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Author Topic: EspeonNidoking's BattleTower Adventures
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yeah i went to Pokecenter (on Sunday) :| with my friend (you guys know him as NovaSphere).

we took the train from our town to Penn Station and walked around for a to the center, which wasn't crowded on Sunday during the afternoon. Okay, so I was wandering around with Nova, and we noticed that there were some kids playing TCG...

there were some great pokemon games going on, and we watched for a bit...then we went to the Mystery Egg machine and saw the guy...

no offense, but that guy really didn't like his job...i went up to him and was like "So, what can i get here? don't i get a pokemon?"

he was leik "Yeah, you get a Pohgeyman!" (with obvious sarcasm)...he was trying to act like he liked his job or whatever, but seemed bored...i got an egg, and started wandering around...and me and nova checked out the plush toys and stuff...

eventually, more and more kids poured in...and i noticed one kid that was owning a bunch of kids in the TCG...(he was such a dork faggot)...after he finished battling TCG, he pulled out his Gameboy, and started battling alone...he would annoy the teenager TCG'ers by just going up to their game and telling them what to do...

i walk up to him when he was bragging about his damn shinies and asked for a battle, but he was gay and said no...

Three "cool" looking kids walked in (One looked kinda like Ryu), and i asked them for a battle.

first battle: (he only had 5 level 100's so he wanted to start with a 4 on 4 battle)

I used: Snorlax, Vaporeon, Jolteon, Espeon (All Leftovers, except Espeon had Scope Lens).

He used: Mewtwo (SHINY), Lugia, Mewtwo (nicked "mewTHREE", and Zapdos (No Items)

I send out Snorlax first and he starts with the shiny mewtwo.

Mewtwo used Psychic
Snorlax used Curse

he's taken down to less than 50% and was paralyzed...

Mewtwo uses Recover...Snorlax uses Body Slam for the KO.

he sends out Lugia.

*by this time he's being laughed at by his friends (The Ryu looking guy was just chilling and laughing, and the black guy was ripping him apart)

Lugia uses Fly
Snorlax uses Curse

Lugia uses Fly and takes a Body Slam for the Paralyze.

Lugia uses Aeroblast and gets a Critical Hit (OUCH!), and Snorlax uses Curse.

Lugia uses Aeroblast, but only does minimal damage, while Snorlax uses Rest.

Lugia uses Recover while i'm asleep (x2).

I wake up and CH BOdy Slam for the OHKO.

He sends out MewTHREE (Mewtwo). Mewtwo uses Fire Punch (I guess trying for burn), but SNorlax's Body Slam Paralyzes and he's FP)...

Mewtwo uses Recover but unfortunatley is pwned by another Body Slam.

*At this point i'm just liek "gg." His friends are just laughing their asses off. And his friend was like "You know that once this kid beats you he's gonna brag so much!".

Out comes Zapdos. Zapdos gets some CH Thunderbolts on Snorlax and i'm FP. Bye Bye Snorlax eventually. I had a special down from MewTHREE's Psychic, so i was pwned.

I send out Jolteon to Zapdos.

Jolteon uses Substitute as Zapdos uses Hyper Beam (MISS!).

Jolteon uses Thunderbolt as he uses Hyper Beam to break the Substitute.

Jolteon uses another Thunderbolt, and Zapdos re-charges.

Jolteon uses Thunderbolt again, and he uses Hyper Beam (CH!) KO!

I send out Espeon!

Espeon uses Psychic as i win the first match 2-0

*Apparently, he has a pokemon that could stand a better chance. He was amazed by the power of Curselax, and Jolteon's speed really really amazed him. He realized Special attacks weren't gonna win him this battle. I told him i'd try to switch up my team, and i just switched the order of my party for battle #2.

I used: Vaporeon, Snorlax, Jolteon, Espeon (ALl holding Leftovers except Espeon and Scope Lens).

He used: Zapdos, MewTHREE (MEWTWO), Lugia, Tyranitar (I think that Zappy had Scope Lens, but i'm not sure).

