heard from time to time, over many years, that they have considered closing the jungle cruise, but exit polls have kept it going??? How's that for personal favoritisim.

Well I have said enough, again, sorry that the fight fell on deaf ears. We do what we can as fans and patrons, but things change and it is a business that they run, not a scrapbook. But it is OUR memories that can't be removed.

I loved Mr. Toad. Why didn't they put that dumb Pooh ride where 20000 Leagues under the Sea was? I hope they bring Mr. Toad back.
From: Amber Clisura <>

I was just looking for something on the web and stumbled on your site! GET RID OF MR. TOAD'S RIDE?!?!?!??!?! What are they. . . MAD?????!!!!!

I know of at least 10 people who hold Mr. Toad's as dear to their hearts as I.
From: Kathy Valentino <>

I've been riding Mr. Toad since I was a little kid and it breaks my heart to see it torn down in the name of Disney "progress."
From: Judith Brand <>

I am very mad about this!!!!

I would love to help to save Mister Toad's wild ride!
From: Elizabeth Trynosky <>

I love that ride and i appreciate all that u r doing to help it.

thank u sooo much

Unfortunately, I think most people didn't realize Mr. Toad's Wild Ride was gone or going. I didn't realize myself until I went to Disney World a few months ago. Thank you for fighting against this and documenting it.

You will probably get hits on your site for many years as people realize their favorite ride is gone.
From: Jennifer Mains <>

I'm so disappointed to know that all I have of Mr. Toad's Wild Ride are the memories...
From: Francis Howley <>

You made the San Jose Mercury News yesterday and I was alerted to the crisis brewing in Orlando. Like you, I have nearly a lifelong passion for Mr. Toad's Wild Ride and I am appalled at the prospect of Disney World removing the ride in place of Pooh!

Thanks for doing all that you have done to save this important American institution!
From: Andrea L. Sligh <>

I saw a sentence on the CNN ticker this morning that the efforts to Save Toad have failed. I'm very sorry to hear about this. I won't be able to be there for the last hoorah, but I am glad that I was able to visit The Ride one last time earlier this summer.
From: Bart <>

First of all: I love your site!

About the Mr. Toad ornament: it is AMAZING!!!
From: Keith May <>

My friends and I would love to help. We have memories tied up in that ride.

Save Mr. Toad's Wild Ride!
From: Kenny <>

This is really disappointing news. I guess we can still catch Toad in Disneyland. I have been to WDW 6 times, once to the one in California.

A friend of mine just came back from Disneyland and says that Mr. Toad is still there and still a lot of fun. If you are ever in Anaheim, CA you can still go to Fantasy Land and ride Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. Me, living in New York, it isn't convenient -- then again neither is WDW in Florida (but I try to make it there about once every three years). Be well.
From: Jeanette Beland <>

As a former Disneyland employee, I was so bummed when I heard what they were doing with Toad's ride. Don't think they could get away with it as easy in CA. But then again, they took out our submarine ride here.

I am so bummed.
From: Mike Kemmerrer <>

I just learned of your website. I am now a broken man that I am seemingly too late to add my name to the voices of protest as it seems Mr Toad is done for at Disneyworld. I fear that the same may now happen at the hallowed grounds of Disneyland Anaheim? I want to purchase a shirt from you.

I want to be able to wear the shirt at Disneyland to not only bring attention to the atrocity occuring on the other side of our country, but to make visitors and CM's, aware of the horrible potential of losing Mr Toad-Anaheim to plushy doll induced hysteria over Winnie the Pooh.

Plus, GASP, it may one day be all I have left of my wonderful memories of MTWR.
From: Sarah J. McGovern <>

Mr. Toad's Wild Ride was my favorite ride. I'm going to Disney World in the beginning of January and was really disappointed to hear of its closing. I'm sorry I didn't find your web site until now, but I would've supported the cause if I knew of it before hand. I'll say hi to the old Toad Hall for you while I'm there.
From: Eric Levin <>

I sent a letter to Al Weiss and I got a handwritten response:gWe did a lot of research before making this decision. With who, your accountants???????!!!!!!!!!!
From: T. Menzel <>

Hey I'd like to help make a difference!

Lets help stop The Man!
From: Sharon Ellenberger <>

my kids will join you in your fight..........yeah!!!!!! (ps. sorry i dont think we are going to win .....but we will mess up their perfect plan)
From: Kristie Watts <>

This is absolutely one of my favorite adventures at Disney World.
From: Danny Martinez <>

I strongly support your project.

Save Mr. Toad!
From: Kathryn Rodriguez <>

I never even heard about the ride getting closed.

Save Toad!
From: Nan <>

OMG!! My husband is a HUGE, HUGE fan of Mr. Toad's Wild Ride!!

