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Author Topic: The Finnish Championships: Vantaa regionals
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posted 11-09-2001 08:24 AM      Profile for OrientalNoodle   Author's Homepage   Email OrientalNoodle   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Hell / heaven.

This time the place was shopping centre Jumbo in Vantaa.

First, it was hard to find a way to get there. We spent at least 15 minutes trying to figure out how we would get to a shopping centre about 300 meters away, just because of the roads.

Second: When we got there, we thought that everything would be fine. But it wouldn't:

a) We had said that the contest would begin 15:00. Well well, the staff at the centre had made some commercials for advertising, BUT they had put "The contest will start 14:00". Dumb people.

b) Neither persons we were supposed to contact answered their phones.

c) They had promised that they would have a microphone & a speaker system ready for our commentating. Well, the contact persons had been sick for over a week, and had arranged some guy to help us. Yay, he was responsible for the TV commercials in the centre ONLY, and didn't know a thing about the speaker systems.

d) When we were setting our stuff up, some buildermen came there.

One of them: "Hey, what'cha doin'? We're supposed to build this house here!" (There was a little cottage under construction by the stage, where we were supposed to hold the contest on)
We: Err... We're supposed to hold a contest here, and we gave a notice about it to the centre's boss about a month ago..."
Builder guy: "Err, we haven't received anything like that"
We: "Ehhh... Anyway, we're going to have it here, so..."
Builder guy: "Wait a minute, I'll go to check my list."

A little later he comes back: "Ah, there was a incy-wincy marking about that."

Anyway, we don't have speakers. So we send one of our guys to rent some (He had returned the microphone the same morning!). Of course, there was a little traffic jam. So we had two battles without commentating.

But then we got our speaker systems, and after that, everything went well.

There were 3 guys around 15 years of age,and I thought that one of them would win. Eh. They kinda sux0red. Thunder on Zapdos, stuff like that.

Well... One of them was in the semifinals, but got beaten. There were two other peeps, and they were brothers. Guess how old they were? Like 7 and 8 years.

So here are the semis and the finals (And of course, me versus the champion ;)

Antti (This guy was around 15 or so)
Jeremias (Karolus's big brother, around 9 years old)
Karolus (About 7 years old)


The first match was Antti (Trainername Andy) vs. Karolus (Trainername Yo :D)

Andy sent out Kabutops
Yo sent out Dugtrio

Trio EQ's, Tops 111/310
Tops Slashes, CH's, Trio 39/235

Andy retreats Tops, brings out Lax
Trio EQ's, CH's, Lax 219/493

Trio EQ's, Lax 64/493
Lax BS's, Trio faints

3-2 for Andy

Yo brings out Kazam

Kazam used Psychic, Lax down


Andy brings out Tops again (@111/310)

Kazam Psychics, Tops falls down.


Andy brings out Electabuzz.

Kazam Psychics, CH, Electabuzz @0/300.

Karolus aka. Yo aka. teh small kid wins.


The next match was Karolus vs. his bigger brother, Jeremias.

Karolus opens with Gyarados, Jeremias with Kazam.

Kazam Psychics, Gyara 234/369
Gyarados then retaliates with H-Beam, Kazam 78/282

Kazam Psychics again, Gyara 93/369
Gyarados recharges.

Kazam Psychics, Gyarados goes down.


Karolus (2P) the Yo brings out Kazam.

Jeremias' Kazam (1P) is faster, though, and Psychics 2P Kazam to 240/293.
1P Kazam CH-Psychics, 2P Kazam down.


Jeremias brings out Duggy.

Duggy EQ's, CHs, Karolus' Kazam goes down.


Karolus brings out Gengar.

Trio EQ's, Gengar 13/288
Gengar uses Hypnosis, hits.

Trio is asleep.
Gengar uses Dream Eater, Duggy 109/235, Gengar 76/288

Trio wakes up.
Gengar uses Dream Eater, which, of course, misses.

Trio uses EQ. Critical Hit! Gengar faints.

0-2. Jeremias beats Karolus.


The third match was Antti the Andy vs. Jeremias.

Andy opens with Buzz
Jeremias with Trio

Buzz is taken back, Lax out
Trio EQ's, Lax 357/493

Trio EQ's, Lax 224/493
Lax BS's, Trio 67/235

Trio EQ's, Lax 73/493
Lax BS's, Trio faints.

3-2 for Andy

Jeremias brings out Kazam

Kazam Psychics, Lax faints


Andy brings out Kabutops.

Zam Psychics, Special Down, Kabutops 129/310
Tops CH-Slashes, Zam 86/282

Zam Psychics, Tops faints.


Andy brings out Buzz again.

Zam Psychics, Special Down, Buzz 114/300
Buzz Thunderwaves, Kaz is paralyzed

Buzz T-Bolts Kazam, 44/282
Zam Psychics, Buzz faints.

