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Author Topic: Johto Invasion R1: Me vs. Funkytoad
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posted 09-25-2001 04:53 PM      Profile for Jolt135   Author's Homepage   Email Jolt135   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
I beat Funkytoad 5-0 on TeeJay’s yesterday, thanks to some very fortunate luck. Here’s some battle details:

My Alakazam doesn’t strike first with Substitute, and gets T-Waved by Funkytoad’s ‘Kazam. I am then informed on AIM that Porygon’s Big Show is the only one where Sub blocks status, not TJ’s. What a bitch that it’s the only one I can’t access. Anyway, I finally succeed in getting the first KO, but not before I have a frozen Dragonite and 3 paralyzed Pokemon. After Zapdos gets that first kill on Kangaskhan (lucky crit-hit) out comes Snorlax. Was he expecting a OHKO with Selfdestruct? I bet he was, but overlooked one thing:

“Jolt135’s ZAPDOS used reflect!”

Zappy survives with 50% health to spare. After that, Funkytoad’s Dragonite comes in. I end up switching 5 times in a row against his T-Bolt/Blizzard Draggy, hoping to PP waste. This weakens Snorlax to 34 HP, Alakazam below 100 and paralyzed, my own Dragonite already frozen at 22, so I have to switch to Starmie. I expect a Blizzard, but he anticipates this and T-Bolts Starmie to death. Now, there’s just one Pokemon in any condition to battle:


And with 88 HP, one Blizzard from Dragonite will KO it. I NEED a crit-hit to stay in the match.

Whaddya know, I get a CH Thunderbolt and kill Dragonite. Out next is Funkytoad’s DT/Resting Tauros. Luckily for me, he switched it out immediately after using Rest back toward the beginning. I therefore have 2 hits in which to kill Tauros. Having my Damage Calculator window on the screen (hehe) I determined that 2 regular T-Bolt’s won’t kill Tauros, unless one CH’s. And then, YET AGAIN, I click to use the move:

“Jolt135’s ZAPDOS used thunderbolt!”
“CRITICAL HIT!!!!!!!!!!” Tauros then falls to a Drill Peck (I used it to anticipate a possible switch to ‘Kazam,) and I lead 5-2, against a paralyzed, 30% Alakazam and some other Pokemon.

Out comes the “some other Pokemon”: Omastar, his “last ditch fighter.” Surf from Omastar to Zapdos does between 97 to 115, enough to kill my Zappy since it currently has 88 HP left. Non-CH Thunderbolt does a maximum of 258, which isn’t enough, and no other Pokemon stands a chance if Zapdos goes down. I’m on a hot streak, though, and decide to Thunderbolt again. Sure enough,

“CRITICAL HIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

I have won. All Funkytoad has left is an Alakazam with about 100 HP, and it is paralyzed. One Drill Peck does the job, and it CH’s (yet again!) for overkill. I WIN!! MY FIRST WIN EVER IN A TOURNAMENT! ON TO ROUND 2!

And in conclusion:

1: Zapdos ro><ors. Note to self: Reflect beats Light Screen any day.

2: RBY is pure luck. Even for Zappy, 6 straight CH’s is less than a 0.006% chance.

3: I need to change my team since TJ’s doesn’t use the Substitute Block Rule.

To all my future opponents, know this: I can’t access Porygon’s Big Show. Battles involving me will have to take place on TeeJay’s PBS (I’m usually on between 4-5 PM CDT). Until Round 2, see ya!

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posted 09-25-2001 08:30 PM      Profile for red13n   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Did you ever think that substitute doesnt block status effects because thats the way its supposed to work? Idiot.
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posted 09-28-2001 12:52 AM      Profile for Skarmory   Email Skarmory   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 

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