He sent me this web site and is very, very sad at the thought!!
From: Ruth Daughters <>

I'll happily join the ranks of those fighting to save Mr. Toad's Wild ride!!!
From: Pam Greenfield <>

After looking forward to conquering Mr. Toad's Wild Ride (my 15 yr. old) we were horrified by the sight of plywood barricades in front of it last week as we visited Disney for the first time since 1989. Unfortunately, we live in Ohio, and didn't know of the controversy of the ride and its removal. Had I known, I would have joined the fray and sported a shirt during our visit. My 15 yr. old had been anticipating her visit for the sole purpose of conquering her bad memories from her ride on Mr. Toad at the age of 5. Her disappointment was overwhelming. I have already e-mailed Disney from your site...(too little too late) to share with them our views, and also point out that it may be a scary ride for small children, but for elementary ages and wimpy adults, it's a great replacement for roller coasters. I don't like heights, but jerking around doesn't bother me. There are NO other rides that I could see that were the same caliber as "Mr. Toad." As we sought to identify the ride, a wonderful gentleman working a cart next to it told us of your web site. You obviously have friends everywhere. It didn't look like anything had been done to the ride as of when we saw it, just boarded up. Is it possible that there's still hope??????
From: John Johnson <>

My Dad who is 73 years old loved Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. It was always the first attraction he would go to anytime he went to Disneyland or Disney World.

He is a huge Mr. Toad fan and has been since 1962 and his first trip to Disneyland.

Save Mr. Toad!
From: Paul Dressler <>

i am very angry about the closing of Mr. toad's wild ride. i've gone to disney world three times, and the first time i went i was 4 years old and i loved the ride, it was my favorite ride there. now every time i've gone back i ride it. the next time i go back, it won't feel the same.
From: Kyle and Casey Dodson <>

Dear Disney,

Please keep Mr. Toad's Wild Ride and put Winnie the Pooh somewhere else.It was our favorite ride. My name is Kyle. I am 9 years old. I've ridden it 8 times altogether.

Dear Disney,

I am 5 years old and I rode Mr. Toad's Wild Ride 3 times. That is the only time I've been to Disney World. My name is Casey. Please keep Mr. Toad's Wild Ride.


Two Sad and Unhappy Kids Named Kyle and Casey Dodson
From: Jill Donahue <>

My fiance and I are going to Disney this Christmas. He has never been, but I have been lots. I would hate to think that he would miss Mr. Toad by just a few months, and lets not forget the kids we plan on having. It is a great ride, an important ride, and the best ride. I talk so much about it, especially while riding the subways of Boston. If Disney can afford to buy and build new parks and expand the newer parks, then there is no reason why anything in the original parks should be torn down!
From: P, C, and K Silvia <>

Bring Back Mr Toad!

Good luck in getting the ride reinstated!
From: Anthony Tomassi <>

I can't believe it. This is truly a sad day.

Thanks for your hard work. It was never in vain.
From: Thomas Gingras <>

My name is Thomas Gingras, and I LOVE DISNEY, but WHAT WERE THEY THINKING??!!! I'm just 15, and I can remember being 4 years old on my first trip to WDW!!! It was my first ride. I don't know if I'll ever forget what they're doing, but I'll bet they WILL regret it!!!
From: Timothy J. Rector <>

Thank you for all your efforts. I'm afraid it is all for naught but perhaps our perseverance will pay off over time. I hope that you enjoy your new pass to Islands of Adventure, I'm afraid that somewhere along the line they to are likely to disappoint. Corporate America isn't always interested in the consumer but rather in the bottom line! Thanks again for your efforts.
From: Glenn Huber <>

cannot believe this!!!!! wild toad ride gone forever??? hell no i say!!! send me a card so i can protest!!! hell no wild toad cant go!!!

Once again Disney drops the ball! I love Toad! What next Peter Pan? Snow White? Not fast enough Mr. Eisner? Uncle Walt wasn't about all speed and no substance! Keep yer grubby mitts outta Fantasyland! I love the old rides! (I'm 37) and still ride them,happily! My neices and nephews insist on them! Sure add new attractions, but not at the cost of beloved favorites!

No killa da Toad!

Don't tear it down!!!!!!!!!! I've only been on the ride once........but i know when i have kids.....they will love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
From: Tom Keefe <>

I weep salty tears to learn of the demise of Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. He was a hero for two generations of my family (myself, and my three children), all of whom thrilled at the experience of careening through the byways of the ride, on the road with Mr. Toad! Where must we now turn to experience the thrill of a ride in a "hot" car without fear of prosecution?
From: Jim Gray <>

So sorry, I've loved Toad since I was 8 years old and saw the movie 40 Pounds of Trouble, which had some Wild Ride footage in it.
From: Sierra Van Why <>

I was at Disney World when I was three and now I'm ten. But I don't remember any thing about this ride but please don't tear it down. What if a Mother tells her child about this ride EVERY night. This child might be traveling 150 miles to get there, and they're going to start traveling in a month and you plan to tear it down in a week and build something like a stand or just a pond, you will tear this child's heart a part. I've had my heart torn at a park a month ago. We were going to go on a Wet and Wild ride but when we went to go on it, it was closed. So please don't tear it down.
From: Stephanie Hackney <>

Thanks for all your efforts in saving this adult's all-time favorite ride!
From: Dawn Davis <>

I want to thank you for all the hard work you've been doing. I just found out about this whole mess today. I still can't believe it. It's like someone ripping out the pages of my childhood.

