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Mr. Toad Mr. Toad The following is an account, arranged chronologically, of most of the press the Save Toad movement got. Some stories have just disappeared into the ether and I know of a few of them I haven't linked in yet, but I think this gives you a pretty good idea.

Such a pity that we didn't get the Big Time press we needed until Toad's fate was sealed...
When the press questioned Disney about us, they denied any outcry over the closing of The Ride, which, they added, was just a rumor anyway.

This proved to be an extremely successful way of dealing with us. It's disarming, it makes people disbelieve us, and, more importantly, it makes for a much less interesting news story.

In fact, by denying everything, there is no story. Some people are protesting, Disney has no response. There's no conflict, just some loons who are protesting something that doesn't exist. And the press isn't interested enough to actually investigate, since this is not a very sexy scandal.

Disney just silently waited us out.

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