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Author Topic: w00t. This is the most hilarious battle I've *ever had*.
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(ed: Smeargle with Spore and Leech Seed IS a Grass type, it seems. )

And I only lost 1-0, after defeating a Heracross *and* a Zapdos in the meantime. The loss was caused by two factors that otherwise would have led to victory- first, if my Exeggutor had to have Ancientpower like I originally planned (instead of Giga Drain) it would have killed the Zapdos when it was at like 15%. Second, when Smeargle was getting ready to sweep (sad but true) the Snorlax it was fighting woke up and Fissured it on its first try. That sucker was at 33% and Seeded; it was going RIGHT back to sleep and Smeargle would have won. (Oh, what I wouldn't have given for RBY rules during this match. ^_^)

I have determined several things from this fun exercise.

1. Celebi is, as I have stressed several times, not a Super Legendary level. There will be a report on this in the Research Lab/Lecture Hall (wherever it gets moved ^_^) in a little while.

2. That said, Leech Seed+Recover+Leftovers is EVIL. Six Pokémon doing it, with Spikes and Toxic thrown in for flavor, is bordering on excessive.

3. Jumpluff and Smeargle, two Pokémon to whom I wouldn't have given the time of day to before, have vaulted up my respect list. Jumpluff is HILARIOUS with Encore. Heracross Countered for some reason- Jumpluff Encores. Umbreon Mean Looks- Jumpluff Encores. Miltank Attracts after being Toxic Seeded- Jumpluff Encores and waits for it to leave. Smeargle, on the other hand, is easy to sneak in when your opponent's Heracross is flailing away, looking like an utter moron.

4. Toxic Seed is apparently alive and well on GSBot.

5. Crystal Umbreon messes this team up nicely. My opponent figured this out towards the end of the match, and made excellent use of it. (It had Screech as its shagger move, and Zapdos KOd two of my Pokémon this way.) Up until this point, I had five fully healthy Pokémon (Venusaur had been KOd dealing with Heracross) and his team was suffering badly. Allowing Celebi to get locked, Screeched, and sent to deal with Zapdos probably wasn't my smartest move. I'll be ready for that sucker next time. Mwa ha ha.

6. Loophole in Sleep Clause! If you Encore Rest (not exactly sure what I was thinking there) you make your opponent go to Sleep again, but since you didn't directly do it, you can still Spore something afterwards.

~Uiru- Jumsuck, Medrainium, Vamposaur, Executor, Razzly and... Yeah, I'm A Grass Type Now. XD

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