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Author Topic: Aaah, the power of DVs ^^
Artie Cuno
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posted 10-27-2001 04:06 PM      Profile for Artie Cuno     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Prepare to watch the gallant pwnage of my team VS a team of two Ho-Oh and a Houndoom.
Enemy's team:
Ho-Oh level 71
Ho-Oh level 100
Houndoom level 78

My team:
Blissey level 56 (DVs: 9/15/1/13/8)
Jolteon level 55 (DVs: 9/13/12/8/13)
Hitmontop level 50 (I haven't calculated his DVs yet x.x)
Casper level 55 (Same as Blackbelt)
Dragonite level 71 (DVs: 9/8/11/8/5)
Tyranitar level 73 (DVs: Ecchi, I forget x.x)

I lead with Blissey, he uses Ho-Oh level 71. He sacred fires but doesn't burn, I minimise. His next sacred fire misses, I minimise. He Fire Blasts and misses, I minimise. Now he switches to his other Ho-Oh (level 100) I minimise on the switch. he flashes and fails. I minimise. He misses with his next sacred fire. I t-bolt, hoping to paralyze. No such luck. I Psychic as his flash fails. Next turn he gets lucky with Ancientpower, so I switch to Rex. He fire blasts and CHes, dropping Rex to 50 HP. I'm royally pissed now, so I rip him a new one with Rock Slide. He switches in his houndoom and crunches. I screech, setting him up to die against Draco. He KOs me with Faint attack. By now he's saying "I don't care" a lot, and a tic in his eye is showing itself.
Draco takes half his HP off with Return. He Crunches and CHes, OHKOing Draco >_<;; I switch to Blackbelt and finish him off with Triple Kick. He switches in his last Ho-Oh (by now, all I have left is Blackbelt, with 68 HP, and Casper and Raisuke [Hitmontop, Gengar and Jolteon, in that order]) I use Detect, wasting some PP, he sacred fires and misses. I detect and it fails and Blackbelt dies to sacred fire. I switch to Raisuke and Thunder wave (by now I'm thinking WTF? I'm faster?), and he sacred fires and burns me. I get off a thunderbolt as he flies. I die to my burn. I switch Casper in and destiny bond, thinking his Fly attack will OHKO me. It doesn't. I destiny bond again, he flashes and it fails. I use Night Shade, taking away half his remaining HP, he flashes, it works! I night shade again, praying it hits. It does. It takes off a little HP... a little more... a little more... the final HP teetered a bit and I thought I was gone... but then it goes over! I let out a war whoop that was heard down the street!

And there you have it. My revenge on the cheapasses. But there's going to be a rematch next week. Stay tuned-next time my max HP and special Porygon2 is taking part!

- - - - -
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