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Author Topic: Universal RS Adventure Archives
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posted 03-22-2003 08:11 PM      Profile for Jolt135   Author's Homepage   Email Jolt135   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Well, that was fun.

Here’s a basic overview of my journey through Sapphire (player name PLAYER1, ID 08800):

1. I’ve definitely learned from the past. The very first steps I take are to the PC to see if there’s a Potion to withdraw. Well, well.
2. Torchic is picked as the starter. One, it appears to be the most versatile (in the fine tradition of Charizard and Typhlosion). Two, I know that there are other GRS/--- and WTR/GRD, but FIR/FTG is a unique type combo that won’t be displaced.
3. Perhaps symbolically, my initial purchase is for one Poke Ball. Just one. It’s the only time I’ll ever buy the item...and no, I don’t buy any Great or Ultra Balls either.
4., Combusken is at L18 by the first gym. Just like GSC, where Quilava hit L17 at the same stage. Unfortunately, because I haven’t hit the Name Rater yet, Combusken’s nickname is still “Cyndaquil”.
5. The one Poke Ball I bought earlier is used to catch Ralts, which promptly receives the nickname of “Abra”. Up to a Pokedex of three!
6. After Ralts evolves to Kirlia, it and Combusken (and eventually their evolutions) will be the one-two combo that propels me through virtually the entire game.
7. A spare Poke Ball is used to catch Nincada, but that Pokemon doesn’t see any play at all. It takes a trip to the Day Care, an hour of cycling around, and a Rare Candy to pick up Shedinja, which will eventually be named “Test1”.
8. No other Pokemon are deemed necessary until Sableye comes along. Luckily I have a free Great Ball at this point. “Test2” was caught. 3 for 3.
9. After arriving in Lavaridge, an Egg awaits just for me! Sounds familiar! Fortunately, this time I know better. The Egg is promptly dropped into the PC and disposed of once and for all.
10. It’s pretty hard to complete the game with just a Kirlia, Combusken, Shedinja, and Sableye. Thanks to even more Poke Balls found on the ground, I finally catch a L6 Goldeen and L12 Wingull to use Surf and Fly (Goldeen eventually learns Dive and Waterfall).
11. Goldeen ends up participating in exactly two battles up until the E5. Both times, it was forced into the match via Roar. In one battle it faced a level disadvantage of 31-6; in the other 30-7. Not surprisingly, it wins on both occasions.
12. Nothing even tries to pose a challenge until the massive Route 128-130 complex. It takes about half an hour to find a way into Sootopolis, and another 15 minutes to run from all the battles once there (gauntlet stretch with no P-Centers; worn-out Pokemon). Only afterward do I discover my life would have been a lot easier if I went right at Sootopolis before going left.
13. PLAYER1 used a MASTER BALL. KYOGRE was caught! Would you like to give a nickname to Kyogre? No, but I do want to take it out of the PC.
14. By Victory Road, Sableye’s level is up to 38, making it an official Fourth Member along with Kyogre (45), Blaziken (43), and Gardevoir (44), as opposed to the Shedinja-like situational Pokemon it had been prior to Gym #7. Based on the GSC E5 levels (40-50), these four should be enough.
15. They might not. After the absurdly low levels of GSC, they’re back up now...sure, L49 is still lower than Lorelei had in RBY, but it’s the first time I’ve been outleveled by a Trainer all game. Only Kyogre and an inactive Gardevoir survive to the second battle, and “Alakazam” dies in the second. Kyogre now needs 18 straight kills.
16. Can you count for me? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9...and I’m out of PP for both Surf and Ice Beam. Kyogre levels up to 48. No Ethers or Elixirs. Sounds like end of game.
17. The “Eureka Moment” occurs while I’m flipping through the items. I don’t realize that Berries have their own pocket until passing it twice, but then...”PLAYR1 used a LEPPA BERRY.” Between those and Full Restores...10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17...
18. At 4:16 PM, we have a new champion. It takes 17:05 of game time to win, beating my GSC pace of 23:18 by better than six hours. And these were supposed to be bigger games...
19. Rayquaza and the Battle Tower still await me, but for now it’s off to claim victory.

So here are the five most important lessons to be learned from the new games.
1. Storywise, RS are as easy as RB. Of course, it makes up for this with gimmicks...“How fast can you make it down Cycling Road?”
2. In-game trainers still don’t know any better. Shedinja routinely survived seven or more turns against such things as Tentacruel, until the opponent finally used Supersonic and caused one point of confusion damage.
3. Shedinja is far too easy to kill. Confusion, Hail, Sandstorm, Skill Swap...and one of these spells doom. Test1: Failed.
4. As Fighting-types were targeted for improvement for GSC, so too are Darks for the current cycle. Or so the downright abundance of them throughout the game would indicate...
5. When people say that Kyogre is “bah-freaking-roken”, they mean it. But I’m not complaining.

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posted 03-22-2003 08:48 PM      Profile for Tghost   Author's Homepage   Email Tghost   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
9. After arriving in Lavaridge, an Egg awaits just for me! Sounds familiar! Fortunately, this time I know better. The Egg is promptly dropped into the PC and disposed of once and for all.

What, don't you want a free Wobbuffet? It gets Charm and Encore, too.

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posted 03-22-2003 10:06 PM      Profile for gruco        Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Well, I figgur I'll use this thread for talking about my course through the game.

Start with Torchic. This thing is insanely good as a starter. With build up, it tears almost everything apart...

Captured a bunch of stuff early on, only used my Wurple, which became Beautifly. After I picked up Shroomish, Beatifly doesn't get much use.

