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Author Topic: Interesting chat
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posted 05-10-2001 12:27 PM      Profile for Rei2   Email Rei2   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
I couldn't find anyone to battle on PBS the other night, so I go looking for players.
This girl claims to be one of the best players in my's our chat. -_-;
(I am diasSR388)

DiasSR388: So...are you good at pokemon?
Snowball Raichu: yes
DiasSR388: Think your good enough to play in an online pokemon battle?
Snowball Raichu: how? I dont have a dex drive or nothin
DiasSR388: DiasSR388: I'm Light on there, challenge me if your not busy.
I heard you were good, and I'm looking for a battle.
Snowball Raichu: what is it?
DiasSR388: It's an online pokemon battle simulator.
Try it.
DiasSR388: You can fight with the pokemon from R/B/Y in an arena.
Snowball Raichu: not without my team
DiasSR388: You can create a team.
Snowball Raichu: not without MY team
DiasSR388: Just input the pokemon, moves, and tell it to give them max stats.
They are the same as the ones on a Gameboy.
Snowball Raichu: No they arent
DiasSR388: Yeah they are, why wouldn't they be?
Snowball Raichu: because.
DiasSR388: They have the same attack formulas. There are just a few glinches, and a couple attacks don't work right.
Snowball Raichu: They are different
DiasSR388: How so?
Snowball Raichu: was it programmed by the people that made Pokemon?
DiasSR388: Yes! (lies)
DiasSR388: The pokemon were programmed to be just like ones on the GB versions.
DiasSR388: Anyway, if you still think the ones on gameboy are different somehow, then nevermind.
I don't want to fight beginners.
Snowball Raichu: Im no begginer. I just need MY team
DiasSR388: Neo told me about you, so I thought you might be good.
DiasSR388: Input the exact data your team has into the simulator and you can use them.
Snowball Raichu: dont get it.
DiasSR388: Get what?
DiasSR388: I just told you, they are not different.
They can't be...if they are, tell me why.
Snowball Raichu: different damage ratios.
DiasSR388: They have the same damage ratios, n00b. O_o;;
Snowball Raichu: no
DiasSR388: Tell me, if you could put Hydro pump or Surf on a Starmie...what would you pick?
Snowball Raichu: Hydro pump duh

After that, I pretty much logged off out of sheer laughter.
If she isn't the worst n00b I've ever run into.

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posted 05-10-2001 06:35 PM      Profile for Sonichu     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Hydro Pump. All newbies just loooooooooove that move for some reason. Like that dude who kept on saying that Hydro Pump was a tm in RBY and he taught it to Mewtwo in That's funny. They probably use it because of the scientificy words. I mean Hydro. Yeah. Hydro is cool. Hydro is Hydroey. I mean. Hydro. Sounds cool.


dumbass, dont you know curse and doble edge shouldnt be used i conjuction do you know the ower of a double edge STABd up and then how much damage you would recieve, come on, youd destroy yourself, me has to larf,-A rating on Curselax...larf?-Kalro asae Uyietho Gligar

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posted 05-11-2001 12:35 AM      Profile for Meowth346   Author's Homepage        Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
I must be the only one who has great success with Hydro Pump. I most always see people saying to use Surf over Hydro Pump, and I usually do, but I almost never have Hydro Pump miss in battles. Must be Luck of the Researcher or something ^_^


Researcher in charge of Pokémon Forever, a compilation of about 1/1000th of my work.

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posted 05-11-2001 01:25 PM      Profile for Eaichu250   Email Eaichu250   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Oh dear, Was this the #pokebattle chat? Must've been pretty empty. Unless you chatted over the Messanging System.

Meowth346 - I've had a Hydro Pump hit me 8 times in a row a several times, When i tried the move for the first time, I only hit once out of 4 tries.

PBS is evil, And it dosent respect me.

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posted 05-15-2001 04:59 AM      Profile for Atma   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
The very first time I beat the Elite 4 and Gary in Blue, the only reason was that hius Blastoise missed Charizard with Hydro Pump... TWICE!

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I am pure energy... and as ancient as the cosmos.
Forgotten in the river of time...
I've had an eternity to ponder the meaning of things...
And now I have an answer..."

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posted 05-15-2001 07:14 PM      Profile for moogleman     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Heh, I remember that chat Flik. I was there laughing my azz off too. Neo must've just said she was good, but maybe he meant at "something else". That would explain it.


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