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Author Topic: Damn, CoA was tough.
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Here's how the battle went:


Ma Tauros starts against Eggy. Tauros kicks up a storm, but is put to bed for being mean to Tauros. Tauros stays asleep, and Eggy Psychics. Eggy Psychics my incoming Kazam. Kazam lets loose with some paralyzing energy, but his spores miss. The Spores hit the incomning Tauros, and do nothing. Tauros wakes up as he is Psychiced. Tauros lets loose a hyperactive beam before being blasted away.

6-5, Flying Typhlosion

Starmie comes in and Bolts that nasty egg. Scrambled eggs anyone?

5-5, No lead!

His big ole CHANSEY goes in. I switch to ole Duggy, as he sets up a barrier. Dugtrios digs underneath to slash Chansey in the shins, but not before being tossed. The same thing happens, and both are feeling. Chansey heals itself, as ma Persian goes in. Persian Slashes, as Chansey Tosses. Persian cries for its mommy and Slashes Chansey down.

5-4, Valiant SeeD

Starmie comes out of its PO KAY BALL. It thunderwaves the cat, but gets SLashed in the fins for it. Regeneration happens, as Starmie gets Slashed again. Regeneration, and the cat cannot move. Starmie hits some ice, and the cat Screeches. The hyperactive beam hits the incoming Tauros, who Slams the cat down for his troubles.

4-4, No lead!

Starmie goes in. Ai hit some paralyzing lightning, and Tauros Slams Mie. Regeneration Slams follow for a while. Tauros cannot move, as Starmie Bolts him. Regenerate. Slam (>_< ). I get a critical Bolt, downing that fool Tauros.

4-3, Valiant SeeD

Alakazam goes in. It Thunderwaves ma Starmie, and Starmie cannot move. When Starmie DOES Get in a Wave, it hits a Sandslash. This is bad. Sandslash Earthquakes Starmie down.

3-3, No lead!

Ma Kazam goes in. Sai-kik. Earthquake. Sai-kik. Sandslash falls.

3-2, Valiant SeeD

His Kazam goes in. Uh oh. MY hands are going sweaty. His Kazam Seismic Tahs him as mine fails to Twave. My Kazam goes down.

2-2, oh crap

Ma Duggy goes in. Faithful Duggy Earthquakes that pesky Kazam once before being Psychiced away.

2-1, Flying Typhlosion

My unscratched Jolteon goes in, as I say good game to CoA. I Thunderwave, preparing to go out with dignity. Alakazam was paralyzed. Alakazam is fully paralyzed. Joy. I Focus Energy. Jolteon is pumped up. Alakazam is fully paralyzed. Holy crap. I Thunderbolt. Critical hit. Alakazam goes down.

1-1, *begins biting nails*

His Starmie goes in. Jolteon charges up, and lets loose a Thunderbolt.....which is critical. Starmie falls. A sweat has broken onto my forehead. I am shaking. I thank CoA for a great match, since its the best I've had in a while.

Final outcome, 1-0, Squalldaman

Good game Charizard of Azure. Thanks for a great match. THis means DoG went 4-0 this round! ^^

And I am aware of my many spelling mistakes in there =P.

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Squalldaman: B! B! YOu laugh now! Now!
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