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By John Walters

The Week of September 21, 1998
Page 46
Saturday 9/19
Central Florida at Purdue

The marquee matchup today is Florida vs. Tennessee (8 p.m. on CBS), but serious fans will pounce on this chance to see multithreat quarterback Daunte Culpepper play. On the cover of the Central Florida media guide Culpepper is billed as ORLANDO'S BIGGEST ATTRACTION. (Sure, now that Shaq plays for the Lakers and Disney World has shut down Mr. Toad's Wild Ride.) Culpepper, a 6'4", 240-pound senior who ran for 76 yards and threw for 406 yards in a 48-0 win over Eastern Illinois last Saturday, finished fourth in the nation in total offense last season. The Boilermakers (1-1) must try to contain a player with 4.36 speed who can launch the ball 80 yards, a dual threat for whom a 100-yard field is a small world, after all.

[Emphasis mine. -JT]
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