Pick up things all over the place, but Blaziken and my Loudred/Exploud seem to be the only things that ever get much use. Shroomish stays and has it's potential uses as well. I wish I picked up a Raltz when I had the chance, but I never ran into one....

I tried leveling up my Grass/Rock fossil with the experience share, but it never got to a usable state. Eventually I give the exp. share to Shroomish.

Take on the elite 4 with Blaziken, Exploud, and Kyogre, all around level 47. A few HM whores act as cannon fodder. Blaziken and Exploud get a few kills each, but Kyogre steals the show. That auto Rain Dance is nuts.

Now it's time to fill as much of the pokedex as I can (shouldn't be half so bad as it was in GSC), and then figure out what I want my team to be.

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posted 03-22-2003 10:56 PM      Profile for Donald   Email Donald      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
In an attempt to cure a recent bout of writer's block, I'm putting my RS journey in this post. Please pardon the length.

3/20, 4:20 pm (how apropos) - I get home from my local EB, throw down my crap from uni, and start up Sapphire. Our heroine for this journey is Amanda, a young pig-tailed girl who could be a knock-out if she weren't 10. *sigh*

First Pokemon: Torchic. I've chosen to nickname based on their final forms, so I nicknamed it "Blair". 'tis a lady. *schwing # 1* There shall be pymping later. But I digress. First Pokemon captured: A Zigzagoon nicknamed "Nathan", keeping a tradition that dated back to two days before on a Ruby ROM.

Within an hour, they're both up to L9. And Nathan has delivered some fine booty indeed - Super Potions, Ultra Balls, Revives... god, I love this ability.

A couple of hours later, I pop into Route 102 - and what do I see but a female Ralts. *snag* Annie's the name, piggybacking is the game.

While piggybacking it for Confusion, I come across a stray Wingull. A quick catch later, and I have 2/3 of the starting triangle complete.

Petalburg Woods brings my first HM whore (a Slakoth) and Bethany the Shroomish. After realizing that Absorb literally sucks, I head up to 104-North and acquire the Bullet Seed TM. NOW WE'RE COOKING WITH GAS!! The five Pokemon are L14 before my trainer collapses out of pure exaustion. (end day 1). Moral of the story: Overleveling is going to be a requirement in this game, as I learned the hard way from the JP Rom.

Day 2: After an early-morning training session that sees me end up with five L16s, I enter the Rock gym. Shroomish destorys all the Geodudes with Bullet Seed, leaving Combusken against Nosepass. oh nos, you say. However, Combusken's Double Kick triumphs over the giant allergy despite two Potions.

My goal for the day is to get Ralts up to L20 (Kirila) in the hopes that it can become the killing machine I've heard so much about. Sadly, fatigue sets in and I can only hit L18 by the end of the day.

Moral of the story: Gym Leaders have a Potion fetish.

Day 3: Big day. It starts with a quick trip to Granite Cave, where I pick up the sixth member of my team - Hulk Hogan the Makuhita. WHATCHA GONNA DO BROTHER WHEN ARM THRUST RUNS WILD ON YOU??? *cough*

btw, Ferris Bueller's Day Off is the funniest shit I've ever seen. I say that because I was watching it while training.

With a squad of L18s, I enter the Fighting gym. The fight against Brawly w/Ralts goes something like this - Confusion, Bulk Up, Confusion, switch to Makuhita, repeat first 3. Ralts only gets halfway to L20, but a Rare Candy rectifies that as I earn my 2nd badge and Bulk Up.

Off to Slateport, where Team Aqua shoves off and I begin the process of leveling for the Electric Gym. Everyone's at L23 as I move toward Mauville, but healing at the Pokecenter takes an interesting turn - my team has Pokerus. *schwing # 2* And, I got some evolving done too - Breloom. Shame though - now it won't get Spore. *cries*

And in a fight seen live in #pokebattle, Breloom runs over the Electric Gym's supply of Fagnemite and Fagneton to pick up badge # 3. Mach Punch > him.

(to be continued)

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posted 03-23-2003 10:48 AM      Profile for Jolt135   Author's Homepage   Email Jolt135   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
RAYQUAZA caught at 21:59!

Let's take a look at what happened in those five hours.

20. First (twentieth?) things first, it's time to go back home to see if I get anything for stopping the E5 this time.
21. After taking care of leftover EXP by leveling up, it's off to the Battle Tower, where the usual suspects of Blaziken (46), Gardevoir (46), and Sableye (42) rack up 14 quick wins despite the severe level disadvantage. Computer players ARE ignorant.
22. It's FINALLY time to pick up a Coin Case and Pokeblock Case. I like the GSC slots better.
23. Safari Zone isn't worth it. At least not for me.
24. Oh yeah, the Trick House! It's a fun place, but the prizes certainly don't show that. Except...wait a minute, PP Max? Is this a triple PP UP or just another new take on Elixir?
25. After bumbling around in the Route 124-130 complex (and a good 30 minutes of Sableye demonstrating an utter inability to run from battles, even when it's 15 levels up), I find yet another cave. "Sky Pillar," it's called. Could this be Rayquaza's hiding place? (Remember, after Blue version, I've sworn off all player's guides. The only resources I'm using to play through the game are rsdex.txt and pkutility.xls.)
26. As if Zelda hadn't already had a big enough impression of this game, along come the crumbling floors! #1 is quick to go, but the second trip is a sheer timing nightmare. Even after clearing the main complex, it takes three tries to figure out where I have to land on the final straight, and to land there.
27. How can there be any more crumbling floors? Oh, that's right, there aren't. Time to take on Rayquaza with a team that's absolutely shot for PP.
28. PLAYER1 saved the game.
29. Ah...a familiar position. In Gold, I threw the Master Ball at Ho-oh, meaning that when Lugia's time came, it took quite a long time. 37 restarts, in fact. This time, I have a Master Ball-caught Kyogre with a L70 still to claim (though most of you will agree that Kyogre is better to have in the long run than Rayquaza). Remember, in that game I was armed with 22 Ultra Balls and three Heavy Balls. This time, because of the continued refusal to buy such things, my arsenal contains two Ultra Balls, two Great Balls, three Poke Balls, and the specials. This doesn't look good.
30. Even though it's 16 levels down, Kyogre is proving itself to be a match for the mechanized serpent, with Ice Beam getting instant kills about half the time. The other half, it's in the red, as low as a single pixel...but Ultra Ball 1 fails, Ultra Ball 2 fails, and it's back to A-B-Select-Start.
31. Important lesson: RAIN DANCE NO LONGER PREVENTS DETHAWING. That's what happens when you try and stall a freeze indefinitely in hopes of letting the Timer Ball do its thing.
32. On attempt #29, everything works out. I even manage to save an Ultra Ball! Rayquaza receives the nickname "MEWTWO", and it's back to the PC in order to release the L12 Wingull and replace it with the new designated Flyer.

