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So, I woke up at 6.40 AM, ate something and left for the bus, which left 7.25.

I rode the bus to Karjaa, where I took the train to Helsinki. I finished reading Harry Potter and Philosopher's Stone before I was there, getting the total read time of something like 12 hours

So I arrived in Helsinki around 9.25.

Anyway, I went to check out a certain manga/anime-store... Only to find out that it wouldn't open in 30 minutes. I did not have that time, though, so I went back to the railway station and took a local train to Valimo (=Mint), where teh 1337 Nintendo of Finland is.

As I waited for the others (like the finalists) to arrive, I played my Gold and raised a Snorlax for breeding for Little Cup. I got it to level 21. Could have got it to level 22, but I didn't want to, because then it would have learned Belly Drum and I couldn't have traded it to R/B/Y and and and

Anyway, then the finalists came, and I went to welcome them. We went back to the conference room where I had been and ate something. Free coke and potato chips and buns, anyone? )

They then went to check the NoF around, while I arranged some stuff (like GameCube) with Tony. When they came back, we played some Cube and had some more fun.

Then it was time to leave for Itäkeskus (Eastcentre ) where the finals were going to be held. So we got into a bus and left.

When we came back, we began arranging our stuff. The finalists went to eat into a McDonald's.

And we got our television. 58 inches. Quite big. Anyway... I didn't like it. I said that a video cannon would have been better. Well, soon you can see if it had been so.

I tested the television with playing a bit of Run, Rattata, Run with Tony, and then the finalists came back. We were ready to go. There were 10 finalists, as I have told. 6 of them were from Pokéopisto, my page And how many of them got past the first round?

4. What was more surprising, was that the guy who I had proclaimed to be second or even t3h m4st3r (Igglybuff here at Azure), was defeated in the first round. He said that it was because of the TV and he couldn't see where Substitute on his Alakazam was. Well, it was true that the TV was fucking bad. It was a wide screen TV, but it jumped back and forth between the wide screen -format and the normal format. When in wide screen -format, it was fine. But in the normal format... It chopped the upper and lower edges of the screen off. Anyway, he should have been able to remember the move list. But the TV sucked, and we're probably going to get a video cannon for the next year.

So there they were, the 5 guys, and one of them would become the Ian Garvey of Finland:

Tomi Sjöblom (Master of the Helsinki region... This guy also beat me.)
Antti Myyrä (Master of the GameWorld -expo)
Mikko Ollanketo (Master of the Espoo region... Who I beat :B)
Hannu Pekka Karjalainen (Master of the Oulu region, who I couldn't have a match against, because I wasn't there)
Joonas... Something. I don't remember him...

Anyway. Because everybody played against everybody, I won't post ALL of the matches here. I just don't feel like writing 30 or so matches. But I will post the most interesting ones and all the semifinals. And of course, the final match.

So let us begin.

The first match of the "Everybody vs. Everybody".

Mikko vs. Joonas

Mikko opens with Raichu
Joonas with Zard

Raichu Bolts Zard to 102/334
Zard EQs Raichu to 120/319

Raichu Bolts, and Zard is dead.

3-2 for Mikko

Joonas sends out Alakazam.

Raichu T-Waves Kazam, which gets PARed.
Zam Psychics Raichu dead.


Kingler BSs Zam. 133/289
Zam is FP

Kingler Critically BSs Zam, who dies.

2-1 for Mikko.

Joonas sends out Victreebel. And now comes the best part.

*Crowd starts shouting "OHKO! OHKO!"*

"It's a one-hit KO!"

*clapping and shouting*

Mikko wins 2-0.

And then this match to show that Minimize is not everything:

Mikko vs. Antti

Mikko opens with Raichu
Antti with Chansey

Raichu does the Submission, which hits. Chansey @371/680. Raichu @242/319
Chansey Minimizes

Rai used Submission BUT MISSES!
Chansey used Softboiled, 680/680

Raichu used Submission, hits, CH, Chansey @81/680, Raichu @93/319
Chansey used Minimize

Raichu used Bolt, MISS
Chansey usedd Softboiled, @421/680

Raichu used Submission, MISS
Chansey used Minimize

Raichu used Submission, MISS
Chansey used Minimize

Raichu T-Waves, Chansey gets paralyzed
Chansey Ice Beams, Raichu @15/319

Raichu used Submission, MISS
Chansey T-Bolts for the kill

2-3 for Antti

Mikko sends out Venusaur

Venusaur Razor Leafs, hits, CHs, Chansey @292/680
Chansey is FP

Venusaur used BS, MISS
Chansey used Softboiled, @632/680

Venusaur used BS, hits, Chansey @459/680
Chansey I-Beams, Venusaur @175/334

Venusaur used Swords Dance
Chansey is FP

Venusaur used Body Slam, MISS
Chansey is FP x2!