Karolus won one and lost one.
Andy lost both.
Jeremias won both.



Karolus opens with teh orange rat named Raichu (Who didn't know Surf, btw. NONE of the Raichus at the championships have had Surf on them... :D)
Jeremias opens with Gyarados :D

Not-so-surprisingly, Gyarados is taken back. Trio is sent out.
Raichu THUNDERS and misses (Duh)

Now Raichu is taken back and Kazam is sent out.
Trio EQ's, Kazam 123/282

Kazam Psychics, Trio 57/236
Trio EQ's, Kazam faints.


Karolus brings out Trio.

Karolus' Trio is faster, and EQ's Jeremias' Trio for the kill.


Jeremias brings out Gyarados.

Trio is taken back and Raichu sent out.
Gyarados Ice Beams, Raichu 217/305

Rados is taken back and Gayngar sent out.
Raichu _QUICK ATTACKS_. You can guess it misses.

Gengar uses Hypnosis, and misses.
Raichu Thunders Gayngar, 185/288

Gengar uses Hypnosis again, hits.
Raichu wakes up!

Gengar uses Hypnosis once more, misses.
Raichu Thunders, MISS.

Gengar uses Hypnosis AGAIN, and misses :D
Raichu uses Thunder, hits, Critical Hit, Gengar faints.


Jeremias brings out Gyarados, his last.

Raichu Thunders and hits. You can guess what happens to Gyarados.

KAROLUS TEH LITEL BOY IS TEH BESTEST. And he swept almost everybody with ease.

Both guys get Pokémon Crystals, and Karolus gets the invitation to the National Finals (30th Nov).

Then, it's time for me to speak into the microphone: "Uh... Yeah. Congratulations to the new champion. But like in the other places, I'm going to challenge someone here." *some hands pop up*

"Eh, sorry guys. I'd like to challenge Karolus, the new champion."

So he steps onto the stage again and I get my Game Pak (TM). We insert our carts to Transfer Paks and switch the N64 on.

Event Battle.
Prime Cup.




We choose our pokémon, and we're ready to go.

He opens with Kazam. I open with Kazam.

My Kazam's Speed DV is 14. I'm sure that he'll go second. I choose Sub.

HE GOES FIRST. Psychic. Not much damage taken.
I Sub. He goes "omg omg liek wtf that won't hold i'll just break it"

He Psychics, CH's, Sub broke.
I Thunderwave.

I change to Exeggutor, he Psychics. VERY little damage.

I Sub with Eggy. He changes to Charizard.

I Stun Spore and hit, while he Fire Blasts my Sub away.

I change to Rhydon. He's FP'ed.

He changes to his paralyzed Kazam while I Sub.

Rhydon EQ's Kazam's yellow ass out of this world.

He send out his paralyzed Charizard. Rhydon Rock Slides Charizard's red, burning ass out of this world.

He sends out his last, a Raichu.

Raichu THUNDERSHOCKS my Rhydon (Phew, I was lucky that he didn't hit the horn :P).
Rhydon EQ's. It hits Raichu. Guess what happens.

OrientalNoodle beats the Vantaa champion 3-0. Azure Heights 0wnz j00.

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posted 11-09-2001 09:11 AM      Profile for DarkPersian   Author's Homepage   Email DarkPersian   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Is it just me or is anyone else scared by the sheer newbiness of all of this "regional champions?"
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posted 11-09-2001 09:17 AM      Profile for OrientalNoodle   Author's Homepage   Email OrientalNoodle   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
I am.

But from what I've understood, there are gonna be some SKILLED players in the Helsinki regionals (which are next Thursday).

At least I hope so.

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Me: "...I've also spoken with Ian Garvey via IRC..."
Tyranitar: "Wow! You mean you have spoken with The Master?"

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posted 11-09-2001 09:49 AM      Profile for Igglybuff     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
not fair. you won me 3-0 too.
Bad Orientalnoodle...

But I think finals will be easy...

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posted 11-09-2001 05:45 PM      Profile for Atma   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Am I the only one here annoyed that Finaland, with a mere 5 million people (no offense) had a championship with at least four regional locations, while the US and Canada, with over 300 million people, doesn't?

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posted 11-10-2001 04:50 AM      Profile for OrientalNoodle   Author's Homepage   Email OrientalNoodle   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Heh :P

And ermmm... We have 10 places, altogether

Of course, it's the thing that our country is so small - easy for travelling.

And of course, it's easier to have an influence on our organizations. I singlehandedly wrote an e-mail to NoF, and they said "Yeah, great idea! Let's arrange a tour like that!"

Maybe you should try that too

PS. None taken

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Me: "...I've also spoken with Ian Garvey via IRC..."
Tyranitar: "Wow! You mean you have spoken with The Master?"

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