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Author Topic: Clauses in GS.
Ancient Egyptian Cat-Gonk
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posted 02-15-2001 11:56 PM      Profile for Ancient Egyptian Cat-Gonk   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
External Rules in Gold/Silver.

Hmm, it's about time these got a review for reference in future GS tournaments.

#1. Sleep Clause.

This one might need toning down or amping up, depending on which way you look at it.

The fact that Jynx and Gengar can put the ML/Sleep on their opponents only taking one or two free hits (and recovering the lot with Dream Eater) is a fairly convincing argument for a rules change. However, those two Pokemon aren't exactly what you'd call solid (in that the aforementioned one or two free hits would probably kill them), as well as the possibility of an early wake-up. Sure, Dark types are still prey to Nightmare, but both Houndoom and Tyranitar can decimate both Gengar and Jynx with their standard moves (just so you know, Houndoom's Pursuit at 40 power is still a three-hit-kill on Gengar due to its 248 SDef).

The fact that slower Pokemon can no longer get "locked down" by repeated sleeping because of GS' wake-up-and-attack, moves like Sleep Talk and Snore, Miracle/Mint Berries as well as the downfall of Grass types might give diehard sleep fans such as myself a reason to rail about Sleep Clause being no longer necessary. A compromise could be reached, something along the lines of "only one Pokemon may be KOed per battle while under the effects of Mean Look and Sleep". However, that's a little long winded. Perhaps it should be left as it is.

#2. Freeze Clause.

People didn't like it in RBY because it couldn't be prevented outside of Stadium, but otherwise agreed with it. In GS, the prevalence of Fire moves sounds like a decent reason to abandon it completely. After all, an experienced opponent would most likely concede a draw if the battle was won by an unplanned fluke freeze, and newbie players could easily be baited via Scizor/Foretress into thawing entire lineups.

#3. No Power-Pokes.

They've still got huge stats and kick-ass moves, even if Mewtwo's Amnesia isn't as much of an asset anymore. Leave it as is, in that Power-Poke matches should be considered sepearate to non-Power-Poke battles.

#4. One of each Item.

Meeh. It's a limitation I think adds strategy in that you have one more resource to conserve, but I'd like battles in which you only could use one of each TM. Keep it for Stadium, I guess.

#5. Evade Clause/Evade Ban. (The reason why I posted this message)

*feeds ego steroids*
*removes chains from ego*
*opens cage containing ego*

I (reluctantly) admit that both these rules had their place in RBY, but in GS? Don't make me laugh. How many of you have said that "DT simply doesn't work anymore"? How many of you have sworn to never take a team without a Hazer? Who here uses Psyche Up, Whirlwind, Roar, and other counter-defensive moves?

Double Team is good, but I'm not going to deny that it's been severely thrashed about by Haze now being available on some kick-ass Pokemon other than Vaporeon, Whirlwind and Roar working, and Psyche-Up adding a whole new dimension to counter-defense.

The fact is, anyone who wants to play with Evade Clause in GS is a pussy, plain and simple. Next there'll be a "Death Starmie Clause", "Spikeshuffle Clause" and "Azure Heights Member Clause" just because they require A SMALL AMOUNT OF THOUGHT to beat. But I digress. For the people who are REALLY afraid of Double Team, put in a "Living Ancestors Clause". Better yet, name it the "Cat-Gonk Clause". After all, I'm the only person around here making extensive use of Double Team, so it may as well have my name on it considering that it's there just for me (Yes, I know other people make use of it sometimes, but I'm just flexing my ego).

Hell, it's probably the only way the proletariat are going to beat me >=D.

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- Rune666, TPMer.

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posted 02-17-2001 12:59 PM      Profile for Nirvana     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
I agree, Gonk


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Rain Dance
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posted 02-19-2001 01:29 AM      Profile for Rain Dance   Email Rain Dance   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Heh, "Living Ancestors Clause"...I can see it now. "You cannot have more than 1 Pokemon that can be remotely connected to the Living Ancestors." Heh, The Six Degrees of the Living Ancestors...I see a new party game arising...

Actually, "Mean Look Clause" isn't all that bad of an idea. Keeps people from bringing out incredibly gay Flying/Protecting Crobats and Burakkis along with Protect/Enduring Gengars, to just watch the opponent die. Heh, just ravings from another person trapped in one of AGNP's dungeons.

-Rain Dance

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