Venusaur used Body Slam, hits, Chansey @119/680
Chansey is FP x3!

Venusaur used Body Slam, hits! Chansey gets KO'ed. And so the Minimize was killed :P


Antti sends out Dugtrio.

Trio Subs, @184/245
Saur used Razor Leaf, CH, Sub broke

Trio Subs again, @123/245
Saur used Razor Leaf, CH, Sub broke

Trio used EQ, Saur @57/334
Saur used Razor Leaf, CH, Trio says bye-bye


Antti sends out Raichu.

Raichu used Thunderbolt, Saur @11/334
Saur used BS, Raichu @138/296

Raichu used Bolt again, Saur @KO


Mikko brings out Alakazam. Antti is FUXED.

Alakazam used Psychic, Raichu @KO

Mikko winz 1-0.
And as there are no interesting matches left in the second round, let's go for the semifinals...

So, what do we have left?

Mikko, Hannu Pekka and Tomi. And of those 3, 2 are from Pokéopisto :B

Ach... I don't want to type the semifinals now. So I'll just post the final match now, and the semifinals later. The semis aren't very enjoyable to
read, anyway... So, the...


Tomi Sjöblom from Pokéopisto vs. Mikko Ollanketo from Pokéopisto

Tomi opens with Alakazam
Mikko with Venusaur (Haha :P)

Alakazam Subs, @232/309
Venusaur used Sleep Powder. You know what happens

Zam used Psychic, Saur @48/334
Saur used Body Slam, Sub broke

Mikko takes Venusaur back and sends Alakazam out
Tomi's Alakazam used Psychic, Mikko's @233/285

Tomi's Alakazam used T-Wave, Mikko's gets PARed
Mikko's Zam used Psychic, Tomi's Zam @179/309

Tomi's Alakazam used Sub, @102/309
Mikko's Zam used T-Wave, fail :P

Tomi's Alakazam used Psychic, Mikko's @181/285
Mikko's Zam used Psychic, Tomi's Sub holds

Tomi changes Alakazam for Lax
Mikko's Alakazam used Psychic, Lax @335/511

Mikko switches Alakazam for Raichu
Lax used BS, Raichu @140/319

Raichu used Submission, Lax @186/511, Raichu @103/319
Lax used BS, Raichu faints

3-2 for Tomi

Mikko sends out Venusaur

Venusaur used Razor Leaf, CH, Lax @32/511
Lax used BS, Venusaur goes down

3-1 for Tomi

Mikko brings teh paralyzed Kazam with 181/285 HP's back as his last pokmon.

...But it mis - nah. ALAKAZAM fainted!


He got a GBA and 3 games and a trophy.
The second (Mikko) got a GBA and 2 games and a smaller trophy.
The third (Harry Pott... No, I meant Hannu Pekka) got a GBA, one game and an even smaller trophy

And everybody got diplomas.

After the finals, Tomi, Antti and their cheerleaders went to eat something to a Carrol's, and I went back to NoF to arrange my wages It was over fast, and then I went to the railway station. I still had a good 2 hours before my train was going to leave, so I went to Tomi, Antti and the bit...
ladies to the Carrols. Then we went to Safe Haven, a trading card game shop.

I dug the uncommon/common -boxes for a Sabrina's Psyduck, Team Rocket's
Hideout, a Balloon Berry and something else. I also bought three Neo Revelation -boosters, and it went like this:

From the 1st booster, I got a Skarmory and wasn't too happy, because I had
that Skarmory already, and it isn't a very good card.

From the 2nd booster, I got a Raichu. Now I was getting frustrated. I mean,
I also had this Raichu. I thought that the 3rd booster should at least have
a holo in it.

And then the 3rd booster. I opened it. Card, card, card, card *some seconds*
"Hmm, now the rare should appear... Yes, it is a holofo - OMG OMG WTF WTF SHINING GYARADOS!!" w00tage!!!

Anyway... Let's everybody say it, I know you want to!


And this ends my reportage.

Edit: Formatting...

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