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Author Topic: [War Story] One Day at Oakland Airport...
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posted 06-06-2002 11:34 PM      Profile for DocMui   Author's Homepage   Email DocMui   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
While waiting for my flight at Oakland International Airport (I was on
vacation), I happened to hear some kids (I'd say around 7-8 years old or so )mentioning a Pokemon guidebook. Intrigued, I turned around in my seat and asked if any of them had brought their Game Boys along. Sure enough, there were two takers, and we decided to have two matches: One was three-on-three and the other was two-on-two (since time was running short).

My pick for the first match of Level 100s:

Jolteon (no nickname) @ Nevermeltice
Ice Hidden Power
Baton Pass

Aerodactyl (Brick, since it hits hard, fast, and's made of rock) @ Scope Lens
Wing Attack
Take Down

(Not the best moveset, but then again, I'd just raised it to 100 the day before, and I didn't have access to all my goodies on Stadium 2.)

Mew (no attachment)
Horn Drill
Sweet Scent
Softboiled (really have to replace that with Rest)

"Ash's" team:

Hyper Beam
(other three moves unknown)

Hydro Pump
Skull Bash
Hyper Beam
(4th move unknown)

Fire Blast
Hyper Beam

As we get into the match, I take the time to gently remind him that this is just a game, and whoever wins or loses, it's no big deal. "Ash" surprises me with his maturity as he agrees.

I send out Jolteon while "Ash" sends out Blastoise. He immediately recognizes his mistake, and switches to something that'll take the sting out of a Thunderbolt: Venusaur.

This is precisely why I hit him with an Ice Hidden Power. Venusaur is down to roughly 53% health. Jolteon takes a Hyper Beam while retaliating with another Hidden Power while sending the weed into the red. Undaunted after having lost a third of its life, Jolteon goes for the kill with yet another HP.

Out comes Charizard. I switch to Brick, who gets burned with a Fire Blast. Charizard is then withdrawn and Blastoise is sent out.

I've never really been a "go for the throat" kind of player, so I decide to swtich out Brick for Mew. Mew takes Hydro Pumps, Hyper Beams, and a Skull Bash like a trooper, all the time Sweet Scenting Blastoise for the eventual kill. The fifth Horn Drill finally connects, and Blastoise is out, but not before Mew is down to roughly 1/3 life. I bring back Brick, who has to face off Charizard while burned.

Brick shows Charizard that old moves are sometimes the best as AncientPower rocks the fire lizard's world down to less than 50% health. Brick takes another Fire Blast to the mug, but knocks out Charizard with another AncientPower.

"Ash" is surprised, but admits that it was a good match. I have to face his friend next for a two-on-two.

My team:

Jolteon (as above)

Poliwrath @ Quick Claw
Whirlpool (Need to work on this move)
Mind Reader

Cameron's team:

(last two moves unknown)

(last move unknown)

Jolteon goes first, and ramps up its already formidable speed with Agility, taking a Psybeam along the way. Jolteon then lashes out with a Thunderbolt, knocking the artificial critter down to 2/3 life. Porygon2 converted to the Psychic type, and prepares to lash out when its dreams are dashed with a critical-hit Thunderbolt.

(At this point, Cameron remarks "good job.")

Next up is Lugia. I'm suddenly very glad that I didn't swtich over to Poliwrath. Jolteon smacks the bird with a Thunderbolt, taking it down to 2/3 life. Lugia responds by Flying up. I decide to kill some time by speeding Jolteon up a bit with Agility. Jolteon is then assaulted by Lugia's Fly, and is down to roughly 1/3 life. A lucky critical-hit Thunderbolt ends the match.

Impressed by the way they've conducted themselves, I Mystery Gift with two of the boys' cartridges, giving them access to the gauntlet of 6 level 100 Blisseys to help raise their critters. They're all very grateful for both the distraction and the opportunity.

If there's a moral to the story, it might be that Pokemon players are still out there. We're not dead just seems like it. [Smile]


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To claim mastery is to imply that there is nothing else to learn. Thus, I shall never be a Pokemon Master, since there's *always* something to learn.

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posted 06-07-2002 06:28 PM      Profile for Donald   Email Donald      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Nice work.

The Jolteon sweep is especially cool. I *heart* Jolteon. ^^

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posted 06-07-2002 10:25 PM      Profile for JoltWak   Author's Homepage   Email JoltWak   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Very nice.. I hope to do the same thing to kids this summer.. If I can find some people to battle. I love battling 00ber users and then beating them.
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posted 06-08-2002 05:02 PM      Profile for Pinsir_sama   Email Pinsir_sama   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
ahh.... i wanna see a rape concerning agility pass to a drummer. wanna see it work in real life. anyhoo... great work. did u molest either of those children? because ull never get a chance to again...

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