I send out Vaporeon, he sends out Zapdos. I retreat and send out Jolteon to absorb an on-coming Thunderbolt, and he uses Psychic.

Jolteon uses Substitute, and he uses Psychic

Jolteon uses Thunderbolt and Zapdos uses Hyper Beam (MISS!)

Jolteon uses Thunderbolt (PARALYZE!), and he's FP!

Jolteon uses another Thunderbolt (CH!) and KO's Zapdos.

He sends out Tyranitar.

Jolteon uses Attract, and Tyranitar is attracted.

Jolteon uses Substitute, and Tyranitar uses Earthquake.

Jolteon uses Thunderbolt, Tyranitar KO's with Earthquake.

I send out Vaporeon!

Vaporeon uses Surf for the KO!

he sends out Lugia!

Vaporeon uses Double Team, he uses Fly.

(He wanted to see what attacks i had).

Vaporeon uses Double Team (maxes out eventually, and he uses Psychic a few times and gets Special Defense fall).

Vaporeon uses Body Slam and paralyzes Lugia.

(After a PP war, Lugia has the disadvantage, and falls to Surf when he's Fully Paralyzed a few times).

He sends out Mewthree.

Vaporeon uses Body Slam and paralyzes Mewtwo.

Vaporeon uses Surf (eventually he's KO'd by Vaporeon due to some Fully Paralyzes).

After the game, we shake hands, and the 3 guys left. That Ryu-looking kid gave me one of those "cool" handshakes and left...perhaps we'll see them next time i go.

the Next battle i had was against some kid that only had 3 level 100's... I'll briefly go over the battle.

I used: Snorlax, Jolteon, Espeon (Leftovers except Scope Lens on Espy)

He used: Kingdra, Mewtwo (SHINY!), Celebi (SHINY!).

Curselax Swept his team pretty easily...he also went for burns using Mewtwo's fire punch...Kingdra was the first to retreat...Celebii used the Sunny Day + Solarbeam Combo...he was obsessed with Legendaries...and kept asking for a shiny ditto or "Blue Lugia" or something.

Nova noticed he went to Pokemasters, so i'm guessing he's a TPM'er.

Nova also battled a TPM'er. He had a crap team (I had to lend him a team since he only had Japanese version, so i lent him my gold and some level 100's. 3 of which were flying weaknesses XD).

All i know is that Novashpere had a 3 on 3 against him and then a 6 on 6.

Nova used Kingdra, Starmie and Mewtwo in the 3 on 3 against the kid's pretty good Mewtwo and Zapdos i think. Nova Swept him 3-0 (BADLY!).

Nova in the 6 on 6 had some trouble because i gave him 3 flying types (Curse/Counter Heracross, Sword's dancing Meganium and Exeggutor). He was pissed at me for giving him such a weak team...but Nova was amazed to see that the kid had a shiny Ho-Oh that he got from the Mystery machine (according to him).

This kid told Nova that he got a 999 stat Eevee from Pokemon Stadium and nova was liek "YOU AM T3h KID that used t3h 1337 999 eevee XD!!!". The kid didn't use the eevee against Nova though.

anyways, nova played some smash brothers after, and we ate at McDonalds, and then came back...He bough Crystal version so he can raise his own pokemon, so next time we go he'll have his own team and we can pwn.

The End for now...I'll probably go back when Nova gets his level 100's all ready and stuff. (He's obsessed with Amnesia Piloswine.)

oh and from the mystery egg i got a Sweet Kiss Nidoran female on my gold...

a Sweet Kiss Bellsprout...and Nova got a "Lovely Kiss Bellsprout".

Nova also started with a female Feraligatr on crystal, which he was happy as hell about. He needs ancientpower to breed onto her right away.

anyways, hope you enjoyed, hopefully me and nova will see some of you guys there next time we go.

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rofl I am SO going down there some time to beat all these legendary crazed idiots.

Who I'm guessing all use gameshark to get them shiny.

Oh yeah.... I was gonna ask.... for all the pokecenter moves (CC Kingler etc.) do you have to be lucky and get them from this mystery machine? And I'll guess you can use this mystery machine once per-visit? =P

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