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Author Topic: The Finnish Championships: Raisio regionals
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posted 11-06-2001 04:25 PM      Profile for OrientalNoodle   Author's Homepage   Email OrientalNoodle   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 

I woke up at 8 o'clock and ate some bread and drank some tea. After that I decided to check my e-mai... What the F, I couldn't access the Internet. So I booted my brother's computer (Which I normally NEVER do). After 5 minutes of waiting, I have the access again.

I IRC for some time, and then leave for the railway station, which is about a 5-minute walk away. On the way there, it starts raining slightly. But then I'm safe.

The train arrives, I get on board, the train leaves. I'm headed for Helsinki (The capital of Finland). There I should meet with Kaj Kaasinen. After two hours of sitting in the train, I arrive in Helsinki. Kaj is found easily in his van.

So we head for Raisio. We talk something concerning the championships, mostly about the technical thingies, like where we should put our stuff up at, etc.

*2 hours elapse*

We eat a lunch somewhere near Raisio, and then head for the shopping centre Mylly (Which means "The Mill"). Oh great, the person we should contact doesn't answer her phone. So I go in to the huge building and start looking for an information spot. w00t, I find one. Sadly, no-one's there. I wait for some time, and go looking for another. Great, the map has two info points marked. One bigger, one smaller. Naturally, first I looked from the bigger one. But now I head for the smaller one.

In reality, the one was marked to be smaller, is BIGGER than the other one, and from here I found some staff. "Excuse, where can I find Maarit Kokkonen?" "Umm, do you have a meeting booked" Knowing that I DON'T, but I have to speak to her, I answer "Yes" :D

"Take that door right after that shop, and take the stairs."

So I do so. And I find her. She was not bad looking at all :) We get the microphone and she tells me where we should bring our stuff in. I return to the car, and we drive to the main doors.

Time for setting up our stuff. We unpacked everything, and we still had 5 minutes for sleeping!

We had a problem though: only 7 people had listed up. But we allowed people to list up, even if they hadn't listed up before (And of course, we NEEDED more participants). Finally we had 10 people, so we started the battle.

First match: snorlax (Who reads AH) vs. Igglybuff (who's also registered on AH :)

The match itself was made of stalling and more stalling. Iggly had an Alakazam, snorlax a Vaporeon. Vaporeon tried to kill Kazam with Surfing, but the Spoonmastah Recovered, Recovered, Recovered, and threw some Psychics when it had enough HP. They had some other pokémon also, but I don't remember them :P Anyway, Iggly won.

2nd Match: T_Trainer vs. some fatass about 16-year-old who had TEH SHARK Nidoking

The match began:

T_Trainer sent out Zapdos!
Fatass sent out Nidoking!

T noticed that he couldn't use Thunderwave, so he retreated Zapdos and brought out Venusaur.

It's a one-hit KO!

At this point (I was the commentator, as I said), I was like "WTF, WTF". Anyway, I continued my commentating.

T sent out Alakazam, who used Psychic once, bringing Nidoking to something like 20 HPs and Special Down. Fatass took 'King out, and sent out something I don't remeber. Anyway, T sent out Zappy again, who fought bravely and KO'ed two pokémon with Alakazam. But then while Zappy was masturbating or something like that, the fatass kid brought his 'King out again (And now it was his last pokémon). I was thinking, "heh, that 'King won't survive the Drill Peck."

So they're choosing what moves to use next. And they're ready.

It's a one-hit KO!

WTF!? Nidoking is FASTER!? Anyway, T sent out his Alakazam and won the match with a Psychic. If that other guy had one, I would've checked his Nidoking. Sharker, I say. Of course, the 'King MIGHT have had Speed DV of 15 and Zappy Speed DV of 0, and 'King fully box tricked and Zappy none, but still.

Anyway, snorlax's friend named Miia (And who was a cute girl, BTW :) won her match and stuff.

So, onto the next stage. We had Toni, Mikko, Miia and some two other people (Little people) playing.

From the organizers' point of view, we had a problem. Who would battle with whom?

First match, Mikko vs. his brother Toni. Mikko won.

Second match, Miia vs. some kid, Miia won.

Third match... The little kid vs. WHO!? We thought about this for a minute, and chose that Toni could get a second chance to get to the finals. So, Toni wh00ped the little kid.

FINALS: Mikko (Igglybuff), Toni (T_Trainer and Iggly's big brother), Miia (snorlax's friend and a good-looking girl :).

First it was Iggly vs. T_Trainer, Iggly won.
Then T_Trainer vs. Miia, T_Trainer won.
Then Iggly vs. Miia, Iggly won.

It meant, that...

THE FINAL MATCH: Iggly vs. T_Trainer!

