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Author Topic: Johto Invasion R1: Me vs. NW1
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posted 09-28-2001 04:25 PM      Profile for JohtoMaster   Author's Homepage   Email JohtoMaster   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
I fought NickWhiz1 today on Kero Kato's PBS.

I lead with Alakazam, he with DeathStar. I immediatly switch to Dragonite, who takes the T-Wave. Star Confuse Rays, and I Haze, putting us at level footing, with my 25% failure. He Surfs me for 15%, and I T-Bolt.

CritHit down to 4%. I am pretty psyched at this point, thinking I that I have him. Starmie Recovers to 54%, and I am FP'ed. Star follows with Confuse Ray, and I smack myself to 62%. I switch to Zapdos, and eat a 25% Surf. He switches to Golem, and the T-Bolt fizzles. I switch to Star, he Subs, I Surf, he Explodes


I send out Snorlax, and he sends DeathStar back out. He Thunder Waves, I Earthquake to 25%, He Recovers to 77%, I Earthquake to about half, I switch th Zapdos, and he Recovers to about full.

We paralyze each other. He confuses me, and I smack myself to half. He Surfs my to 20%, and I hit him with T-Bolt to 10%. He Surfs me to 5%, and I T-Bolt for the KO.


He sends out Egg, and I switch to Snorlax. He Psychics me to 70%, and then again to 40%. I amnesia, and then take a Spec. Fell Psychic to 30%. I'm FP'ed and take another Spec. Fell Psychic to 2%, and I Ice Beam him for 25%. I switch to Dragy, and he kills me in two Psychics.


I send out my Egg, and Stun Spore. His Sleep Powder fails, I Psychic down to 60%, and he puts me to sleep. I sleep, and he Eggplodes me to 22%


He sends out Dodrio, and sends me packing with Drill Peck.


I send out Zappy, and he sends puts Zap on the same flight with Body Slam.


At this point, I'm more than a little nervous. All I have in reserves is a Near Death 'Lax, and my Alakazam. I switch to Alakazam, figuring it is my only choice.

I Psychic, crossing my fingers...
CritHit KO I guess my prayers were answered.


He sends out Snorlax, and I switch to My Lax, expecting a Selfdestruct (I don't know
why), but He kills me with a Body Slam.


I run the Stats through my Damage Calc, and I need two CritHit Psychics to guarentee a KO. I Psychic. CritHit! Down to 40%, and he Body Slams me to 47%

"JohtoMaster's ALAKAZAM was paralyzed!"

It's over. I try to Psychic, praying he might hit the 0.04% chance of Body Slam missing, but he doesn't, and I lose at the final score at


Just goes to show me how rusty I am at RBY. I guess that happens to you when you don't play the game for nearly a year.

GG, Nick. You earned it.

I look forward to my next battle in the Loser Bracket.

Oh well, not to bad for my first tournament ever, especially considering I was against Nick.

[ 09-29-2001: Message edited by: JohtoMaster ]

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Oh, and it's not "newbies", it's "proles". Nothing wrong with being new to the game if you're not stuck in the working classes. Hey, if we're going to be elitist, may as well go the whole hog and refer to the idiots as a lower social rank... - CatGonk at SoaG

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posted 09-29-2001 04:34 AM      Profile for moogleman     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Helpful Hint: Don't say who won at the top of your post. It sort of defeats the purpose of reading the war story. Otherwise, good story.
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