And as usual, the five comments of the day:
1. The trainers in this game are too incompetent to be worth as much money as they are. After beating E5, I had over P150000...and remember that's AFTER buying ten Calciums for immediate use on Kyogre.
2. Something tells me Rayquaza was designed to rectify the underpowered template that was Dragonite. Something also tells me there's going to be a legal way to get Ancientpower on it REAL soon...
3. The game designers officially know what they're doing. These games do offer something to everyone, and that includes us.
4. May 1st for Version 2? Maybe.
5. Why can't I have a trainer intro of "HAVE FUN AND DON'T DO DRUGS"?

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I gave myself an objective in that game: train all my pokemon equally. Basing myself on the jap ROM, I knew a bit about who was worth training and who wasn't, so that wasn't really a problem. I did make some mistakes, though.

So... I picked Mudkip, nicknamed it Mudinator. Then I started my journey.

In the first routes, I caught a Ralts, nicknamed Psychotix, a Taillow, nicknamed Plumibec, and a Lotad, nicknamed Mexicolo. I eventually abandoned Mexicolo around level 26, because I couldn't find a water stone to evolve it, and I couldn't stand the ugliness and suckiness of its second stage.

Then I breezed through the woods with my newly acquired pokemon, leveling them up equally to level 10 or so. I got a Shroomish, but didn't train it. I would come back later on in the game and train it until it learns spore at level 54, then evolve it and make it remember sky upper with the move tutor.

Anyway, the rock gym wasn't a problem, I totally owned it with Mudinator and Mexicolo, hardly taking any damage. I didn't even need to evolve my starter.

The fighting gym was also a joke since my Ralts learned confusion, and taillow learned wing attack. So far, that was really, really easy. I still got a Sableye (nicknamed Ombre), because it looks so great and has such a wonderful type. I eventually got bored and left it in the box at level 25, but I plan to train it later on.

The electric gym was even easier than the first three. My Marshtomp only took marginal damage from sonicboom before crushing all its electric opponents.

I went up to the part where there's ash falling everywhere, caught a Spinda and a Skarmory (I caught the skarmory with a premium ball, just because it looks cool) got a blue flute, and then went to the meteor cavern and caught a Lunatone. I trained it a little as a 5th member of my current squad, then went back to beat the fire gym. It was kinda harder than I expected. Overheat is strong, and Torkoal is resistant. I still beat it with Ombre, since it's immune to body slam and that overheat gets weaker as it is used.

Then came the 5th gym. I came pretty unprepared, around level 26-28, and got beaten up by my daddy. I decided that it would not happen like that, so I went to train more. I leveled up my Swellow until level 33, and I went on a leveling spree with Marshtomp until learned muddy stream and leveled up at level 37. Then I owned daddy [Smile]

I got to surf until Mauville and the electric leader asked me to repair the plant. I did, got t-bolt, and taught it to Psychotix, so it could have two good attacking moves. I didn't ever have to regret it, and my Gardevoir started to own everything with psychic/t-bolt/calm mind/dt. I wanted to add Numel to my team, but it sucked too much. Too bad I wasted overheat on it ~_~.

Anyway, Psychotix and Lunatone owned the flying gym, then they badly owned the psychic gym. I didn't train Swampert much because it was already at a high level. I caught Medidite, which I trained a little, and Vulpix. I caught about 20 Vulpix to get a killer one, but the best I could find was a speed-impaired one, but with superior defense and neat special attack. So be it. I leveled it up until it got flamethrower then evolved it with a fire stone.

Then team Aqua wreaked havoc and I got to face Kyogre. I weakened my Swellow until it only had 1 HP, then used endeavor on the beast, then switched to Lunatone, prayed to survive, and hynotized it. After that two-turns setup, I started throwing balls like crazy, and it eventually worked.

I kicked the last gym leader's ass with Swampert, Swellow and Gardevoir (Gardevoir would have sufficed, but I wanted to give experience to everyone)

Tonight I'll train Meditite, level up Ninetales, and go kick the elite's butts >=O

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Hail kills Shedinja?
What about this freakin' Wonder[bra] Guard?!?!


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Out of business liquidation sale. Some random Porygon2 bought it for 3 cents.

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I started out by checking my PC and taking the stored Potion. I then followed up by saving Prof. Birch with a Naughty female Torchic. Torchic ended up reaching Level 9 by the time she kicked Mudkip's ass.

