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Author Topic: Because I like hearing myself talk
I am Ian Garvey's lovechild.
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posted 09-15-2001 10:46 PM      Profile for gruco        Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Well, I had a pretty fun battle today on TJ's. I wish I could remember the name of the guy who challenged me, but oh well. I didn't get the log, but I'll try and recreate it as best as possible.

I start out with my lovely Victreebel, and my opponent leads Mewtwo. I decide to give Sleep Powder a shot, but go down to a CH Psychic before I get the chance. 6-5.

I send out Clefable. Mewtwo DT's (yep, DTing M2. Fun), as I land a T-wave. Clefable Blizzards, and I quickly realize that that's not going to get me anywhere. Desperate, I send out Duggy and unleash a series of Fissures as M2 continues to DT. The 4th or so one lands, and things are tied back up. 5-5.

Starmie comes out against Duggy, and I switch back to Clefable right away. It surfs me down to 70% or sumthin' like that. I T-wave the incoming Chansey. My set for Clefable was Twave/Blizz/TBolt/HyperBeam. I finally see why I might want to find room for DE or Slam. Well, that Clefable wasn't going to anything to a Chansey, so I send out Duggy as it Minimizes.

Earthquake misses, Ice Beam CHs.
No more Duggy. I'm losing 5-4.

I send out Persian, who I normally don't like sending out until everyone else is dead. But nobody else I had left was going to put up much of a fight, so I was willing to risk a paralyzed Persian.

I Slash and miss a few, and it Minimizes and Softboils. Apearently Persian can't 2HKO Chansey with Slash, or at least needs the damage forumla to swing its way, which surprises me. Well, I CH Hyper Beam (although I'm not sure if the CH was necessary). Persian comes through unscathed

Starmie meets Persian, and, unwilling to risk a T-wave, I switch for Clefable. Starmie Minizes on the switch, and then leaves for Mew, who eats a T-wave.

No more Duggy at this point, so the OHKO isn't an option. Well, depending on too many OHKO's kinda feels cheap anyways, so maybe its for the best. I figure my Ninetales set (FB/CR/Sub/Slam), is perfect for slaying a Par'd Mew. Quite happy I didn't use the Reflecting set I normally do.

Mew SDs while I switch and while I confuse it. Paracon slows it down enough for me to sub and land a Fire Blast, and then Sds once more and breaks the sub. I sub again, reconfuse, and bewtween Mew smaking itself with max attack and Nintales dishing out the Fire Blasts, it goes down pretty quick.
I'm up 4-3.

Starmie comes out, and I still have a Sub up. I Body Slam, CH but no par. It Surfs away the sub. Clefable eats a Surf while switching back in, and then dies to a CH Psychic before getting a chance to land a t-wave.

Raichu comes out. I decide to T-wave. This was probably the toughest call of the battle. If Sandslash came out, I woulda been screwed. But I wanted to par that Starmie if I had the chance. It was stupid though, if it didn't stay in againt Clefable, why would it against Raichu? Well, I made a foolish move, but it didn't matter. He was packing a Golem, not a Sandslash. Surf.
I'm up 3-2.

Zapdos comes out next. It uses Light Screen as I T-wave. I switch back to Ninetales, who gets paralyzed and eats a T-bolt while confusing Zapper. Paracon works long enough for me to Fire Blast it out of the sky.

Starmie comes out and I expect it to Surf Ninetales away. Instead it starts minimizing, so I send out Raichu. I land t-wave, and then the battle ends. I'm not sure if it was exit bug or he just quit, but with a full health Raichu out and a full health Persian in reserve against a 60% par'd 'Mie, I think its safe to claim the win.


Persian + Victreebel + Ninetales + Duggy + Raichu + Clefable >>
Mew + Mewtwo + Chansey + Starmie + Golem + Zapdos

The luck was pretty even. He had three CH kills(although I don't know if Vic' vs M2 should count...) and I had one. As far as the DTs and paracon went, I'd say that went more or less as it should have each way.

Of course, leaving a Chansey in against Persian and a Golem in against Raichu isn't exactly brilliant, but whatever. It's not every day you beat a team of evading legendaries while using "worthless" fire, poison and electric types.

Heh, apologies if I sound like an egotistical, bragging ass here, but I am proud of this win. Just want my moment.

Thank you for your time.

[ 09-15-2001: Message edited by: gruco ]

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Farting Nudist
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posted 09-17-2001 09:56 PM      Profile for CHaRiZaRd   Author's Homepage   Email CHaRiZaRd   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Fwarg. Poison rules.

I'm still coming around to fire. I don't give the "fire types are useless in RBY" speech anymore. It takes too long, and... you've proved me wrong... both in argument, and in this battle log I read.

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I am Ian Garvey's lovechild.
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posted 09-17-2001 10:33 PM      Profile for gruco        Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Good to hear.

I hope people do start to warm up to fires (no pun intended). Nintales is still the only one I've used very much though. Mebbe I should build a team with sweeping 'Zard, or annoyer Magmar...

Looking back, Nintales must have gotten a CH on Zapper, since it had a LS up. Well, I'm still proud of her

BTW, I should thank you for carrying my fire argument to Pojo. I saw that thread a while back, but I think I stepped on my power strip while trying to respond or something stupid like that. I reallly appretiate it though.

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Mr. K
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posted 09-18-2001 03:34 AM      Profile for Mr. K   Author's Homepage   Email Mr. K   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Thanks for the cool write-up.

In case anyone else was wondering this is the sort of thing I hope to see in place of raw logs, which I never read, because they are krap.

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posted 09-18-2001 05:15 AM      Profile for White Cat   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Well, depending on too many OHKO's kinda feels cheap anyways, so maybe its for the best.

They're definitely not cheap when your opponent uses Mew and Mewtwo.

BTW, Persian's Slash does almost exactly 50% damage to Chansey, on average.

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loves long time.
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posted 09-18-2001 10:20 AM      Profile for 10,000Lb.Snorlax   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
It is nice to see write ups like these, K, but please remember that some of us play PBS to Avoid doing homework
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posted 09-18-2001 11:32 PM      Profile for Mr.E     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
I see two uses for Fire-Types. One is Arcanine, who with Reflect, can possibly lure out and kill Rhydons/Golems with a few Digs or repeated Fire Blasts, and Ninetales for Confuse Ray, since confusion virtually always works on the PBS, ughh.

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posted 09-18-2001 11:45 PM      Profile for DarkLickitung   Email DarkLickitung   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Heh, I had a battle today where Ninetales opened against this dude's Jynx. Ninetales Substitutes, Lovely Kiss bounces off the Sub. CH Fire Blast nukes Jynx.

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posted 09-20-2001 08:27 AM      Profile for Uiru   Author's Homepage   Email Uiru   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Hey, don't forget Magmar... Magmar 0wnz too!

Let's not forget the fully powered, full health Slowbro falling to Magmar's paracon. Mwa ha ha! ^_^

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