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Author Topic: My Pokemon Stadium 2 Experience
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There I was, at the door to the rival. Every trainer in every cup had fallen to my teams composed of rentals, and my team of level 100 RBY Pokemon. I had to deal with the innacuracies of Blizzard, lack of good items, and lack of G/S moves. I had silver, but I had no useful Pokemon on it because a few days earlier the data was erased. But I prevailed, and now I was at the final battle. I entered my RBY team:



Swords Dance

Confuse Ray
@Twisted Spoon

Body Slam
@Polkadot Bow

Double Team

I was ready to go. The screen faded, and then the thing showing the teams came up. The blinds open to reveal Mewtwo... and Ho-Oh... and Lugia... The trio...

I lead off with Alakazam to try to cause some paralysis, and then select the rest of my team. The screen fades again, and then I see the Pokeballs launched onto a platform suspended above a swirling pit of fog. Alakazam emerges with Mewtwo... one of my greatest enemies... I decide that I will beat it the way I have always done it. I que up Thunder wave. I expect some horrible special attack to come from the beast. Instead, I see the purplish pentagon of safeguard flare up. My Thunderwave bounces uselessly off... I decide to put up a substitute, so I could beat it in a special downing war. As I press up C to choose it, Mewtwo disapears in a vortex of light, only to have it replaced by another one... Lugia. I stare at the massive beast, unsure how to respond. I would've used an element punch, but I had none to speak of. Instead, I used psychic. The attack barely put a dent in the creature. Next I bore witness to a terrifying retaliation, as Lugia let loose with the fury of Aeroblast. The substitute melted like a hot knife through butter. Not wanting to let Alakazam get crushed by the next attack, I switched out for Starmie. As Starmie formed on the battlfield, Lugia let another Aeroblast fly. The devastating wind hit Starmie with tremendous force. Starmie only had 5 hp left... I realized that it may have been better just to let Alakazam faint. Starmie let loose with Tbolt, and hardly fazed it! The demon bird let yet another Aeroblast loose. The overkill assault left Starmie sprawled on the ground... I cracked open Gengar's Pokeball. I needed to weaken it further, so I could finish it. The safeguard had fallen. I attacked with Tbolt, and didn't do a whole lot of damage, but it was starting to add up. I expected another monstrous retaliation, but instead, the beast put up another safeguard. So this trainer was obsessed about keeping his status intact... Bearing this in mind, I set up another Tbolt. Now Lugia's health was at a little less than 1/3. Finally, the beast fired another column of fierce wind at my Pokemon. Gengar hit the ground hard. I send Dragonite. I figure that I can survive 1 Aeroblast, so I can beat it by using 2 T-bolts. I definetly didn't want to risk Blizzard with my recent experiences with its altered accuracy. I go first, and nail it with Tbolt. I get nailed by Aeroblast again, and survive. Another T-bolt finally puts the flying tank away. Mewtwo emerges. I leave Dragonite to take the final blow. I have a slightly damaged Alakazam, a Chansey, and a Sandslash to face against a full health Mewtwo and a Ho-Oh. I send Chansey, wanting to take down Mewtwo the old fashioned way. I was pumped to take down Mewtwo with Chansey as I had done many times before. I can't Twave, because the safeguard is up, so I que up double team. Suddenly, many glowing white orbs begin encircling Mewtwo, and emit a low humming. They spin faster and faster, hidden power... I know exactly what type it is... suddenly the orbs fly outward at a high speed and slam into Chansey. Its super effective. Fighting type Hidden Power. Chansey is left with a little under 1/3. It does its double team. Knowing that there isn't any way to paralyze Mewtwo and bring Chansey back after, I que up a Softboiled, and hope for the best. Mewtwo charges another Hidden power, and nails Chansey down. Not even MewIISlayr could do it... I have Alakazam and Sandslash now. I send Alakazam, and hope that I can outlast Mewtwo in a special down war. We exchange Psychics for a while. I do fairly well because of Mewtwo's lowered Special Defense, and then I realize that the thing doesn't have recover! It uses a Thunderpunch to demonstrate that after. I hit it, and then again, and then its gone! Now there is only one Pokemon left, Ho-Oh. Alakazam is sort of weakened, but in pretty good shape. Ho-Oh emerges. I attack with psychic, and do little damage. Swirling flames surround Ho-Oh, and then strike Alakazam from above. Sacred Fire. Alakazam is burned instantly, and left with very little HP. I consider my options for a moment. The safeguard has fallen, so I Twave it. It doesn't try to put up a new one, and finishes Alakazam off with another Sacred Fire. Only one left now, Sandslash. Sandslash stomped the ground, and many boulders flew out. Rockslide. The boulders crashed down on Ho-Oh hard. It survived though with a fraction of its HP. The enraged demon bird got another firestorm ready. I was sure it was over. The flames struck Sandslash hard from above. 300... 200.... 100.... 86! It survived! Now, for a taste of sweet revenge. Sandslash stomped the ground hard, and another wave of rocks came crashing down on Ho-Oh. Down it went, right into the ground.

And there you have it, my victory over the cheesy trio with RBY Pokemon, that weren't adapted to G/S! Round 2 here I come!

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posted 12-27-2001 06:27 PM      Profile for Pokemaniac Will   Email Pokemaniac Will   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
It's not going to be so easy in Round 2, Mewtwo HAS Recover, and Ho-Oh does too, I'm pretty sure. Not sure about Lugia though, might have Safeguard, might be Recover. Anyway, I recommend you put these in your team. These three alone can individually handle the Cheese Trio.

Wobbuffet-Counter Lugia's Aeroblast first off and the bird will fall easily, bringing down probably your biggest hindrance. Make sure it has Leftovers to possibly go another round, or if Lugia surprises you with a Surf. If you Counter Aeroblast--beware, The Rival could use Surf! But for the most part this should do it. A Countering Blastoise can also do the job.

Aerodactyl-Being tied with Crobat, Jolteon and Mr. Cheapness for second fastest, it should probably be able to OHKO Ho-Oh with an Ancientpower, and go first to boot. But watch out for the Quick Claw. Have Ho-Oh Paralyzed beforehand for best results.

Blissey-Since The Rival doesn't have a Hazer, you can use a Currsey that will Curse up to the max, Minimize and then use Shadow Ball, and Softboiled to recover. This should be used against Mewtwo only. It has high Spc Def so it can endure whatever while Cursing up and Minimizing. Softboiled to recover since after a while the Psychics WILL start to build up. Since you'll be heavily Cursed up Shadow Ball should only take two hits to KO Mewtwo.

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