After receiving my PokeBalls, I set out to catch myself a small, ragtag team, a strange bunch that would pull together and come through in the end. I wandered around and found Zigzagoon. Unfortunately, poor Torchic didn't know her own strength and she K.O.'d the thing. Further searching found me a female Wurmple. She barely survived the Scratch, leaving her too weak to resist my ball. I then proceeded up to the next town and wandered around a small pond. Zigzagoon appeared again. I tested him with a Scratch. He lived, and was soon mine. Zigzagoon and Wurmple helped me as I caught myself a female Poochyena and Wingull, followed by a male Lotad. I healed my team and began a series of trainer battles, stopping only to bring my weaker teammates to a Pokemon Center and pick a few berries. And so I entered Petalburg.

I healed my team up and went to the Gym to meet Daddy and help a little boy catch his first Pokemon. I then bought a few extra PokeBalls and set out to catch my own Ralts. I found my first Ralts within a few minutes. Unforunately, this Ralts was both male, and has the trait that let him copy his enemy's trait. I decided a Ralts was a Ralts and caught him. I wandered around and twenty minutes later, found another Ralts. Hooray! Male, but he had the Synchronize ability! You're mine, Ralts! After searching for almost an hour, I found her! A female Ralts! And she had Synchronise! Thank you, Jesus. Unfortunately, I killed her by accidently attacking while she was weakened. >_< After searching for a full TWO AND A HALF HOURS, I found Surskit. I was shocked, as I had no idea you could catch the little bug here. The little Level 3 insect wasn't much, but I figured he was rare and ball'd him. After searching for almost THREE FRICKIN' STRAIGHT HOURS, a FEMALE Ralts! But she had Trace. T_T I fought the tears, caught her, and decided to just stick with my male Sync. Ralts.

I left the horrible patch of grass, stopped by the Pokemon Center, and then went for Petalburg Woods. The woods was full of many battles, and I added to my team a female Slakoth and Shroomish. I rushed onto the next city, only to run into a man being attacked by a pirate. I was overjoyed to see a pirate, but was also a bit afraid, being an unusually overdeveloped ten year-old girl alone in the woods, and all. I had naught to fear as the mighty Torchic, burning with the fire of justice, set fire to the angry Poochyena and evolved into the mighty Combusken! The Slakoth was quickly traded away to a young girl who felt embarassed over her current Pokemon. Of course, Makuhita wasn't as rare as Slakoth, nor did he have its potential. But ol' Majin Chu was still cool. My first Gym Leader was waiting. I retreated into Petalburg Woods for a bit of raising. After a small training session, Roxanne awaited me.

Current Team: Combusken, Ralts, Wurmple, Zigzagoon, Shroomish, Surskit.

The Geodude army fell quickly to Shroomish's lethal Absorb. I made my way to the feared Gym Leader, eager to teach the young honor student a lession in getting her team beaten. Shroomish went out first, fiercely sucking the life out of Geodude. Even with her Potions, the Rock and Ground-type's dual weakness could not be overcome. Getting Paralyzed due to Shroomish's spores didn't help either. Geodude fell.

Unfortunately, Shroomish was fairly weak due. I was afraid she would not have enough to finish her next for. She was recalled and brave Combusken went out to defend the honour of her beloved trainer. With a slight smirk, Roxanne summoned her champion fighter. The powerful Nosepass appeared in all her awesome glory. Combusken Double Kicked, but the stone beast began raining down stones with her Rock Tomb attack. Combusken and Nosepass were greatly injured, but Combusken rushed on to finish her for. She was not quick enough, and Roxanne used a Potion. I healed up Combusken and the fight continued. Poor Nosepass was quickly overwhelmed, and could be healed before taking a Critical Hit. The mighty Nosepass fell. I claimed my first badge and was given a TM.

I rushed into Petalburg and began training Wurmple for a while. She evolved into Silcoon, hooray! Secure in the knowledge I would be getting Beautifly soon, I searched for, and captured, a Cascoon. I continued on towards Rusturf Tunnel. I wandered into the fields, eager to find a new Pokemon. The screen began flashing, and a female SKITTY appeared before me. Shroomish rushed out and weakened and Paralyzed the cute little kitten. Poor Skitty was overwhelmed, her Attract skills useless. I captured her, and dumped Surskit to get her on my team. By the time I was through with that area, Silcoon finally evolved to Beautifly. Onto the second gym.

Gym Battle 2 was easy again. Shroomish held her own against Brawly. Ralts and Combusken were just overkill. The fight was short and easy. The only thing that made his sucky little island worthwhile was an Old Rod. Hooray, Magikarp! Also SABLEye. Sable sat in my PC, collecting dust along side Nincada, Whismur, and other friends.

Things went smoothly from then on, with little to talk about. My rival appeared eventually, eager to challenge me. Combusken took out Numel and Shroomish. My own Shroomish came out and Mega Drained Marshtomp to death.

Shroomish, Combusken, and Kirlia are not horribly outleveled. But Santa Claus's Pokemon are very lucky, Paralyzing with ease and getting Critical Hits far too often. After using multiple items, Combusken wins, and Santa Claus is down.

I also got a bit addicted with making PokeBlocks. I hope to try to enter a contest soon.

I catch a female Plusle, a male Minun, Volbeat, and oddly enough, a male Roselia. Why do I keep finding Pokemon with sexes that are 'inapproriate' for their appreance? I fail to find a female Roselia and Illuminise. Also my Roselia has the trait that causes Poison, not the status healing one. Crap. Roselia still finds his way onto my team, being fed PokeBlocks to make him 'smart' enough to enter and win contests.

Current Team: Combusken, Kirlia, Skitty, Roselia, Zigzagoon, and Plusle.