I just wish I would have known about this sooner. But it sounds like they planned it that way.
From: Chelsea Browning <>

Keep up the good work!

Save Toad!
From: A Disney Employee <address withheld by request>

Loved your web page. I work at the Magic Kingdom, and I dig what you are doing. We all saw that airplane with the banner a couple months ago, and upon realizing it was Al Weiss' phone number, we were busting up laughing!


Also, having just toured Islands of Adventure twice, Pooh does not compare with other rides like Cat in the Hat, or Roger Rabbit's Cartoon Spin (at Disneyland) for that matter.
From: Scott Smith <>

My girlfriend works at WDW and hates the idea of losing Mr. Toad.

From: Alan Ababon <>

I too enjoyed the toad. However, all good things must end. From what I've heard and my sources are very reliable Mr. Toad's Wild ride will be transferred to Disney's Animal Kingdom and will be recreated as a miniature version of Countdown to Extinction in Dinoland. Here's another way that Disney is doing some cost cutting measure eventhough they don't really need it. Disney is going down the hill they just haven't realized it yet.

Long live the toad!!!!!
From: Desbiens Family <>

Just letting you know that you made the Jacksonville FL news last night, keep up the great work!!

I heard about the plans to also close Mr. Toad in DL and replace with Pooh. I love Pooh and he has a place in WDW, I wish they put him in Toontown -or whatever they call it now -that land needs more!!! I hate seeing everything being replaced, what's next? It's a Small World or the Jungle Cruise (which I know they have several different plans for).

I was heartbroken when Horizons closed (our family favorite in EPCOT)!! Futureworld is in a mess IMHO. What's up!? If they are not careful US/IOA will take over as the number 1 parks.

Just IMHO anyways... Keep up the great work and I'll keep writing letters.

I just wanted to let you know I've always loved Mr Toad, ever since I was a little kid, as we all have. I used to be terrified of the ending - going to Hell and all, and I seriously didn't dare open my eyes at the vision of Satan until I was in my teens.

The ride shut down. I didn't know about these protests, or else I would've been there, I assure you, and I heard about this group for the first time on the radio. The DJ spoke about the opening of the Pooh (BAH!) ride, and the protest, and closed with, "These people need to get a life!" I shouted at the radio, and I think I should give him a call and yell at him.

It's tomorrow at noon. I wish I could be there. Eleven and a half hours from now... I could make the drive, in theory, if my car doesn't break down, and I think I should... If I wind up not showing up, then I apologize, but damn... It could happen...

Thank you.
From: Andre Picard <>

Toad Hall was my favorite ride since I was 10!!! I don't know where you live but I live in Florida and we have a Disney, with a Toad Hall (err, a used-to-be-a Toad Hall) and they tore it down. That makes me darn mad!!!!!!!! Plus we have Epcot and their gonna tear down Journey Into The Imagination!! That's way too far!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
From: Allison Forgus <>

I recently bought the new copy of Ichabod and Mr. Toad. It is great to see the short movie and hear the music and see the scenes from the ride. I'm still mad at Disney for not listening to or caring about what the fans wanted. I haven't been back to Disney since.
From: Brandon Gale Smith <>

that amazing historical ride holds much sentimental value for me. please let me know when i can be of any help. keep up the good work.
From: John Hume <>

I can't believe Disney would get rid of Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. I'm thankful that I got to ride it a couple of times. Disney should be ashamed of itself...Mr. Toad is a classic. Long live the frogs and toads of the world. (You can't possibly tell that I'm a frog and toad lover, can you?)
From: Barry <>

I grew up in Miami and attended the park's Grand Opening in 1971. As a wild eyed little eight year old, Mr. Toad's Wild Ride captured a special place in my heart. The crazy music, the jerky buggy ride, the lights, the train! When I went to Disney in October of 1988, I was shocked to see that my childhood ride had been boarded up and was "being refurbished for my future enjoyment". Whatta crock! It's a shame that the consumers of WDW couldn't save this ride, that the WDW bigwigs really don't care what the fans and purchasers of their products think. Thanks for caring! Toad fans unite!
From: Robert Scumaci <>

Just heard this story tonight on the news. Hey, I am a Pooh fan like anyone else, but...Mr Toad is vintage childhood memory! Who has ever been on a Pooh ride?? Give me a break. Disney is making a huge mistake.
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