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Author Topic: Oh yeah.
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posted 10-25-2000 02:53 PM      Profile for Dragonite21     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
As some of you may know, I restarted my blue game a few weeks ago. Anyway, I just got up to mewtwo and engaged in battle. I had saved before, and just for a laugh, I decided not to immediately lob the master ball, but weaken the psychofreak and see how many ultra balls it took to nab 'im. So, out came mewtwo, out came jynx. Mewtwo used barrier, Lola used lovely kiss. I pounded away with ice punch while he slept, and then chucked an ultra ball.

Mewtwo was caught. With ONE ultra ball.

Woah. Has anyone else done this before?


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posted 10-25-2000 03:02 PM      Profile for branners   Author's Homepage   Email branners   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Yeah, I did it with one ultra ball too.

It didn't want to recover for some reason.


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posted 10-25-2000 07:41 PM      Profile for Magby     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
There is a rare chance to catch anything in one ultra ball without even fighting(hp at 100%).
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posted 10-30-2000 04:33 PM      Profile for Jumpman16   Author's Homepage   Email Jumpman16   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Wow...I'm glad I found this topic. I restarted my Yellow game to fix some silly newbie mistakes I had made, and got all the way to Mewtwo again about two weeks ago. I had 10 Ultra Balls with me, and of course my Master Ball, but I figured, "Hey, why not have some fun with a real challenge this game has to offer?" So I saved before, of course, and lead off with my Zapdos (Zeus). T-waved it; I thought T-wave was the best way to go, cause that's how I caught my 3 (times 2, with the restart) legendary birds with paralysis and not sleep, cause in Yellow I had no access to a 75% sleep move with Jynx, only 60% with my ghost (Nightmare) and I hadn't trained a Parasect. T-wave, it used Recover or something silly, Thunder (gets him down to about 70%), Barrier, another Thunder (hits; I'm basically just seeing how many hits I can get in before Zeus falls, he's about to 50%), psychic (I'm down to about 30%), I try another Thunder which misses, of course, and he kills me. (If you're wondering, Thunder's only on my Zeus cause I gave T-bolt to my Starmie, I haven't sharked Zeus, and can't use the Missingno trick to multiply it.) I bring out my L.58 Articuno (Powder), which I should have done right after the T-wave. He recovers up to 98% or something, of course. DT up (he's a standard), rest as needed, then pound away with Blizzard. He's Barriered up and Psychic only hit once out of about 5 times, so only Swift worked, and the other stuff he used was to my advantage as basically a loss of turn. He doesn't use Recover for about 3 turns (I grimace every time it's his turn, then laugh out loud when he uses Swift, cause my Cuno is Ironed up to the max, or Barrier). When I get him down to about 15% or so, I use Fly, praying in mid-air that he doesn't use Recover. It CHs, he down to about 1% literally, and it's Ultra Ball time. All the while, when I'm throwing 3 Ultra Balls, (You missed the Pokémon!)I'm cursing him cause I know he's gonna Recover, and my patience is wearing thin because I know I don't have to do this (cause I figure I'm gonna get screwed sooner or later) but he NEVER does. My 4th Ultra Ball hits, and as soon as it does, I'm like, "I can't believe this..." He didn't break out immeditely, then on the second go around...he didn't bust out, and my heart's in my throat. The final chance...and...(Wild Mewtwo was captured! New Pokédex data wil be added for Mewtwo!) I told my roommate that I'd just done like the hardest thing in the game, but of course he didn't really understand what I was talking about. I felt great the rest of the evening, and still do now, because it's not as easy to think of my Mewtwo as cheap because I caught him like I would catch any Pokémon, you know? Not with a surefire method (in the Master Ball) that although is in the game and perfectly legal, still makes Mewtwo the easiest Pokémon to catch.


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