The next part gets a bit confusing. I went up to the top of the volcano, expecting the next gym to be in Fallarbor. No such luck. I wander around and pick up a Spinda. I also finish up the Team Aqua/Magma storyline, netting myself a Lunatone along the way. I spend almost a day collecting ash and training, until I realize where Lavaridge is. I walk through the firey tunnel, ready to go to the next Gym. Without warning, a cheerful and lovely face pops up. "KOFFING!" cries the joyful little Pokemon. I eagerly catch it and keep it in my PC when I'll have time to raise it properly.

Current Team: Combusken, Kirlia, Skitty, Zigzagoon - Rock Smash/Strength/Cut slave and item finder, Ninjask, and Roselia. Rose was dropped temporarily for Shedinja.

Ah, Lavaridge. It's a nice place. I was disappointed that the hot springs served no purpose. I also found it weird that I was allowed to jump in wearing my street clothes. A sweet old woman offers me an egg. I deposit Ninjask and gratefully take the egg. I saved before, of course. After running around town for about ten minutes, the egg hatches. HOORAY! WYNAUT! Unforunately, he's very young and does not last long on my team. I ran into the Gym, Combusken beating everyone in sight. She evolved into Blaziken just before the fight with the Gym Leader. Blaze and I prepared to fight when I got a good look at Flannery.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Flannery now joins Erika and Jasmine in the race for cutest Gym Leader ever. A hot redhead who loves Fire Pokemon. It's like Santa got my letter and decided to make up for the Gym Battle he cheated in!

Blaziken and I know this will not be an easy battle. Blaze Bulks Up during Round 1, and promply Double Kicks Pokemon after Pokemon. Torkoal survived, and a brutal attack leaves Blaze injured. She fights back, taking down the great turtle. Hot Redhead Girl awards me a badge and TM. On to Petalburg Gym to show Norman that I'm NOT a failure, and that I AM a good son, and that he CAN be proud of me, and that I'm not an embarassment, and...and... WHY DON'T YOU LOVE ME DADDY? WHY DIDN'T YOU EVER WANT TO HUG ME?!



The Gym Battle is too easy. Blaze Bulks Up six times and takes down Papa's team with a single Double Kick each. After conveniently receiving the Surf HM after getting the badge I need to use it, I catch a very strong Wingull and evolve it to Pelipper, making it my offical surfer and future flier.

Current Team: Blaziken, Kirlia, Roselia, Pelliper, Skitty, and Zigzagoon.

Along the way to Gym Six, Kirlia finally evolves into Saanaito. My new Gardevoir makes an excellent teammate with Blaziken during two-on-two battles. Also, I temporarily drop Skitty to add Sableye. He sits on my belt with Exp. Share, as Blaziken and Gardevoir earn him experience. The little bugger grows quickly, and he is soon a permanent team member.

Gym Six is a pushover. Blaziken takes down the team with ease.

Onto Gym Seven, where......Safari Zone? SAFARI ZONE! YAY! YAY! SAFARI ZONE IS BACK!

After catching myself several Pikachu, Natu, a Doduo and Dodrio, a Psyduck, a couple of Girafarig, a single Heracross, and missing more Wobbuffet than I can count, I go onward. After the initial confusion of "Where the hell is the Gym?", I realize it's at the NEXT city, again. The twins send their beloved Solrock and Lunatone against the might of my mighty Sableye and my embarassingly weak pelican. Faint Attack and Surf being down the moon, but Solrock takes down the bird. Blaziken rushes into the fray, using Solrock's Sunny Day against it. One Blaze Kick and the sun sets.

What follows is a hodgepodge of confusion and general "where the hell do I go next?"-ness.

In the end, I have captured the mighty Kyogre and Blaziken beat every trainer in the final gym.

I'm currently catching random Pokemon that I missed and training up for the Elite Four.

Current Team: Blaziken, Gardevoir, Pelipper, Sableye, Zigzagoon, and Pikachu.

- - - - -

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I have finally beaten the Elite 4, but that was really fucking gay and frustrating.

I had three psychics on my team (Lunatone, Medicham and Gardevoir), and I kept being owned by the ghost leader. The dark elite was a joke, being raped by Medicham's hi jump kick and Ninetales' flamethrower, but I had nothing to kick the ghost elite's ass, only a crunching flygon, and it couldn't survive against the ice beaming dusclops...

Once I finally beat it, the ice elite is crushed by Ninetales and Medicham (when Medicham wasn't killing itself with hi jump kick ~_~). Then there's the dragon elite. Okay, so my Gardevoir puts the first Shellgon to sleep and starts using calm mind one, two, three, four times. Then it starts owning everything, but Salamence gets a fucking CH crunch and kills. A,B,select,start.

The champion was easy enough, and Ninetales and Medicham had a lot of fun tearing it to pieces.

So my first hall of fame is:

Gardevoir (53), Ninetales (53), Flygon (52), Medicham (51), Swampert (45), Lunatone (45)

Each time I start a pokemon game, I abandon my starter around level 40. I didn't want to abandon Swampert but I did x_x

Anyway, after that, I went to sky pillar to catch Rayquaza.

Fuck, that was hard. I withdrew Kyogre from the PC so I could catch it more easily, but ice beam would only do around 60% damage (I never used Kyogre, so it was still at level 45). I managed to freeze it once, but it escaped all my ultra balls, a couple great balls, and the timer ball. Keep in mind that my best pokemon was Gardevoir, at level 55, against a level 70 legendary, and none of my pokemon would be able to survive 2 hits of any of Rayquaza's attacks x_x

Finally, I caught it when my Swellow (level 41) survived an attack with focus band, endeavored, then Gardevoir managed to hypnotize it. Then I got it on the first try [Big Grin] That means Kyogre didn't even help me to catch Rayquaza. I put it back into the PC to collect dust. Poor Kyogre...

