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Author Topic: Kabutops vs Viktor Battle story
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Kabutops VS Viktor

Tauros vs Jynx-
I lead with a body slam, if its CH, or paralyzes Jynx is screwed, but its neither of those and I fall for a lovely kiss.

Chansey VS Jynx-
I take 2 blizzards brining me down to a decent 64%, then I thunderwave, followed by a thunderbolt bringing Jynx down to a good 22%. Ok, if I thunderbolt again, Jynx is down, but there's a good chance that he'll absorb it with his ground, but 1 quake from the highest Rhydon will still bring me down to only around 10%, and 2 of my blizzards would easily ko it. So, the dilemma is blizzard or thunderbolt. I opt to thunderbolt but has suspected I hit a Dugtrio.

Chansey vs Dugtrio
Thinking I'm in luck, I blizzard and keep chansey in. Dugtrio hits with a critical earthquake...
5-6 Viktor

While talking to Viktor on aim, I ask him if ohko's are legal, he says yes and he has one on Dugtrio...Hesitating, I send in Starmie.

Starmie vs Dugtrio
He immediately switches to Raichu to take a Surf and a T-wave.

Starmie vs Raichu
We exchange t-waves, then I switch to Venusuar. Nothing the rat does can touch it.

Venusuar vs Raichu
I take a thunderbolt, I put up a substitute, then he fails a thunderwave. Leech seed launched failing to his Golbat.

Venusuar vs Golbat
I try with a sleep powder, but it fails against his Jynx who he immediately switches out for Persian.

Venusuar vs Persian
I leech seed, he slashes breaking the sub, I razor leaf bringing it down to 48%, he thinks for a while (slash or hyper beam?!) he slashes, bringing me to 12 HP, if he beamed I would have been dead. Venusuar pulls it off.
5-5 Tie

Venusuar vs Dugtrio
Starmie vs Dugtrio
Venusuar unparalyzed at any level can still pull something off so I switch, starmie takes a slash and an earthquake and trio takes a surf.
5-4 Kabutops

Starmie (para and at 109hp) vs Slowbro
Same situation as when I lost to Annon. What do I do...If I thunder wave and he begins to amnesia I'm somewhat screwed, if I bolt I may be at a good standing, but If I switch to Venusuar hes gotta switch out or have a slowbro at 10% for clean up. I take a little to think and switch to Venusuar thinking he'll start amnesiaing. He thunderwaves taking a big risk and surfs me.
4-4 Tie

Alakazam vs Slowbro
Thinking he'll t-wave, I put up a sub, but he starts amnesiaing while i start psychicing, lowering special and ch ing bringing it to 50% when I die to a surf (2).
3-4 Viktor

Rhydon vs Slowbro
I pretty much thought the battle was over here...Viktor takes a while to think it off and I just sit. He keeps slowbro in to take a CH EARTHQUAKE! Slowbro would have sweeped, but now Rhydon will...
3-3 Tie

Rhydon vs Golbat/Raichu/Jynx
Confused, hurt my self, he switches to para Raichu, no longer confused, Raichu down. In comes Golbat, confuses me, switches to Jynx (para) I hurt myself, then hit. Jynx down. In comes golbat again, confuses-screeches, i hit myself like 2-3 times then connect with a few rock slides.
3-0 Kabutops.

When winning, gamefaqs dropped a notch, and azure is another win behind us. This was an interesting battle that required a lot of thinking. The team I used was to counter PBS metagame, but Viktor's team was obviously not part of that group...PD is still in this one


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