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Author Topic: The Finnish Championships: Jyväskylä regionals
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posted 11-27-2001 01:57 PM      Profile for OrientalNoodle   Author's Homepage   Email OrientalNoodle   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
And Jyväskylä is at least 400 km from here where I live.

When we got there, I can say that we (Me & Tony, the guy with whom I primarily do the organizing) were A BIT surprised, when we went to take a look at the stage where we were supposed to set our stuff up.

IT WAS A PUNY HALF-CIRCLE. They had said that it was "long but narrow". It was like 1 square meter! I phoned the contact person, who came there. She said that the stage was on it's way there, and that it was quick to build. Phew. So we got some more space after all.

This regional championship had an EXCITING semifinal battle, so to say:

The other competitor, Tiina (A girl), had Charizard, Blastoise l. 80 and a Pikachu. The other one had Raichu, Charizard and Marowak.

Let's just say that Pikachu SLAMMED Marowak to death.

And the last round of the match was FUCKING COOL. I have NEVER seen a match that cool.

Guy had his Raichu (With Surf, the other Surfing Raichu I have seen at the whole tourney. And there have been LOTS of Raichus.) with 1 HP left.
Tiina had Pikachu with something like 25% of it's HP left.

I thought, "Well, that Raichu is gonna Surf the Pikachu's world SO bad. That girl isn't going anywhere..."

They choose their moves...


Pikachu used Thunder! (Hm, Tiina wasn't so experienced. After all, she DID have T-Bolt on her Pikachu, but didn't use it. Especially in a place like this...)

Doesithitdoesithitdoesithit!? IT HITS!

*girl screams*

w00t. Tiina goes to the finals.

Surprisingly, the final had another girl in it, named Tiia!

And here's the log.

Tiina vs. Tiia:
"This is what we call 'bitchfight' in Finland" :P

Tiina opens with Nidoking l81
Tiia with Zam

Zam used Seismic Toss, 'King @174/274
'King used I-Beam, Zam @246/278

Zam used ST, 'King @74/274
'King used Surf, Zam @216/278

Tiina switches 'King for 'Zard.
Zard takes a ST from Kazam, @236/366

Tiia switches Kazam for Starmie
Starmie takes a Fire Blast, @236/305

Tiina switches Charizard for Pikachu
Tiia's Starmie used Surf, Chu @107/273

Starmie Surfs again, Pikachu gets KO'ed.

2-3 for Tiia.

Tiina sends 'King out again (Which is @ 74/274)

Starmie Surfs. 'King is KO'ed.

1-3 for Tiia.

Tiina sends Zard out @236/336

Starmie Surfs, you guess what happens.

Tiia wins 3-0.

But we got a girl for the national finals... Let's see how the boyz handle her :B

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posted 12-04-2001 04:46 AM      Profile for Mr. K   Author's Homepage   Email Mr. K   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Man, those early matches sound awesome.

I'll take this kinda stuff over a couple max stat Chanseys Minimizing at each other for 3 hours.

Thanks for all the reports!

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posted 03-22-2002 02:02 PM      Profile for zapdos88   Email zapdos88   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
damn,I was thinking of going to Jyväskylä. [Mad]
I didn't have ride... I would have crushed those newbies... [Embarrassed]
Wonder if there are same newbies around this year... [Wink]

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From: haukivuori | Registered: Nov 2001  |  IP: Logged
Rei the Giant Koffing
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posted 03-23-2002 01:05 AM      Profile for Rei the Giant Koffing   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Originally posted by OrientalNoodle:
*girl screams*

*ORGASM* [Embarrassed]
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posted 03-23-2002 04:35 AM      Profile for undone-backwards   Email undone-backwards   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
why does Finland get all the tourneys, and all the girls who reach easy orgasms.

*starts to cry*

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