Now, I caught a Relicanth, evolved Wailmer, and I'm after the regis. Maybe I'll train Regirock... Regice is too ugly, and Metagross > Registeel anyway.

Oh, and my Metang is at level 30, thanks to exp. share [Smile]

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Last Thursday, a beautiful brown-haired 17-year-old knockout named Uiraja jumped out of a truck into a brave new world. She grabbed a Torchic, set fire to the first three routes, then remembered that she meant to get a female. Shit.

Oh well. Two Zigzagoons join Uiraja's party, who promptly start digging up Nuggets and Rare Candies. Seedot and Ralts tag along as well. Later, however, Seedot's evolution is abandoned for being ugly. Ralts' evolution is *almost* abandoned because Uiraja got sick of looking at its bare ass pointing at her all the time, but it eventually evolves out of that foolishness. (Uiraja meant to get a female Ralts too. Oh well.)

Aron, Grimer and Magikarp soon joined, pushing all the random jank into box 1. Interest in catching every little thing was lost soon after buying 60 Ultra Balls. The remaining Zigzagoon was finally lost for a Pelipper, who would be Flying from place to place.

Gym Leaders? The first four were refreshingly challenging. It took Uiraja FOUR GYMS to figure out that items and saving were good ideas. The first and second gyms were conquered thanks to lucky Burns. But from the fifth gym on, it got a lot easier. The Psychic hotties fell in three moves, for example.

After spanking Team Magma everywhere she went, Uiraja then decided to spend some time in the ocean, eyeballing some of those bikini-clad babes. She'll tell you she got lost if you ask her, but that's a crock. Now that she's finally gotten a clue about where the sub went, Uiraja's journey will continue. Watch out Groudon, those 60 Ultra Balls are coming for you.

The greatest trainer type in this game are the "Jr & Sr" girls. You KNOW that the submissive one will be yelling "Sempai!" every chance she gets. Let's just hope there's an in-game 2vs2 that has more than two opposing Pokémon.

Update: Let's talk about my new Groudon, Raper of Pigs.

Pigraper (Groudon)
Bulk Up
-> Leftoversberry
-> Jolly (Speed Up, S. Atk Down)

I caught a pretty good one after a couple of tries. HP -3, AT -8, DF -5, SP -1, SA -1, SD -6 at Lv. 45, so those values will probably double at Lv. 100. I kind of want both Ancientpower and Solar Beam, and I don't want to designate too much to Groudon's -30 SA (after personality) but particularly daring Grass types might cause a problem as it is. Whether Eruption/Fire Blast is better than Solarbeam or not is debatable- it WILL be pretty quick thanks to 29+ DV and personality, so a few waves of full power flame are possible, but... I know I'm going to max out Speed on this thing (if I ever decide to use it) and I'll probably divide the rest between Attack and Health, if not boosting Health entirely.

Now it's time for Latios. The opening movie of Uiraja chasing Latios on her bike is really cool. ^_^;

[ 03-29-2003, 04:43 PM: Message edited by: Uiru ]

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Long time, no update. Therefore, no time, long update. Got it? Let’s see, I left off at 32, so...