The brothers begin with their Alakazams.

IGGLY sent out E.KRAUSE (Alakazam)! Btw, if you don't know who Edwin Krause is, well... You're a fool. But he is the German Pok4ym0n mastah!!1
T_TRAINER sent out KAZAM! (Alakazam)

KAZAM! used THUNDER WAVE! (This was the second or third time T had failed the Thunderwave against his brother's Alakazam, because Krause was faster and always could put a Sub up :D:D)

E.KRAUSE used PSYCHIC! It's not very effective...
Sub broke

It failed (Ooh, what a miracle)

Psychics and Seismic Tosses were exchanged, and Iggly took E.Krause back and sent out Vaporeon named K.Oliver (Kyle Oliver, the Australian champion).

Kazam Seismiced on the switch, but we all know how much a Seismic Toss is a threat to a Vaporeon... :P

Kazam Psychiced, Vaporeon Ice Beamed.
Kazam Psychiced (WTF), Vaporeon Surfed. Kazam went down.

3-2 for Iggly.

T_Trainer sent out Zapdos.

Zapdos 'Bolted, Vaporeon Ice Beamed.
Zapdos 'Bolted again, Vaporeon went down.


Iggly sent out E. Krause again, and Zapdos went down after one or two Psychics.

2-1 for Iggly.

T_Trainer sent out his own Vaporeon, which downed Krause with an Ice Beam.


Iggly sent out Venusaur named SG Maroto (The Spanish champion).

Well... Razor Leaf, Vaporeon survived with about 20 HPs. Vaporeon revenged with Ice Beam, which took about 1/4 of Venusaur's HP.

It's super effective!
Critical hit!
VAPOREON fainted!

Iggly won! Azure takes the victory ;)
Both guys got Pokémon Crystals and we took Iggly's contact info (Like I couldn't have gotten them otherwise :P).

So, 30th of Nov, Iggly is going to Helsinki, to fight for the Finnish pokémon champion's title.

BTW, I challenged Iggly straight after he had gotten his Crystal.

I used Eggy, Lax and Rhydon (BTW, I was the only one who used Eggy and Rhydon there)

Iggly used... Alakazam, Chansey (Molly) and Venusaur.

The match began with Eggy vs. Kazam. Kazam subbed, I Psychiced. Kazam Psychiced, I Psychiced. Sub broke.

Knowing that Iggly would choose Sub again, I changed to Lax. Iggly Subbed.

Amnesia, Amnesia, Amnesia, Amnesia (Iggly got TWO Special Downs with his Psychics). Rest.

Then it was bad for Kazam. I D-Edged, Kazam's Sub broke. I chose to D-E again, but Iggly took Kazam back and sent out Venusaur. D-E didn't hurt it too much, so I chose to do it again. But Saur was of course faster, and Sweepy Powdered me. He Razor Leafed, Snorlax didn't lose too much. Snorlax woke up. Again he sweepied me.

I changed to my Eggy. He SDed, I Stun Spored. It contacted. Then I Psychiced for the kill.

3-2 for me, Lax asleep.

So he sends out Chansey. OMG OMG IT IS IAN GARVEY WTF!!!!!!11111

Hoh. I Leech Seeded him, while he T-Waved. I sent out Rhydon, which he Seismic Tossed.

He Minimized. I Subbed.
He Tossed, I EQed. Hit. Chansey lost about 6/10 of it's HP.

I was expecting a Softboiled, but...
Ian Garvey used SEISMIC TOSS! Sub broke!

3-1 for me.

Iggly sent out Alakazam.
He Subbed, I EQed.

He Reflected, I EQed.

3-0 for me.

OrientalNoodle 0wnz Iggly.

Anyway, we put our stuff back and loaded in the van. Then Kaj drove me to Hanko in a fxxking snowstorm, WHICH WE NORMALLY DON'T HAVE IN FINLAND, BTW, AND WE HAVE OVER +30 CENTIGRADE IN THE SUMMERS IN FINLAND, BTW ALSO.

And now I'm going to bed. Hope you like the storyzzzzzz....

- - - - -
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posted 11-06-2001 11:47 PM      Profile for Igglybuff     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
You forgot that i put your exeggutor to sleep?

- - - - -
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To lose is to not win.
The world is so simple...

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posted 11-07-2001 09:05 AM      Profile for DarkPersian   Author's Homepage   Email DarkPersian   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Cool. Too bad there were only 10 partisipants. The rest of us Azurians could of flew over and filled in the other spots if we had known

Well grats to both of you and good luck later this month. Let us know how it goes.

From: Atlanta, GA | Registered: Sep 2000  |  IP: Logged

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