33. After Flying back to the P-Center to withdraw Rayquaza, and obviously healing (the serpent had 3 HP left), the nurse sends that coveted message. “PLAYER1, your Pokemon seem to be infected with Pokerus.” The switch to Experience Values makes maxing out stats 90% it’s 95% easier! Oh well.
34. After some more mindless wandering, I enter an abandoned house with a Poke Ball on the table. Eevee? No, Beldum. Presumably the Larvitar of the game, while Bagon is the Dratini (though as I said before, Rayquaza shares honors as Dragonite with Salamence). And just for the heck of it, let’s get a Bagon too.
35. Bagon may be the parallel of Dratini, but its location screams out “LARVITAR!” all over again. Just like last time, I head for the back...and sure enough, L35 Bagon is the first thing encountered. My last Ultra Ball is used to secure it, and by the time I get back out it’s a L36 Shelgon.
36. Next, off to get Slaking. But that Pokemon shows no location, and neither does Vigoroth. I’ll need to find Slakoth, and that Pokemon isn’t even seen in my Pokedex. There is one hint, though...I remember that the first trade I ran across involved a Slakoth. Logically, it should be found somewhere prior to that. Starting from Route 101, it’s a snail’s pace through the grass, and sure enough Slaking finally shows its face in Petalburg Woods. It’s pointless taking on a L5 with Kyogre, Rayquaza, and other big guns, so go Nest Ball. Pokedex up to 17!
37. Kyogre (now L59) and Rayquaza go IPO with their new company...”Piggybackers Central”. L5 Slakoth, L7 Beldum, and L36 Shelgon are the first customers. After one trip through the E5 with Exp. Share,, Vigoroth’s level increases all the way from 5 to 30! Six more to go... Beldum likewise surpasses 20 and evolves in its first go, and Shelgon is slowly gaining levels.
38. Wally eventually takes over the job of “Lead Product Tester” for Piggybackers Central. His battles trigger with extreme ease, and in due time Vigoroth becomes the first Satisfied Customer. Level 36.
39. What’s the one attack Slaking wouldn’t be complete without? Hyper Beam! My pockets are filled with over three thousand P100 bills, so dishing out 75 of them for the TM is no sweat. This attack is so absurdly damaging that I create a slogan for it. “Slaking’s Hyper Beam: When it Absitively, Posolutely Has to DIE.™” Add Shadow Ball, and Slaking is on its way to “piggybacker” status as soon as L42.
40. Although I probably won’t ever buy anything with the ashes, the ability to collect absurd amounts of an item, for free, and with no reason is simply irresistible to the hero. Along the way, though, the collection is interrupted by that most familiar of cries: “Skar-mo-REEE!” It’s 26 levels away from Spikes-land, but 26 levels is nothing for Piggybackers Central. Metang’s Metal Claw is about the only thing I have that’s weak enough at this point (and it sure is weak), and in due time Skarmory’s health is down to 2 pixels. Choices are one Great Ball, one Poke Ball, one Premium Ball, and one Repeat Ball. What the hell, throw the Great Ball.
41. The casino has a service day? What the hell? Better winning percentage...bah, I don’t notice anything different. I earn 300 coins at roulette, but it’s time to move on.
42. In due time, Metang hits 45, and evolves. Metagross can make the Battle Tower squad? Cool! Once it gets to 50, it’s time to hide the Pokemon in the PC forever...or at least until I get to Battle Tower. Salamence is likewise stowed away as soon as it evolves.
43. In a shocking show of discontent, Slaking breaks away from Piggybackers Central and takes its own trip to L50. Kyogre hitches it off to Sky Pillar, but once there, Slaking proceeds to beat the crap out of EVERYING with Hyper Beam and Shadow Ball. I would call in the Hoenn Police Force to control the situation, but 1) they probably couldn’t control a Slaking on the loose and 2) I own this Slaking! With a few trips to the P-Center, Slaking does become Battle Tower Member #6.
44. Skarmory’s up to level 45...46...47...WAIT! THIS JUST IN! KYOGRE LEVELS UP TO 75! Just as Slaking got a slogan for Hyper Beam, Kyogre gets one too: “The Greatest Killing Machine Yet Discovered By Man™”. It’s been approximately 300 battles since Kyogre last failed to kill something in one hit; Water Spout will ensure that streak lasts much longer.
45. Skarmory does hit L50 soon afterward, and my Battle Tower team is set (at 7 members). Except for some extra TMs, of course...P80000 here, P80000 there, it doesn’t matter. Kyogre’s Amulet Coin has brought my money north of P700,000, so there’s plenty to go around. And quite a bit more for me to hoard to myself.
46. Department Store Sale! Does this mean 50% off Stat Drugs? It would sure help. So I check out floor change. Up to 4...also no change. Down to 2...still the same price! Between this and the Casino...are these announcements fake?
47. I finally discover what all the hype is about...some marketeer standing by the vending machine offering decorations. I’VE TOLD YOU THE SAME THING FOR THE LAST 55 HOURS, AND I’LL TELL YOU AGAIN: I HAVE NO SECRET BASE! I should have pulled out Slaking and asked for a Hyper Beam on the salesman, but this game doesn’t let you do that for some reason. (I don’t use emoticons anymore, but you can imagine that there’s one here.)
48. Off to Battle Tower! Sableye comes back this time, joined by Blaziken and Salamence. The trio (“triumvirate” is probably the better word) picks up five more victories against the gauntlet, including a solitary 21-0 pummeling courtesy of Blaziken. Even though the last challenge was 40 hours ago, win streaks are still cumulative, and this one now stands at 49. But in the 53rd match, an unseen-as-of-yet starter shows up: Latios! Blaziken sacrifices itself to let Salamence take on the Second Supreme Dictator, and indeed it wins off Dragon Claw and Shell Bell. But when Latias (the First Supreme Dictator) shows up next, the game is over. Streak gone at 52.
49. After 60 hours of game play, I figure I can use a guide to pick up everything I’ve missed. The GameFAQs guides are still greatly preferred over those that charge money, so I choose the biggest one with a reasonable update time.
50. Regi____ Pokemon are my next big target, but unfortunately I have just one Poke Ball, one Premier Ball, and one Repeat Ball left. This won’t work. So I reluctantly end the 60-hour-long boycott of Devon Corporation, and start things fresh with 99 Ultra Balls. This may seem excessive, but when your moneybags outnumber those of the U.S. Treasury, you buy as many items as you want, thank you very much.
51. Relicanth...found...caught. Wailord, no such luck. But I do find Wailmer at L38, and Piggybackers Central takes up the job for free.
52. It takes four tries to hit the Dive spot in the midst of irreversible current. Once there, it’s time to rock...and freeze...and (what’s a verb that implies Steel?)
53. Thanks to a summer codebreaking workshop I took eight years ago, deciphering the Braille is no problem. The only letters I might possibly transpose are D/J and N/T. A quick look at context fixes even those gaps.
54. Because I now have a guide on the computer in front of me, I no longer have to trial-and-error my way through every square of map. Registeel comes first, because it looks easiest to get to. Salamence consistently takes Registeel to the low red with a single Flamethrower followed by Headbutt, but Ultra Balls are nowhere near consistent. Even with 99 of them, the balls are so unreliable that Registeel routinely runs out of PP and Struggles itself to death.
55. Nineteen tries; about 500 Ultra Balls thrown, and now we finally have one that hits. All Regi____ Pokemon will eventually call on the help of Piggybackers Central, but not now. Wait for the other two.
56. With 84 Ultra Balls left, it’s on to Regice. Finding it proves to be no problem...but the troubles have just started.
57. Part of the problem against Regice is finding a dependable way to put it in red health. After a number of restarts, I find the answer. Three Dragon Claws from Salamence will do the trick...IF Regice has a SpecialD+ nature. Seeing as I want Special D up anyway, this is a convenient little litmus test for catching the Pokemon of my choice.
58. Every time I find a lucky SD+, the ensuing Ultra Ball barrage has the feel of a WWE match. ONE! TWO! THREE...Kicked out at the last minute. Again this Pokemon demonstrates that even when it’s out of PP and will kill itself with Struggle, it still prefers death over capture.
59. Prior to now, no Pokemon had ever required me to restart more than 37 times in order to catch it (Lugia holds that honor). Well, Regice is up to 91. This time, the Dragon Claws leave the opponent with 3 pixels of health instead of the usual 1...but oh well, let’s give it a shot. And sure enough, the third ball thrown in the 92nd attempt...ONE! TWO! THREE! SAFE! The reason for the better-than-usual resistance is soon discovered: Regice’s SD is 194, the highest it can possibly be for a freshly-caught L40. 548, here I come.
60. Although that Pokedex description seems a bit inconsistent, Regice is quickly sent up top for the Regirock battle. With Ice Beam put up, Regirock is frozen on attempt number 5, and luckily is caught soon afterwards.
61. With all three of the next big cycle in hand, Piggybackers Central takes on its most important job yet. Still incomplete...
62. Yet another random promo: Energy Guru offering a blowout! THIS is undoubtedly when the Stat Drugs go on sale. Upon checking the place, there’s no false promises...just P4900 off each item. I’ll take ten of each.
63. Current party: Kyogre 78, Rayquaza 73, Regice 43, Registeel 40, Regirock 41, Slaking 50.
TO BE CONTINUED...unless it isn’t.

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People are all like "I caught Relicanth! Hurray!". Are they hard to come by or something? I found one whilst wandering around utterly lost searching for the underwater cave and named it "15000Bells".

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It took me about 15-20 minutes to catch the three regis. Never restarted more than 2 or 3 times and that was just because I was killing them, and got them on 4th or 5th ball thrown.

I put them to sleep, though, which made everything so much simpler.

I would also like to add that registeel is the biggest piece of supposedly legendary shit ever created, and that regirock and regice are barely better. That is the worst legendary trio evar [Frown]

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Originally posted by Uiru:
People are all like "I caught Relicanth! Hurray!". Are they hard to come by or something? I found one whilst wandering around utterly lost searching for the underwater cave and named it "15000Bells".

Haha... "15000Bells". I CAUGHT A LIVING FOSSIL!!

Anyway, it's not that they're really hard to come by. What was challenging for me was finding a female one to use for breeding a better one later on. Took me forever, but I finally did. And luckily, it also had Rock Head which I also wanted on my Relicanth.

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I would also like to add that registeel is the biggest piece of supposedly legendary shit ever created

Even though its resistant to zillions of types of attacks, and has defenses through the roof?


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Some amusing/interesting observations made in the life of Pokemon Trainer DOC:

1. Tropius is not totally useless, nor is it relegated to the dubious role of HM slave. In fact, being one of few Grass types that learn Solarbeam naturally, it put the hurt on Liza and Tate when they foolishly used Sunny Day.

2. Groudon is strong. Groudon is dumb. Groudon tried to use Earthquake on my Pelipper no less than four times. Of course, Tropius's Solarbeam knocked off a good portion of Groudon's health before going down in flames.

(The first time I tried that, Tropius got a critical hit. Oops.)

3. The Black Flute doesn't seem to be worth the 1000 steps in Spinda-infested, ash-covered territory. It only reduces encounters from extremely annoying to somewhat annoying in frequency.

4. At level 48, it's slow going for my female Shroomish. I want Spore sooner, dangit!

5. DOC's training style: Conservative. How conservative? I haven't faced the Elite 4 yet with my level 47-50 critters. I still have to raise an ice type to counter Drake.

6. At 10, trainer DOC hasn't even begun to wonder why boys and girls are different, and thus can battle female swimmers without fear of staring. Player Doc (the one holding the GBA) wonders where the swimmers keep their Poke Balls.

7. Bad Linoone! You shouldn't pick things up randomly! You don't know where they've--oh, is that a Nugget? A Rare Candy? And it's all for me? up the good work. [Big Grin]

8. Player Doc is resisting the siren song of a Game Shark Advance, only because he wants to keep this game as fair as possible. When you can't duplicate TMs, it becomes even more important to look at alternatives.

(It's only $39.99 at Toys R Us. You can afford it...)

Um, no. [Roll Eyes]

Tune in next time, when hopefully Trainer DOC has beaten the Elite 4, and gotten his psychic dragon (yeah, right).


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I thought you could plant TMS in the ground.

At least, thats what I did in the ROM.

Of course, due to no time function it never sprouted, but...

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lol pokemon

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You can only plant berries, not TMs, unfortunately. Were you using a Japanese ROM so you couldn't tell what you were planting?

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Well, well...I actually accomplished both objectives from my last post. [Big Grin]

9. Beat the Elite 4 and Steven...barely. Then again, being as conservative strategy-wise, that only means that I had to use one revive, 5 of my 12 hyper potions, 1 full restore, and about 10 Leppa Berries. Oh, and there was much re-starting when it came to Glacia.

10. Tried to track down Latios by flying to Mauville repeatedly and exploring the crossroads. After no luck, I decided to go water my Kelpsy and Cornn berries on Route 120.

Wild Latios attacked!

With a manaical grin on my face, I declared "you're mine!" and threw my Master Ball. [Big Grin]

I have yet to check the stats on my newly-caught naughty psychic dragon, but I'm somewhat pessimistic. Then again, I'm not going through that chase again.

There's some cleanup work I have to do...catching the Regis, the Sky Tower, etc., but most of DOC's work is done. This means that I have Sapphire to look forward, with el cheapo Kyogre. [Smile]

(edit: Duh...should be Latios, not Latias.)


[ 04-18-2003, 01:29 PM: Message edited by: DocMui ]

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To claim mastery is to imply that there is nothing else to learn. Thus, I shall never be a Pokemon Master, since there's *always* something to learn.

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